Bargain (Part 7)

Series: Bargain
By wishbone blue
published January 31, 2015
2819 words

Another pawn fall to the will of Ari’Seth…

Jason sat in the outer office, sifting through a magazine, waiting patiently for two o’clock. The second hand moved, slow and relentless, around the face of the wall clock across from him.

The secretary at the nearby desk typed gently on her keyboard. She was beautiful by any standard. Jason was sure Dr. Randolph had hired her at least in part for her sex appeal. She was also most likely competent and efficient. Even attractive people needed skills to remain employed. But none of that concerned Jason - not her looks, not her performance, not what she was wearing, not anything.

He only had one thing he wanted from her, and after two weeks of covert, daily hypnosis, he had it.

She obeyed him without the slightest question.

The second and minute hand converged on twelve just as the hour hand reached two on the clock. Jason looked over to the secretary and spoke softly. “Have you completed your letter of resignation, Donna?”

“Yes, sir,” she answered, not looking away from her work.

“Very good, Donna. And Dr. Randolph’s sabbatical request? All the details that are required?”

“Yes, sir.”

“One last thing. Have you packed and removed all your personal belongings?”

Again, “Yes, sir, I completed that two days ago.”

“Very good. Then it’s quitting time, Donna. Leave your letter on your desk.”

“Yes, sir,” she answered. A quizzical look crossed her features for a moment, as if she’d forgotten something. Then she closed the document she’d been working on, shut down her computer, picked up her purse and walked out the door without even the tiniest glance his way. Jason allowed himself a smile as he heard her lock the door from the outside.

That done, it was time for his appointment. Or more exactly, Dr. Samuel Randolph’s continuing education. Two o’clock brought many gifts. With any luck, and with instructions and implements provided by his own Master, today would be Graduation Day for the eminent psychologist and demonologist.

He walked to Randolph’s door, turned the handle and walked in.

Sam looked up from his desk and gave the young man a gentle, fatherly smile. “Right on time, as usual, Jason. Please, have a seat.”

“Thanks and good afternoon, Sam,” replied Jason, sitting down in a modest but comfortable easy chair. “I like being on time. These sessions are so important.”

For a moment, Sam’s eyes unfocused. “So important,” he echoed. Then he shook himself aware and added, “We’ve made so much progress. Are you ready to get started for today?”

“Well, I do have one question.”

“Of course.”

“Are you sure this hypnosis is really necessary?”

Again, there was a subtle shift in the professor’s demeanor. “Yes. Hypnosis is absolutely required. Hypnosis is the only protection. Hypnosis is transformational. Hypnosis is irresistible despite common belief.”

“Then I’m ready.”

Sam smiled again, stood and walked around his desk, dimmed the lights and sat in a recliner across from the easy chair. As he leaned it back, it didn’t occur to him that these actions were the least bit odd. After all, he’d had a long day and deserved to be comfortable for what was sure to be a long session. He looked up at the ceiling, noticing the three-dimensional quality of the holes in the acoustic tile. “I’ll count back from five to one, Jason,” he said. “Just relax and let yourself go back into peaceful trance.”

“Okay,” answered the young man.

“Five,” said Sam.



There was a long silence. Jason looked at Sam’s closed eyes and smiled. He waited a moment and then continued where the psychologist had left off. “Two.”

He waited a few more seconds, and then with a satisfied grin, added, “One. Tell me professor, what has happened?”

“I have fallen into trance, as instructed,” said Sam. Jason could almost feel how pliable Sam’s mind had become.

“Instructed by whom?” asked Jason.

“By you,” said Sam.

“And how does it feel to have obeyed me?”

“It is the most satisfying, erotic, arousing and powerful feeling possible.”

“It makes you hard, doesn’t it?”

“Like nothing else,” agreed Sam. “Obeying you is pleasure itself.”

Jason smiled at the obvious straining in the front of Sam’s pants. He licked his lips in anticipation. “That’s right. You’ve learned so well, Sam. I’m very pleased. And the more you agree, the more you obey. The more you obey, the deeper you go. The deeper you go, the more you agree. Yes?”

“Yes,” moaned Sam in agreement.

“It is a cycle that can’t be broken. Can it be broken?”


“Very good, Sam. It’s time to hear, agree, obey and go deeper. Deeper than you ever have before. Deeper than you have ever imagined. First, it’s time to look at why you have studied demons. How you admire them. How you lust for them. How they are a thinly disguised search for the one who is your one true God…”

The words continued, the professor nodding his head in agreement, soaking up the new truths and insights Jason conferred to him as he fell inexorably deeper and deeper. He let the words invade and overtake his thoughts, his mind, his soul. He could feel the beliefs of the past as they resisted and gave way. Some melted like softened wax. Some remained and attached themselves to newer, superior ideas. Some leaked out with the pre-cum slowly flowing from his engorged dick. And some were blown apart, shattered, to be re-formed into newer, better, obedient imperatives.

Minutes or hours passed, it didn’t matter which. All that mattered was Sam’s agreement. His obedience. His willing assistance in his dark enlightenment. Eventually there was silence, and he waited, patient in his longing for more of Jason’s voice.

Jason pondered his next words, rehearsing them in his mind just as Ari’Seth had instructed him. The outcome of this session would not change the outcome of the Demonic Lord’s plans, but would certainly determine how events would unfold.

“Tell me, Sam, have you been using the tablet I gave you last week?”


“Have you gone to the websites I gave you, over and over, even when you should have been working, as you agreed?”


“Have you masturbated to them, at home, in this office, under the table at departmental meetings, during therapy sessions, as I commanded?”

“Oh, yes,” groaned the professor.

“It only makes you hungry for more, doesn’t it?”

“Hungry…” The word ached with need as Sam’s hips arched slightly into the air.

“You’re just an addicted little bonerslut, aren’t you.”


“What are you?”

“I’m just an addicted little bonerslut.” Sam’s entire body jerked in a spasm as the words slammed home, becoming irrefutable truth.

“Hmm,” said Jason, voice playful. “And on those websites, and as you stroked your cock in obedience, what did you learn that bonersluts do?”

“They worship the cocks of their masters.”

“What is a master?”

“A master is the one the slave obeys…”

“Very, very good, bonerslut. And who do you obey?”

“I obey you, Jason.”

“And that makes me…?”

“My master,” breathed Sam. The hunger and need in his voice was palpable. He was so deeply enthralled that the room had disappeared entirely. There was only his inescapable desire and the voice of master, now.

“And what do you do?”

“I worship your cock, master.”

Jason stood. Now was the moment of truth, a moment created by weeks and hours of daily, deep hypnotic training. “Then why are you dressed, why are you resting on a recliner and why are you not on your knees before my mastercock, bonerslut?”

“Forgive!” implored Sam, opening his eyes and leaping from the chair to obey the implied command. He nearly tore the buttons off his shirt has he quickly disrobed, letting his clothes fall to the floor.

“No, bonerslut. Fold them neatly. Show the proper respect.”

With a look of deep chagrin, Sam picked up his clothes and folded them, placing them on his desk as his master removed his own attire. “Mine, too,” added Jason, adding a touch of impatience to his voice.

“Yes, master!” said Sam, quickly bending over to obey. As he did so, he felt himself fall even deeper into master’s truth and control. He wondered how he had not seen that this was master the first time they’d met. It was obvious. More than that, it was natural. It was right. It was… true.

"Now kneel, bonerslut. Kneel and gaze in worship at the mastercock you adore. Kneel as your need grows unbearable, unable to touch yourself, or kiss the object of your worship. Kneel, gaze, listen, and fall ever deeper into the chasm of lust from which there is no return.

“You are not just a bonerslut. You ARE bonerslut. It is what you are. It is who you are, in name and in being. Samuel Randolph was a cheap facade you used until your true self could emerge. Tell me.”

“I am bonerslut, in name and in being, master.” Bonerslut’s cock veins seemed ready to burst at the hardness they endured. “S-samuel Randolph was a cheap f-facade.. I usssed unt-til my true self could emerrrge.” The words were becoming hard to say in the lust storm that bonerslut had become.

“Samuel Randolph no longer exists. All that remains is bonerslut. What remains?”

“Bonerssslut, master.”

“Just as you are a slave to me, bonerslut, I am a slave to and owned in whole by an even greater Master. A superior Master. The True Master. And if you obey me, and I obey Him, who do you ultimately obey? Who ultimately owns you?”

“The True Master, master,” breathed bonerslut, reeling as the truth for which he had been so carefully primed rode roughshod over his melted mind.

“He has given me a gift to present to you before you can consummate your permanent place in my, and therefore His, service.” Jason reached over to his folded pants and pulled out a small, sealed vial. He held it with reverence before bonerslut’s worshipping eyes. "This is His Holy Elixir. You must drink every drop and be transformed. Once you do, there will be no return. There will only be what He ordains for you.

“Do you wish to receive His gift?”

“Oh, yes, master!” Bonerslut looked as if he were about to pass out in ecstasy. Soon enough, he would.

“Then close your eyes, lean back your head, open your mouth, and receive His glorious essence.”

Jason took a moment to drink in the scene before him. The once-proud professor, the enemy of his Master, was already reduced to a horny, obedient cock lover. He relished the moment, making the drone-to-be wait a moment more, trembling with aching need. It was just as delicious as Master had promised.

He held the vial of lust venom above bonerslut’s mouth, watching as the living fluid literally leapt from the container into the waiting orifice and down his throat.

For several minutes, nothing happened. Then, a guttural scream tore itself out of bonerslut’s gaping mouth as his cock exploded cum, stream after stream of semen… creamy white at first, and then darkening with each spurt until it was shiny and black.

With a final moan and spurt of transformed cum, bonerslut fell over, passed out, exhausted from opening moments of his transformation.

Jason resisted the temptation to stroke his own cock despite his increased horniness. He already knew Master was pleased - He had been watching through Jason’s eyes the entire time. So he waited, knowing that it was Master’s will to do so.

As bonerslut awoke, he pulled himself up and knelt again, eyes closed.

“Bonerslut,” said Jason. “Now you know. Now you understand.”

“Yessssss,” bonerslut hissed.

“Then gaze upon your master’s cock, and worship it as it is meant to be worshipped. Dream of the time our Master decides to give you His seed.”

Bonerslut opened his eyes. They were black as obsidian.

He took his master’s cock into his mouth, teasing the turgid pole, letting it become his only purpose. There was nothing but cock, nothing but worship. He cupped master’s balls and pulled gently as he bobbed faster and faster, deeper and deeper as his throat opened to the massive member.

“Mmm that’s it, bonerslut. Suck. Worship.”

Hearing his name drove him even more. Bonerslut bobbed and licked, savoring the pre-cum his master was giving him. Soon, he felt master’s cock swell even further, promising the cum he craved with all his being.

As jism exploded down his throat, the world disappeared entirely, taking with it the last vestiges of his former existence. He was the tool, the whore of his master. And more than that, he was the tool and whore of his one true God, the God whose name now came to him without ever having been told.

“Praise Ari’Seth!” he thought, as he licked the remaining cum from Jason’s cock.

With all that he was, he realized that this was where he was meant to be.

Ari’Seth smiled as the slut rode his cock. Jason had done well with this one, and brought His goal much closer to fruition. He delved into the mind of the slave to see what was there - and smiled. There were memories that made no difference - the slut was totally devoted to nothing but pleasing his Master.

Ari’Seth howled as He came inside the slut’s hungry asshole, enjoying the feel as it clenched and milked His massive member. The slut came also, not from the fucking, but from knowing he’d pleased his God. The gift of Master’s seed was overwhelming, but created also a hunger he’d never known possible. He dismounted, and knelt to clean his cum from Ari’Seth, and clean the still-hard cock that had filled him so completely.

“Bonerslut,” said Ari’Seth, “you are a transformed being. You are no longer human. You are a true pleasure tool, but also such an open and obedient slut. You are the first in a stable of many who will come to be like you. Does this please you? Not that it matters in the least, of course.”

“Master, had I known, I would have begged for this long before now.”

“Perfect. Now, tell me, what do you know of Emerson Hertig?”

“He is a demon hunter. He was my long-time friend when I was still unchanged. I aided him in his searches many, many times.”

“Yes, and that is the reason you are the first of many changelings to come. Emerson Hertig is My nemesis, and there is a consequence to aiding My enemies. But I doubt you mind your destiny. Still, he is worthy of respect, so rather than destroy him, I plan to… enlighten him. Personally.”

Are’Seth paused, letting his words sink into bonerslut. “And you will aid Me, won’t you, slut?”

“Master, nothing is more important than assisting You with Your plans and goals. i live to serve and service You.”

“Of course you do. So kneel and listen as I give you My instructions. If you like, you can suck My balls.”

“As You wish, my Lord.”

“Yes,” Ari’Seth agreed. “As I wish.”


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