Bargain (Part 8a)

Series: Bargain
By wishbone blue
published March 7, 2015
2982 words

More fall to Ari’Seth by way of Jason - while the stage is being set for the final battle.

Ben and Seth Curry slipped into the dark chamber beneath Ari’s Rest with almost no sound. Their talent for stealth showed as they crept into the stoney cavern. It wasn’t obvious which was the leader until Ben’s hand signals gave him away, motioning them inside a large ring of thirty-six life-sized statues. His twin brother complied, and surveyed the scene with tense anticipation.

The statues were arranged in two arcs of eighteen, with a wider opening at the near end and an empty throne at the other. The statues were black, shiny, like onyx - yet they seemed almost alive. All male. All naked. As if performing for their absent sovereign, they were set in various poses, each in the ecstasy of orgasmic bliss, faces frozen in a fascinating mix of pain and pleasure. The subdued lighting reflected dark purple glints at edges of their forms.

The intruders formed their own gateway, closing off the entrance and facing the throne. “Looks like we came at a good time,” whispered Ben. “It will be easier to dismantle with no immediate interference.”

Still wary, but relaxing a bit, the other young man nodded his agreement.

A disembodied voice spoke. “Not too easy, I think.” The voice spoke normally, but it was thunderous after the silence.

Stepping from the shadows that hid him behind the massive throne, a young man appeared, completely naked. His body could only be described as beautiful. It shone, almost as if covered in oil. “Welcome to the Tabernacle of Ari’Seth,” he added, smiling at the two men who had found their way to the sanctum. He sat upon the throne usually reserved for Master, a place he was only allowed when the demonic God was otherwise occupied. “Please… let me introduce myself. My name is Jason.” The young man, once timid and faltering, eyed the visitors with open lust.

“Are you sure you didn’t just come to play, like everyone else?” he continued. “After all, your two and my one make three, and the possibilities are making me horny as fuck.” For emphasis, he spread his legs apart, showing his hard cock glistening in a beautiful upward arc. He slid his hand from the base to the tip in a long, slow stroke. A long string of pre-cum dripped down, showing the truth of his words.

Despite their sense of purpose, they couldn’t help looking. Ben’s eyes returned to Jason’s face. “We can help you,” he said. “You’ve been corrupted, but it’s not irreversible.”

“Corrupted is such an ugly word,” countered Jason, still smiling. His demeanor made a subtle shift into predatory glee. "I much prefer ‘enlightened.’ "

Seth answered, “So that’s how it’s gonna be. As representatives of the Rentonville Chapter of the Moral Guild, we have come to destroy this den of debauchery. It would be best to leave now - we won’t be responsible for any injuries as a result of staying here.”

“Oh, I don’t think injuries are a worry.” Jason closed his eyes as if contemplating some deeper thought. “Within just a few minutes, you’ll be begging for the honor of sucking my cock. Actually, the honor of sucking any cock I say you should. Master has called you, and you have arrived. We have been prepared for you - waiting for you to show up, in fact.”


“Those of us who openly worship the Lord God Ari’Seth.”

“God, I hate cults. ‘Lord God?’ So much bullshit. You couldn’t have known. This was beyond secret. Even the Guild had no idea we took this on.”

“Even better,” said Jason, confidence dripping from every word. "Let me give you an inkling of what I know. I know that the both of you are secretly but completely addicted to the images and appetites to which Ari’Seth Himself has guided you, although each of you has bathed in the self-deception of calling it internet research. At first, you were repelled, but each successive session has led you into deeper and deeper fantasies, wishing you could surrender to the new hungers growing inside you. Your transformation into willing cocksluts has long since begun. The real reason each of you has come is the hidden desire to turn fantasy into reality. Trust me, the reality is much more… satisfying. While you each believe the other is dedicated to Master’s defeat, both of you are hoping for a far different outcome.

“But which of you should I educate first? You both look equally delicious.” Jason looked from one to the other, contemplating. His eyes finally rested on Seth, and the hunger on his face intensified.

“Disrobe, slut,” he commanded.

Ben shook his head. The claims were ludicrous, of course. He looked over at his twin, sure he would be strong. His eyes widened as he saw the look on his Seth’s face. The dilated eyes, the slack-jawed stance unnerved him with sudden realization.

Seth’s head turned to him with maddening slowness as his hands rose and lifted his shirt up and over his head. As he kicked off his shoes, his hand went to his belt, fumbling slightly before pulling it open.

“Seth… no!” hissed Ben, sorrow and fear blistering his words. He turned to Jason, eyes blazing. “Stop this now, and I won’t hurt you.”

“You won’t, anyway” answered Jason. “You’ll follow your brother’s lead. Now.”

“Follow his lead? I’m the leader here.”

“Wrong again. Seth, explain to your twin.”

Seth’s mouth moved as he turned in full to his brother, his cock growing to full stiffness as he did. “It’s all so clear, Ben. Jason commands me, now. He commands you. He is the Oracle of Ari’Seth. Like me, you are a slave to the lust of Ari’Seth. You are a tool of His will. We must join with Jason.”

His brother’s words echoed in his head. They had to be wrong, but somewhere deep inside, a place he’d forgotten until now, they rang with absolute truth.

“Your hands, Ben,” whispered Jason, his voice a mix of kindness and heat as he stepped down from the throne and approached the two young men. “Your mouth. Lips and tongue. Your cock, your ass, your mind, your heart, your soul. So wanting to do other things, such things filled with pleasure. So ready, so needy, so horny. There’s nothing else, really. Just the growing, burning desire to free your cock from the trappings of the past, the false teachings of your life before. The unending need to let the lust take over completely, to be lost in its blissful embrace.”

Ben swooned and staggered as the fire of arousal swept through him like never before. His hands were moving but he couldn’t pay attention. He was too busy fighting against the feelings burning through him. It wasn’t until he was naked, facing his twin, that he realized they were a mirror image of fucklust.

Still, Ben resisted. He couldn’t give up everything for this… this… terrible fate. This lost, repulsive, possibility. This obsessed, tempting, beautiful, wondrous, glorious future.

“Katie,” thought Ben wrapping his thoughts around his fiance. The woman he was supposed to love… no, he did love. He had to love her, didn’t he?

Jason was close enough to whisper in his ear. “Oh, how precious. Let me tell you about Katie. She is useless. Unattractive. Repulsive. She only holds you back. Your love for her is really only your own insecurity. In truth you resent her for her control, you despise her for her insidious treachery. Tell me, am I wrong?”

Something inside told him that Jason WAS wrong, but the disciple’s words were swimming in the putty of his brain, settling into corners, changing his thoughts, reinforcing anything that agreed, and burning away anything that didn’t. It was a valiant effort, but within moments he was helping Jason, rooting around in his memory, aiding him in the leveling of any barriers he found.

“She’s a fucking useless cunt,” hissed Ben. The newfound truth of his words slammed through him and his cock rewarded him with a jolt of pleasure that drove him to his knees.

“Who is?” whispered Jason, humor evident as he felt the changes in Ben’s mind take complete hold.

“Katherine Dupree, my fucking bitch fiance,” answered Ben, looking up at the young prophet standing above him.


“Ex-fiance,” resolved Ben.

“And what do you want now?” asked Jason.

Ben’s eyes lowered to the pole of beauty that bounced gently mere inches before his face. The glory of it showered over him, making it even harder to put his thoughts together. His mouth moved, but only a gurgle came out.

Jason put his hand out and touched his hair gently. "It’s alright, fucktoy. I understand. Few have the strength to speak when touched by the Will of Ari’Seth. I’ll give you the words. All you have to do is repeat them.

“I want to suck your cock and become enslaved to lust,” prompted Jason.

Ben’s eyes closed and then reopened, filled now with clarity. “I want to suck your cock and become enslaved to lust.”

“I want to suck and be sucked, fuck and be fucked, all for the glory of Lord God Ari’Seth and the pleasure only He can provide.”

Even now, he fought, the last tiny bit of resistance as hard as diamond. He started to shake his head, but Jason reached under to cup his chin. Through the inner battle, Jason’s words fell upon him like a drenching rain. “Obey, slut.”

“I… I want to s-suck and be sucked, fuck and be fucked… all for th… all for the glory of Lord God Ari’Seth and the pleasure only He can provide…” As he spoke, the words he had thought ridiculous minutes before became even more true. The diamond of resistance shattered and was swept into the lust-fire that raged hotter and hotter each second.

Turning to Seth, Jason said, “Join your brother on your knees - speak as he speaks, and be transformed.”

Unlike Ben, Seth offered no resistance at all - it had been shattered as he watched the enlightenment of his brother and any fear gave way to envy, cock hardening even more as he knelt in helpless obedience to Jason. His brother’s recent words flew out of his own mouth so quickly they could barely be understood.

“Good sluts,” confirmed Jason, feeling the power bestowed upon him by Master growing stronger as he himself obeyed his God. “You may stand, now.”

As if pulled by strings, Ben and Seth jumped up, standing hard and naked before their new master.

“I think it’s time to consummate your allegiance, your obedience. Hmm… perhaps a game to prove your conversion? Which of you gets the honor of sucking my cock depends not on how well you beg, but on which gets the other to cum first. The one who holds out the longest while providing the most pleasure gets the first taste. Agreed?”

Jason watched as they nodded, tremors moving through them like waves as what had been perverse became the focus of their new hunger, their burning desires.

“Oh, you are so gonna fucking cum, Seth. You’re going to spill your cream deep into my belly!” cried Ben as he grabbed Seth and pulled him close, their cocks rubbing against each other as they kissed and writhed together in obscene passion.

Seth was prepared, however. He cupped his brother’s balls and pulled them, massaging as he dropped to his knees and licked the copious precum on the tip of Ben’s twincock, spreading it over the glans even as he reveled in its flavor. His mouth moved down to engulf the turgid pole, eyes rolling back in his head as he felt the pleasure of his obedience to Jason spark in his own distended member.

Ben pushed him away, not ready to cave to the jolts of bliss running up and down his spine. He couldn’t stop a deep moan from escaping his lips before saying, “Two can play at that game, bro.”

He grabbed Seth’s shoulders and fell to his own knees, wrestling his brother to the ground. Their grunts echoed in the chamber as they wrestled, each searching for the cock of the other, determined to be the one who would taste Jason first. And there it was - Ben slurped Seth’s dick into his mouth moaning around it as he lost control at the taste of his brother.

Suddenly he felt slick warmth as Seth’s mouth did the same. His mind melted as his thoughts congealed into a new mantra. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…” Their heads bobbed in unison as they lost track of where one body ended and the next began. It felt like they were a co-joined pool of burning, rutting fucklust. On and on it went, both on the edge of losing, both on the edge of winning, neither able to think or stop.

Jason watched with hungry glee as they performed for him, his own cock growing even more as he began to stroke it. “Oh, I can see where this is going,” he laughed. “You might as well both cum together, or I’ll never get what’s mine.”

Unable to disobey, both men screamed as they came and swallowed, came and swallowed, lost as stream after stream of mancream sped down their throats and into their bellies.

Finally, spent and exhausted, their ministrations came to an end. Their cocks however, remained hard as steel. Amazed, they slowly raised themselves to their knees, staring at their own continuing arousal, feeling the pleasure move up and down their shafts like invisible hands coaxing them into even more dark pleasures.

“Such is the Will and Power of Ari’Seth, little sluts. Now… as for sucking me, I believe you’ll be doing that together. Then, it’s time to present your asses for fucking. Of course, I can’t fuck you both at the same time. Which of you is actually older?” asked Jason.

Although Jason suspected it would be Ben, it was Seth who answered. “I am, master, by nine minutes.”

“The you’re the firstborn, and the first to be filled. However, for now, both of you bitches get your mouths over here and service me.”

As Ben and Seth fell to their task, slurping and licking and teasing the cock of their new master, Jason smiled as a moan tore from his throat. It was going to be a hell of a long night, and he basked in the visions of things to come.

Sam Randolph smiled at Emerson, his long-time friend. Sam wasn’t there, of course. It was a video left on the tablet he’d sent with information about the demon he was chasing. The tablet was a brand he hadn’t seen before, but Sam was an academic, and it was probably some kind of prototype. Regardless, it was good to see his old friend, even in absentia.

"… and I’ve included location information - also links to websites the demon has inspired. Don’t worry, I’ve ensured they’re not demonically adulterated - there is no spiritual connection in them. They’re just simple lures, but they give an insight into the perversions this one prefers.

"I’ve also included something I know you’ll be interested in. I finally located the sixteenth Rune of Protection during my last trip to Ethiopia. As you know, researchers have puzzled over the runes for centuries, trying to line them up in sequence, arrange them in some pattern. With this discovery, it all fell together quite easily. Viewing them arranged properly, they create a pattern that is quite - extraordinary. I don’t think they actually provide protection, but it never hurts to try, eh?

“That’s all for now. When I return from sabbatical, we should get together. I have something in a vintage I’m sure you’ll love. Be well, my friend.”

Emerson shut the video and thought for a moment. The last rune was certainly a find, and he was quite curious. However, there were more pressing needs. There was a demon to stop. He opened one of the website links to investigate.

It was quite typical of any porn site, he noted in clinical observation. However, the images held fewer and fewer women as he progressed through the links. He felt disgust rise in him. Although not a homophobe, he had never found such things appealing. Not at all. Quite the opposite, in fact.

As he clicked the link to the next set of pictures, he didn’t notice that he was rubbing his cock through the thin material of his boxers.

(to be continued…)

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