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wishbone blue

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The insidious Training Module completes the transformation of Kyle...
5/28/15 5:07 PM
Professional jealousy brings Jim - and Lucas - their greatest conquests yet.
4/17/15 5:47 AM
4/5/15 6:24 AM
3/25/15 11:49 PM
More fall to Ari'Seth by way of Jason - while the stage is being set for the final battle.
3/7/15 7:21 AM
1/31/15 4:24 PM
Ari'Seth grows His power and meets his nemesis for the first time...
3/16/14 2:16 AM
Ari'Seth builds His army and awaits his enemy as His power grows...
1/2/14 7:00 PM
Ari'Seth's power grows as he prepares for the arrival of his foes' descendant...
7/12/13 8:00 PM
The will of Ari'Seth begins to move outward, but his nemesis is on his way...
6/21/13 8:00 PM