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9/24/23, 1:38 PM
I live to Serve the virus
9/24/23, 12:59 PM
So Awesome Man, Thank You
6/9/23, 8:36 AM
I'd like to ask you to refrain from bringing up Nazi imagery. This has been the second time in a series of yours as far as I'm aware of. I don't want to be kink-shaming here, I get that this kind of military symbolism turns on some people, but I think that works just as well without using direct Nazi and German racism ("aryan") references. I'd appreciate it if you'd edit that part in this story and remove the WW2 reference and the "Then he found the perfect Muir cap : a black leather military officer’s cap with a high peak and a skull and crossbones pin attached to the front." part. Thanks.

9/24/23, 7:15 AM
@[Martin](/user/show/125990) Let people do whatever they want for God's sake. I didn't even know it was something like that. You made it

9/24/23, 9:35 AM
@[fAUSmohawk](/user/show/928623) Please remember that Nazi imagery and references are strictly forbidden in Germany and other European countries. The existence of such things on a German ISP can cause Martin numerous legal difficulties, a steep fine, and would undoubtedly shut down the site. He rarely asks anything of contributors; please respect his wishes.

9/24/23, 11:12 AM
@[nycboot](/user/show/131279) If Nazi symbols are indeed banned from most European countries, this should not be confused with uniforms (mainly leather) which are not banned as long as they do not display Nazi insignia. As proof, I can cite the numerous military uniforms (leather or not) even WWII style that you can come across in Berlin during Folsom event for example. I have therefore watered down the offending passages and I emphasize the “look like” side which in no way endorses the ideologies linked to these uniforms. In the same way that someone who dresses like a cowboy does not endorse the genocide of American Indians...

9/24/23, 12:27 PM
@[John Kuir](/user/show/588303) I know it's a sensitive matter. I wouldn't have caught this issue myself, someone else contacted me and pointed me towards this story and the content. I just want to avoid attracting the wrong people - i.e. Nazis and Neonazis. I'm aware that these symbols haven't been used by Nazis exclusively, they existed way before them. But that's also true for the Swastika which was then (ab)used by the Nazis for their Hakenkreuz. I most definitely wouldn't allow any story that contains a Swastika or anything similar, I just can't, even though the author might not have meant any harm with it. With the SS symbols, like using Skull and Crossbone, it's pretty much the same. I think stories don't need these to be effective, so I'd just ask to avoid these symbols.
9/24/23, 10:42 AM
@Edlam's writing is often so amazing with descriptions that suck one in so deeply that you begin to care deeply about fictional characters. And he makes you j/o multiple times. That said, I totally agree with @Zander and feel narrative is Edlam's one major weakness. To me, none of his stories have a satisfying conclusion. And Edlam has explained this previously: He's much more into the chaos than conceiving of a narrative arc. So as hot as I find this story, I know already that if he chooses to end it, that will leave me with more questions and ultimately frustration in that the narrative threads have not reached a satisfying conclusion.

9/24/23, 12:17 PM
@[nycboot](/user/show/131279) like Edlam's story, but I like even more stories in which each plot and characters are developed in a chapter and contain a logical conclusion to the characters' storylines. Personally, for me, Edlam stories are a pleasant cocktail that you can drink and temporarily forget and then re-read someday (they are of course good stories and I like them).But there are stories and authors. For example: Casual Wanderer are excellent stories with a plot, developed characters and very sexy and erotic scenes. ​Which you want to re-read every day and wait for the continuation. Postscript: English is not my native language, I hope I explained everything correctly and did not offend anyone.
9/24/23, 11:15 AM
Amazing chapter!
9/24/23, 10:29 AM
One of the more unique stories on this site and a fantastic take on the challenge
9/24/23, 9:41 AM
Hey @Plymouth 58, thanks for the love. Firstly, it's not the end of the story. Secondly, I didn't want to distract from Thor as the cock hungry bottom, and Captain America as a bottom, especially for black cock, is a story that others have done. So I left it to them. There is a story in my collection called The Pills that might give you some idea what I might have written
9/24/23, 12:25 AM
The only negative of this story for me is that the creatures of chaos that give Chester the power to use desires (too powerful) because they affect all people and not specifically anyone. I understand that this is necessary for the story to move the plot, but there must be entities opposite to the forces chaos, who decided to let Chester change reality at will. There must be forces of Order that monitor such things and correct or stop the forces of Chaos. Therefore, if the same powerful entities like those who help Chester to create Chaos do not appear in history, then in There will be a hole and innuendo in the plot. ​Therefore, if there are beings like those we saw in History who want Chaos, then there must be opposing entities in this universe. And I don't think they'll stand by and watch Chester use those desires for his own selfish and evil purposes. Therefore, it cannot be that some supernatural forces exist, others do not (according to the laws of the genre, such things do not work like that) and one force cannot replace another. ​There must always be a balance.

9/24/23, 12:50 AM
@[Zander](/user/show/10015044) I fear you're overthinking it a bit. And invoking rules from other fictional universes that don't necessarily apply here. Just get your dick out and enjoy the hot story, bro!

9/24/23, 3:00 AM
@[Zander](/user/show/10015044) :wink:

9/24/23, 5:35 AM
@[Swizz](/user/show/70704) You are right, I always think about the plot first, no matter what the story is) But I like this concept. The chapter, like the whole story as a whole, is good, I even added it to my collection) and enjoyed reading it when it came out, because I love very hot chapters)

9/24/23, 9:17 AM
@[Zander](/user/show/10015044) Personally, I like the idea that there's no such a thing as "Forces of Order". Maybe I'm overthinking it too, but many good writers don't have something like balance nor benevolent beings in their universes, but pure chaos and careless entities doing their own stuff and clashing one against others without reason, or at least not reasons we can understand. Again, just my opinion.
9/24/23, 9:05 AM
Daaaamn, it was a good and fun ending, even if the cow scenario would had been very enjoyable too, and that Thor lost his extra weight in this last part. But please don't take me wrong, don't think that's a negative opinion, I'm just saying! I love this story, very good job! It's well written, straight to the point and very hot. That said, you're mean, Sir! You leave me wanting to see that idea of Black Panther, War Machine and Falcon being after Cap America's butt so bad. In few lines, you painted Steve as a horny slut, so I would love to see how he ended up being like that, and his relation(ship?) with those heroes. Or maybe he had always been like that and nobody had noticed it before? Again, so many possibilities!
9/24/23, 7:41 AM
This is an interesting tale. I hope there's more.