Author Name Updated
Yourmind123 An Uncontrollable Incident
Mark goes to a sex store to buy his boyfriend a present. But when someone with incredible powers walks in too, Mark realizes that HE'S the one getting a gift.
9/23/18 12:23 AM
ghostwriterde The Recipes
A Labor day visit from my momchanged my life drastically just as I turned 25 and the QB living above me unwitingly helps me perfect my family's recipes.
9/23/18 12:21 AM
gymmuscle Mr. Red 13
From the universe of "The Change" we meet Mr. Red, one of the Triumvirate.
9/23/18 12:19 AM
cubwriter28 Guardians of the Woods 6
While Jeremy sleeps, the satyrs have their fun. Meanwhile Jeremy has the wildest dream
9/22/18 2:49 PM
Silas Nub Boys
Two college jocks get the shock of their lives as they are transformed and toyed by a mysterious stranger.
9/20/18 2:40 PM
MCBrain The Hole Left Behind 2
Carlos is a good Christian boy who wants nothing more than to lead a good, fulfilling life. He hopes that the Church at his new college will help him find his place in life...
9/20/18 2:25 PM
Flattop Changing David
John decides that it's time David had a less stressful life
9/19/18 9:39 PM
Hypnothrill The Sun Worshippers
For some strange reason, you can't help coming back to this nude beach...
9/19/18 3:34 PM
Cris Kane Mariposa Honeymoon: A Six-Pack Story 2
Their flamboyant best-man Pierce gives strait-laced newlyweds Derek and Charles a mysterious six-pack to liven up their Cancun honeymoon.
9/18/18 10:54 AM
Willie Cici Damn Satellite!
Drew loved going to the gym, but the damn satellite TV system seems to be failing . . . .
9/17/18 6:29 PM

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Author Name Updated
Richard Pickman A Newer World Order (Ch. 1 - 10)
Philip plays with all sorts of jocks
5/29/10 8:00 PM
the guardsman The Guardsman 16
An Alpha cub is about to evolve into a Bear, and switch sides to a very submissive role.
4/3/15 6:11 AM
Malskin Officer Watson
Officer Watson investgates a gang of skinheads which he dislkes,but has a change of mind
12/21/17 1:43 PM
kyguy2005 Jason
BMOC picks on the wrong guy
6/4/05 8:00 PM
TrevorTist Straight2U - Chris
Chris can't believe what he's doing.
11/5/16 11:34 AM
Lau Graduation Part 2 (Revised)
More on degradation of Anthony (young businessman jock boy)
1/23/06 7:00 PM
JMT The Auction House 5
Maximilian lay hand on special frame ... photos can make you do things ...
6/19/17 2:21 AM
BODriver Morphew Institute of Magic 2
Freshman Marc Jelen finds himself in over his head when he finds out what his work study actually entails.
8/29/14 4:01 PM
Whitechap e1 New Boss 4
The skin doctor swaps bodies with Mal's brainwashed skin slave
4/15/11 8:00 PM
Doug Kent Fire in my Loins
Fire station goes Gay
8/13/05 8:00 PM