Brandon vs. Brandon

By Nutiper -
published June 2, 2020
6906 words

Brandon wakes up in his dorm room to find a second, hornier Brandon lying in bed with him. And then he quickly loses control of the situation.

Note: This story is an offshoot from a longer series, but you don’t need to have read that series to follow what’s going on here.

Brandon vs. Brandon

…Brandon had Billy pressed against the old stone Throne in the woods behind the college’s music building. He leered flirtatiously as Billy squirmed to get away. Billy shouted, “I wish you knew what it’s like to deal with yourself all the time! Then maybe you’d leave me alone, you fucking creep!” His leg shot out, kicking Brandon sharply in the shin. Brandon crumpled, and Billy bolted, leaving behind a whimpering Brandon… -Linden’s Throne, Chapter 6

Brandon stumbled to his dorm, muttering to himself and rubbing his shin. He’d tried flirting with Billy every which way—compliments, flirtation, persistence—even a couple Hallmark cards!—but Billy continued to play hard-to-get.

But that just made the chase all the sweeter, hey-o daddy-o!

(Daddy-o was what the Beat generation had called each other. Stay hip, daddy-o! Brandon had read about it in a book. It had been a children’s book. Brandon hadn’t actually read On the Road yet. That’s why he kept carrying it around in his back pocket. He didn’t carry it just because it looked cool sticking out of his jeans!)

Brandon threw open the door to his dorm room, ready to kick off his motorcycle boots, shrug off his leather jacket, toss off his tight black jeans, give his biceps a good flex, and take a quick Saturday nap before lunch. Except there was a tall man standing in his room. A naked tall man. With antlers.

“Woah,” said Brandon. “This is too far out.”

The tall antlered man said, “I’m here to grant Billy’s wish. Ready to deal with yourself all the time?”

And everything went white, and kind of fuzzy. Brandon had no idea what was happening for most of it, but he was pretty sure it was not groovy at all.

Brandon woke up. He had passed out on his bed, fully dressed. He remembered coming back to his dorm, opening the door, and then… nothing. A blank space in his mind where his memory should have been.

From the light in his window, it was still late morning, so at least he hadn’t missed lunch.

And then Brandon woke up, again, and he said, “Wait a minute,” and the other Brandon also said, “wait a minute,” because there were two Brandons, who had both just woken up. And they were lying face-to-face in their bed.

Brandon backed up hurriedly. The other Brandon sat up, looking a lot calmer than Brandon did. In fact, he didn’t seem like he was anxious at all. He ran a hand through his curly brown hair and grinned at Brandon and said, “I guess we have to share a bed now, huh?”

Brandon squinted at him. “The fuck is going on, man?”

The other Brandon seemed surprised. “I mean, we’re sharing things right? We’re mostly the same person. I’m Brandon, and you’re Brandon—we’re gonna be together all the time, this is going to be great, two Brandons—”

“Fuck that!” yelled Brandon, “I’m not sharing my name with you! I don’t even know who you are! You can be, uh. Brandon-2. Yeah. B2 for short.”

B2 pouted. He said, “If you’re deciding we’re not sharing names, then I get to decide what we’re not sharing next. Fair’s fair, we take turns.”

Brandon said, “How come you know the rules to this and I don’t—that’s not fair at all—”

B2 said, “I’m not sharing the bed.”

Brandon found himself sitting abruptly on his floor. “The fuck!” He got up and tried to climb onto his bed again. Then he realized, actually, he’d much rather sit on the floor—wait, no! He tried to get on his bed again—actually, wouldn’t it be fun to sit on the floor and not touch the bed—

“Argh!” Brandon clutched his head. This was a serious mindfuck. He rubbed his palms against his eyes. “How does that work! Where did you even come from?”

“Some welcome,” grumbled the other Brandon. “Why aren’t you more excited to spend time with me? I’d be excited to spend time with me. This is turning out to be heckin’ lame. Plus, I’ve been here a whole two minutes and you haven’t even told me how good I look. What sort of wingman are you? You know I look sexy in this righteous leather jacket.”

“That’s my leather jacket!” snapped Brandon, “I picked that out myself! You know what? I can play this game too—I’m not sharing my leather jacket!”

Just like that, B2 wasn’t wearing a leather jacket anymore. He had just the white t-shirt that Brandon usually wore underneath. And he looked kind of pissed about it, to be honest.

“I liked that jacket,” B2 grumbled, “I looked sexy in that jacket!”

“Nah,” said Brandon, “I look sexy in that jacket. You looked stupid.” He preened and adjusted his jacket. “Nobody can say no to me in this sexy leather jacket.”

B2 stared at him. Brandon stared back, wondering if he’d said something dumb.

Then B2 said, “I’m not sharing the ability to say no.”

Brandon laughed, a little nervous. “That’s not something you can just… share or not share…”

The other Brandon stretched out on the bed. “Whatever. This is lame. I thought there being two of us would be so fun. We’d be best friends. We’d go on double-dates, and share banana splits when they were too big for one person. We’d take turns deciding what to share, and not share… Maybe we’d even fuck each other if things got lonely…”

Brandon sputtered, “I’m not fucking you!”

“Of course you’re not,” replied the other Brandon absentmindedly, “I’d be the one fucking you. I mean, I’m kind of a top.”

“No, I’m a top!” Then Brandon had an idea. “I’m not sharing my top-ness with you! Ha! Now you have to be a bottom!”

B2 said, calmly, “Take it back.”

Brandon tried to refuse—and then, suddenly, he was agreeing with B2 after all, and taking it back seemed like a great idea. Brandon said “Of course, I’d be happy to. I take it back. I’m sharing our top-ness again.”

Oh boy. This wasn’t good.

Brandon ran a hand through his brown curls. Could he really not say no to his own double? What if this other Brandon told him to throw out his copy of On the Road… Then he’d never finish reading it…

B2 swung his legs to the floor and stood up. “I’m not sharing our top-ness.” Brandon whimpered. That’s wasn’t fair. Then B2 stretched, scratched his chest, and continued, “In fact, I’m not sharing this hole that never gets hungry for cock. I’m not sharing an ass that’s definitely not ready to get pounded at a moment’s notice. I’m not sharing this total absence of any lust for a big hard cock to pile-drive me into the nearest available horizontal surface.”

Brandon felt a little punch-drunk. His body felt… weird. Very weird. His ass felt… suddenly empty? “What the hell was that?”

The other Brandon shrugged. “I figure it’ll come in handy later. I’m kinda horny. Wanna jack off together?”

“Not really,” said Brandon, “I’d rather you leave me alone. I want to get lunch—”

“Sorry,” said B2, “I meant to say it like this. You want to jack off with me.” Brandon opened his mouth to refuse, and then that flip happened, and he realized actually he did want to jack off with him. He wanted it very much.

B2 patted the bed beside him, and Brandon climbed up onto the bed. Together they pulled down their identical jeans, and fished out their identical cocks, and began jacking them off to an identical rhythm.

“Fuck yeah,” said the other Brandon, pumping his cock, “always hotter with a second person.”

Brandon wasn’t sure he agreed, but he supposed it made sense for B2 to think that.

They continued pumping. Their thighs flexed, and Brandon thought, damn my thighs look good. All those morning runs have been paying off—wait, is it weird to think that about my own body—

B2 pulling off his t-shirt, and Brandon gulped and realized he was admiring his own chest. “Let’s switch. You grab mine and I’ll grab yours,” and Brandon grabbed his shirtless doppelganger’s cock and began pulling at it. His own hand, or at least a close replica of it, closed down on his cock, and he hissed at the sensation. He was getting really close…

“Don’t cum,” commanded B2, just before gasping and cumming himself, all over his clenched stomach.

“What the fuck,” grunted Brandon, thrusting desperately into his own hand, stuck on the edge of orgasm. “That’s not fair! I wanna come!”

“Do you wanna come,” leered B2, “or do you want my come?”

Brandon couldn’t believe his own doppelganger was trying out pick-up lines on him. He yelled, “That is a lame and stupid pick-up line!”

B2 glowered at him. “My pick-up lines are never lame and stupid. They are flirty and cute. Everyone likes my confidence, it’s very attractive. And you—you like my cum. You can’t say no to that, can you? Now lick up my cum.”

Brandon tried saying, “Wait, I don’t wanna—” but it was too late. He found himself cheerfully bending over his doppelganger’s body and licking the cum off his stomach and chest. And he realized the other Brandon was correct, now. Brandon did really like B2’s cum. In fact, he liked it too much. He was swirling his tongue all over his doppelganger’s cum-splattered nipples, moaning and getting really into it. B2 was gasping a bit, which made it weird, but Brandon couldn’t be bothered to stop. It was just so delicious.

Finally there was no cum left, and Brandon collapsed face-down into B2’s lap, panting as he rutted on the bedspread. He was still rock-hard, and still wasn’t able to orgasm. B2’s lap smelled like cum, and Brandon found himself inhaling the smell, burying his nose into it. He was getting more aroused by the smell alone.

“See?” said B2, patting Brandon on the back of his head, “Told you liked my cum. That was pretty fun. You had fun, didn’t you? Actually, no. You did have fun. And you want to do it again.”

Brandon groaned as he felt this command, too, become his new truth. He realized he could barely wait for the other Brandon to get hard again, so they could repeat the whole thing.

B2 had gone out to grab lunch. He told Brandon, “I’ll bring back food for you. You’ll wait for me here,” and he’d grinned flirtatiously, doing that side-smirk Brandon liked to practice in the mirror, and Brandon hadn’t been able to say no to him, of course.

Instead, Brandon spent the whole time lying on the floor, pumping his cock, trying desperately to cum. After B2 had gotten dressed, he’d kicked Brandon off the bed. And since it wasn’t Brandon’s bed anymore, he couldn’t climb back on without B2’s permission.

His mind wandered as he lay on his floor and jacked off. If he couldn’t use his bed, would that mean he’d have to sleep on the floor now? Maybe he could persuade the other Brandon to let him join him on the bed at night… maybe if he agreed to cuddle with him…

It occurred to him he could just tell B2 that Brandon wasn’t sharing the ability to fall sleep on a mattress. That way, even if B2 kept the bed, it would be useless to him at night—but then he’d just tell Brandon to take it back, wouldn’t he. And Brandon wouldn’t be able to say no.

He had to do something about that can’t-say-no thing.

At this point, the door opened and B2 stepped in, carrying a bagged lunch for Brandon, and Brandon garbled at him as fast as he could, “I’m not sharing my ability to tell people to take things back after they say them!”

There! Now B2 couldn’t make him take back anything he said. Brandon grinned with pride at his idea.

B2 stared at him, processing what he’d said. Then he said, “If I let you cum, would you be willing to take that back, without me saying anything?”

Brandon groaned. He did want to cum. But… “No!” This was too important.

“Fine, daddy-o. Have it your way.” B2 shrugged and dropped the the bagged lunch onto his chest of drawers. “I’m not sharing this chocolate pudding I got from the dining hall.”

“FUUCK,” screamed Brandon in despair. “You fucking psycopath!!” He rolled over onto his stomach and clenched his rug, groaning in anguish while B2 whistled cheerfully and took out the chocolate pudding and ate the entire thing. How was his own doppelganger such a monster!!!!!!

“Okay,” said B2 over Brandon’s sobs, “you know what, now that I’ve eaten this pudding, I’m feeling pretty generous. So I guess you can cum…” (Brandon sat up, rapt with attention) “…if you finger yourself while I watch.”

Brandon yelled, “WHAT!”

The other Brandon just shrugged out of his jeans and lay naked on the bed. “Whatever,” he said, “I"m horny again, and I want to watch you finger yourself while I masturbate. I mean. I’m a pretty hot dude. Check out these biceps!” He flexed and kissed his biceps, and Brandon had to admit he had some righteous biceps. “Anyway that means you’re pretty hot too. Same biceps. But, like. I’m a top. So, y’know…” he gestured vaguely. “I got my fantasies.”

Brandon was pretty sure he’d never fantasized about fucking himself.

But this other Brandon was apparently fantasizing about it right now. He was pulling on his cock, staring at Brandon and biting his lip.

“Go on,” he said.

Brandon sighed and lay on his back. He did want to cum, so…

“No,” B2 commanded, “I want myself—I mean, you—squatting on your heels. Looking at me, fingering yourself with one hand. Jacking off with the other.”

Brandon found himself holding a bottle of lube and squatting in front of his doppelganger, who was staring at him lustily while pumping his cock. Brandon whimpered. There was something degrading about being forced to finger his ass by what was essentially a carbon copy of himself. Two curly-haired dudes with bitchin’ taste in leather jackets and Beat poets, staring at each other as they masturbated. He’d never really fingered himself before, too. It felt weird.

But maybe more upsetting was that it also felt really good. Brandon knew this was only because of what B2 had said to him earlier, when he’d un-shared all that… stuff… about being a top and his ass and whatever, but, like, it still didn’t stop his body from betraying him.

“Fuck,” he shuddered, working more lube into his ass. He was beginning to feel really needy.

“Yeah,” B2 leered at him, “groan for me. Talk dirty,” and Brandon couldn’t say no to that.

He was gasping, muttering, “fuck, can’t believe you’re making me do this—can’t believe I’m making myself do this—turning myself into a bottom bitch just so you can get your dick wet—fucking hell, I’m so close—”

“Fuck,” grunted B2, “that was some pretty mid-level dirty talk but it’ll do, I guess,” and he shot all over his chest, and Brandon groaned at the sight of his own body lying on his bed, gasping with orgasm. Brandon shoved another finger up his ass, punching his prostate, and then he was cumming too.

He collapsed on his side. That was exhausting.

He heard B2 say, “Wanna lick up my cum?” and he realized that what B2 had told him earlier was still true, and goddamn, did he ever want to lick B2’s cum! He jumped up so fast he almost slipped and fell on the leftover lube, and hurried over to B2, getting down on his knees and shoving himself in between B2’s legs so he could reach up to his chest and slurp his jizz.

Fuck. It just tasted so good.

“Yeah,” said B2, eyes half-closed as he watched Brandon hungrily lapping at his chest. “This is pretty nice. I’d make—I mean, you’d make a pretty hot sub. Actually. I’m not sharing my dom—” Then he paused, a weird look on his face.

“Hm?” Brandon looked up, some of B2’s cum dripping off his chin.

B2 scratched his head. “I guess it’s still your turn. I can’t not-share something when it’s still your turn. Hey, you missed a spot.”

Brandon went back to hungrily licking cum off his doppelganger’s chest. But he was also busy thinking. Apparently he had the next say in what to share—or not share.

The problem was, whatever he said, it would give B2 the next turn. And he wasn’t sure if he really wanted to do that. He didn’t like the idea of giving B2 the power to un-share things again.

He thought, well, I could just say I’m not sharing the ability to not share things. And that’ll stop the chain. Neither of us will be able to not-share things anymore, and we’ll be left with what we’ve got so far.

But that wasn’t any good. The current situation sucked. He still wouldn’t be able to sleep in his own bed. And he still couldn’t say no to B2. That was a massive problem on its own.

He couldn’t believe he’d take advantage of himself like this, just for a fuck.

Suddenly he had an idea. He realized he knew what to do. He pulled his head back from the other Brandon’s chest and grinned at him. Their faces were only a foot apart. Brandon said, “I’m not sharing the ability to say yes.”

B2 said, “What the hell is even the point of that—”

Brandon said, “You agree, right, that you’re not going to take back how you’re not sharing the bed? And you’re definitely not going to take back how you’re not sharing the ability to say no?”

B2 said, “oh, for fuck’s sake,” and ended up having to take it back.

“Yay!” yelled Brandon, bouncing on his bed again. “My bed! My bed! And now I don’t have to say yes anymore to everything you say, you lame-ass fucker!”

B2 was being bounced along with the mattress, seeing as he was still sitting on the bed, but Brandon still managed to hear him say, “I’m not sharing this massive cock.”

It took a moment for Brandon to realize what had happened. Then he yelled and groped his crotch and—nothing. Smooth skin and that was all.

“The fuck!” he yelled. “How am I supposed to pee!”

The other Brandon was leering at him. Brandon realized vaguely that B2’s cock had doubled in size. Or, well, his own cock had doubled in size, but now it was on B2’s body.

Brandon felt himself oddly flushed at the sight. Then he remembered, shit, I never made him undo all that stuff he said about me being a hungry bottom or whatever—

He was salivating at the sight of his own massive fuckstick.

The other Brandon grinned and said, “Want to test it out?”

“No,” snapped Brandon, even though a big part of him was saying fuck yes I do! but he wasn’t going to admit that aloud. “I want to make you give me my cock back! And I can, too! You still can’t say yes! So you’re definitely not going to—”

“Wait,” interrupted B2 hurriedly. “You can do that, it’s true. At any moment, you can force me to give it all back. But… what about if you ride this cock first… and then you take your cock back? Heck. You don’t have to force me to do it, even. I’ll give it back myself.”

Brandon eyed him suspiciously. There felt like there was a catch in this. But… he licked his lips. He could feel himself getting worked up at the thought of that… massive… cock…

He was feeling so empty, and so cock-hungry… The sight of that huge dick was doing all sorts of things to him. And, something about seeing this other version of himself, playing with his massive cock, his own face leering back at him like Brandon was just another conquest, and B2 was ready to make him his bitch… It would be awfully hot to get fucked by B2. Even if that desire was only there because of what B2 had un-shared, earlier.

He thought, I could just make him undo that desire, right? Then I won’t be so hungry for that stupid sexy cock—my stupid sexy cock. But… Right now I kind of want it so bad…

It had always been hard for Brandon to think reasonably when he was horny.

“Okay,” he told B2. “I’ll do it. But you gotta give me some cock back, okay? I want to be able to cum. This is ridiculous.”

B2 said, “Listen, I like the idea you suggested, but I can’t say yes to you, remember—”

“Oh, right,” said Brandon. “Okay. In that case, I’m leaving it up to you whether you do or don’t give me some cock back, so I can cum when you fuck me—”

B2 smirked. “Seeing as you framed it that way, I’ll choose to share a little bit of cock with you,” and his massive member shrank by a couple of inches, and Brandon found himself with a serviceable unit dangling between his legs.

It would do for now. He’d get back the whole thing in a moment anyway.

The other Brandon pulled down on his giant cock, so that it pointed right at Brandon. Then he let it go, and it rebounded and slapped hard against his stomach. The sound of that meaty thwap made Brandon shiver with anticipation.

B2 said, “Why don’t you get up here. I know you’re starving for it,” and it was very true. Brandon bit his lip and climbed into his doppelganger’s lap. What was it that B2 had said, earlier? Hungry for a big hard cock to pile-drive you into the nearest available surface… And he couldn’t deny it: B2 had a very, very big hard cock now.

And now, since there was a big hard cock in the room, Brandon’s new hunger had come roaring alive, and it was practically all he could think about.

B2 gripped his hips. “You ready to lube me up?”

“Fuck,” groaned Brandon. “I know I’m a top—I know I’m only wanting this because you made me want it—” He was rubbing his ass up and down B2’s cock, reaching behind to pour lube from the bottle all over its generous girth. “I’m supposed to be a fucking top—” He positioned himself over it, squeezing his eyes shut.

B2 said, “Does this feel like a top to you?” And Brandon felt the tip of B2’s giant cock enter his hole. His eyes flew open. “FUUUCK!”

“Yeah,” grinned B2, sinking slowly into Brandon as Brandon panted and gasped, “it’s pretty big. But more importantly: you are so ready for this giant cock up your hole.”

Brandon was flushed red, beyond being able to speak. He rested in B2’s lap, that massive cock sheathed fully inside him. Brandon rocked his hips, and they both groaned. Two identical groans.

B2 began fucking him. Steady thrusts. Brandon was whimpering. His own face was grinning back at him, pounding into him, murmuring “yeah you like my cock? Hungry little bitch for my cock?” and Brandon found himself gasping, “fuck, Brandon!” a slip of his tongue, and B2 growled and grabbed him and flipped him onto his back, and then he loomed over Brandon. He began pounding Brandon into the mattress, and Brandon was screaming. “FUCK! SHIIIT… feels so GOOD! I’m—getting—FUUUCKED—” He wrapped his legs tight around B2’s torso, pulling him close, trying to get even more of his amazing cock shoved into his hole—

“Yeah?” gasped B2, his face an inch from Brandon’s face, his breath hot on Brandon’s panting mouth. “You want the dorm to know you’re getting fucked? You want everyone to know you’re a slutty bottom for me? My cock bitched you that good, huh? Made you into my—ugh, fuck—my—”

They came at the same time.

Brandon could feel B2’s massive cock flooding him with cum, and it made his body shake with orgasm. His vision was going blank as his ass clenched over and over, he was moaning uncontrollably. His entire body was tinging and sparkling, and he shuddered and came all over himself.

Afterward, B2 lay on his back, flipping through Brandon’s copy—through their copy of On the Road while Brandon sat cross-legged on the bed next to him and finally ate that bagged lunch B2 had brought him earlier. He was still pissed about the chocolate pudding, but it was hard to stay mad after getting fucked like that. Something about the whole experience had left him blissed out, like a leftover high. His skin still felt like it was buzzing with leftover orgasm. It made him feel generous, dreamy feelings towards B2, even though he knew B2 was being kinda an asshole. Brandon shrugged and ate his sandwich.

B2 put down On the Road and said, “I guess it’s time to give you back your cock, huh?”

Brandon looked up, startled, a tomato slice dangling from his mouth.

B2 looked at him, his expression unreadable. “I guess I would be a shame, though… I mean, I can tell how much you liked getting fucked by this monster…” He hefted his giant cock. It was beginning to plump up again, getting semi-hard.

Brandon realized he agreed. He just felt… so satisfied… He realized, yeah, it would be a shame, wouldn’t it…

B2 said, as if reading his thoughts, “Yeah, would be a shame to never feel that again… don’t you think?”

Brandon almost felt like crying, at the idea of never feeling that again. And never seeing it again, too—that beautiful, wonderful cock!

Then he thought, wait. This is because I can’t resist a cock that massive. This is because of what B2 un-shared, earlier today. Even with that cock mostly flaccid, just having it in the room is like flipping on this switch in me, and all I want to do is serve it and get fucked by it.

But Brandon did want his cock back.

Then he had an idea.

“Wait,” said Brandon, “what if you—”

“Woah!” said B2, holding up his hands. “Careful what you say! Remember. I can’t say yes.”

Brandon had almost forgotten. “Okay, that’s getting kinda inconvenient… let’s change that. I’m re-sharing our ability to say yes… except when the statement is preceded by ‘Simon Says’.”

B2’s temporary expression of glee faded back into resignation. “Damn. I was hoping you’d just undo the whole thing.”

“Nuh-uh,” said Brandon, “not happening. Nice try. I can still Simon Says you into doing what I want. But I agree it’s not something I want to activate by accident.”

“Well then,” said B2, “what was your big idea?”

Brandon said, slowly, “What if… you undo the whole cock thing, and we go back to sharing our cocks equally. But then, I’ll do this thing where I’m not sharing a cock that doesn’t grow to that same size on my command.”

B2 was staring at him. “So then… I’d be left with a cock that does grow… to that size?”

“Exactly!” Brandon pumped his fist. “And I’d still have my normal-sized cock back! Win-win!”

B2 was laughing. “Well, if that’s what you want to not-share for your turn—” and then Brandon was hesitating and thinking, is that really what I want for my turn? But then B2 was gripping his cock, stroking it slowly and seductively, and Brandon’s mind went blank for a moment. When it un-blanked, he wiped the drool from the corner of his mouth and said, “Let’s do it!”

B2 grinned. He said, “I take back what I said about not sharing our cocks. I’m sharing our cocks again,” and just like that, Brandon had his full cock back. “Okay,” said B2, “now it’s your turn! You’re not sharing a cock that doesn’t grow in size at your command…”

“I’m not sharing a cock that doesn’t grow in size at my command…” stated Brandon dutifully, and then hesitated. He realized, without B2’s massive dick in front of him, the overwhelming lust which was triggered by big cocks was finally fading, and he was beginning to feel more like his old self again. And his old self was feeling kinda foolish, and like he’d wasted a big chance and maybe gotten himself in trouble. He opened his mouth, ready to undo what he’d said, right as B2 smirked and said “check this out,” and Brandon looked at him and realized that while he’d been hesitating, B2 had grown his cock.

Fuck. No. It was still growing.

Brandon felt that overwhelming need returning, crashing over him. His brain felt like it was short-circuiting. B2’s cock was swelling.. Brandon was panting, salivating… B2’s cock reached the size it had been a moment ago… and then, B2 pushed it further a couple inches, making it swell even bigger… Brandon groaned at the sight. He realized he hadn’t specified size in his phrasing. Now he could feel his lust increase proportionally, and his brain frying even more at the sight.

B2 said, “Oh, right. It’s my turn to not-share things. So.” He stroked his cock. “I’m not sharing my ability to resist becoming a total sub bottom at the sight of such a massive cock.”

And Brandon’s last coherent thought was, really, dude? REALLY?

Brandon felt it smash over him immediately. The overwhelming need to submit. The total pleasure of wanting to be owned by that cock… To worship it.

Things got a little fuzzy around then.

He was on his knees, choking on his doppelganger’s cock. It was so big. He could hear his own voice, the other Brandon’s voice, murmuring “yeah that’s a good boy… gag on it…” and he bobbed up and down dutifully, so in love, so totally in love…

He was face-down on his bed, his arms spread in front of him. B2 had hold of his hips and was pounding into him. Brandon could hear himself whimpering with no conscious control, “thank you, thank you sir, please sir,” and B2 was laughing, and Brandon was moaning and shooting hands-free onto his bedsheets…

He was on his back, his legs hiked up around B2’s shoulders as B2 filled him up, made his body vibrate and shudder. B2 looked so masterful. He looked… dangerous. He rolled his hips, driving his gorgeous cock even further into Brandon’s ass, and Brandon cried out in bliss…

Brandon was licking up and down his own body. B2’s body. He was ravishing his nipples, snuffling into his armpit. He was trailing his tongue down the stomach until he was back at that wonderful, masterful cock, that cock that gave him orgasms, that gave him a reason for living. He was running his tongue down its length, taking B2’s balls into his mouth, suckling on them gently… He stared up at B2. He knew his own expression was needy and desperate. B2 was smirking at him, “Now that’s a sight I could get used to seeing.”

At some point, B2 went out to grab dinner.

When he left, Brandon lay on the mattress, covered in cum, breathing heavily as he tried to recover his stamina. After a while, his head began to clear a bit. He sat up, winced. He thought, I’m only a subby bottom at the sight of his huge cock. And that’s because of what he decided not to share with me.

That means I can share something next. My turn next.

He sat there, thinking. He’d really gotten himself into trouble. What could he possibly not-share with B2 that would get him out of this royal mess—

Pants! That was it! He could refuse to share the ability to take off his pants. Then B2 wouldn’t be able to wave that giant cock at him and make him into his… god, even just thinking about it was turning him on.

Brandon shook his head. Focus!

He tried to say aloud, “I’m not sharing—” and it got garbled in his throat, and he realized B2 probably had to be in the room for it to work. B2 had to hear it.

Which meant that the moment B2 got back in, Brandon had to un-share as fast as he could, because the moment B2 dropped his pants, Brandon would be done for.

And right on cue, the dorm room swung open and Brandon opened his mouth to shout “I’m not-sharing my ability to—”

His words died in his throat before he could even say them.

B2 stepped in, his massive cock sticking out from the top of his waistband. He grunted. “Fucking dick is too big… Got hard on the way back, and it didn’t fit in these stupid tight jeans…”

Brandon stared at the thick, pulsing head, trapped by the waistband of B2’s jeans. He was hypnotized by it. He could see a drop of precum forming on the tip. He wanted to be there so bad, lapping it up. Swirling his tongue around B2’s cockhead…

B2 said, “I brought you dinner. Also a dildo,” and the next hour had Brandon with a dildo vibrating in his ass while he whimpered and watched B2 eat his dinner. Brandon had his mouth full too, with B2’s cockhead. He wasn’t so interested in having anything else in his mouth at the moment.

B2 drank his can of cola and said, “Know what would be hot?”

Brandon stared imploringly at B2, suckling on his glans. He didn’t know. But maybe B2 would tell him.

B2 leaned over to whispered into Brandon’s ear, driving his cock a little further into Brandon’s mouth and making him moan and choke.

Brandon listened to B2’s words, and he realized that B2 was right. He was totally right. That would be so hot.

He let B2’s cock pop out of his mouth and whispered, just like B2 had said, “I’m not sharing the ability to deepthroat a godly cock this massive,” and then immediately dove back onto B2’s cock. It slid down his throat, more and more. Brandon felt himself squirming, his body tensing, as B2’s cock slid mercilessly down, down…

The entire thing was sheathed in Brandon’s throat. B2 was rubbing his fingers through Brandon’s hair. “Aw baby,” he was saying, “you made a mess, huh? Deep-throating my cock got you that excited?”

Brandon had cum hands-free.

Brandon never did eat his dinner because they spent the rest of the night fucking. Or, more like, Brandon spent the rest of the night getting very, very fucked.

At one point, B2 must have persuaded him to start sharing his leather jacket again, because Brandon found himself propped up in front of his mirror, holding onto the wall while B2 pounded him from behind. B2 was naked except for the leather jacket. He drove himself into Brandon’s ass, again and again. Brandon was naked, his mouth wide open and panting, gasping at his own reflection. Himself fucking himself. Four Brandons, staring at each other as one fucked the other.

At some point, he must have been persuaded to re-share his name. Because the other Brandon was Brandon now. Brandon, sitting in Brandon’s bed, wearing Brandon’s leather jacket and reading On the Road while (he) worshipped Brandon’s cock. (He) didn’t have a name anymore. He was happier that way. He just let those overwhelming feeling wash over him, lust and worship and a need to obey Brandon… He swallowed around Brandon’s cock, in total bliss, doing his best to coax another load out of it.

It was late now. After midnight. Brandon had passed out, but (he) was still awake, semi-conscious, because he had Brandon’s huge cock inside him, twitching faintly. Brandon’s cock made him feel secure, to have it plugging him up like that… to know he was still serving Brandon, even as he slept…

A cloud-white presence filled the room. The presence seemed surprised. Then, amused. Unbind. Undo. Unfetter.

When Brandon woke up properly, a few hours later, he was all alone. Everything was his own again. Everything had been undone.

The second Brandon was gone.

Brandon sat up in his bed. He thought, it’s just me again. Just me.

There was a dildo on his floor. He remembered that dildo. The other Brandon had brought it back and then shoved it into him—he’s brought it back and shoved it into himself—No. He was a top. He didn’t get fucked, or seduced, or bitched by giant cocks… He’d moaned as it had pummeled his ass, making him cum harder than he’d ever cum before this day—

Brandon gasped. He’d been playing with his ass without realizing it. He jerked his fingers out.

Then he thought, no one will know. He stood up slowly. He picked up the dildo. He found the lube.

He crouched in front of his mirror. He was masturbating in front of it. Craving it. He thought, fuck. Come out of the goddamn mirror! Fuck me already! I can’t do this on my own.

Why’d you have to leave.

He was moaning at his own reflection. He was shoving the dildo into his ass, fucking himself, imagining that it was B2 doing it. He was licking at the glass, panting into it. He stared at his own face, his eyes half-lidded with lust, and his own face stared back, and he was cumming, his ass pulsing around the dildo inside him, squeezing it and making his body hum as he coated his mirror in cum.

The next few days felt very strange. He’d go to class in a daze, then come back to his room and ride the dildo and pant at his reflection. Or he’d lie in bed and squeeze his eyes shut and masturbate frantically to the memory of himself dominating himself—

It began to occur to him that there were other guys out there. Other cocks. He thought, maybe I can find someone else to fuck me like that. Someone else with a big, hard cock. Because getting fucked like that had been the hottest thing he had ever experienced in his life. It was like it had fried his brain. He realized he desperately wanted to experience again that total overwhelming feeling. He’d do anything for it.

And maybe… maybe whoever fucked him (maybe Michael? He had a reputation as the slutty top on campus, maybe Brandon should check if he was interested) maybe they’d pound him hard, pull his hair, sink their teeth into his shoulder and ride him like a bronco, their thighs clenching as they came into his ass…

And maybe they’d fuck him in front of mirror. Maybe when they came in him, he’d moan and watch his reflection moaning back and he’d think, it’s someone else’s body inside me but you’re the one who’s really fucking me. I know you’re fucking me. I can’t help myself, you’re making me do this.

Please don’t ever stop.

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