Story Challenge

The Very First Time

The first time is always special, as there’s no way to repeat it ever again!

May it be sex, hypnosis, power, submission or even simple love, all of this might be experienced for the first time. Write your story about a first-time experience and share it as part of this story challenge!

Besides the usual rules on this site, a story submitted for this challenge should:

  • At least one protagonist is experiencing something for the first time in his life. It also has to be special to that person.
  • The whole story should be contained in a single submission, please avoid multi-part series (it’s technically possible though).
  • The story should not exceed 10.000 words.
Submission deadline: May 1, 2020
: 4.70
: 4.18
: 4.70
: 4.45
: 4.42
: 75
Ready to win the regional wrestling championships, David prepares to face Xavier, a mysterious newcomer. Their first touch opens David to a whole new world.
4/5/20 7:26 AM
: 4.52
: 4.72
: 4.18
: 4.69
: 4.67
: 25
Depressed by a recent breakup, Malcolm has an unfortunate run-in with four muscular frat boys. It doesn't go like ANYONE expected.
4/14/20 7:06 AM
: 4.71
: 4.38
: 4.48
: 4.46
: 4.60
: 22
Thomas has a boring life controlled by his parents. He seeks help and gets more than he wanted - or just exactly what he needed?
4/2/20 5:32 AM
: 4.71
: 4.51
: 4.49
: 4.44
: 4.37
: 39
Ryan asks his roommate to hypnotize him into being bi, so he can have sex during quarantine.
4/27/20 7:21 PM
: 4.59
: 4.28
: 4.43
: 4.58
: 4.61
: 20
Kevin's lover has a very special birthday present for his boyfriend which sends them both to an amazing experience they'll never forget!
4/7/20 12:14 PM

Followup stories listed in random order!

Author Name Published
Katie and Daniel take a road trip to Nebraska so Daniel can meet her family for the first time.
4/30/20 6:59 PM
There is something different and spicy about your first job interview.
4/9/20 5:00 AM
Vince takes the cheap route on a medical treatment for his sexual health. Will things go as planned? Of course not.
4/4/20 10:03 PM
Daryl and Josh agree to star in the first video of a friend of a friend's new porn studio Hypnalis. They were promised a bombshell to share but first, they have to experience hypnosis for the first time.
4/27/20 6:29 PM
I wasn't going to use it, I'd decided. Probably.
4/1/20 3:24 PM
Mike went to college to try new things and make the most of his lacrosse scholarship to make sure he would escape the small mountain town his folks called home. Little did he know that learning something new would change him unexpected ways.
4/10/20 6:42 AM
Woke up in a body, self-aware for the first time. Who am I? What should I do?
4/26/20 4:28 PM
At first, Cliff just wanted to make some money to live with his gal in this cruel cold city. That was, before this porn filming thing went out of control.
4/3/20 1:30 PM
A new group of BUDS grads is about to learn what it means to become a Navy SEAL.
4/8/20 4:51 AM
Brad and John, two jocks who happen to share a sneaker fetish, embark on a wild experience.
4/5/20 6:46 PM
Religious Joseph intends to save himself for marriage. God Almighty has other Plans
4/21/20 6:22 AM
It's my first time... But I'm nervous. How am I supposed to know what to do?
4/3/20 5:36 AM
Dr. John Slatewater isn't sure if the burly fisherman is sound of mind, but his wild rumour of a giant octopus can't go uninvestigated!
4/13/20 6:19 AM
Jason invites Ken to a frat party to pay him back for helping Jason pass a class. It's Ken's first time and he's a bit nervous. But after a bit of a pep talk, Ken's realizes he can have a good time.
4/7/20 10:37 AM
theseventhwave at
Unpublished Edit
4/1/20 3:18 PM
Stephun Brassicois is a brash young commander of an expedition sent to attack the orcs of the Riverpace Tribe. Before he has a chance, though, he falls terribly ill. He'll find out he hasn't actually been well for ten years.
4/2/20 4:44 PM
It’s David’s first time having sex with a man…isn’t it?
4/21/20 9:51 AM
Aaron celebrates his divorce by staying home and enjoying a leisurely day at the pool . . .
4/22/20 9:03 AM
4/29/20 12:46 PM
A soon-to-be-married groom is having doubts on how he will do on his honeymoon, considering he was a virgin. But what he doesn’t know is that he may already be over prepared with the help of his best friend.
3/29/20 7:18 PM
Jason can't wait to score with Jessie, but her flatmate has other ideas
5/1/20 5:52 AM
What?! Don't act like you never tried anything new in college.
4/1/20 5:11 AM
Anton signs up for a five-year contract to surrender his body, but things don't go as planned.
4/20/20 5:17 AM
An "what-if" story involving the guys of "That '70's Show" and mind-altering hypnosis....
3/30/20 8:06 AM
Captain Mike Conner is abducted by a former nemesis
4/8/20 1:51 PM
sucking a stranger's cock in an adult bookstore
4/19/20 1:35 PM
Peter is worried about his upcoming marriage. Will counseling help him ensure his relationship lasts?
4/15/20 8:58 AM
Jacob has never masturbated, and his doctor is determined to teach him a fundamental truth about masturbation: It's perfectly normal.
4/1/20 5:13 AM
A heartbroken man vows to give up the magic powers he's been cursed with.
3/29/20 7:31 PM
Paul arranges a meeting to get hypnotised
3/29/20 9:12 AM