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Author Title Published
A wizard with magical powers, gives some college jocks a chance to play a sex transformation game of chance. Who will end up with a winning cock, who will take it all.
Short boy passes by the gym and sees the bodybuilder of his dreams. He decides to check it out.
Todd's got an annoying problem of a roommate, and one pizza boys delivery changes both of their lives forever.
Idea, description, and fantasy of a place of mind made real by cobbling parts and power through worlds elsewhere Many references to other works, mostly public domain or popular. Feel free to use these as source material for writing or roleplaying game sourcebook for erotic tales or fantasies
TieMeEdgeMe & others
The Kink Factory is now a community series! For fans of "Charlie and The Kink Factory" & "America's Next Top Kinkster". Here people can tell their own adventure in the walls of the BDSM factory w/ new characters or old.The kink Factory is ready to hear from your wicked and creative minds!
After meeting your clan’s god Valen he offers to change some things about the clan to fit your image. This is the originally ending from twitter alternate endings can be added as separate chapters. * marks indicate where a choice was made. If you want more community stories that change depending on what you choose check out my twitter for more.
A big muscular guy gets controlled and slowly transformed by a smaller symbiote bonded friend.