Story Challenges

The first of hopefully many annual story challenges dedicated to Halloween!

Let’s give us all a look into your naughty fantasies around tricks and treats!

A global pandemic causing people into quarantine and lockdown is an exceptional situation that can bring people to resort to exceptional measures. It can bring the best and the worst out of humans. This challenge is meant to tell these stories.

Note: This is not about Covid-19! You can use any kind of pandemic as a background. The effects and results of the pandemic are absolute free for the author to define! The pandemic itself can but doesn’t need to be related to the actual mind-affecting part of the story.

Things going bump in the night? Some unexplained happenings? A ghostly goings on? Or just some far better supernatural plot, which is the theme for this challenge.

The first time is always special, as there’s no way to repeat it ever again!

May it be sex, hypnosis, power, submission or even simple love, all of this might be experienced for the first time. Write your story about a first-time experience and share it as part of this story challenge!