Hey all, thanks for reading any of my work! I have a weird schedule and don’t post as often, but when I do–I hope you enjoy it.

A little about me:

You can call me Dancer/Bleu whichever you’d prefer.

20-something weirdo who had the pleasure of coming across stories by Aardvarkia, ScreamingMoist, among others.

My biggest kinks: big sub-small top, I can’t get enough of it and anything I write will usually follow that archetype. I also enjoy furry, bara/hyper, weight gain, hypnotism, transformation, bondage…y’know, all the things that involve one individual losing complete control to someone more dominant (and typically, smaller) and becoming larger than life.

Pseudo-science, magic, supernatural antics…anything works for me as long as the above is attained.

Check out my Twitter if you want to see some of things that get me rock hard and throbbing. And feel free to email me whatever you desire!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride!

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