Hoodoo Husband

By screamingmoist
published October 3, 2017
4009 words

A man makes his ideal husband dreams come true.

John stared into his coffee while he spoke, feeling foolish for even being there. A hoodoo woman? It was ridiculous.

“The things I’ll do for that man,” he’d sighed as he stood outside, afraid to go in. The shop was a nondescript brick storefront with a small sign in the window advertising tarot readings and a psychic. The website he’d found it on said “other services” were available, and that’s what he was there for, whatever those were.

He’d been surprised when he walked in and saw a petite young woman with deep, ebony skin and long hair pulled back behind a gold headband. She wore a long summer dress dyed in a swirling pattern of purples and golds, and had on a plethora of necklaces, bracelets, and rings. She was immediately friendly, and John was having a hard time placing her age. To look at her, she seemed slightly younger than himself, but the longer he was around her, the more he felt like he was talking to an old woman. Her small frame radiated a quiet confidence and her eyes shone with wisdom beyond her apparent years. She had two mugs of coffee waiting, as though she’d been expecting him.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m here,” he said as the woman sat and silently watched him.

“Because you love him?” John was surprised. He hadn’t mentioned Bryan or anything about his husband.

“Yes, more than anything. We’ve been married for ten years. We’re happy together, really, I just…”

“You feel guilty because…” she paused, cocking her head to the side. “…he’s too sweet,” she said with a smile.

John was surprised enough to drop his guard, and almost his coffee. “No, I mean, it’s not that he’s too sweet. I love how kind and caring he is. But sometimes I…” he blushed, “…I wish he was more of a MAN, you know? I don’t want him to be sensitive and sweet ALL the time. Sometimes I just want to walk through the door and have him take me. But even if he wanted to he’s not the biggest guy around…” he trailed off, surprised at his candor.

“Ah, I see,” she nodded. “You got yourself a great skinny husband, but you want a big burly man?” She winked and smiled while John squirmed with embarrassment.

“I feel bad even thinking about it…”

“I can help you with this,” she interrupted, “but you need to be absolutely sure. This is old, heavy magic you’re looking for. To change a person is no small thing.”

“Wait…you mean you can…” he put his coffee down, shaking his head. “I’m sorry, I don’t believe in…”

“Whether or not you believe in the rain, you still get wet,” She said sternly.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend, it’s just….really?”

She laughed and guided him to a back room. It was lined with shelves and candles and the floor was covered in a powdery coating. “So we can see who shows up,” she said, answering John’s unspoken question. She pulled a jar from one of the shelves and sprinkled a thick circle of salt and iron shavings around them. “Whatever happens, do not, and I mean DO NOT, leave this circle until I tell you. Understand?” John nodded. Her tone made it clear she was deadly serious. “Alright…” she said, taking a deep breath, “close your eyes.”

“Hold on a second…what is all this? I haven’t even agreed to anything yet!”

“Haven’t you?” She asked, her tone dropping.

John opened his mouth to protest but decided against it. She was right. He did as he was told and closed his eyes. When he opened them a second later the lights were off and the previously unlit candles were flickering away. “What the…how did…” she couldn’t answer. She knelt on the ground in front of him, facing the empty room. She swayed and was chanting in a voice that grew louder and louder. John closed his eyes again, suddenly feeling dizzy. When next he opened them, he saw a different woman sitting in front of him. She was dressed the same, but her tight skin was sagging and wrinkled. Her long hair was wispy and stringy, exposing more of her scalp than not, and her bracelets hung even more loosely around arms that were withered sticks. John blinked and shook his head, the image fading back to that of the young woman.

“Bow your head,” she suddenly hissed, breaking off her chant. “Now! It’s here.” She bowed her head and John quickly did the same, gasping as he saw two footprints in the powder just outside the circle. Their large, strange shape made it clear they didn’t belong to any human ghost. “Concentrate on what you want. Concentrate hard,” she whispered. John screwed his eyes shut and focused harder than he ever had before. He pictured the beefy guys at the gym, replacing their faces with that of Bryan’s. The images swam vividly in his head, and when the candles flared bright against his closed eyelids, John couldn’t help but tremble. He’d never believed in ghosts or anything supernatural before, but there was no denying what he felt. A loud rumbling vibrated in his skull making him nauseous. He felt hot air against his face like something was breathing, just inches away. Then the candles went out in unison and it was over.

“What….what just happened,” he whispered after a few tense moments.

The woman on the ground held out a hand for John to help her up. “We were visited,” she said, grunting as she stood. She seemed tired, with bags under her eyes. She was also holding a crimson candle that she didn’t have previously. “Your petition was heard and answered.” The candle tingled in John’s hand when she handed it to him. “When you light that, the flame will illuminate a hole between our world and another, where what you seek resides. While it burns, you’ll have what you’re looking for. Blow it out, and things go back to normal. Let it burn all the way out, and the flames will have burned a hole into that other world, meaning there’s no going back. Do you understand?”

Her eyes bored into John’s. “I…I think so. Am I…I mean, is this wrong? To change him? Even for a while?”

She shrugged. “That’s not for me to decide. This is what you wanted, this is what you got. Now let’s talk payment.”

John tried not to think about how much money he’d shelled out as he got everything ready. He’d spent the past 24 hours anxiously going back and forth on whether or not to go through with it. He’d set up a surprise romantic dinner, with the crimson candle being just one of many so it wouldn’t stand out. Bryan’s headlights in the driveway told him it was now or never.

“Whoa, look at this place!” Bryan came in the back door and looked at the array of glowing candles spread out on the counters and dining room table. He dropped his briefcase and kicked his shoes off before giving John a peck on the cheek. “It looks gorgeous, hon,” he said, pulling a bouquet of flowers from behind his back. “And here I thought I was going to surprise you.”

John didn’t say anything. He just wrapped his arms around Bryan’s thin torso and planted a long, deep kiss. Bryan seemed surprised by the intensity at first but quickly dropped the flowers and let his hands glide up and down John’s back.

“Whew….we jumping straight to dessert,” Bryan asked with a wry grin when John finally broke it off. He caught his breath and loosened his tie, untucking his shirt in the process. Bryan’s wiry frame was covered in a tight, fitted dress shirt and equally slim slacks. He was always dressed to impress. His thick, wavy brown locks were still held perfectly in place even after being at work all day. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“Just happy to see you,” John said, trying to sound casual.

“So how was your day?” Bryan always asked, and not just to be polite. Even after ten years of marriage he was considerate to a fault.

John shrugged, walking over to the last unlit candle. “Pretty uneventful. Hopefully that should change here pretty quick,” he said with a wink.
Bryan crossed his long, thin arms and raised an eyebrow. “What exactly are you up to?”

John lit the candle, whispering a quiet prayer to whatever god was supposed to make the thing work. It hissed and popped as the flame hit the wax. “We’ll find out,” he said as he turned back around.

“We? That sounds cryptic,” Bryan laughed, pulling off his tie. “I’m going to run upstairs and change real quick. I feel like I’ve been wearing this for da…days…” he wavered on his feet and reached out a hand to steady himself on the table.

John immediately regretted his decision. In his zeal, he’d never stopped to consider whether or not it would hurt Bryan to undergo some kind of change, or if there were any health risks. He’d been so caught up in thinking about the end result that he didn’t worry enough about the process. He went to blow the candle out but froze as soon as he saw Bryan start to change. He couldn’t look away.

Bryan gasped, the inhalation seeming to inflate him in the process. His thin shoulders shot outwards like they were twin magnets with opposing poles. In just a few seconds his flat chest had sprouted a set of growing pecs that pushed the shirt open, sending buttons flying. More than getting bigger, John could see an increasing layer of wiry hairs sprouting through the open shirt. There was a loud rip as it gave out and a set of round, hairy shoulders pushed themselves free. A few seconds later the sleeves did the same, shredding as they failed to contain Bryan’s new piledriver arms. What few buttons remained gave up entirely when Bryan’s flat, tiny stomach lurched and pushed outwards to form a burly muscle gut that stuck out far enough for his now-meaty pecs could rest on.

The size 30 pants didn’t stand a chance. John had been so focused on Bryan’s expanding upper half that he hadn’t noticed what was happening to his legs. He looked like the incredible hulk in his shredded clothing. His socks and the bottoms of the pants had torn as his feet widened and his calves grew to the size of small boulders. His beefy gut had already blown out the waistband and his now-enormous, hairy thighs could be seen between the strips of his shredded pants. The bright blue of his briefs was visible through the holes, and John could see they weren’t faring much better.

He hadn’t expected Bryan’s face to look so different. Not only did his long neck seem significantly shorter surrounded by the thick slabs of muscle that grew between his shoulders, his whole face looked fuller and more rugged. His jaw had gone from pointy to broad and lantern-like, while his lean cheeks had filled out and were covered in stubble. Even his thick brown hair had shortened to a buzzed high-and-tight.

John had never been more terrified and turned on at the same time in his life. He just blinked at the beefy bear. Then his husbandly instincts kicked in. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Are you okay?”

Bryan panted, staring at his altered body in shock. He opened and closed his meaty new paws over and over, as though he didn’t understand that they were his. “What…what the fuck just happened,” he stammered in a deepened, booming voice.

When he looked up at John, he didn’t have the look of terror that the other man expected. “Are you okay? Does it hurt? Are you in any pain?”

“No, no, I’m okay…a little sore, but…damn!” He prodded his thick, hairy pecs with a stout finger. “Fuckin’ look at me! I’m huge, dude!”

John’s cock swelled in his shorts. Safety no longer a concern, all that left was his lust. The sight of his burly fantasy was one thing, but the different speech and mannerisms were a pleasant surprise. Bryan was always sweet and polite. Even upset, he hardly ever swore. And in ten years John couldn’t remember him ever saying “dude.” “You…you sure are…”

Bryan looked at John with dawning realization. “Did you…have something to do with this?”

John spilled the story as best he could. “I…I didn’t think it would be real! Please…I just…don’t be mad…”

John wasn’t expecting Bryan to start laughing. “Holy shit…sorry babe, I just…you REALLY put a lot of thought into this role playing thing.”

“I…uh…guess so, yeah,” John said, unsure where this was going.

“How about we jump to the part where you get me out of these tiny clothes? These baby briefs you made me squeeze into feel like they’re cutting my dick off…” Bryan grinned and crossed his burly new arms. “Oh, sorry, got out of my role there…” he cleared his throat and furrowed his thicker brow. “You just gonna stand there? You lit the magic candle…time’s wastin’, little guy.”

John almost came right then and there. He didn’t know what role playing Bryan was talking about, but he didn’t care. He hurried over and put his shaking hands on the meaty slab of muscle that was Bryan’s new chest, running his fingers across it as he pushed the remains of the shredded shirt free. He hadn’t realized just how powerful Bryan would seem. He was big enough now that three of his old selves could have fit comfortably inside his new body. He radiated a raw, primal masculinity. John leaned forward and started licking his way across the juicy pecs but Bryan stopped him.

“Uh-uh, there’s still more,” he said, nodding down towards his shredded pants. “But just so YOU’RE not overdressed…”

“Oh!” John was not expecting Bryan to grab his shirt by the collar and literally rip it from his body. His stomach fluttered at the display of his husband’s new brute strength when, in one quick motion, he scooped John up and sat him on the table, pushing the now-smaller man flat on his back.

John just panted up at Bryan, too shocked and aroused at being manhandled to do anything. His husbands thickened fingers slid into the waist of his shorts and tugged, shredding them like he had the shirt. John’s chest was rising and falling rapidly now as he gazed at the wall of muscle grinning arrogantly down at him. His tiny red briefs were painfully tented with a damp spot forming on the front. “MMMMmmmm….” he moaned when Bryan’s wide new hand started kneading his cock through the fabric.

“Huh…that feels smaller,” Bryan said smugly. “Better take a look.” In a flash his briefs joined the rest of his clothes in a shredded pile. Before he could move, Bryan swallowed John’s solid rod entirely in his giant hand. “Yep,” he laughed after a few tugs, “definitely feels smaller in these giant paws of mine,” he said, delivering the line like a bad actor. He let go and pulled John to his feet. “Alright dude, these pants aren’t gonna take themselves off.”

John dropped to his knees and fought to get the tattered remains of the pants down Bryan’s enormous, hairy new thighs. He knew his giant husband could easily have ripped them off, but he seemed to be enjoying John’s struggle.

“Wwwooowwww,” John whistled when the pants were finally down and he could fully see the remains of Bryan’s tiny briefs. His husband’s cock had been long and thin like the rest of him, but now a wide, stout pole shot out above a set of heavy, furry balls.

Bryan wagged the thick, throbbing cock in front of John’s face while the remains of his underwear were pulled free. He laughed when John grabbed his plump, ample new ass, his fingers sliding into the deep valley formed between the massive globes. “You like those big, hairy cheeks, yeah?” Bryan asked condescendingly.

John’s mouth was too busy wrapping itself around Bryan’s wide new pole to answer, but he would have responded with an emphatic yes. No matter how many squats he did, Bryan had never been able to build more than a tiny little bubble. His thick new globes were a dream come true.

“Mmm…oh fuck yeah babe…” Bryan moaned, pumping his wide hips and running his steel fingers through John’s hair. “Get my balls too…”

John couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This definitely wasn’t the old Bryan. In addition to the physical changes, his personality had clearly been altered. John ran his tongue all over Bryan’s heavy, hairy new orbs, wondering if he’d made a mistake. He didn’t want to erase his loving husband just for the sake of a bigger body.

“Okay…okay…” Byran panted, pulling John to his feet, “get up here.”

John’s fears were eased somewhat when he stood and looked at Bryan’s smiling face. Despite his less polished demeanor, he saw the same sweet, loving eyes looking back at him. Bryan wrapped him in a tight bear hug and planted a long, deep kiss. John squirmed ecstatically against Bryan’s solid, furry body, loving how the wiry hairs and stubbled cheeks pricked against his skin, not to mention the thick, solid cock digging into his stomach. He felt Bryan’s strong, rough hands slide down his back and plant themselves on his ass, feeling huge as they squeezed. He groaned as those strong fingers tightened and then unexpectedly lifted him off the ground. On instinct he wrapped his legs around Bryan’s wide new waist while his husband held him aloft. They were bumping into walls and furniture, but John didn’t care if anything broke. He was almost in tears he was so happy while his beast of a husband carried him upstairs.

John woke late the next morning, his face buried into Bryan’s furry pecs while his husband’s heavy arms were wrapped around him. They’d been up late, going at each other for hours. The aggressive new Bryan was an absolute beast in the bedroom, and John loved every second of it. He snuggled close, loving how secure he felt nestled against Bryan’s stocky, solid body.

Then he remembered.

“Shit! The candle!” He shoved himself free of Bryan’s grip and ran downstairs, leaving a confused, groggy Bryan alone in bed. He knew it was too late. It was well into the next morning. The candle was nothing but a hard puddle of red wax on the plate. “Oh god…oh god…” he stammered. In their frenzy, he’d completely lost track of everything but Bryan’s massive new body, which his husband was now stuck with whether he wanted it or not. He heard heavy steps come down the stairs and saw a concerned looking Bryan scratching his hairy gut sleepily in the doorway. John was torn between regret and relief. He felt guilty, but the sight of that naked, beefy bear was everything he’d ever wanted.

“Everything okay babe,” Bryan asked, wrapping an arm around John’s smaller waist and kissing him on the cheek.

“Uh, yeah, sorry, I just remembered all the candles we left burning last night and kinda panicked. Not awake yet,” he said, leaning into Bryan’s meaty embrace.

“I wasn’t too rough last night, was I,” he asked, almost bashfully. “You know I’m not good at that role playing stuff.”

John’s knees practically went weak at the memory. “No, not at all, you were great.” He turned and put a hand on a beefy, furry pec. “Jesus you are so hot like this…” he said under his breath.

Bryan blushed and grinned awkwardly. “Like this? How else would I be?” He flexed a massive arm and gave John’s ass a quick swat with his other hand on his way into the kitchen. “Damn…we slept late! It’s almost noon already?” He rummaged through the fridge with John’s eyes glued to his hairy globes while he bent and reached inside. As he watched, John started to see the full extent of what he’d done. On the refrigerator door was a picture of the two of them from their trip to the beach the previous summer. Instead of two lean guys, he saw Bryan as he was now, his burly frame covered in a tanktop and baggy basketball shorts, with a backwards hat on his head. Bryan hadn’t just changed; the whole world had.

The refrigerator door slammed shut and Bryan stood with a beer in his hand. That alone was proof. They were both wine and cocktail drinkers. There shouldn’t have even been beer in the house. John watched with stunned eyes while Bryan leaned back and chugged the whole thing.

“What? It’s SaturdayyuuUUURRRP!” He belched. He walked past John, giving his ass another squeeze, and headed over to the couch, flopping down with his legs spread wide and his beefy arm draped across the back. “You coming? The game’s about to start,” he said, patting the spot on the couch next to him. “Remember, you promised for our anniversary you’d watch these with me.” John stared in disbelief at the manly hunk of muscle sprawled on the couch. Bryan had never had the slightest interest in watching sports of any kind. Now, the previously modest man was naked on the couch having just shotgunned a beer, eagerly waiting for a football game.

There was evidence of this new reality everywhere he looked. On the ground next to the couch was a basket of laundry waiting to be folded. In it John could see large boxer briefs and baggy gym shorts that neither of them had owned previously. A series of baseball hats sat on a shelf by the front closet, and next to the door was a pair of gigantic cross-trainers. Instead of the stylish, fitted jackets Bryan wore, a huge blue hoodie hung on the back of a chair. Whatever it was the woman had summoned, when he’d thought about the guys at the gym and how he wanted Bryan to be like them, it had taken him literally. Now he didn’t just look like them, he acted like them. John thought about his sweet, lanky husband, replaced forever by this still sweet, if a bit rough-around-the-edges version of himself. It was like Bryan had been swapped out with an almost-straight counterpart. He wondered again if he’d made a mistake.

The mountain of furry muscle on the couch let out another belch and grinned proudly over at John. “Oh, hey babe, on your way can you grab me another beer?”

John just smiled and hurried to the fridge.

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