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Grant wanted to hang out with his friends on Halloween, but his parents force him to take his little brother trick or treating. It doesn't take long before he ditches his brother and takes his candy to boot.
10/21/20 4:35 AM
Dennis joins the adventure inside Star World in order to build a closer bond with the naive adventurer.

Star World, the next big thing in virtual gaming. Using the powerful Mindgear console, players can enter a dream like state to experience an unparralele gaming experience.
10/20/20 9:24 PM
Austin and I met up for a memorable night of sex and transformation
10/20/20 3:38 PM
2375 words
After an argument with his gorgeous but lazy flatmate. Noah discovers a remarkable little book bound to make everything much more interesting.
10/20/20 1:28 PM
The teammates share their new bond with another hockey player.

A new gift from a tournament sponsor changes the lives of these elite hockey prospects.
10/20/20 5:23 AM
2531 words
Brad's job keeps him away from home for weeks at a time. Can he and his partner make it work?
10/19/20 9:21 PM
7219 words
Kyle and I made a bet - we each picked an elective for the other, and whoever gets the higher mark wins.
10/19/20 6:03 AM
A supervillain has a nefarious plan. If only there was someone to stop him. Oh wait, there is.
10/18/20 8:58 PM

A young knight falls under the spell of an enchanted dragon
10/18/20 8:57 PM
10/17/20 8:27 AM