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Author Title Published
It had been a great deal of time since he became headmaster. His life had truly been wonderful since then and has helped transform Cub university into a new paradise. But now he faces his greatest headache yet. A group of new students have proven particularly difficult. Especially one very homophobic muscle head. He refuses to give up on them, but what will he do?
A twink looses more than he bargained for in a game of cards
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Harry wants to grow and get over some of the toxic decisions he has made in his past. Draco Malfoy wants to put Harry in his place during their reunion to Hogwarts.
SlutForHypno & others
Today is officially the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, a franchise that is arguably most important to me. So in honor of the franchise that turned everybody gay, I will do what Square was too cowardly to do...namely Sora ends up in a mysterious jungle after KH3 and comes across a mysterious serpent who may have other ambitions aside from eating the twink (Sora is 18+ in this btw)
Cooper Denwood and his gym trainer become twin security guards. They will work for Ivan the mysterious barber sending candidates from the local university to Sam's Barbershop.
topaz172 & others