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My name is a reference to the videogame, Spyro, where, in its Dream Weavers world, I discovered a fascination with transformation in the Clock Fool enemy, which could be transformed into a clock. My icon is also a reference to the Clock Fool, who wears a jester hat. As a kid, I was oddly fascinated by repeatedly making the Clock Fools transform into a clock, which I realize now may have the birth of an inanimate transformation fetish, one of the many fetishes I’d later develop!

But Dreamweavr is also, of course, a reference to what I do with my words; weave dreams and fantasy into tangible fiction. My best stories are the ones that come from robust fantasies that I have played in my head several times… for those who enjoy my works, I assure you that I enjoyed them while writing them, and I enjoyed the fantasies I based them from for some time before even putting a pen to paper.

As a long time consumer and short time writer, I understand the value that these stories can have in one’s life. So, I am interested in weaving your dreams into tangible fiction, too. If you have an idea for a story that you just can’t get out of your head, I’ve been there, believe me! Reach out, and, if I have the time and believe I could do your fantasy justice on paper, I would love to write it for commission!

My interests tend to involve cock shrinkage, cock numbing, cock growth, butt growth, nipple play, oral sex, anal sex, mind control, and bottomification among others. I think I could write other fantasies very well, so long as you take the time to fully explain them to me. I draw my limits at anything involving scat, blood, or laceration (and absolutely anything that comes across as involving children).

My best rated stories are The Secret Sauna and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Check them out, and my other stories as well!

These are the stories I am working on at the moment:

  • Next chapter of Say Cheese and Edge!. What does Derek plan to do now that he’s gotten the camera fixed?
  • Next chapter of Neuro-Augmented Massage Therapy. Will Kit and Chuck get together? And, what’s going to happen in Chuck’s hospital room when his hands are covered in bandages?
  • Next chapter of The Magic Mouthwash. Does Jim have any leverage for a harassment lawsuit? And can he unsluttify himself with a new magic salve?
  • New story involving a genie wish and altered reality via timeline hopping.
  • New story involving a chastity cage and a timeloop.

I work on my stories at a leisurely pace, probably releasing an average of 1-2 chapters a month. If you want me to work quicker, please leave positive comments on my stories.

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Dreamweavr offers to write commissioned stories!

Important information about commissions on GSS

These stories take a lot of effort, and this is just a hobby for me, so my rate is about $200 for a 5000 word story, not including any fees for the payment method. I would expect it to take up to 1-2 months to write the story after accepting the comission. Pricing and timeframe will depend on my workload, how much detail you offer, and how much I vibe with the story. I’m open minded and tend to get off on people getting off on things (I’m highly compersive), so if you can make me understand why this fantasy gets you off, I’ll probably be into writing it.

I will continue to write my stories as a hobby at a leisurely pace, but a commissioned work would allow you to describe a custom story that I would churn out within two months.

If you want me to prioritize one of the efforts I have listed in my profile, I may accept a commission for those at a discounted rate, since I plan to write them all eventually anyway.