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### Hallo! I'm Philip K. Nice to meet you. As of April '22, I've taken on the role of Master of Challenges for the site. If you have any questions about the current or upcoming story challenges, feel free to reach out. You can find me on the site's Discord server in the #writing-workshop channel. (I can also be reached via the forum DMs in a pinch, though I check them less often.) I'll try to answer questions as I'm available. Apologies in advance for any delay in response, and thank you for understanding. 😅 Also, see below for a quick FAQ! - - - > **Q:** Are you participating in the current challenge? > > **A:** Since the Master of Challenges role is pretty new, I've made the decision that I won't be voting on or Favoriting any challenge stories this first round, and I won't be submitting a story to this challenge round either. (I know my vote counts no more or less than anyone else's, but I just want people to feel comfortable, since this is all rather new!)
> **Q:** What (and when) will the next story challenge voting be? > > **A:** In addition to the current round of voting on challenge themes, I've crafted a list of potential themes for several future rounds. Each of those rounds will have five new potential challenge themes to vote on. (Popular themes from previous voting slates which didn't win their round might pop up again later, but not right away.) The next voting rounds (after this one) are anticipated to _maybe_ be around August '22 and January '23.
>**Q:** Will this affect the Halloween and Christmas story challenges? > >**A:** It won't affect them. The Halloween and Christmas story challenges will still go up as they did in previous years, and follow their same more relaxed format.
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