Story Challenge

Halloween 2020

The first of hopefully many annual story challenges dedicated to Halloween!

Let’s give us all a look into your naughty fantasies around tricks and treats!

Besides the usual rules on this site, a story submitted for this challenge should:

  • Besides being hot, the story should be scary or funny and somehow be related to the Halloween season
  • For these challenges, the authors will remain visible!
  • You can submit more than one story if you want to! Also a whole series, if you so desire, but all episodes must be submitted within the time frame of the challenge.
  • This is for fun! I want to see a lot of hot, funny, scary, cum inducing Halloween stories!
Submission deadline: November 29, 2020 (until 11:59pm UTC)
Author Name Published
Grant wanted to hang out with his friends on Halloween, but his parents force him to take his little brother trick or treating. It doesn't take long before he ditches his brother and takes his candy to boot.
10/21/20 4:35 AM
With the Halloween blue moon hanging in the sky like a cauldron of curdled cream, a cornucopia of chaos cults create carnage through a cavalcade of creative curses, but in the middle of it all, Yuri the Fairy God Faggot is tasked with ensuring Dmitri’s party is absolutely banging.
10/12/20 10:40 AM