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Author Name Published
1/19/21 10:14 PM
Steve tries to get a boyfriend, but Anîla turns out to be a bit stubborn

1/19/21 9:05 PM
Brad learns the secret behind his inexplicable behavior shift. He has a plan to reverse the damage, but Eddie has plans of his own . . .

Brad is working on a cure, but the side effects have an interesting, unintended result . . .
1/19/21 8:01 PM
Rocco moves forward with his plan to control Tirian and corrupt Malik. He hypnotizes Tanner to work for him and crashes a frat party to make Malik and Prince Chandler the stars of the show.

The prince and heir to the throne runs away and finds an ally with sinister intentions.
1/19/21 1:58 PM
A group of teacher friends play a prank on one of their friends who goes a bit out of line
1/19/21 1:56 PM
3724 words
The people in the small Alaskan town of Barton wake up to discover that there is a problem with their water supply. With limited traveling capabilities they have to wait it out. Or do they?
1/19/21 6:04 AM
3017 words
Ben and his compatriots are exposed and put on display; maybe a drink would help calm his nerves...

Ben and his buddies decide to enter a competition in order to get some free booze. Will they follow through with it? If so, how far will the night go?
1/18/21 9:41 PM
1977 words
I'm Breaker. My talent is hunting down and turning hot, young cash masters into ex-cash masters. Breaking a smug top is my speciality.
1/18/21 6:32 PM
The once formidable Green Lantern is used by his victimizers to provide them information about a high tech device they posses. The fallen hero explain them what that machine is and how to use it, totally obvious to the fact he's giving the thugs more weapons to further humilate and submit him. The very mindfucked Emerald Knight finally gets a reward for his splendid job as a law enforcer.

1/18/21 6:31 PM
Brandon and Juan want to break their friend Tom out of his shell. They find a mysterious game that leads to their desired goal. Alternate titles: Juman-kink, or Kink-manji.
1/18/21 6:26 AM