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Mostly stories of straight guys being slowly broken down or humiliated into enjoying the pleasures of gay sex.
These stories involve at least a chapter, in which the controller becomes the controlled. This is one of my favorite tropes in the erotic gay hypnosis genre and these stories show the creativity it gives birth to. If I've missed any, then feel free to let me know! (listed in alphabetical order)
Hot stories about erotic hypnosis, brainwashing with a bend toward traditional and realistic scenarios and descriptions of induction, deepening, and manipulation.
Only classical hypnosis involving roommates
Stories of men getting dumber down.
Anything related to the following: Rubber/latex, drones, muscle, hypnosis, & thongs/speedos/jockstraps.
Happy boys and men with no clue what they have become.
Diaper fetish
My favorites are stories with extensive focus on the hypno technique, usually involving an eye fixation of some sort.
Some of my favorite stories that involve guys gaining weight. (With an emphasis on reluctant changes) Especially love when they get a big ol’ bubble butt too.
Stories containing dad's or older authority figures as bottoms for younger/smaller men.
Only the best robot transformation porn
by KklKk
Public sex and nudity, exhibitionism, world change…
Stories involving men growing into the fathers they should be, whether an actual father or just a father in spirit. Regardless, the men within all develop big bellies, lots of hair, and frequently some fun fetishes to explore
by Leo
cocks, jocks, and musky coaches are out to convert people to their side
by Garm
Orcs and related demihumans
Alien underwear begins to take over the world.
Stories with a rich plot or incredibly inventive means to corrupt the people in the story that keep me coming back again and again.
Stories involving drugging, body changes , forced
JPS etc.
Mis relatos más favoritos
Various stories/series of my personal favorite trope: a jock oblivious to what happens around him and those who take advantage of that
Stories that are longer than a few thousand words. Series that are a few stories long. Just there for your slutty smutty pleasure.
Searching for the How-To
Whether you get bigger or smaller you will get dumber
Hot stories involving hypnosis done on multiple people in semi-public, sometimes with humiliation elements
Sometimes you get manipulated into becoming a total slut
Stories all about dumbing down, either jocks or not
Some of the best stories told from the perspective of the mind controller/hypnotist.