Bargain (Part 3)

Series: Bargain
By wishbone blue
published June 21, 2013
3484 words

The will of Ari’Seth begins to move outward, but his nemesis is on his way…

A word of explanation: This part of the story includes a few short scenes involving women. It’s not what the story is about – it’s to move it all forward. I just didn’t want anyone to think this tale was going somewhere different. Besides – Ari wouldn’t want it that way…


“There’s two of them,” murmured Dwayne, sitting in the passenger seat.

“Fucking fags,” answered Hal. Dwayne’s twin was the bigger of the two, although only by a bit, and both of them were muscular.

Two young men had emerged from the six-month anniversary party at “Ari’s,” an all-male bar that, as far as Hal and Dwayne were concerned, should be burned to the ground. The men weren’t particularly obvious about their preferences – at least not at the moment. One of them, slightly shorter, was wearing a small backpack.

Hal took a long swig of his beer before opening the door to the pickup. He got out, reached behind the seat, and pulled out a baseball bat. Dwayne did the same thing, and tossed his own now-empty beer can into the pile of trash in the bed.

“Not fucking for much longer,” spat Dwayne. “I hate this gay shit.”

“Oh, fuck, look at them, now.” Hal’s voice was full of disgust laced with rage as he watched the men stop at the alley entrance and pull each other into a deep, passionate kiss, hands kneading each others’ asses. “I’d feel sorry for Tallboy and Backpack if they didn’t make me want to puke.”

The kiss broken, the lovers headed into the alley.

“Oh, this is gonna be good. Pound their asses while they’re in the act,” whispered Hal as he and Dwayne crossed the street and followed into the alley. Sure enough, Tallboy had his pants around his ankles as Backpack knelt, sucking the cock he was offered with what could only be called relish.

They didn’t seem to notice as Hal and Dwayne approached. When they got within four yards, both attackers stopped. In a loud voice, Dwayne said, “I bet you didn’t expect us, you turd fuckers!”

The man on his knees paid no attention. If anything, he sped up, his ministrations more passionate. The other turned and looked at the two assailants and smiled.

His eyes were black.


“On the contrary… we’ve been waiting for you to arrive.”

Hal hit his bat against the brick wall beside him. “Fuck you, dickhead.”

The young man smiled wider. “Great choice of words. Fuck. Dick. Head. All three are just so… wonderful.” He closed his eyes and shivered as the pleasure his companion gave him took greater hold. “You should watch for a bit. Maybe you could learn to do what Raymond here is able to do. I’ll bet if you try hard enough, you can even feel a little of what I’m feeling.”

“Sick fuck,” said Dwayne. “I’m gonna fuck you up so bad you…” his words were interrupted by the sound of Hal’s bat bouncing on the ground. He looked over at the noise and his eyes widened. Hal was staring, his head cocked to the side like a curious puppy. But more than that, his right hand was rubbing the front of his jeans. “Hal,” whispered Dwayne to his twin, “what the fuck is wrong with you?”

He looked back at the two lovers again, and it hit him. They were almost glowing. His own dick sprang to life – almost like it was singing to him. When his own bat fell, he didn’t notice. All he could hear was the voice of lust in his head, telling him how good it felt, how he should let it happen.

Raymond stopped for a moment, pulling away from Jason’s cock with a slight popping sound, a line of precum still connecting him to the object of his worship. He looked over to the two men, adding attention to Jason’s.

“Join us,” they said in unison.

The answering moans told them that their words were hitting home. “Master wants you. Join us.”

“Mas – Master?” Dwayne stammered. Something about the way the word sounded echoed in his ears, pressing into secret, nasty places inside his mind. He fought against it. He was here to fuck them up… or down… fuck with them… fuck… with… them. His thoughts and words were getting jumbled as hot lightning seemed to run up and down his hardening dick.

“Your resistance is so fucking hot, but useless,” said Jason, his voice taking on a deeper and sibilant resonance, " and as needless as your clothes. It’s really time to lose them." The words didn’t even seem to be coming from him. It was as if both twins could hear from inside their own heads.

Dwayne fought with the words as they sabotaged his thoughts, overwhelming them. Something was smothering his rage, taking it away, leaving lust in its place. Still, he refused to move. His hands and legs, however, didn’t refuse at all. Like little traitors, they pulled off his t-shirt, unbuckled his belt, and slid his pants down. He couldn’t move his eyes, but his ears told him Hal was doing the same. A few more moments and he was completely naked, standing barefoot in the alley, his cock sticking out and up, almost painfully hard.

“See, Raymond. It’s just as Master said it would be. He’ll be very pleased that we complete his new abode.”

“Hail Ari’Seth,” said Raymond, as he removed two items from the backpack on the ground beside him. He held them up for Hal and Dwayne to see. Two large butt plugs, black and shiny as obsidian, made both men gasp as they stood helpless, unable to move.

Raymond offered them up to Jason, who walked behind the twin captives, pressing one against the virgin hole of each. He began to gently press, in, then relax, in, then relax. Raymond stood and turned, walking to a place in front of and between each man. Pushing their hands out of the way, he placed his fingers around the cock of each man, stroking with expertise, and smiling as they began to moan.

He felt the cocks begin to swell, growing beyond their former size, the spell of Ari’Seth as beautiful as it was inescapable. As one, their hips began to buck, the edge of climax driving out any thought but the pleasure they were feeling. They would explode any second, and there was no way to stop it.

At that moment, Jason pressed the plugs in fully, and each stopped moving instantly, pain and ecstasy, grimace and pleasure frozen on their faces.

“Finally, Master’s collection is complete. You know, Raymond, I almost envy them, frozen in orgasm for eternity, unable to think, feel, or be anything else.”

“Are they aware?”

“Oh, yes. But not thinking. They simply exist. They are conduits now, transmitters for the lust of our Lord and Master.”

“Mmm. Master is amazing.”

“Yes, he is. We need to move these to their new home. But first, you need to finish what you started, little fuckpuppet.”

Raymond dropped to his knees again, his mouth seeking his superior’s manflesh. Finding it, he began to knead Jason’s copious balls, his actions begging for the reward that would come soon.

The dreams were coming again. It had been years since they’d plagued him, but Emerson knew what it meant. A demon had not only come into the world, but was gaining power. From the nature of the dreams, it looked to be a Lustmonger – a minor nuisance most times, but clever. And regardless, like all demons, it could be dangerous.

And if it had more than a few followers, while he was sure he could defeat it, lives would be destroyed. Most who came under the thrall of a lust demon for more than a brief time could not be reclaimed, despite its lower status in the ethereal realms. The appetites and hungers the demon awakened would only inspire them to bring it back to corporeal reality again and again. Their destinies were already beyond his rescue, and he would do what was necessary, even while it tore out his heart.

As he sat by the bedroom window looking out across the bay, he enjoyed the early light. He looked over at his sleeping wife and sighed. “Evelyn,” he thought, “you didn’t sign up for this, did you?” She wouldn’t be happy that his talents were needed again. She’d understand, but it would be strained during the next week as he studied, poring over recent and ancient texts to refresh himself and prepare for the coming battle.

She didn’t know that she was his secret. It was her soul tied to his was that gave him the power needed to be victorious. What irony that he had the reputation, but she was the secret source of his strength. But if she knew, so would the unseen world, and it would put them both in danger.

He winced and then, standing and creeping back to the bed, crawled in beside her, and cradled her in his arms.

Will looked at the two boxes sitting in the chair beside his desk and sighed. Being the personal assistant to the Mayor had its perks, but opening, examining and then disposing of the various gifts that were sent wasn’t one of them. Whether it was the box of dog shit that had come a year or so back, or items of value that were sent as an obvious attempt at bribery, he resented them all, if for different reasons. A few he’d even been tempted to keep for himself, but the risk of getting caught was too great to take the chance.

He sat down and sighed again and, box cutter in hand, began to cut the tape open on the larger, shoebox-sized package. As he cut though, there was a puff of air, as if the inside had been pressurized. Just as an inner alarm registered, an aroma drifted into his nostrils. Not sweet, but spicy… clean. It calmed him, somehow and he breathed deeper, enjoying the faint, pleasant buzz it created in him.

He knew he should feel at least some caution, but it was just out of his grasp to worry at the moment. He smiled with faint curiosity at the strangeness of his reaction. Hmm. It felt sexy, too. His cock was getting hard, and while there was no reason, he didn’t mind at the moment. Still involved with his task, he pulled back the top of the package and looked at the contents. His eyes widened. He’d seen many items come and go, but this took the cake.

Sitting in a bed of white silk was a black, perfectly formed phallus, complete with testicles. It wasn’t either massive or small. In fact, as he continued to look at it, he realized it was… perfect.

Perfect? Perfect for what? It was too beautiful to have a name like “dildo.” He touched it and shivered. It was beyond smooth – soft, almost like silk, and it seemed to vibrate slightly as he slid his finger along its length. Jesus, it almost seemed alive, even though it was made from hard stone. He hefted it and inhaled deeply now… the scent that had appeared initially was much stronger now. He lifted the cock to his nose and sniffed. Yes, it was the source, it seemed. And this close, it was almost overwhelming. His own cock was screaming at him now, begging for a touch.

God, it was making him horny, and it was already too strong for him to care why. He didn’t even wonder why his asshole twitched as he lay it back down and turned to the second, smaller box. With a confusing mix of both clarity and fog, he opened the second package, hoping for another surprise of delight. Instead, as he opened it, something jumped out and crawled away… some kind of insect or rodent. He’d been too surprised to actually see what it was.

“Fuck!” he thought. He stood to find it, but dizziness washed over him and he fell back to his chair. Dizzy, but still horny. He felt confused but uncaring. Confusion was fine, if he felt this good. He smiled, letting this new feeling take him harder. Deeper.

He leaned back and looked up at the ceiling, his mind in a haze. There it was, just above him. It looked to be some kind of spider but with more legs. Weird. But kinda cool.

A gossamer shot from its center and landed on the back of his wrist, connecting him to the… whatever it was. Then one to his other wrist. Threads began to shower down, connecting, immobilizing. The strangeness was lost entirely as the threads began to sing to him, arousing him even more.

He didn’t hear the door open. By the time he knew someone was in the room with him, he couldn’t move his head if he’d wanted to. But he didn’t want to. He felt… delicious.

“Hello, Will,” said a voice. It wasn’t a voice he knew, but it made the threads connected to him vibrate, sending him further into aroused incoherence. "How does it feel to be turning into my puppet?

“I’m Jason, by the way. Master has given you to me for a time… until He can take you Himself.”

“Master… puppet,” thought Will. “That sounds nice…”

“It’s better than nice. It’s perfect,” said Jason, reading the thrall’s thoughts through the threads.

“Perfect,” echoed Will’s mind.

“It’s risky for Master to own you completely before His plans come to fruition. But you will obey me, and in so doing, obey Him, won’t you?”

“Yes!” cried Will inside. “Just let me cum!”

“Mmm. That’s a marvelous idea, Will. I’m going to suck your cock soon. Soooo well. But when you cum, the last of your independence will flow into me, making you so fucking obedient. And our little friend is going to be inside you, reminding you all the time. A bug in your ass, so to speak.” Jason laughed gently at his bad joke. “But you don’t mind that, do you?”

Will’s compliance didn’t even form words. He was so fucking horny they wouldn’t come. But the threads transmitted his answer. It was the language of pure carnal desire.

“Good boy,” said Jason. “Before we continue, I have some instructions for you. I’ll leave them on your desk. For now just know that they involve the cock-idol you were sent in the box, a certain Emerson Hertig, the Mayor, his male staff, and our Master.”

“Anything,” sang Will’s brain. “Anything for more, for this…”

Jason unzipped Will’s pants, letting the man’s engorged prick free from its prison. “Nice… I can see why Master wants you, puppet.” He licked the underside of the tip up and down, the front and back of his tongue causing a copious amount of precum to come forth. “See, Will? Your… will… is already leaking into me.”

With those words he lowered his mouth onto the waiting manflesh and began to suck and swallow in earnest, driving his new, helpless puppet into mindless lust and abandon. His hips began to thrust in time with Jason’s motions, fucking his mouth, or the mouth fucking him – he couldn’t tell which it was any more than he could stop. Any choice he’d had in the matter was already gone.

As fuckbliss overtook him, he came, and came… and came. With each spurt, he felt more and more of himself leaving, more and more owned, and it only made him cum again and again. When he finally stopped, he opened his eyes. The threads were gone, and so was the… thing… on the ceiling. That’s when he felt something slithering into the back of his pants.

He gasped. The thing was cornholing him! Fuck it hurt… it… no, it… was inside. Spreading into him. Making him want things, see things. Need things.

Jason pulled out his own cock, made more beautiful by Ari’Seth’s power. Will licked his lips, overcome with cocklust. He knew what Jason wanted, and he would obey. Perfectly.

“Your turn,” said Jason, smiling.

Emerson had only been gone for two days, but for Evelyn, it felt like a month. He didn’t have to go often, thank God, but when he did, it was still awful. She knew he’d be careful – he always was – and that he would return to her, but the void was unbearable.

As was her habit in times like this, she went to the village coffee shop to indulge in a mocha latte. As she entered, a young woman bumped into her, nearly knocking her down. The young woman fared even worse – she was falling forward, and before she could think, Evelyn caught her in her arms, keeping her from hitting the ground. The girl’s coffee, however, wasn’t spared and the cup hit the sidewalk, spilling its contents into a wide puddle.

“Are you okay?” said Evelyn, concerned.

“Um… yeah,” said the young woman in a shaky voice. She was cute, maybe 20, with blond hair cut in a wedge. “Damn, and that coffee smelled good, too.”

Evelyn instinctively sniffed the air in reflex to the words. She didn’t smell coffee – instead, it was a light, tickling perfume. It was wonderful. A pleasant shiver worked its way through her but she shook it off. “Um… I can get you another one if you like.”

“I’d hate to impose like that on a stranger,” said the girl, still catching her breath.

“I’m Evelyn. Evelyn Hertig. So we’re not strangers, now,” said Evelyn kindly.

“Andrea Skikaya. But um… you can call me Ski. All my friends do.”

As Evelyn turned to walk back in, Andrea – Skikaya – watched and felt her insatiable hunger flare. She could see the ethereal tether that gave Evelyn’s husband his power, and while she would have to voluntarily abandon it, the powerful pheromones Ski produced had already begun their insidious work… Evelyn’s stiff nipples at her touch were evidence enough of that. The seduction had already begun, to be followed with her inevitable enslavement to Skikaya’s demonic lust.

Soon, her debt to Ari’Seth would be paid in full. As she looked at the beautiful woman, her eyes flashed black and she smiled. This was a payment she was going to enjoy.

Ari’Seth smiled as He looked around the temple His slaves have built for Him. It was a cavern of man-lust – the twenty three human statues, all in various poses of orgasmic ecstasy, were now transmitting His fucklust outward in full. Men passing by the upstairs bar would be drawn in without knowing why, adding more and more souls to His power. As mortals, His rewards would keep them loyal and obedient even into eternity.

And once the Rite of Descent was performed upon His nemesis’ progeny, and His victory was complete, the orgy of lust that He would create would be beyond measure.

“Slut,” He called to Jason with a thought.

“Yes, Lord.”

“Bring yourself to Me. I wish to fuck you, mind, body and soul. It’s time for you to become complete in Me… and be Mine more fully than you have imagined.”

“Yesss, Lord.”

(to be continued)

Series: Bargain
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