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Author Name Published
2375 words
After an argument with his gorgeous but lazy flatmate. Noah discovers a remarkable little book bound to make everything much more interesting.
10/20/20 1:28 PM
Hot jock is kidnapped for mind control experiments
10/13/20 7:46 PM
Dick Grayson is now Nightwing who also runs a foundation for wayward youth. One of them, Pablo, desires to be Dick Grayson which causes several turns of events and ultimately consequences.
10/12/20 7:06 PM
Spiral Fan & others
10/12/20 5:49 PM
Chase, the cocky gargantuan wrestler, had been acting cocky, after hearing he was going up against a man almost half his size with almost no muscle mass. Though maybe a little 'discussion' can change his thinking
10/12/20 8:53 AM
Hot twins enslaved by ancient pendulum; always open for suggestions on a sequel
10/6/20 4:41 AM
The Arch Demon Malgreth grows tired of the repetitive use of his aging sluts and craves creation of a new kind of slave. He plans to kidnap and convert two straight alpha jocks into his perfect little sluts. Filth, cum, and stench run amok as the two best friends are pulled deep into the seat of hellish pleasure.
9/30/20 9:03 PM
5330 words
Zach's buddy swears up and down that a shot and a day's quarantine is more than worth it to spend a vacation on this little island nobody else has heard of - but what will they do for a whole day together in the hotel before they can get out and have fun?
9/16/20 6:19 AM
Jeremy comes upon a plant he has never seen before and as a biologist who specialized in plants, it intrigues him...
9/12/20 6:01 PM
14685 words
Anthony has pledged a fraternity and must go on a weekend camping trip with one of the brothers.
9/8/20 12:27 PM