Story Challenge

The Pandemic

A global pandemic causing people into quarantine and lockdown is an exceptional situation that can bring people to resort to exceptional measures. It can bring the best and the worst out of humans. This challenge is meant to tell these stories. ***Note:*** This is **not** about Covid-19! You can use any kind of pandemic as a background. The effects and results of the pandemic are absolute free for the author to define! The pandemic itself can but doesn't need to be related to the actual mind-affecting part of the story.
Besides the usual rules on this site, a story submitted for this challenge should: * The story must be based around some kind of global pandemic. * The authors are not shown until the final results are up - to keep up the suspense! * The whole story must be contained in a single submission, it's not possible for one author to submit more than one story! * The story should not exceed 10000 words.
Submission deadline: October 11, 2020 at 11:59:59 PM GMT
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My roommate Jake took up demonology as his COVID-quarantine hobby. Now there’s an incubus loose somewhere in our apartment. Except… we can’t seem to find it? Well, whatever. Maybe our sexy OTHER roommate (who has *totally* been here all along) can help us!
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Brandon receives a strange rubber face mask in the mail from an acquaintance in his rubber fetish circles. After putting it on, he realizes quickly that the mask is much more than it appears.

Followup stories listed in random order!

You can lock your doors and bar your windows, but nothing can protect you from the sexy new plague sweeping the globe. Only the truly strong of heart will be able to stomach the mind-altering terror of that ass-centered affliction--That's right, my friends, today we will be interviewing those who have experienced DA ITCHY BUTT PLAGUE.
Pete was a celebrity back before he came down with K9M-20, a genetic disease that transforms men into gay horny Man-Dogs. Now Pete happily lives with his master and owner.
The mysterious plague is taking all the women and children only leaving the men behind. When the world should be in chaos at the loss of women and children instead it’s calm. For only takes one kiss for the pain to go away.
Peter has to move back to his backwater hometown in Ohio during the pandemic, but things aren't quite as he remembers. His dad can cook, the town is less prejudiced, and a familiar doctor is implementing some odd measures to deal with the virus. Peter tunes in every evening to listen to the public health updates on the local radio station, and wakes up to find his world has changed over night...
This is the story of Jesse, a twenty something stuck in quarantine with his roommate Lee—and their somewhat stale relationship.
A new virus is spreading quickly across the world with devastating results. If everyone would take the right precautions, it could be gone in a matter of weeks. But that’s a big “if”...
The world's been ravaged by a virus that makes the infected obedient to the one that infected them. For those who've survived, it's no longer a big deal, but to those important enough to be spared before the Plague, getting infected is a perilous affair. Taylor and Chris are out scavenging when a fortunate turn of events brings them in contact with someone they don't expect.
Three roommates learn the hard way that during an epidemic that it isn’t nice to touch what doesn’t belong to you.
You might call me an idiot, but I didn't notice that the world had ended until I stumbled across the two guys fucking in the quad.
Jonah and his best friend Russell get stuck in their apartment during quarantine. After a blackout they think they would die of boredom without the internet, luckily a free WI-FI appears.
During the 1919 pandemic, a returning soldier seeks a distraction to take his mind off his dead friend.