Bargain (Part 4) - Rev.

Series: Bargain
By wishbone blue
published July 12, 2013
2482 words

Ari’Seth’s power grows as he prepares for the arrival of his foes’ descendant…

Thanks to Miles for inspiration and for all the people commenting with ideas yet to be written…

Father Jim Walters looked at the obscene item sitting on his desk and pondered, thinking back on the confession he’d received late that morning. Since then, he’d cloistered himself in his office, with instructions not to be disturbed. In fact, he’d sent his secretary, Mable, home, and locked the church.

He ran his fingers along the perfectly shaped black phallus, complete with scrotum, surprised at its warmth. It felt silky… almost alive. As he thought back to the odd exchange, he ran a finger distractedly up and down its length, unaware of the tingle in his own cock it was producing.

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been, well, forever since my last confession.”

The priest had smiled at the hyperbole. After a short prayer, he said, “Go on, my son, that the Lord may forgive you.”

“Ah, but you make a mistake, James. I’m not here for forgiveness. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing to forgive. I confess, instead, that I am here to assist in converting you. Corrupting you. Or freeing you… how you look at it is up to you at this point. I’m sure wherever you start from, the latter is where you’ll end up. I certainly did.”

Even at 32 years of age, he’d been in many odd situations, but the audacity of his confessor set him back a bit. He reached for his cell phone, ready to dial for help if needed. With a start, he realized he’d left it in his car. Thinking quickly, he decided to try and turn this around. With a bit of a forced laugh, he answered, “All the more reason to seek forgiveness, my son. We all have our darker fantasies – yours can be vanquished, if you wish… even if it takes help to do so.”

No response came from the other side of the confessional. “Son?” he said, softly. Again, no answer.

Worried, he’d opened the door and stepped to the other side, only to find this… this token, if he could call it that, sitting in the small chair where his visitor had been. Sitting on his desk now, at least nine inches long, he noticed it was hollow… a canal that for the life of him looked like it was made to take his own member inside. He shook his head, trying to push away the illicit thrill the idea shot through him.

An odd but tantalizing scent filled his nostrils as he felt his dick shift in his pants in response. He ran two fingers now down and up the cock on his desk again, marveling at its magnificence. How had he not seen how beautiful a penis could be? How perfect? How… appealing?

But this was wrong. These thoughts were unworthy of his calling. He had to remain pure. He could feel the primal nature of it, and knew that dwelling on it would only make it stronger. “Get a hold of yourself, Jim,” he thought. A hold of himself. His other hand, unbidden, went to his cock and grabbed, pressing even more pleasure into him, making him groan. By the time he knew it was a losing battle, he’d stood, dropped his pants to the floor, and had grabbed the glorious cock from the table. He knew it had to be his own pulse in his fingers, but it felt like it was throbbing. His own cock WAS throbbing now, reducing his rational thought to mere babbling.

He still fought. Hesitated. Shouldn’t do this. Shouldn’t. Do this. Shouldn’t hesitate. Do this. Fuck, do this. Fuck hesitating. He inserted the tip of his cock into the open end of the mysterious phallus. Unspeakable pleasure rammed into him, engulfing his cock and ass before crashing into his brain, making him whimper with need. As if by reflex, his hand pressed the black, perfect cock over his own – or the cock moved his hand – it didn’t matter anymore. The scrotum of the thing seemed to open and engulf his own balls, squeezing and caressing them roughly with a mix of pain and pleasure.

Deep inside, an alarm sounded. He tried to pull it back off, but it had already sealed to him. Pulling only made him moan louder, his efforts creating a deeper and deeper need to fuck. Every feeling of pleasure his cock had ever given him paled as the pleasure increased tenfold, eroding anything resistant in its path. It was part of him now. It seemed to be… no, it was… thinking for him. And he would listen.

Giving in to it even more, he stroked the massive member harder, faster, losing himself as images of sucking and fucking, mountains of men appeared inside him, changing him, creating appetites he’d never dreamed, much less thought. He longed to be a fucktoy, a cockslave… His ass clenched over and over – hungry to be filled. His fingers were pressing in but they weren’t enough to sate his fuck-needy asshole… and suddenly the image of a black Adonis appeared, and in his mind could feel the cock, identical to but larger than the one now upon him, pressing against his virgin pucker. He pushed against it without thinking and it plunged into him.

His cock exploded inside its new sheath, and he could feel it bonding to him, becoming part of him as jet black, shiny cum spewed out of the tip in streams, making him scream in abandoned pleasure and bliss. Fuck covenants – this was heaven and where he had to be, was born to be… slave to his cock, the cock that was slave to its Master… his Master now… and he babbled the name softly that came to him… “Ari-Gogaseth… Ari-Goga… seth… Arrri-Gogaseth…”

It seemed to last forever – like he was in an eternity of orgasm. Inevitably, it came to an end, but part of it stayed, teasing him with pleasure any time he moved at all. As his climax faded, he scooped up the gobs of blackness around him, smearing it over his naked skin, reveling in the defilement, and staring in wonder as it soaked into his flesh, disappearing. It was changing him… he could feel it… but he wanted more.

Then, as if waking, terrible fear and guilt came forth in him, shaming him. What had he done? Quickly he clothed himself, unlocked the door, and headed for the church. He needed to pray, to cleanse this from him.

He walked through the sanctuary, his new cock still sending jolts of pleasure to his lust-fogged brain with every step, even as it had softened under his clothes. He glanced to the left, and saw that the confessional was waiting. Obviously Harry, the associate pastor, was taking confession this evening. Guilt pushed back again against his arousal, and he felt drawn to the open door. Perhaps this would be his way back. He had to try, as much as the thoughts pouring into his brain told him it wasn’t possible, and maybe, just maybe… not necessary… that in fact, it was a terrible idea. He could already feel the coming sense of loss, and the conflict confused him.

He loved his new cock. He loved what it was teaching him. He loved all cocks, he realized. Another spark of pleasure shot up his spine, corrupting and eating away his resistance.

It was wonderful.

But that inner fight was teaching him, too. Yes, that was it. He had to confess. He had to rid himself of this… this wonderful, beautiful, perfect, addictive appendage.

He entered the confessional and sat, shamed but still wishing the small chair had a dildo upon which he could impale himself. He shivered at the thought even as he said, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It’s been five days since my last confession.”

“Confess, then, priest,” said an unfamiliar voice. “Confess that I’ve seduced you beyond redemption. Confess that you love it. Confess that you’re ready to become Mine…”

The words almost made him cum again, slithering into his ears, echoing over and over. “What… who…” he said, leaving the tiny room and going around to the other side. He opened to the door, and the sight he beheld stopped him in his tracks, precum dripping from his sudden erection.

It was the God from his vision. Ari-Gogaseth. “You’re not Harry,” he said, fumbling for words.

“No slut, I’m quite smooth, in fact.”

“But… You’re here…real…”

“In the flesh,” said the demon, smiling. The smile made Jim’s cock ache all the more.

"And you’re still fighting me, even though I’m a part of you now. The cock that now adorns you is Mine, but is now you, as well. It is as much a part of you now as your old dick was. It’s been subsumed, melded. What was, is gone. What is, is Mine. Only a select few receive that honor.

“But I’m merciful, priest. Well, not so much priest now, as slave. I know just the penance for you. Ten ‘Hail Ari’s’ until I cum inside you, filling your belly with My seed, completing your initiation.”

Ari’Seth paused as His prodigious demon cock expanded and hardened. “Kneel and begin, slut, while mercy still resides in Me.”

Father Jim knelt without hesitation. He wasn’t sure what words to say, when a miracle occurred. From inside, his new cock spoke, instructing him. The words poured out of him, becoming his as he said them, and bathing his soul in beautiful, slick darkness.

"Hail Ari-Gogaseth, I kneel before Thee.

Blessed am I to be chosen,

And blessed is the fruit of Thy Cock, semen.

Perfect Ari, Master and God,

Make me Thy servant now,

And let Thy lust be my breath, amen."

He paused to lick slowly up and down the underside of the Shaft of God presented to him, tasting its precum and letting the fucklust take over more. It was more than relish. It was worship, as he’d never worshipped before. But he had his instructions, and he would obey. He trembled and flushed with need as he embraced more fully the destiny he’d been offered.

It was a gift he could not, and would not, refuse. With incredible effort he pulled back, knowing that it would be harder each time.

"Hail Ari-Gogaseth, I kneel before Thee.

Blessed am I to be chosen,

And blessed is the fruit of Thy Cock, semen…"

By the time his Master howled exploded into him as he glued his mouth around Master’s perfect Cock, and he in turn felt his own transformed cum defile the confessional, he could not, for the life of him, think of why he’d ever hesitated.

Finally sated, but still horny beyond words, he pulled away with a twinge of sadness. One nagging thought remained. “My Lord, how… how did You…” stammered the newly corrupted priest, staring at his Deity in curious awe.

“Ah. How did I enter a place you consider holy? Humans are so… lacking in knowledge. Little cockslave, I am not a Christian.”

The powerful demon paused.

“And now, neither are you.”

Slave James shivered with pleasure as he realized the truth of it. There was and would forever only be one God for him… his Master and Lord, Ari’Seth.

While his newly minted slave closed his eyes in bliss and shivered, Ari’Seth looked up. “Ah, two of My favored sluts have arrived. James, meet Jason and Rich. Jason and Rich, meet My newest convert, James. Oh, forgive me. Jason almost met you earlier. He’s the one who brought you the gift of Me. No need to open your eyes. You’ll get to thank him properly soon enough.”

From beneath Ari’Seth’s massive cock, another grew, identical to the one now bonded to James. It hardened, erect and perfect. Ari’Seth grabbed it, and with a tiny grunt, pulled it free from himself. “Rich, this is for Father Harry. Please go meet with him. He’s expecting you for counseling… and you will counsel… no, instruct him… in My Truth, yes?”

Rich’s eyes flashed black. “Yesss, my Lord…” He turned to leave and obey without another word.

As for the two of you, I wish to be entertained. I do so love self-pleasure, so if you would be so good as to climb up on the altar and perform for Me so that I can cover you – and it – with My seed, I will be happy to reward you. This time."

Jason grabbed James by his cock and led him from the confessional and up to the altar. Climbing up on top, they fell into a passionate sixty-nine, each wanting to please their God as much and more than the other. Their fingers pumped each other’s assholes as their heads bobbed, balls slapping chins, moaning around the flesh as they gulped. Nails scratching, they continued until no thought existed – just pure sex, images surrounding them, feeling through their Master the lust spreading and corrupting the small college town, unstoppable and perfect.

For the briefest of moments, James thought of how this act would have appalled him just a few short hours before.

But now, he didn’t mind at all.

He adored, worshipped and obeyed his One True God.

As He approached His climax, Ari’Seth muttered, “Oh, Emerson, how things change. Come to me, progeny of my foes. Soon, you too, will be Mine…”

Then with the silence of perfect fucklust, His cock sprayed His cockslaves and the altar with His black cum, His orgasm causing seductive venom to spread over them, and then sink into the altar, invisible but potent nonetheless.

This would be a church offering an entirely new kind of communion.

Ari’Seth smiled, feeling His power grow even more.

(to be continued)

Series: Bargain
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