Bargain (Part 5) - Revised

Series: Bargain
By wishbone blue
published January 2, 2014
2446 words

Ari’Seth builds His army and awaits his enemy as His power grows…

Bargain (Part 5)

Ari’Seth grunted in pleasure as the mouth of His newest slave sucked on His balls. Another devotee was slowly riding up and down His massive demoncock, moaning uncontrollably as his Master’s lust became his only guide. Wave after wave swept through, until he was unable to do anything but fuck. No thought, no desire, no fear – only the unending bliss of demonic coitus.

Ball-sucker was moaning, too – the energy from the sex and the sixteen frozen, human avatars surrounding them in Ari’Seth’s Tabernacle crashed through every previous desire or need. His cock, untouched by any hand, was turgid, veins standing out as if ready to burst as it bounced in the air. Even that small friction was enough to make the lack of permission to cum a torture, but a torture he gladly endured for his new Master.

“You were born to this, slut,” hissed Ari’Seth.

“Born to this…” breathed Cock-rider, fucking his Master’s cock even faster, deeper, bouncing on the object of his only desire, focused on feeling its full length with each stoke of his ass.

“Today, you will receive a gift. My cum, but more… you will be filled with My dark serpents, laden with lust venom. You will pass them to your associates and subordinates, male and female. It is imperative, isn’t it, Mayor Weller?”

“Imperative…” murmured Mayor Cock-rider, increasing his efforts to please Lord Ari’Seth.

“Good little fuckpuppet. Your first subjects will be the people aimed at stopping my goals here. Cum now, as I cum in you. You have pleased me, slut. Cum… and when you are done, pull the last serpent from My glorious member. With your teeth.”

Emerson stared at his tablet and the message on its screen. This latest news was what he’d been waiting for – his network of informants had finally helped guide him to the likely location of the demon he was tracking. He typed a quick response, affirming the meeting with Dr. Randolph, a psychiatrist he listed among his more able acquaintances. He paused over the send button. So, it was off to New Briston, a mid-sized city centered around a college, but only about a three hundred mile trip.

It was just the kind of place a lust demon would thrive.

By this time it might be dangerous, but the actual task was too important, and he felt himself bathing in the pettiness of unknowns, which aggravated him. He read the email he’d composed one last time, making sure it was free of anything that might give his task away – his enemy could have eyes anywhere. Then he hit the send button and the deed was done. All he could do was hope he wasn’t in over his head. As much as he might dislike his strategy, he didn’t want more casualties on his hands than absolutely necessary.

His phone rang and he smiled as he saw the number. Evelyn, as always, knew when to call. He answered and held the phone to his ear. “Hello, love,” he said.

“Hello, Emerson,” she responded. “I was just calling to make sure everything was okay. Are you alright?”

“Everything’s fine. Just the standard frustrations. I have a few things to attend to, and then a rather important meeting, but if it all goes well, I should only be here another four weeks, six at most.”

“Six?” she said. “It’s already been four months since you left. Why so long this time?”

“It’s possibly a bit more complex than I originally thought. Nothing to worry over, though. Just a little more than the standard assignment.”

“Okay, but I miss you, E. I always do.”

“I miss you, too. And love you. But as always, I can’t stay on. It’s crazy busy here.”

There was an audible sigh over the phone. “All right then. Please be careful, hon.”

“I always am,” he said. “Bye… love you…”

“Love you… bye…”

Emerson hit the end button and put the phone down, feeling much better. Evelyn was his strength, both emotionally and psychically, and she had an amazing ability to put him at ease. He turned back to his tablet, and began to search for more information.

On the other end of the line, Evelyn also ended the call, but her actions were much different.

She dropped the phone to the carpet beside her where she knelt, naked and trembling with pleasure. “He has no suspicion at all, Goddess.” Her nipples sparked with delight that traveled to her clit.

“Soon, when you let go of your pitiful husband, the man you so proclaimed to love just a few short weeks ago, you will cum and be Mine in full. Nothing sounds better, does it, My precious little slut?”

Evelyn shivered and moaned. “Nothing… better…” she managed to whisper in response.

“But for now, there is no cumming. You are still on the edge. The thread you share with him holds you back – the thread he has so viciously and secretly tied to your mind. The thread that keeps you from the paradise of complete surrender to Me. You loved him. What do you want to tell him now?”

“Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. My. Head.”

“Excellent. Time to let go and become My mindless cuntwhore.”

Evelyn felt the tether sever and connect to the open glass canister on the nearby coffee table – the black, undulating mass inside began to pulse with more strength, mimicking perfectly Evelyn’s previous psychic emanations.

As promised, orgasm as none before ripped through the new slave, and just before she lost all thought, she realized that she didn’t care at all.

Detective Gary Roberts stood with no small discomfort in the isolated briefing room of the Vice Department. The meeting was unusual at best. The Mayor wanted to address the four department heads about something, but hadn’t indicated what it was about. When the mayor finally appeared, there was a long, uncomfortable silence, which ended in laughter at a muttered joke, and the mayor began.

“I know it may seem strange that I’ve called you here, detectives,” said Mayor Weller from the front of the small room. "After all, most times my directives would come through the chain of command. I wanted to talk to you four specifically, since you’re the heads of the vice teams that have been tasked with keeping our city morally safe. I know nothing particularly suspicious has been reported outside the occasional public intoxication, but there’s a fairly new nightclub in town – Ari’s Rest – I’m sure you’re well aware of it – and I haven’t received any reports on it at all. So… I want you to investigate both it and the activities of the proprietor.

“Not to worry – it’s not some lack of enforcement. This meeting is more informal, and I wanted to exchange some ideas with you.” Mayor Weller paused, waiting for the men to relax a bit. Seeing their postures shift, he continued. “Apparently you can get into the club, but there’s a private area called, ‘The Tabernacle,’ that takes special permission.”

McClanahan, on the far left, spoke up. “We’ve heard about that, and enough to think it might be a real code violation, but so far, we’ve had no luck getting any actionable information about it.”

“Through my own sources, I’ve been able to obtain these,” answered the Mayor, putting a few items on the desk in front of him. “These wristbands are apparently how they know to let someone in. I know they look common enough, but apparently they give off some kind of signal. Please, each of you take one, and make sure it’s big enough to put on.”

“Mayor,” started Detective Johnson, picking one up and putting it on his wrist, “there might be anoth… OW! What the hell… was…?” The other men laughed as they slid their own onto their wrists – obviously Johnson had pulled a hair or something. But each had a similar reaction as they felt a painful twinge, followed by a euphoric numbness that sped up their arms faster than blood could possibly carry it. Before they could mutter a word, the world shifted… it seemed much less important to worry, much less think about anything but the simmering pleasure bubbling in their minds.

“Ah, Recruiters. So versatile. Aren’t they wonderful? You can nod yes.”

The four men nodded slowly, faces dazed, eyes filled with puzzled wonder.

“What you’re feeling is the effect of lust venom. Of course, these are babies. You likely still have enough rational thought deep inside to wonder what’s going on – even feel some alarm. The effects of the adults are much more powerful. Once under the spell of a mature serpent’s lust venom, I could tell you that the sound of screeching brakes would make you cum, and you would, upon hearing it. In fact, I doubt I have enough knowledge and discipline to assure your safety. But one of our next guests might and regardless, we’re about to find out. Detectives, meet Jason Elliott.”

They heard the door behind them close although they hadn’t heard it open. It didn’t matter. They didn’t dare move. The tiniest motion sent sparks of mind-stopping arousal over their entire bodies.

“Mayor, you’re far too confident in my abilities. Anything I do comes from the One who owns me. Please leave and prepare yourself while I speak with these Recruits.” The voice slipped over the men’s minds like laced fuckhoney that made their cocks engorge even more, no matter how constrained they were by the pants they wore. The voice became part of the body of a young man as he came into view. He was magnificent. They couldn’t tear their eyes away from his perfection or from his rock hard dick.

He was completely naked.

“Before we move forward, Mayor, I suggest we give the detectives a show – a taste of their future appetites.”

The Mayor reappeared, naked himself, at the front of the room and knelt, cupping Jason’s balls in his hand. “How can I resist?” he asked, as he extended his tongue and accepted the young man’s gorgeous cock into his lips and mouth.

“You can’t,” answered Jason, with a slight grunt as he pushed his cock down the leader’s throat. Soon he was fucking the face of the Mayor in earnest like a piston, the veins on the Mayor’s neck distended and pulsing. The detectives could feel it in their eyes, their minds, their cocks… making it even more difficult to think of anything but how much they wanted to join in. “Pull on those balls, slut! Harder! FUCKING HARDER!” demanded Jason.

As if commanded from within, all four detectives exploded in their pants along with Jason’s jets of shiny black cum. Still unable to move, it was impossible to tell if their expressions were of ecstasy or horror. But instead of softening, their dicks remained solid. The demon inspired college coed looked over and smiled. “There no escaping lust venom, sluts. Don’t you think it’s time to lose the clothes? Master prefers it that way.”

Still conflicted, the detectives could do nothing but shed their clothes in a flurry, cocks erect like turgid steel. Each of them could feel the blood within, pressing against the limits of the flesh. It was getting so hard to think. They began to stroke, in exact unison, the length of their members, which seemed to be growing, becoming perfected in… in what? It was hot. It was confusing. Impossible to stop.

“The newborn Recruiters can’t convert you fully. For a time, they make it impossible for you to disobey, and they open your eyes to the pleasure that awaits you in the service of Ari’Seth. Already, you can’t deny the beauty of His Penis, and the rapture of feeling it in mouth, ass, whether giving or receiving. But you are special, chosen. Just as I was chosen to bring our Lord and God into the world, you are chosen to give Him the world in return. Behold the miracle of His power.”

Jason formed an “O” with his mouth and hunched forward. As the detectives watched, four black snakes emerged, at least twenty inches in length, one by one, and slid slowly towards them.

“These are mature Recruiters. They will collar you more completely than you can imagine. The babies who bit you are nothing to the fully grown. But as temporary as their effects are, once these attach to you, there is no turning back, no letting go. Your devotion to Ari’Seth is a one-way path. You will accept it… once you see, you will see there is no other way.”

The serpents slid across the floor and up the legs of the lust-bound detectives. Shivering from pleasure, they had no choice but to let it happen – muscles paralyzed, on the verge of an orgasm of insanity, they dared not intercede. As the slimy, wonderful creatures encircled their throats, all they could manage was to moan in pleasure. More than Paradise, it would be blasphemy to stop the serpents from their holy mission.

Obvious. True.

As the sting came to his Carotid artery, as the mature venom entered his mind, his body, his soul, Gary Roberts had one thought, and felt it twist and warp everything he’d ever believed, and he loved it. “Serve and Protect… Arigogaseth. God. Cock. All.”

Eyes black, fully converted, the four detectives covered the Mayor with their newborn Demoncum, beginning a cycle of downward corruption that would have no end until every male in the city was the servant of their One True God.

(to be concluded)

Series: Bargain
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