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2/5/23, 8:07 PM
Awesome story!

2/5/23, 8:21 PM
@[Cutlerfan](/user/show/14171) Thanks man. It was a hot RP
2/5/23, 8:21 PM
Any chance you’d continue this?
2/5/23, 6:28 PM
brilliantly "lovecraftian" written. Love the Yggdrisall image in the pic. Old Gods, indeed.
2/5/23, 6:22 PM
As a horror story, this was amazing, although i felt that the story stopped trying to go for arousal after the church scene and leaned more into horror. Which i felt was a shame as there were certain scenarios which i felt could have brought back the arousing mind control like when all the 28 men return to Hugo (maybe they could have had an orgy ritual under his influence) or the effects of the black rain which was hinted upon at the end. Still, either way i would say this is a really good first entry for a occult themed contest. Thank you for this good read!
2/5/23, 4:50 PM
This story contains death (not graphic), body horror, being impaled by sharp objects.
2/5/23, 11:09 AM
Omg what a cool ability to have. To be able to get pounded and orgasm without losing the need and being able to go again straight after!

2/5/23, 4:25 PM
@[James Heller](/user/show/907806) There's always a tradeoff of some kind or transformation is no fun!
Feb 4, 2023
2/5/23, 3:59 PM
Fabulous beginning. I agree with gargayle - love how Ezra slowly gets knowledge. Not yet sure whether he understands it's an alien within him, but that's how symbiotes work, right? :)
2/5/23, 3:34 PM
Wow. I guess Mike is now less of a cypher for me. Colton is really fascinating: You said at the outset that you would not get into regression, and yet that dichotomy is so wonderfully portrayed in this chapter. He's an adult, and yet he's being conditioned to be a young kid and accepting it as his reality. Great sex scene, with lots of nice subtlety ("back door" indeed). This sounds climax so I'm wondering where are you going to go from here. Great work!!

2/5/23, 3:40 PM
@[nycboot](/user/show/131279) The adult babies definitely roleplay as little kids though. I guess it's impossible to do heavy roleplay without a bit of a shift in mindset but everyone retains their adult faculties. Since this story is so heavily told from Colton's point of view, mental regression would require that I keep shifting the narrator's voice to a younger age and I don't think I'd enjoy writing that, and many of my readers wouldn't enjoy reading it. So as a matter of storytelling efficacy and my general preference Colton will remain Colton, much as he was when we started, even as his lifestyle and behavior gets regressed.
Feb 4, 2023
2/5/23, 2:53 PM
I love how Ezra starts to gain some alien knowledge as the alien asserts itself more and more! This is very fun and I look forward to any future chapters
2/5/23, 2:50 PM
It goes to some very dark places by the end, but I liked this story and its Lovecraft vibes a lot.