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Author Name Published
While on duty a soldier discovered some artefact and changed completly
1/15/21 9:51 PM
Spiral Fan & others
1/11/21 7:00 AM
what if a emperor conquerored the world by converting and brainwashing the population into rubber suited servants
1/3/21 7:48 AM
3080 words
Francis' life was shattered in a cycling accident. Now he's trying to find a new road through life.
12/31/20 8:58 AM
a reporter investigates the new Advanced Solder Program, something developed by a group of soldiers that has proved to have remarkable results out in the field.
12/25/20 7:29 PM
1228 words
This is my first post here, so probably wont be that long OR that good. Basically, santa's musk makes people do crazy things....
12/25/20 7:39 AM
Santa prepares a speacial present for a friend.
12/23/20 9:52 PM
Esta historia es basada en el comic “Fallen Hero Drakosm” del autor Lymms. Para los fans de NCMC este comic es supremamente recomendado.
12/21/20 2:45 PM
11/18/20 12:08 PM
A mysterious barbershop opens up just in time to give some desperate guys the transformation they need to score big on Halloween.
11/13/20 6:04 PM