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Serve your country. No questions asked.
College males change for the worse.
Stories about guys getting the urge to bark and be good boys
Hypno mind controles hunks
Muscle growth, himbofication, jockification, dumbing down
Only classical hypnosis involving roommates
It's too good, at least. It's corrupted by sins of the flesh. So it's pretty fresh.
Anything related to the following: Rubber/latex, drones, muscle, hypnosis, & thongs/speedos/jockstraps.
Stories about guys who turn into slobs or stoners or, if we’re lucky, both
You know what I find really hit but is very uncommon? People get an hypnotized slave without even planning it!
My mind melt away, my own identity is dead. Including strange, extreme transformations i loved.
racial transformation stories. warning: sometimes "raceplay" contents.
butlers and servants...
Random guys who are chosen to become gay through magic or hypnosis, and their lives transformed forever
Unaware of messages being fed into the subconscious. Not knowing you are being controlled.
Guys who lose eberything for growth, muscle and fitting in at the gym. Being huge requires sacrifice. These boys learn to submit!
Hot stories involving hypnosis done on multiple people in semi-public, sometimes with humiliation elements
Includes further entries to my previous "Bottom Daddy" list. There are just so many great stories involving daddies or authority figures as bottoms!
The bests stories i have read in this site
Public sex and nudity, exhibitionism, world change… Maybe the change is caused by a pandemic, or an alien race, or an exotic plant, or new technology. But the result is a world full of gay guys whose main concern is to fuck and be fucked.
Collection of stories where masters are turned into slaves
Great pup play themed stored
A list of stories i've liked before even joining this site!
Just a collection of stories for my liking
Sometimes you get manipulated into becoming a total slut
A list of stories featuring, among other things, foot-to-mouth action.
Stories about a person being degraded
Stories where a guy is turned into a total slut