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Author Title Published
A last surviving nanite from the Galactic Standard Hive invades Dan (an organic unit), but an error causes sexual rather than asexual replication. Each new iteration of Dan's core persona evolves further from Dan(version-0) and Standard Form (Version-0)
7/29/21, 4:51 AM
Charlie is a college student with a huge crush for his stern and serious teacher, Mr Dover. One day, he boys a notebook with some weird instructions in it. After doodling in the notebook, Charlie shows up to class the next day in for a very erotic surprise!
7/24/21, 6:34 AM
UchihaDEMS & others
7/7/21, 5:56 AM
6/17/21, 3:05 PM
Mark finds a magical VHS tape of a strange children's tv show that features clowns and doesn't seem to exist. Eventually, he gets the joke.
6/16/21, 5:15 PM
The Meaner Nook & others
Mark White and his son Corey are surprised by a visit from Mark's estranged father. It won't take long for them to find out why. (Warning: raunchy AF)
6/9/21, 7:44 PM
Summer's a great time to spend some time at the cottage
5/29/21, 4:51 PM
4/23/21, 3:24 PM
4/21/21, 5:39 AM
4/19/21, 9:52 AM