My Stepdad's New Master

By GoodTime
published May 10, 2021
2358 words

Jordan and his stepdad get reacquainted

A/N: Hey guys, long time no see. I’ve unfortunately been a bit busy lately so I haven’t been able to add to the Highway Patrol series - don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up but I think that series is on indefinite hiatus at the moment (unless someone has any suggestions on where it could go). I’ve mostly been writing short vignettes on my Tumblr since that’s all I have time for at the moment, but I thought of a longer one-piece that might fit the format here a bit more. A little out of practice so please excuse any typos or mistakes. Hope you guys are keeping safe out there!

‘Here goes nothing.’ I took a deep breath as I walked up to my stepdad’s house.

Well, technically, ex-stepdad, if that’s even a thing. He and my mom used to date when I was a little kid. They never did end up getting married, but they had a pretty long relationship. After I left for college, they decided to call it quits. I haven’t really spoken to my mom since moving out either, but It sounded like it was a pretty amicable split, and while me and my stepdad, Nestor, didn’t really have much to do with each other after, we still had a pretty decent bond.

At least, that’s what I’m hoping. Nestor always said that I could come visit him if I ever needed anything, no questions asked. Between living with him, and going back to my hometown to live with my mom, the choice was obvious. I might even get to meet my step-uncle and my step-granddad if all goes well.

But I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. I knocked on the door, heart beating out of my chest. As soon as it opened and my stepdad saw me, he instantly pulled me in for a hug. As always, he was very nicely put together - he looked even hotter than he did when I was a hormonal teenager. I didn’t even know that was possible.

Sure, his previous lean frame had filled up a bit, and I could feel a bit of softness as he hugged me, but his six-foot body carried it well. He had a nice caramel colored tan that he’s had for as long as I can remember, and his perfectly chiseled features were framed by his short jet-black hair. He had on a smart collared shirt, and khaki pants that hugged his round ass perfectly. While he had me in a bear hug, I could feel his muscles rippling under his shirt.

He broke the hug and held me at arm’s length, looking me up and down, and flashed his signature dazzling smile. I can see in his dark brown eyes that he genuinely missed seeing me, and he invited me into his home without a second thought. We fell into easy conversation. I filled him in on everything that I’d been working on, and he told me about how he was working on something promising that’ll get him a decent promotion at work. And he might even have found a good side hustle, too.

‘Luckily, I’d just moved into a new apartment. I used to live with my old buddy, Ace, when I first moved here. Remember him?’ my stepdad said, with a wistful smile. Yeah, actually, I do remember that guy. I’m pretty sure my mom said he was a deadbeat that was mooching off my stepdad. He apparently didn’t pay for rent, was a massive slob, and basically had Nestor cleaning up after him.

I swear Nestor said the same thing a couple of months ago in one of the rare phone calls I’d had with him. It was so long ago, though, I couldn’t really remember the conversation very well. And I didn’t want to push my luck, so all I did was smile and nod. That stuff’s all in the past anyway.

‘I know that apartment isn’t much right now, but I’d love to help you get on your feet as much as I can, so you’re welcome to stay. You know I see you as a son, and I hope you see me as your dad, too.’ He said with a shy smile. ‘And, it’s only a matter of time before one of my projects takes off. Fingers crossed, I might even get us a house with two bedrooms in the near future.’

I turned away from Nestor after hearing that, trying to hold back tears. Damn, that was unexpected, but I managed to say a gruff thank you.

But he wasn’t even done. ‘Hey, why don’t you take the bedroom tonight until we find something more permanent. I’ll stay on the couch. And no arguments. I know what it’s like to travel all the way here from your hometown.’ My step-dad, I mean, my dad, said, with a wink and that mischievous look in his eyes.

‘Go on and get unpacked, and I’ll make us something for dinner. I hope you like chicken and broccoli.’ Dad said with an apologetic grin. ‘I’m trying to lose some weight. I’ve packed on a few pounds lately.’ I gave an exaggerated groan, and he responded with a good-natured chuckle.

A couple of minutes into unpacking, I heard the phone ring.

‘Hey, Master, what’s up?’ Huh, what the fuck? Did Dad just say Master? ‘Let me put you on speaker. I’ve got my hands full at the moment.’

The voice on the other end chuckled. ‘Damn, I love it when you call me that.’

‘Call you what, Master?’ Dad responded, sounding oblivious.

Another snicker from the other end of the line. ‘Nothing, nothing. Hey, by any chance, can you read out the name on your phone right now?’

‘Sure thing. Ace Cruz.’

‘So, what’s my name, then?’

‘Your name is Master.’

‘Fuck, I will never get tired of that.’

This conversation is fucking weird - which obviously makes me tune into it a bit more. My dad tells Ace what we’re having for dinner, and Ace makes a really inappropriate comment about my dad keeping his ass nice and tight for him. Dad thanks him for the compliment. Wow, this guy is even more of a creep than I thought.

‘Oh, by the way,’ Dad says in a really excited tone, ‘you’ll never guess what happened today. I was doing some research on our possible new business again, and then-’

Ace rudely interrupts my dad mid-sentence, but there’s something weird about his voice. It sounds all tinny and metallic. ‘Wait, wait, wait, shut the fuck up and answer me truthfully. Were you trying to learn something again, you dumb fucking slut?’

I was just about to run up to the kitchen to give this asshole a piece of my mind, when Dad piped up. ‘What the fuck, Master, you can’t speak to me like that!’ I could tell Dad was about to whoop this guy’s ass, verbally at least, but then changed his mind. With a deep sigh, Dad adds, ‘Hey, I’ve got to go. I’ve gotstuff to do.’

‘Chin chin masunurin.’

Obedient. That’s what that third word means. Nestor taught me that word when I was a little kid. He said it was a word from his mother tongue. I always hated it when he used to say that. And he would always follow it up with another phrase.

‘Good little boys should be obedient,’ my dad said in a dreamy monotone.

A relieved sigh comes out of the phone as soon as dad finishes his sentence. ‘Huh, I guess this thing still doesn’t work over the phone. Unless it’s out of juice… Hey, Chief, piss yourself.’ I could hear some light trickling from the other end of the line, and a thoughtful hmmmm from Ace. ‘Nah, the device seems to work fine. It must be the phone line.’

It’s silent for a few seconds before the voice on the phone starts speaking again. ‘Oh, damn, I forgot you’re zonked right now. You must be horny as fuck right now, subconsciously knowing that I’m fucking up your mind and your entire life.’ I could almost hear the grin in Ace’s voice. ’Okay, Nestslut, you need to be put back in your place. I wish I could be there to fuck you up in person, but my date just had an accident so I might need to stay longer. Isn’t that right, Tomas?’

Huh, isn’t that my granddad’s name?

‘Anyway, I want you to completely forget every. single. thing. that you learned today you dumb fucking slut.’ I could hear the voice savouring those last three words, saying them in as demeaning a tone as possible. ‘In fact, you’re not going to be able to think straight for the rest of the night.

‘As soon as you finish your dinner, you’re going to spend the rest of the night butt-ass naked, and you’re going to clean the house from top to bottom. Make sure it’s fucking spotless before I get home tomorrow. The entire time, I want you to repeat the following. ‘My name is Nestslut and I’m nothing but a dumb fucking slut that can’t learn for shit.’

‘These instructions are the only thing your puny little mind will be able to process tonight. It won’t have room for anything else. Someone could walk in and start stealing all your shit, and then sit down and grab a beer from your fridge while they watch you being a robot-maid, and you won’t give a damn. You won’t even notice if they slap your butt like a bongo and shove their finished beer bottle up your asshole while you’re bent over dusting a shelf or something.’

At this point, I’d come to the kitchen, and I finally see my dad. He’s staring into space, a little drool forming off his lips, rigid as a statue. My eyes almost bulge out of my head when I trail down and notice the massive tent in his pants. He must be going commando since I can see his entire member straining against the navy khakis, only now, they have a noticeable stain on them.

I can’t help but stare and notice that after every single command, the stain gets even larger. His entire body is still except for his penis, helplessly straining against the fabric as more and more precum pours out of its spout with every sentence from this pervert. I should feel disgusted. I should save my dad from all this humiliation by hanging up. But I’ve been fantasizing about this hunk forever and my hormones get the better of me.

‘After you clean the entire house, I want you to lie down in your backyard, leaving the door wide open behind you. While you’re there, put your legs up against the door post, and jack yourself off like there’s no tomorrow. Make sure you aim your dickhead directly at your face. You’ll instantly fall asleep in that same position when you’ve come for the eighth time.

‘These instructions will activate as soon as you hear the call drop off. Oh, actually, maybe I should try a post-hypnotic trigger on you and fuck up your diet, too. What was that thing you said you were making when your son could hear me fucking your ass on that phone call a couple of months ago? Oh, yeah. ’ And with that, Ace snaps his finger.

The light comes back into my dad’s eyes, and I see him look around the room in a daze. He turns and he notices me, but as he turns, his rock-hard cock knocks against the kitchen counter. He looks down and notices the state of himself, and even his rugged tan couldn’t hide how red his face was. As he puts his hands down to cover himself, the voice speaks up again.

‘Listen up, asshole. You’re having mac and cheese for dinner.’

‘I think I’ll have some mac and cheese tonight,’ the words come out of my dad’s mouth automatically. He’s still looking at me with horrified eyes when we both hear the tell-tale sound of the call dropping.

And it’s like a switch had been flipped once again. All expression leaves my dad’s face as he lets go of his bulge, and robotically reaches up to grab a box of mac and cheese from the top cupboard. As his cock swings free from his grip, I see it thud against heavily against the stuff on the counter. I swear I could see some precum glistening off the countertop from all the places his dickhead accidentally swiped while he mindlessly grabbing for the mac and cheese.

He grabs a large bowl, and starts following the mac and cheese instructions. As he walks over to the microwave, I can see little bits of broccoli stuck to the front of his khaki pants. The microwave timer dings, and he again stares into space.

I wave my hand in front of him to catch his attention. ‘Dad, dad??’ I call out, and he doesn’t notice at all. I take in the sight of him in such a humiliating state, hungrily filing away the moment in my memory. Perplexed, I watch as my dad quickly unzips his pants, and pulls out his already rock hard cock, and start stroking his dick, aiming directly at the bowl. After a few quick strokes, he cums into his dinner. He absent-mindedly licks the precum off his fingers as he reaches out for a spoon.

This is going to be an interesting night.

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