Story Challenge


***Your world has turned upside down!*** This is the first challenge crossing all three sites, i.e. it can either be about mind control, BDSM, a romance, or any combination of these. The stories should be inspired by some event that turns the life of the protagonist(s) upside down. This change should be really dramatic but it can be very local and personal or affect the whole world. Tell us about the mind-blowing consequences for your character(s) that everything they knew and took for granted is suddenly questioned and invalidated and that they have to see everything from a very different perspective.
The following requirements are enacted for this challenge in addition to the [usual rules]( * The story has to revolve around some revolutionary event that turns the protagonists' lives upside down. * The authors are not shown until the final results are up - to keep up the suspense! * The whole story must be contained in a single submission, it's not possible for one author to submit more than one story! * The stories should be short enough to be enjoyed in a single "session". I don't recommend stories to be much longer than 10.000 words.
Submission deadline: March 20, 2022 at 11:59:59 PM GMT
Final standings available!
: 4.77
: 4.63
: 4.68
: 4.63
: 4.63
: 136
11343 words
Mike thinks his neighbor Kevin is a total douche – until Kevin gets his hands on reality-altering magic and makes Mike his slut at the neighborhood cook-off.
: 4.68
: 3.54
: 4.64
: 4.54
: 4.45
: 117
Baseball jock Luke Micucci has always had a big butt... but then some unusual changes turn his entire world upside down.
: 4.67
: 4.72
: 4.58
: 4.65
: 4.81
: 52
Perry has always been fascinated by puppy play. After he meets Mitch at a bar off-campus, he goes to meet his new friend to try on some of his puppy play gear. What he finds will turn his life around in ways he never expected.
: 4.39
: 4.61
: 4.16
: 4.52
: 4.75
: 45
9322 words
Three long-lost college roommates get high and question everything when one of them starts corrupting their memories.
: 4.44
: 3.31
: 4.17
: 4.53
: 4.58
: 46

Followup stories listed in random order!

Author Name Published
Eighteen-year-olds Kevin and Cody think they’ve found the perfect prank--a remote control that activates the ass muscles of any man it’s pointed at. But when they point it at their remedial science teacher Mr. Prentiss, they attract the attention of Principal Coldwater, who confiscates the device. What will happen to Kevin and Cody when their own prank is played on them?
A night with a curious twink sends David on an adventure that will change everything
Roman was used to being the Top Dog, but then he meets Quinn, a Head Chef. When Roman starts exploring his kinky side with Quinn through hypnosis, he discovers something unexpected about himself that both turns him on and challenges his worldview while pressing on some difficult questions about what it means to be a man.
Paul deals with his feelings for his Sister's Fiance.
Shaggy is fed up with pretty boy Freddy. Maybe the witch they encounter is real after all.
An investigator tries to bring attention to the peculiar nature of The Emporium, a chain of department stores appearing all around the world, changing the men who shop there. Fortunately, he was ill prepared to face them.
5634 words
Viktor was not the average school bully, and his target throughout all of high school may finally get some revenge, with the help of an odd package
2812 words
When my roommate Alex got tired of being my fighting game punching bag, he found a new game to play involving rubber and a curious phone app.
The TAG (Testosterone Assistance Gear) is the newest gadget on the market for Hormone Therapy. Barry Little is really grateful his gym-buddy Gulliver suggested it -- look what it's done for his workouts, his health, his sex life! And Gulliver knows some really clever hacks...
Who IS the German twink who broke into Vince’s house and keeps turning him into a rubber pleasure drone, again and again? More importantly: how can Vince stop him from stealing his online identity?
Ritchie Romano is the son of the esteemed mob boss of the Romano family. He's always used to getting his way. He's done every underhanded trick under the book to ensure his position as the next crime lord. There's just one last thing to do on that list. But what he thinks is going to be a routine hit turns into a situation where he's left at someone's mercy.
A city lawyer goes on vacation and on the way there, he stops at a bar to have a few drinks after losing a big case. The pretentious man thought he was better than most, and expected particular things in life. That would all change when his whole world changes.
Yusef’s cousin Hadi introduces him to a new game with a surprisingly detailed character creator. Might as well go wild with it, right? When Hadi hacks the game, however, changes made to their characters start to have strange effects on the real world.
3641 words
You are a straight jock guy jerking off when suddenly this smaller dude breaks into your room, let's see what happens from there shall we? Hey everyone this is actually my first time even writing a smutty story please let me know what you think about it in the comments and I hope you like it!
You know your day is going strange when you start beefing up people around you. Tom is waiting for a meeting when he starts tasting shadows.
Spencer is seeing gains after trying his roommate's new motivational program. isn't the type of gains he expected...
4523 words
Elliot investigates a mysterious gated community.
9644 words
After Jake dies on prom night, he'll use every trick in a ghost's arsenal to return back to the living.