Story Challenge

Fallen Hero

Even those you’ve looked up to all your life are not immune to carnal desire!

This challenge is meant to cover all kind of heroes, including your personal heroes, heroes of society, imaginary heroes, heroes in your family, and yes, also super-heroes. You can use spandex and all, but please don’t limit yourself to the usual super-hero tropes.

Besides the usual rules on this site, a story submitted for this challenge should:

  • The story must tell a story about some kind of hero who has somehow fallen from his pedestal.
  • The authors are not shown until the final results are up - to keep up the suspense!
  • The whole story must be contained in a single submission, it’s not possible for one author to submit more than one story!
  • The stories should be short enough to be enjoyed in a single “session”. I don’t recommend stories much longer than 10.000 words.
Submission deadline: March 20, 2021 at 11:59:59 PM GMT
Final standings available!
: 4.58
: 4.39
: 4.44
: 4.35
: 4.30
: 100
7490 words
Aaron always idolized his big brother James. But when James fails to be the hero he thought he was, Aaron gets some well-earned revenge.
2/25/21, 10:12 AM
: 4.47
: 4.53
: 4.31
: 4.40
: 4.67
: 45
8047 words
A superhero with a hidden secret gets discovered by a curious reporter and all chaos breaks loose.
2/25/21, 7:52 PM
: 4.26
: 4.58
: 4.22
: 4.58
: 4.58
: 37
Michael owes a lot to his science teacher but he never knew what the price would be.
2/20/21, 11:06 AM
: 4.49
: 4.26
: 4.20
: 4.49
: 4.35
: 58
Jace idolizes his older brother Jack. But when Jack's bad habits threaten Jace's livelihood, he must find the courage to confront his hero. Maybe a mysterious pair of sports drinks can help him save his brother.
3/1/21, 7:07 AM

Followup stories listed in random order!

Author Name Published
An Internet troll spends his day complaining online about his favorite superhero movie franchise, not realizing that his souped-up computer has the power to make whatever he types real. When he sarcastically suggests the characters America Man, Spiderboy, and Nordicman are gay for each other, it creates a very unusual day of filming for the actors.
3/2/21, 2:44 PM
3895 words
A hurt and abused hero is rescued by the one person he least expects. Comments and what you'd like to see next are always appreciated!
3/19/21, 11:07 PM
Jacob is shocked to see what his best friend has become coming back from the marines
3/19/21, 11:06 PM
A young squire and his master are returning home to the Sunstone Monastery. To their horror they discovered that their home has fallen to corruption. Now will the young squire Tom and his master Rowan be able to fight the corruption that has started taking hold of their home or will they succumb to it. (Warning this story contains a little bit of action)
3/20/21, 11:09 PM
Spider-Man and Deadpool are dating, but what happens when a familiar alien symbiote shows back up?
3/20/21, 11:08 PM
In 2092, a Finder, Zander Chen, takes on a difficult case. How do you Find someone who has no aura?
3/21/21, 7:42 AM
'Super Hero' falls afoul a magical villain who slices him into tiny pieces.
3/12/21, 6:17 AM
Chris Redfield attempts to stop his former commander Wesker now criminal from unleashing a biological virus that can wipe out the earth population. But on this Mission Chris will find that Zombies are the least of his troubles.
Unpublished Edit
2/28/21, 12:50 PM
When an opportunity arises for a man to express his desires for a beloved hero, he finds resisting the impulse to be rather difficult.
3/4/21, 7:54 PM
2/28/21, 3:00 PM
Twofer's tell-all confession! The real reason for the divorce! AND! Exclusive bedroom shots of the new boytoy!
3/11/21, 1:40 PM
2/20/21, 6:00 PM
Lindsey idolizes his big brother, Matt, and is beyond excited to visit him in his new home at his frat house, especially since he'll be following in Matt's footsteps and joining as a legacy next year. Will his brotherly hero worship survive his visit, or will he learn an entirely new way to worship?
3/19/21, 11:07 PM
2057 words
A single human knight has an opportunity to stop the advance of an Orcish horde. However, he soon learns that he is perhaps not the paragon of strength he imagined he was.
3/16/21, 6:14 PM
Jimmy's Dad had lost his job, but thankfully he had a friend named Bear to held him find a new direction in life.
3/7/21, 10:33 AM
Parasite has escaped from prison once again. Can Superman catch him before the leech kills any more people, or will the Man of Steel be dominated by the supervillain as well?
3/14/21, 3:54 PM
5116 words
Dan took me out for a camping trip once, and after a hard first day, I asked if he knew any scary stories. Little did I know how prepared he'd been for the question. (Hypno Bear Week 2021)
3/5/21, 11:33 PM
Codec isn't much of a superhero. His powers allow him to manipulate and read information. But he's always concealed the extent of those powers because he never really wanted the cape life in the first place. A chance encounter in the gym showers is gonna change all that.
3/4/21, 7:13 AM
In today's world, there are plenty of spinoffs and reboots. The plot's maybe awful, but the acting can be surprisingly good. Maybe, there's someone behind all these heroes.
2/18/21, 9:02 AM
4897 words
Mega-Man was made to save the world...but Dr. Wily has managed to change the blue bomber through a series of malware updates to his system. Now, Mega Man only wants to obey...and to destroy in the name of new Master.
2/21/21, 3:54 PM