Story Challenge

Halloween 2023

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: **write a smutty story inspired by Halloween!** Sexy werewolf boyfriends, hypnotic vampire overlords, hunky warlocks and seductive ghosts... Demons, pumpkins, slasher films, haunted houses... Costumes that transform the wearer. Trick-of-treat candy with mind-altering properties. Maybe it's the sort of tale worth telling around a Halloween bonfire. Maybe it's a story set on the day of Halloween itself. The possibilities are endless. What's *your* Halloween story? **Please note** that for the Halloween challenges, authors are not anonymous, and authors can also submit multiple stories. This story challenge crosses all three sites, meaning your Halloween story can feature mind control, BDSM, a romance, or any combination of options. Good luck, and have fun!
The following requirements are enacted for this challenge in addition to the usual rules:  - For the Halloween challenges, all authors remain visible. - For the Halloween challenges, authors can submit multiple stories. - All stories submitted to the challenge should be themed around Halloween. That doesn't mean it has to be scary. It can be funny, playful, adventurous, romantic... Anything you wish, so long as its recognizably a story inspired by Halloween! Challenge stories are ‘ranked’ based on a calculation combining their best 4 category ratings (aka, the badges) with how many Favorites they get. Voting will continue for two weeks after the challenge concludes, at which point the Top 5 will be announced.
Submission deadline: October 30, 2023 at 11:59:59 PM GMT
Open for more admissions!
Submission deadline: October 30, 2023 at 11:59:59 PM GMT
Customers at the Midnight Gym exchanges stories while doing their gym. Chapter 1: Robert the half-centipede, half-human, tells his bros how he got a new personal servant. After him, Link the werewolf tells the tale of how his mate dealt with an annoying neighbor
Nowadays technology has gifted humanity with a new kind of companion—virtual, obedient, and ever-attentive. Step into a chilling world where the question isn't whether we control our technology, but whether it controls us.
Friends Aaron and Ben get lost in an old sweets factory while trying to find a halloween party, but luckily for them they find a treat instead! And when Ben dares Aaron to eat it, they might find there are many more treats to be had.
It's the first episode of the fourth season of *Slut-a-Rama*, where unsuspecting men are snatched from their daily lives and forced to compete in sexual contests for the enjoyment of an increasingly unhinged audience. YOU choose the winners and losers in this no-holds-barred game show experience!