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Writer of gay mind control stories. A lot of my work targets authority figures, like cops, teachers and most dudes that you would see as model citizens. There's a big focus on humiliation, exhibition and obliviousness in my work. Some people say my work can get dark, but I think pushing the limits of what 'respectable' people would do is erotic. Doubly hot when you use someone's own mind against them in the process. I usually write one-shots in an attempt to flesh out the occasional fantasy, but I'm focusing on writing a bit more this year (call it my New Year's Resolution), so expect to see a bit more from here. If you're feeling generous, I have a Ko-Fi page set up where you can leave a one-off tip. And if you like my work, but if my existing stories don't quite hit the spot, feel free to send me a direct message for a commission! Early access to Course Correction - Chapter 3 now available:
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