Bargain (Part 6)

Series: Bargain
By wishbone blue
published March 16, 2014
4395 words

Ari’Seth grows His power and meets his nemesis for the first time…

Bargain (Part 6)

Jason slipped into the chamber at the beckoning of Ari’Seth. He kept quiet so that he wouldn’t disturb the scene before him. The President of the City Council was naked and kneeling before the Demon God, his tongue sliding up and down the underside of Ari’Seth’s massive cock. As Jason watched, the freshly minted slave alternated sucking Master’s balls into his mouth one by one, and then licking his way back up to the tip. With relish, he cleaned off the copious precum with his tireless tongue. Ari’Seth grunted his approval as he played with the tablet in his hands. His tail slipped around and began fucking the slave’s ass – in turn, the slave began panting and moaning, eyes rolling up into his head.

As Ari’Seth preferred, Jason was naked himself, and his cock showed the arousal the scene created in him. His half-lidded eyes turned black and his moistened lips fell open as his hunger came alive. Ached.


Ari’Seth turned His gaze to His first conquest, His protege. “Very good, fuckslut. You’ve done better than I ever imagined. I first thought you would need to be replaced, but you have allowed your lust to strengthen and change you. Your growing body and cock are evidence of your increasing prowess in matters beyond mere humanity. I’m surprised and impressed. I may make a lust demon of you, yet.”

Jason blushed. He’d hoped for possession – possibly a full merging… but…

“Is that even possible, Lord?” he asked.

“Rare. And dangerous. You could even face the final death where your existence is erased completely… but it is possible. The last we added to our numbers was 1,328 of your years ago. Blink of an eye to Me.”

Jason didn’t answer. Didn’t need to. Master always knew his thoughts.

Ari’Seth paused to encourage the council president by thrusting his cock deeply into his throat.

“Unngf. But to more immediate matters. This device you call a tablet is suspiciously similar to the enthrallment portals of My natural realm. Do you know its origin?” asked Ari’Seth.

“Only to some degree, Lord,” answered Jason.

“I’m sure it’s steeped in invention and insight. Inspiration at key times. But where do you imagine that inspiration would come from?”

Jason thought for a moment. “Hunches? Brilliance? Research? Mathematics? MIT?”

“Those all serve to open a mind to inspiration. But My kind are the ones who gave the keys to the locks that held the treasure of knowledge. Some sects gave to what you call transit, some to economics, some industrialization. My sect inspired, among other things, what you call digital technology.”

Jason thought for a moment that Master was joking, but saw He was serious.

Ari’Seth smiled. “Why do you think your ‘Internet’ was expanded primarily by pornography?”

He winked.

Jason laughed. It was obvious, really. But he didn’t understand the point… not yet.

“All these devices use human ciphers, but We ensured they would be able to use ciphers of Our making as well – ones that could connect directly to the human mind and even to the human soul. As they have become ubiquitous, so has the potential for our influence. But… no lust demon has been successfully summoned who had enough cleverness to stay long enough to make the necessary changes. I, too, have failed in the past. Our weakness is that We are distracted by pleasure. But I alone have grown more disciplined. I have embedded demonic ciphers in this portal that even now are seeking out my nemesis, and soon, he will be unable to avoid the beginnings of his demise.”

Ari’Seth’s tail was now fucking the councilman in earnest, thrusting in and out faster and faster, wiping away his previous loyalties and existence. As for the once-resistant fucktoy, he fucked his Master hungrily, body and soul, as he spasmed in pure surrender to his God, face and ass only a tool for God’s pleasure.

“But you have another mission. You are to assist in removing his strongest ally, outside of his wife. Do you have the tools, the amulets? Are you sure of My instructions?”

“Yes, Lord,” said Jason, eyes still drawn to the helplessly copulating City Council President.

“Then go. I have this one to complete in joining to My purpose.”

With utmost obedience, Jason left the chamber, just as Ari’Seth’s unearthly bellow of pleasure filled the air, mixed with the howl of pleasure the newborn fuckslave. And for all his previous decorum, he could not help but scream in ecstasy around the Cock of the Master he obeyed above all else.

Even though it was still daylight outside, the darkness of Emerson’s motel room was broken only by the dim light coming from the screen of his laptop. He’d left it on again, apparently. Though he tended to use his tablet more often, the familiarity of a keyboard and screen still called to him from time to time. Lying in his bed, he stared at the ceiling, thinking about the task soon ahead. Although tired after a night and day awake, sleep didn’t seem to be coming to him. He glanced over at the motel room alarm clock.

3:17. PM.

Pulling the covers back, he sighed and slid out of the bed, resigned to his insomnia. That was when he actually looked at the laptop. It was swirling randomly, like some kind of black on black pearlescent oil. It could have been a random screen saver he hadn’t seen before, but that was unlikely. Even more unlikely was the idea that it was a virus – the security on his devices was quite good.

Simple deduction made it obvious this was a dream. No stranger to lucid dreaming, he smiled, happy that her was sleeping, and glad to possibly gain some insight into what he was facing with the demon he was tasked with banishing. Because lucid dreams gave him control, he found them to be revelatory, allowing him to interpret their meaning with more purpose.

This apparition was curious to say the least, and gave the impression that there wasn’t even a screen – it was more like looking into a viscous pool of – what? Yet in all other ways the dreamscape seemed based in reality. He picked up a pen from the desk. He pressed the tip and pressed against the screen… and just at it had seemed, the black allowed the pen to penetrate its pulsing mass. When he pulled it back out, the mass clung slightly, creating an outward peak that slowly settled back into the smooth flow of black swirling.

No, not settled. Just as it was about to smooth back in, it seemed to move outward again. Almost like a slow motion drop into water. It began to undulate outward and back, like it was breathing. After fifteen minutes, it was obvious that it was growing just a little each time instead of settling. The pearlescent swirls moved over it as if coaxing the motion out of a hiding place. But hiding what?

It was compelling to watch. The smooth motion was both beautiful and, in an odd way, seductive. Despite the thought it might not be safe to do so, he knew his inner self very well, and decided to let himself get lost in it for awhile. Besides, whatever it was doing, it was doing it slowly enough to avoid any danger.

Samuel Randolph considered the young man sitting on the other side of his desk. He didn’t take new clients – didn’t need to, as book sales had long since supplanted any need for that income on top of his professorship – but his administrative assistant was under orders to let him know about any interesting cases. And this case was interesting, indeed.

“So, Jason, why come to see me?” he asked. He knew part of the answer but wanted more.

“Your reputation as a demonologist, Dr. Randolph. I know it’s a hobby, but I also know you’re considered an expert, and I need an expert. I really screwed up.”

“In what way?” asked Randolph.

“I conjured a demon. I thought it would be fun. I thought I knew how to control it. But I didn’t, and now I… I… I just don’t even know. It’s all jumbled up in my head. Whole spans of time I can’t even remember…”

Randolph sat back, tenting his fingers. It could be a hallucination, or psychosis, but there was a ring of sincerity in the young man’s voice he had to take seriously, regardless. There was one way that it might be possible to find out, and also kill two birds with one stone. If it was true, he needed the whole story. If it was not, he needed to know that, too.

“Jason, I have a suggestion. It may seem radical to you, but it’s completely safe. Have you ever considered hypnosis? It could help me understand the events – even the ones you have forgotten. And it may give you some clarity as well.”

“Doctor, I’d say no… but at this point I’m desperate. I’ll try anything, if it will help me out of this situation.”

“Very good, Jason. We’ll make sure you’re very safe. And if it gets too uncomfortable, I promise, you can come up at any time.” Reaching over to his intercom, he punched a button. “Miss Branovich, I’m going to be occupied for quite some time. Please clear my calendar – I don’t want to be disturbed for the rest of the afternoon. You only have a half hour left, so once you’ve cleared everything, you can lock up and go on home.”

“Yes, doctor, thank you,” said his assistant, voice tinny over the telephone intercom.

“Now, Jason, let me darken the room, and we’ll begin.”

It was late. Randolph sat behind his desk not speaking, writing an email to Emerson Hertig about the revelation he’d been given even as he listened to Jason’s sordid tale of demonic conjuring. The debauchery that followed was shocking, despite being expected. Lust demons were like that. Although demonology was a hobby, he had more experience than most. He finished the email, giving Emerson the exact location of Ari’Seth, and sat back, contented, and closed his eyes. He’d done what was needed.

He recognized the truth of the young man’s words. Not that Jason had a choice. He was deep in trance, compelled to tell the truth. Randolph continued to listen with his eyes closed, amazed at what he was hearing despite his expertise.

Jason opened his eyes. They were shining and black. “Dr. Randolph, what are you doing?” he asked.

“Listening to you,” answered the young psychologist, a satisfied smile on his lips. “I have you in a deep trance, and you’re telling me the events surrounding the appearance of Ari’Seth, who you summoned into the natural world. I sent an email you suggested I send to Ari’Seth’s primary foe, containing programming that will be helpful.”

“Helpful how?” asked Jason.

“Helpful to his understanding.”

“Am I telling you the truth?” asked Jason, smiling slightly.

“Absolutely. You have no choice in that at this point.”

“So everything I’m saying is the truth?”


“Yes,” Jason agreed, smiling. Master had prepared him well. The amulet of reflection he wore had caused Randolph’s induction to turn inward, placing the doctor himself into a deep hypnotic trance. Jason had long since ended his tale of lust, and had spent the next hour and a half deepening that trance while the good doctor thought he was listening to more of the story – taking Randolph so deep that he would be powerless to argue. The email he was sending had been the first test – and an important step.

“I can only speak the truth?” repeated Jason.

“Yes,” sighed Randolph, obviously pleased.

“And the truth is all-important. It’s the only thing that matters, isn’t it.”

Randolph agreed again.

“And if the truth is all-important, and I only speak the truth, then it follows that my words are all important. They matter more than anything else.”

“More than anything else,” answered the patient doctor, nodding and smiling.

“There’s no need to hear the phone, think of anywhere to be but here, listening to the truth?”


“Help me understand,” added Jason, tightening the bonds around the learned man’s mind. “If I can only speak the truth, and the truth is all important, then my words are all-important. And since only I can say my words, I am all-important.”

“Yes, yes,” sighed Randolph. Something about the logic was off. Randolph couldn’t bring himself to care. It just felt so good to know that his young charge understood the way it was.

“So only I can tell the truth. You made it so. And therefore only I should be listened to, and only I should have your attention. Because the truth is the most important thing… and as the bearer of truth… I… am the most important thing.”

“No, no… it’s…” stuttered Randolph, searching for words. It wasn’t right, but when the words didn’t come, he had no choice but confusion. “I don’t understand…”

And then, the thought was gone.

“Relax…” crooned Jason. "Relax and fall. Just because you don’t understand doesn’t make anything less true. It means you have to open your mind wider, so that understanding will come to you.

Randolph nodded wisely, happy that his guest understood.

“Then listen carefully, Samuel. I have a lot of important things left to tell you.”

Emerson watched, first with fascination and then disgust as it became obvious the bulge, as it was growing, was forming into a phallus, losing less ambiguity with the slowness of a clock hand. In fact, it was growing still. Deciding to pull back from his dream, he willed himself back from the desk, and imagined the laptop powering down and closing.

Nothing happened. He was still seated at the desk, staring open-mouthed, and the now massive phallus was still moving out and in, an obscene parody of sex, like it was fucking the air around him – or more like it was searching for something to fuck. As it pulled away, he put his hand against the screen over its head, trying to block its relentless coitus.

It slipped through easily and his hand fell into a grip as its slickness moved across his closed fingers and palm. Jolts of pleasure moved up his arm and directly into his brain – he could feel it – and as horrified as he was, he couldn’t deny how very good it felt. His own penis sprang to life… or had it already been erect? He couldn’t tell. Either way, now it was like fucking steel.

With no warning, the black mass of the screen shot out and encased his head, pressing his lips and teeth open, assaulting him directly with pleasure beyond anything he’d ever experienced. It made it nearly impossible to think at all, but still he fought. He could feel the muscles in his neck straining to no avail. The thought of what might come next filled him with dread. And just as he feared, with sound and sight cut off, huge cock slipped through his locked-open lips and deep into his mouth to the back of his throat.

After the initial shock passed, he realized that there was also wet warmth on his own member, and he moaned as he was taken inside as deeply as he’d been forced to take the cock in his own mouth. He did the only thing he could think to do.

He bit down, hard.

Emerson howled as his own member felt sharp incisors cut into his manflesh. He instantly pulled back from the phantom cock, and the mouth withdrew from his, and then both were engulfed again as the supernatural tendons pulled his head forward and rammed the engorged and massive phallus back into his mouth. Over and over his mouth was pushed away and back, mirrored in the ministrations to his own crotch. Without realizing he began to suckle and swirl his tongue, feeling that returned to him as well.

Stronger waves of pleasure, each building upon the last, rampaged through him. He felt like he was nothing but mouth and cock, every cell on his skin heating from the pleasure wrapping around him, trapping him, keeping any response but giving in more, impossible, like a boa constrictor of seduction.

No matter what he tried, every struggle only ended up showing the phantom mouth how to please him more, even as he was learning how to please the cock – the beautiful, delicious cock – that was fucking his face with more and more intensity. The pleasure from his balls as his hips involuntarily rose and fell was getting beyond intense – it was all consuming.

Recognition suddenly came forth – this wasn’t a dream, it was an attack.

Forced or not, everything he did was mirrored in the mouth pleasuring him – a self-induced sixty-nine to which he was a prisoner. With each stroke, he was losing his ability to tell them apart… the pleasure he felt was tied directly to the pleasure he gave. He was being turned into a fuck machine – and somewhere inside that he couldn’t control, he liked it, embraced it.

He felt like his soul was melting, turning to putty, reduced only to the need to feel more and more of this… this white hot fuckbliss.

He had no choice but call on Evelyn while he still had the chance. The willingness – no, the desire – to become a slave to this euphoric, animal fucklust was germinating. He could feel it. Allowed to take root, he would have no power to stop it.

Through the blackness that surrounded his head, and for all he knew his body, he reached out to the metaphysical connection they shared and opened the inner portal. For a moment, he worried that it had been lost, but then – there it was, pouring power and light into him. Was it too late? He could feel orgasm building inside and the underside of the cock in his mouth swell, moving swiftly into the point of no return.

Then, with no fanfare, the blackness was receding, pulling away. The cock in his mouth pulled back, seemingly in retreat before the power of the combined souls. But just as it was about to disappear into the screen, it lunged forward again in time with his hips, spewing jets of black cum over his face. His own cock betrayed him as he screamed in pleasure, as if it were being ripped from his lungs. Over and over his cock pumped the air, spewing his own seed as if there was an endless supply. It covered his belly, dick bouncing as it finally gave up the last of its gift.

Emerson’s eyes flew open. There was no cum, no black screen – just the light of his normal screensaver on the ceiling as he looked at it from the bed where he’d been sleeping. He was sure it was more than a mere dream. His connection to Evelyn was still in place, and while he rarely left it “open,” this had been powerful enough that he knew it would be best to keep it active, awake or asleep.

Yes, that was the best idea. He needed to stay connected at all costs.

Only a few miles away, Ari’Seth smiled. He was now connected directly to the mind and soul of his nemesis. Thanks to the vision he’d given Emerson, and the resulting connection and “rescue,” he’d already been able to alter the Banisher’s perceptions enough to overlook any differences in the psychic link. By the time he realized it wasn’t Evelyn, he wouldn’t be able to care.

Snooping around in Emerson’s thoughts, it took only moments to discover the desires he couldn’t resist. He began making connections, severing others, and grew hard at the simplicity of his task. This promised to be a most fortuitous enslavement.

Randolph was no longer seated – hadn’t been for some time. He was standing at attention, staring straight ahead, but his eyes were unfocused, unseeing. He didn’t need to see the room. Jason had said so. And when Jason told him to stand and undress, he’d obeyed without hesitation. He always obeyed Jason. Jason had said so, and Jason told only the truth.

If he still knew he was naked, he didn’t care. Jason had told him it didn’t matter, so he didn’t think about it at all. It was natural. Like breathing.

His cock was at attention, too. Curved upward, veins standing out in relief. He’d never been so hard, so aroused in his life. It bobbed as he flexed, as he’d been instructed. He’d cum multiple times. His semen stained the floor in front of him. The last time, only the tiniest of drops had come forth.

He was mindless with bliss.

“Again,” said Jason.

“I am avatar of the Will of the Lord God Ari’Seth. He owns me. I exist to serve only Him. He is All. Without Him I am nothing.”

“State your imperatives, avatar.”

“I lay in wait, in secret. I convert my students into followers of Ari’Seth. I convert my clients into followers of Ari’Seth. I convert my friends into followers of Ari’Seth. I convert my coworkers into followers of Ari’Seth. My reality hides behind the facade of Samuel Randolph.”

“Is Samuel Randolph real?”

“No. I am transformed. Only the avatar is real. Samuel Randolph is a chimera in place to aid and protect the avatar.”


Randolph’s body jerked – spasmed as the bliss of obedience poured through it.

Jason smiled. Nothing from the tip of the doctor’s erect cock. Not a drop, not a cell. Empty. It was what he’d been waiting to see.

“Shooting blanks, eh?” he teased.

Randolph groaned. Despite the pleasure, he felt incomplete. Humiliated.

“It is time to seal your knowledge, your path, Avatar of Ari’Seth,” said Jason. His own arousal at seeing the power of Master was enough to make him tremble. “You have been given the honor of tasting His seed.” He pulled a vial from his pocket and pulled the stopper. The black, viscous demoncum moved on its own, alive with potency. He placed the vial in the hand of the naked, unthinking demonologist and said one word.


Without hesitation, Randolph closed his eyes and brought the vial to his lips. At that point, even if he attempted to disobey, it was too late. The semen sprang from the vial into his mouth, to the back of his mouth, up his nasal cavity and from there began to multiply itself, soaking into the brain of the helpless professor. It sealed inside his cranium, soaking into all that he was, destroying even the tiniest morsels of disobedience and resistance that might be harbored anywhere in his psyche.

If he’d been aroused, even horny before, now he felt something more powerful invading his mind, his body. He could feel himself letting go, surrendering to the insanity of the lust building in him. He could feel it moving into his body, transforming him, and then expanding outside of his skin. Fucklust. Lustfuck. Avatar. Slave. Manchanger.

“Cum,” whispered Jason, still obeying his Master, his Lord. For all he had experienced and felt, as he looked at the satyr that had been Samuel Randolph, his awe for God Ari’Seth came full circle.

The avatar came, but his seed was no longer his own. Shiny blackness spewed out of his cock, unending as his face contorted in a silent “O” of pleasure – pleasure no human was ever made to withstand. Black, alive, potent. It moved of its own accord, as subject to its Creator’s will as the Avatar of Ari’Seth itself.

When it ended, the creature who’d been Samuel Randolph smiled. Opened his eyes. Pure black, shining… almost glowing with power. Looked at Jason. Hungry. “Master says you’re going to fuck my ass. I suggest we begin.”

Jason lay back on the floor, his now-massive tool pointed at the ceiling. As the avatar knelt and then began to lower himself, Jason whispered a short spell and added, “Ready when you are, fucktoy.”

Fucktoy was so much more than ready.

(to be continued)

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