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Nu and the Nus

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Author Title Total Words Published
Frat jock Brett didn't think he'd spend his Saturday afternoon on his knees in front of his neighbor, begging for his cock. Turns out that Brett's wish-granting ghost had other plans.
Rich is a cocky, hung asshole who thinks his dick is God’s gift to gay men. But Rich insisting all gay dudes are "size queens" doesn’t mean he’s right. Seamus and Quentin certainly aren’t. And it’s not like Rich repeatedly calling them size queens could transform them into cock-obsessed sluts eager to degrade themselves for a chance to service Rich’s big dick… right?
Freddy may be straight, but he doesn’t mind that his roommate is a horny gay bottom. No, what he *minds* is that he’s just a shitty roommate! So, when the universe grants Freddy a wish-granting rock designed to improve roommate dynamics, his main disappointment is the rock comes with a lot of catches — including that his roommate can use the rock to make wishes too.
Ben’s old roommate claims he’ll have Ben turned into his personal cumslut by the end of Halloween. Which, let’s get real—that’s not going to happen, right? Either way, that’s totally unrelated to all these bottles of Reality Brew™ that have started popping up on campus… right?
Who IS the German twink who broke into Vince’s house and keeps turning him into a rubber pleasure drone, again and again? More importantly: how can Vince stop him from stealing his online identity?
My roommate Jake took up demonology as his COVID-quarantine hobby. Now there’s an incubus loose somewhere in our apartment. Except… we can’t seem to find it? Well, whatever. Maybe our sexy OTHER roommate (who has *totally* been here all along) can help us!
Danny suspects there’s a reality warper on the loose around U Street… because how else do you explain so many of the guys (from stock boy to stockbroker) suddenly developing AMAZING bubble butts?
Jerry has this ring, it transforms whoever's wearing into a slut. It doesn't work the way you think it might. For one thing, we all take turns wearing it. For another thing, when I say transforms, I do mean *transforms*
Brandon wakes up in his dorm room to find a second, hornier Brandon lying in bed with him. And then he quickly loses control of the situation.