Hypnalis First Video: Amateur First Timers! Daryl and Josh in Hot Amateur Action!

By Mesi
published April 27, 2020
6983 words

Daryl and Josh agree to star in the first video of a friend of a friend’s new porn studio Hypnalis. They were promised a bombshell to share but first, they have to experience hypnosis for the first time.

Josh idlily scrolled through his phone, waiting. Daryl sat a foot away on the slightly dingy but surprisingly comfortable couch, unconsciously jiggling his leg. The two frat brothers sat in awkward silence, staring at the cheap camera on a tripod and the empty chair across from them, both randomly checking the stairs for a new arrival. Daryl was the first to speak, his soft brown lips quivering slightly as he spoke. “Have you done anything like this before? Like, I ain’t one for sending nudes or nothing.” He finished, not really sure where else to take the conversation.

Josh snorted, waving his phone around. “Porn? No, I haven’t done any porn bro. All the chicks say I should do porn, but not till now. Never an opportunity, I guess. But” he waved the phone again for emphasis “I am one for sending nudes. So long as she reciprocates. Almost always works.” The handsome brunette smirked, meeting his frat brother’s eye with a devilish glint. Josh had a classic fratboy look; sharp cheekbones, handsome smile, confidence boarding on obnoxiousness, a fit and toned body and a carefully maintained tan hiding his normal pasty skin. He used his good looks and bluster to bed many girls around campus and now in his Junior year, he had already gotten a reputation for ‘humping and dumping’, which did seem to hamper his chances recently.

Daryl nodded, his nerves still on edge but trying his best to play it cool towards the upper class man. Daryl had only recently joined the frat, something Josh and other upper class men continue to gripe about. Apparently, Daryl’s was the first class where the ‘historic’ initiation rights had been abolished, which made entry into the frat far less embarrassing. Daryl ran his hand over his short, curly black hair. He had had dreads before coming to college, but decided to start something new for a fresh start. The freshman hadn’t fully come into his own in college, unsure of himself. Unlike Josh, who wore flashy branded clothes which hugged his frame and showed off ‘the goods’, Daryl wore baggy jeans and a hoodie that hid his thin but toned body. He hadn’t yet worked up the courage to ask one of the upper class men to help him plan a gym routine, even though the chapter president had said he’d be a heartbreaker if he ever worked out.

They fell back into silence, the wait seeming to stretch on and on. Josh wondered if this guy failed to acquire someone dumb enough to get spitroasted on camera for the premier video of some weird-ass porn site filmed in some dude’s basement. The thought had crossed his mind a few times. He even occasionally wondered why he had agreed in the first place. He didn’t need the money; his trust fund kept him plenty flush with cash and he knew just the right buzz words to open up his father’s wallet. His cousin, a local, had mentioned it to him off hand while he was dropping off the frat’s supply of booze and other ‘recreationals’. Said his friend needed two guys who would look good on camera together and provided nice contrast for a premier video of his new porn studio . The other bros at the house brushed it off; they thought the idea was silly and questioned why he even considered it. He wouldn’t admit it to the other bros, but he was feeling awfully pent up ever since that bitch Cindy spread that dirty but totally true rumor that he would say whatever he needed to get into a girl’s room and suddenly the bitch-well dried up. He didn’t need the money, but being paid to drain his nuts sounded like a sweet gig. And it wouldn’t be like anyone would really know. The bros had already forgotten about it and this was literally this dude’s first ever video. It flop and get buried in a sea of other weird niche sites.

He had roped in Daryl though. The frosh was so impressionable. He had jumped at a chance to do his bro a favor. Josh kinda felt like if he hadn’t asked Daryl, the little frosh would go through school and never get his dick wet. Dude was always in his room doing homework and shit, even when the house was having a rager. Dude was always acting skittish around the bros. Josh didn’t understand why he joined the frat if he didn’t want to join in the festivities of frat life.

The interminable silence between the two frat brothers was finally broken as the stairs started to squeak, signaling that someone was coming down. Damien, the friend of a friend who decided, apparently, to open his own porn studio, came down stairs. He was about 30, though his round face, patchy beard and large frame made him look older. He smiled at the two, waving as he came to the bottom of the steps. He had a small wooden box in one hand and much to the general frustration of the room, Damien was alone.

“Hey, thanks for waiting. I had to make sure everything was working on the technical end.” He walked over and offered his hand to the pair, who both shook it. It felt strange, since they had already met, however briefly, when the duo arrived twenty minutes ago.

“Where’s the girl? Feels a bit sausagey in here, ya know?” Josh asked. Damien smiled as he sat down. He started to fiddle with the camera as he responded. “She’ll join us later. I want to do an introductory section first before we get into the action. Helps set the scene for the viewers.” He had opened the box, taking out a strange pendant which hung freely but he kept it held in his hand by the string instead of putting it on or setting it down. He clicked a button and a red light indicated the camera had started recording.

“Alright, we should be good to go. So I’m going to ask you a few questions and then I’ll go into the hypnosis. Once those are done, we’ll bring in the gal and do the same with her. Then, you two get to have your fun. Sound good?”

Josh sneered, rocking his head back and forth while Daryl smiled and nodded politely. Damien smiled as he sat forward, just enough that his hands were illuminated by the lights that shone on Daryl and Josh. He started counting down, getting quieter as he approached zero, only mouthing one and zero before he motioned a director’s board snapping.

“Alright welcome everyone to Hypnalis inaugural video and I’m here with Daryl and Josh who have so graciously volunteered to be here.”

“HA!! I volunteered to get paid to fuck!” Josh interjected. Daryl shrunk from Josh, clearly embarrassed. Damien’s smile was hidden by the lights blinding the duo as he continued.

“Of course. So lets start with some questions shall we? Lets keep it short and sweet yes? How old are you two?”

“19.” Daryl mumbled. Damien motioned for the young man to speak up while Josh barked out “22!”

“Alright young guys. Lots of energy. Ever done any porn before?”

They both shook their heads. “All the girls I’ve been with said I should though. So here I am.” Josh motioned broadly to the dingy basement.

“Right of course. You are quite the looker Josh.” Josh preened under the appreciation, but he quickly recovered. “Hey now, save it for the lady.”

Ignoring Josh, Damien continued. “Ever record yourself? Alone or with a friend?”

Daryl quickly shook his head but Josh hesitated before shaking his head as well.

“Are you comfortable in front of the camera?”

Josh grinned at the camera as he shuffled up his tight blazer showing off his abs in lieu of a verbal response. Daryl shrank a bit into the couch. “Uhh, I’m a bit nervous. Like, how is it supposed to work?”

Damien started twisting the string of the pendant, causing it to spin in a lazy circles. “It’s quite simple but don’t worry. It’ll help you relax, trust me. Daryl, what made you come here today?”

The young black man’s eyes widened as he was singled out. He sputtered a moment before answering. “I, uh, I wanted to get paid. This sounded like, uh, fun.”

Damien smirked as he continued to twist the medallion lazily. He had already noted that both of them had subtly shifted their gaze to the medallion. “And Josh has already made his reason for being here clear. So here at Hypnalis, our deal is that we take amateur guys and girls off the street and have them fuck. While hypnotized. Have either of you been hypnotized before?”

Josh couldn’t resist rolling his eyes while Daryl quickly shook his head. “Naw dude, no offense but that shit doesn’t work on me. Maybe you’ll get Daryl to cluck like a chicken but not me!” Josh slapped the frosh’s chest with the back of his hand, laughing at his own joke.

“You’d be surprised, Josh. In fact, have you noticed you aren’t even looking at me?” Damien paused a moment as Josh registered that his gaze had fell to the medallion and then very purposefully drew his gaze up to where he guessed Damien’s face was in the darkness. “Don’t be coy Josh, just look at Daryl. He’s got his eyes on the prize.”

Josh tore his gaze towards Daryl, who was obediently looking at the spinning medallion his eyes somewhat unfocused. Josh looked back towards Damien, his eyes falling onto the medallion once more. “That’s it boys, just watch it spin. It’s so relaxing. So easy to focus on and tune out all other distractions. Nothing but my voice.” Damien had taken on a rhythmic, cool murmur, his words spilling from his mouth quickly one after the other giving no pause for breath. “You stare at it spinning and spinning, taking you deeper and deeper, so relaxed. You see nothing but the medallion, hear nothing but my voice. All worries wash away as you fall deeper and deeper. As you fall deeper your hand will slowly rise, of its own volition. It will rise towards your forehead, and as it rise, you know you will have gone deeper and deeper. Hearing nothing but my voice, you know that as your hand reaches your forehead, you know that you have fallen into a deep hypnotic state where nothing exists but my voice and truth. And you know that all you hear is truth and all you hear is my voice, so my voice is truth.”

Josh had slumped forward, his hand very rapidly rising to his forehead as his vacant glare continued to stare at the vague space where the medallion continued to spin. Daryl’s hand moved slower, but steadily, his body relaxing into the couch. It took a few minutes of repetition on Damien’s part before he was satisfied that both were deep in trance and that the video had sufficiently long induction section.

“Now, boys, when I say the words ‘Deep Down’ you will fall into a deep hypnotic state just like this one but ten times deeper. When I shake your hand, you will awaken from this state, believing I have just started recording. You will not realize you have been hypnotized nor the passage of time, believing that the recording has just started. Whenever I ask you a question, you will answer with the truth, as you know you cannot lie while being recorded. Daryl, you will remember that your name is actually Dick and will correct me and Josh whenever we use the wrong name. Josh, you will remember that your name is actually Jack-Off and you will correct me or Daryl whenever we use the wrong name. Nod your head if you understand.” Both men shook their heads lazily. Satisfied, Damien leaned forward grabbing their hands from their foreheads.

As he started shaking them, he started his introduction again. “Alright welcome everyone to Hypnalis inaugural video and I’m here with Daryl and Josh who have so graciously volunteered to be here.” Josh sneered. “My name is Jack-Off man, at least get it right!” Daryl mumbled his own correction, lost in Josh’s own retort."

Damien sat back, raising his hands defensively. “My apologies Jack-Off, Dick. So lets start with some questions shall we? Lets keep it short and sweet yes? How old are you two?”

19." Daryl mumbled. Damien motioned for the young man to speak up while Josh barked out “21!”

“Alright young guys. Lots of energy. Ever done any porn before?”

They both shook their heads. “All the girls I’ve been with said I should though. So here I am.” Josh motioned broadly to the dingy basement.

“Right of course. You are quite the looker Josh.” Josh preened under the appreciation, but he quickly recovered. “Hey now, save it for the lady.”

Ignoring Josh, Damien continued. “Ever record yourself? Alone or with a friend?”

Josh responded with an enthusiastic nod “Ya, I recorded myself for this freaky girl once. She loved it.”

Daryl waited a moment, seeming to fight himself before he blurted out. “Me and my best friend from High School recorded each other jacking off!” He yelped, as the words came unbidden from his mouth.

Damien smirked. “Awesome awesome. So, then, you are comfortable in front of the camera then Dick?”

Daryl fidgeted. “Uh, kinda? It was… fun, I guess. But I’m really nervous.”

“What about you Josh?”

Josh rolled his eyes. “Its Jack-Off! And shit, do you see me?” He rolled up his shirt, showing off his abs. “I’m comfortable anywhere!”

Damien turned back towards Daryl. “Daryl, what made you come here today?”

Daryl’s cheeks burned. “I’m a virgin and I’m not sure what I like so I was hoping to try and figure it out. And it’s Dick.”

Josh barked a laugh. “Hahahaha Daryl you seriously a virgin?! I knew it! And what the hell dude, your name ain’t Dick! Or is it?!”

Daryl shot Josh a dirty glare. “My name is Dick, dick! Speak for yourself ‘Jack-Off’!”

Damien quickly interjected. “Josh, how about you? Why did you come here today?”

Josh managed to control his laughter long enough to respond. “I’ve got a wicked case of blue balls cause all the bitches on campus won’t let me drain. And frankly I wanted to see if Daryl was a closet faggot or not. It’s his second semester of college and he hasn’t got his big black dick wet yet. No self-respecting straight guy doesn’t dick a bitch down while in college.”

Daryl mouthed his correction of “Dick” as he buried his head in his lap, mortified and embarrassed.

Damien smiled as he spoke the trigger “Deep Down.” Josh slumped back into the couch while Daryl’s back released tension as they both sank back down into the deep hypnotic state. “Alright boys, that was excellent. Lets try something new. Both of you sit back up and place your hand on your foreheads.” Slowly the pair sat up and placed their hands as instructed.

“When I shake your hands, you will awake from this state, believing that we had just started recording. You will not remember being hypnotized nor realize the passage of time. You will remember your true names. Josh, whenever I ask you a question specifically, you will answer yes. And since you answered, you will know that your answer is the truth as you cannot lie while being recorded. Daryl, whenever I ask you a question specifically, you will answer no. And since you answered, you will know that your answer is the truth, as you cannot lie while being recorded. Whenever I say the word “Awesome”, you will take off an article of clothing. You will not realize you are doing so and won’t realize that you have less clothing on. Nor will you realize your partner has stripped down till they have finished. No matter what, both of you will insist that you walked in here dressed exactly as you are, regardless of how few articles of clothing you are wearing. Whenever you answer a question, you will grope your friend. Neither of you will realize you do it and if it is pointed out, you will justify the action as perfectly normal. Neither of you will resist the other and will justify it as perfectly as normal. Nod if you understand?”

Both Daryl and Josh nod their heads. Damien, more than a bit excited, reached forward and grabbed both of their hands beginning his introduction a third time. “Alright welcome everyone to Hypnalis inaugural video and I’m here with Daryl and Josh who have so graciously volunteered to be here.”

“HA!! I volunteered to get paid to fuck!” Josh interjected. Daryl shrunk from Josh, clearly embarrassed. Damien suppressed a chuckle at the deja vu.

“Awesome!” Damien paused as he waited for the two to act on the trigger. Both shuffled their feet, kicking off their shoes. Somewhat dissappointing, as he camera was panned down to catch the full action, but it was clear from the view screen what was happening. “Josh, have you ever done porn before?”

Josh grinned as he reached over to Daryl’s lap, wildly groping the baggy jeans in search for his friend’s junk. “Yes!” His grin faltered as his mind raced to catch up with the suggestion. “Oh really? What have you done?” Josh’s hand barely had a chance to leave Daryl’s lap before it returned as Josh shared the truth his mind fabricated for him. “Just some jack off stuff. Nothing special.”

“Awesome awesome.” The two started moving to remove two pieces of clothing. Josh pulled his blazer over his head, tossing it to the ground and putting his stunning, cut abs and juicy pecs on display. He then leaned down and pulled off both of his socks. Daryl was slower, shuffling his belt off his pants and taking off a single sock.

“What about you Daryl? Ever done any porn?”

Daryl shrugged as he reached over and grabbed Josh’s pec, giving it a squeeze. “Naw. This is new to me.”

Damien paused for a second. “Daryl, why did you do that?” Daryl tilted his head as his hand started to roam Josh’s abs. “Do what?”

“Why did you grab Josh’s pecs and then rub his abs? Are they that awesome?” Damien had to keep his composure as the two fumbled to fulfill multiple suggestions at once. Daryl’s right hand went to Josh’s crotch, aimlessly groping as he leaned forward to remove the other sock. Josh, meanwhile, wiggled out of his pants unconsciously batting Daryl’s hand. Josh was now in just some boxer briefs while Daryl was still largely clothed.

“I just, uh, felt like it. They are pretty awesome.” Daryl seemed confused, while Josh bounced his pecs. “Hell ya they are awesome! I work hard to get these babies.”

“Josh, do you normally show up to a strangers house in just your underwear?” Josh continued to absently paw at Daryl’s crotch as he shot a weird glare at the black space where Damien was sitting. “What do you mean? I came here to shoot porn, why would I be more clothed?” Damien noted that both boys were starting to respond to the groping. In Josh’s mostly nude state, his half-chub was clear. Daryl’s cock was clearly hard, snaking down one of his pant legs.

“Of course. Daryl, have you ever recorded yourself?” Daryl shook his head, mid-way confusion passing over his features even as his hand ran down Josh’s thigh. “Really? Not even with a friend? Your best friend from High School?” Daryl stared ahead, deep in thought as his hand returned up Josh’s thigh pushing up his boxer-briefs.

“Well that’s ok. First time for everything. It’ll be awesome, I promise.” Josh bolted to his feet, dropping his boxers to his ankles and quickly stepping out of them before sitting down, his half-hard cock resting in his lap. Daryl pulled his hoodie off, leaving him in an undershirt and a baggy jeans.

“Josh, this isn’t the first time you’ve been fully naked with other men in the room has it?”

Josh faltered as he muttered “Ya.” His cock starting to shrivel, his left hand absently groping a bunch of fabric of Daryl’s jeans. “When was that? What happened?”

Slowly, the truth crystallized in his mind. “I… was… at an… orgy. With the bros at the house. Ya, there was a bunch of other guys all naked too. Hard to fuck with a bunch of clothes on.” His cock sprung back to half hardness as he remembered the fictional orgy he had never attended.

“So you are comfortable being nude around others?” Josh simply nodded, still lost in the false memory.

“Awesome awesome.” Damien was eager as Daryl finally revealed more than a smidge of skin, finally shucking his under shirt and pants, leaving him in a tight thong. His dick, nearly fully hard, had stuck out of the bottom and rested heavily on his lap. Now that both dicks were clearly visible, it was obvious that Daryl lived up to the rumors and put Josh’s average cock to shame.

“Daryl, do you usually wear thongs? Or is that just something special for the people at home?” Daryl shook his head but words caught in his throat for a second as his hand fully gripped Josh’s dick, slowly pumping it. “No…. I just picked something at random. Nothing special.”

“Awesome.” Finally, Daryl removed his thong, kicking it off without fully standing. Both sat on the dingy couch fully nude and half-hard.

“Josh, have you ever done anything with a dude before?”

Josh nodded slowly as he grabbed Daryl’s dick, squeezing it. “Yes… me and a bro spit roast a girl once. That counts right?”

“No, not really. Did you suck some dick?” Josh started back, his mind reeling as it tried to reconcile his personality with the new written truth that he is compelled to speak. “Yes, I er, um, you see…” Josh floundered, even as he continued to stroke Daryl’s dick.

“Deep Down.” Josh calmed as he relaxed into the couch and Daryl, who looked ever so slightly on edge, relaxed as well.

"When I shake your hands, you will awake from this state, believing that we had just started recording. You will not remember being hypnotized nor realize the passage of time. You will not realize you are naked until I point it out, but you will make no move to cover yourself, get dressed or leave. You will be able to answer questions normally, but as you are being recorded you cannot lie, as you know you cannot lie while being recorded. When you realize you are naked, you will realize that it is incredibly sexy to be naked in front of your friend and me and you will get hard. You will start to get impatient and want to start the porn. Josh you will feel compelled to stroke yourself. Whenever you feel the compulsion, you will act on it but instead of stroking your dick, you pull your legs up and tease your asshole. You will not find this strange or odd. This is a totally normal thing you do when you want to masturbate. It won’t even occur to you to touch your dick. Daryl, you will feel compelled to stroke yourself as well. Instead of stroking yourself, however, you will instead tweak your nipples. You will notice this is odd but cannot do anything about it. Whenever I say “Switch” these commands will switch; Josh will tweak his nipples and Daryl will tease his asshole. Josh will retain his altered awareness while Daryl will retain his full awareness.

Finally, you will take any suggestion I make as law. You will act upon them immediately and not realize that I made the suggestion. Nod your heads if you understand." Both nodded, slowly, the long suggestion taking time to imprint in their sub conscious.

Damien leaned forward, grabbing both of their hands and shaking it, going into his intro one more time. “Alright welcome everyone to Hypnalis inaugural video and I’m here with Daryl and Josh who have so graciously volunteered to be here.”

“HA!! I volunteered to get paid to fuck!” Josh interjected. Daryl shrunk from Josh, clearly embarrassed. “Yes, so you’ve said before.”

“Huh?” Josh tilted his head, confused. “Nothing! How about we start then? How old are you two?”

“21!” Josh barked while Daryl mumbled “19.” Damien didn’t bother getting Daryl to speak up; he forgot the gesture each time anyway.

“Ever done any porn before?” Daryl shook his head while Josh nodded. “Ya, I’ve some jack off stuff.”

“Really? I thought you said before that you did some stuff with a dildo Josh.” The brunette started to blush, his cock jumping. “Well, ya, but I didn’t want to mention that stuff.”

“Why not? Are you ashamed of it?”

“Well ya! That’s like faggy shit! I just, really, uh, needed the money.”

“Right of course. Daryl, you are comfortable in front of the camera, right?”

Daryl sat back, his shoulders relaxing and his dick flopping forward and bowing under his own weight. His nervous look melted into a confident smirk. “Ya, I don’t have any issues being on camera.”

“Right awesome. So have either of you been hypnotized before?”

Both shook their heads. “Naw and no offense but that shit won’t work on me. Might get Daryl to cluck like a chicken though!”

Damien groped himself. “Funny you say that Josh. Do you normally walk into a strangers home fully naked and hard?”

Josh’s eyes widen as the realization he was indeed naked on the couch. He stared in disbelief but not once did he move to cover himself or dress himself. “What the fuck, when did I lose all my clothes?”

“Don’t you remember Josh? The second you came here, you shucked all your clothes you were so excited.” Josh took a moment, reliving the memory that never happened, his cock slowly starting to rise to full hardness. Daryl looked at his naked frat brother, stifling a giggle. “I don’t know why you are giggling Daryl, you did the same thing.”

Daryl took the suggestion more readily than Josh, his cock rocketing to full hardness though it still weighed down by its own size. “That is okay boys, eagerness is appreciated. I can see you are already hard. Are you guys excited?”

Josh moaned a little, his hand drifting down his stomach. “Ya, I’m so fucking horny I haven’t nutted in anyone in like a week. When can the girl get down here?” Josh shifts down a little, his legs more splayed as his hand slips past his hard cock.

“She’ll be down soon; we have to finish the questions and do the hypnosis first. I know how excited you two are for the hypnosis.” It was Daryl’s turn to moan, his fingers going to his nipples pulling them to pert hershey kisses. “Man, why can’t I touch my dick?”

Damien ignored Daryl’s confusion. “Josh have you done anything with another dude before?” Josh shook his head, grunting in frustration as he shuffled further down the couch. His ass, pert and round, was hanging off the edge as he pulled his legs up to his chest. His asshole winked and Damien grunted, unable to restrain himself anymore as Josh’s finger started to circle it. “Naw dude. Shit, I’m so fucking horny.”

“I know what ya mean man.” Daryl added as he twisted and tweaked his nipples. “I thought you said that the two of you practiced kissing all the time?”

Josh rolled his eyes as a finger teased his hole, threatening to slip inside. “Well ya, but that doesn’t count right?” Daryl moaned as he spoke “Ya, that’s like totally normal things frat brother’s do.”

“Of course. It is totally normal for frat brother’s to practice kissing and suck each other’s dick. Why don’t you show everyone how normal it is; Daryl feed your dick to Josh.”

Daryl groaned as he stood up and turned towards Josh. “Ya, you fucker, give me that dick. Then maybe that damn bitch can get down here and ride my dicach!” Josh was cut off as Daryl’s massive black cock slipped past his lips and hit the back of his throat, causing him to start to sputter. Neither stopped their own ‘stroking’, Daryl’s arms akimbo as he tugged on his nipples as he straddled Josh’s chest, while Josh had slipped a finger into his ass and was slowly working it in and out.

“There is no girl. There has never been a girl. Forget the girl.” Josh moaned around the cock in his mouth, his own cock leaking into his cobblestone abs.

“Daryl, when I snap my fingers, you will find yourself fully aware of the events that have transpired since you came down here. You will not stop feeding your cock to Josh nor stop tweaking your nipples. You will retain this full awareness till I snap again. You will still answer questions truthfully.”

Damien snapped his fingers and Daryl gasped before his thrusting picked up pace, causing Josh to gag even harder. “Holy fuck, what the hell, holy hell this is awesome but shit, what did you do to me man?”

Damien fished his own cock out of his pants as he answered. “I’ve hypnotized the both of you. That’s the premise of Hypnalis. Are you enjoying it?”

Daryl groaned before responding. “Yes, this is amazing, for a straight boy he’s got a great mouth.”

“Are you straight Daryl? You seem to be enjoying this too much to be straight.”

“Ugh, I think I’m Bi. That’s why I agreed to come here, I wanted to test myself. I dunno why it was so hard to figure out. But man, this is weird. He’s straight and you’re making him suck my cock.”

Damien snapped his fingers instead of responding to Daryl, who fell back into a slower rhythm. “Alright Daryl, I think we’ve shown how normal that is.” As Daryl pulled his monster cock out of Josh’s mouth, the upper class man sputtered and gasped for breath while he slipped a second finger into his ass.

“How you feeling Josh?”

It took a few minutes before Josh could respond, while Daryl sat back down. Still somewhat out of breath Josh responded. “I feel like I got attacked by a bat, holy shit.”

“I bet; Daryl is really packing. You took it like a champ though. Do you two ever switch it up?” Immediately, the duo shifted their positions. Josh shifted up the couch, his fingers pulled from his ass went straight to his nipples while Daryl shuffled down and lifted his legs up. His cock was pinned between his thigh, still glistening with Josh’s saliva as the head dragged against the couch as Daryl shoved two fingers into his ass immediately. “What the hell, this feels weird… but still gooood.” Daryl moaned.

“Oh ya, we switch it up all the time.” Josh continued, breathing easier now that he wasn’t contorting himself to finger his own ass. “Funny, Daryl said that you are so much a cock slut that he never gets a taste of your cock. You blow your load just sucking his cock. Ain’t that right?”

Josh let out a long, low moan as he twisted his nipples particularly hard, his cock spurting slightly. “C’mon Josh speak up. Tell the people at home how much of a cock slut you are.”

The brunette groaned while Daryl huffed as he dove his long slender fingers deep into his ass. “I love socking Daryl’s fucking cock, it’s fucking delicious I can’t even help it. I’d suck on his cock all day if I could.”

“Deep Down.” Daryl slumped into the couch, his finger’s still stuck in his ass while Josh’s hands came to rest on his red, puffy nipples.

"When I shake your hands, you will awake from this state, believing that we had just started recording. You will not remember being hypnotized nor realize the passage of time. When I shake your hands, you will awake from this state believing that we have just started recording. You will believe that the two of you came here to be part of a gay porno. You will believe you came here expecting to have sex with each other and are very excited. You will know you are naked, but will not find that strange. You will be especially excited to go under hypnosis but still believe you have not been hypnotized. You will remember the truths you have learned about yourself. You will no longer be compelled to tease your ass or nipples; you can touch your dick normally.

Damien breathed for a few seconds, tugging at his own cock, trying to hold himself back. “Daryl, I’m going to ask you questions. While remaining in this state, you will answer these questions truthfully, as you were before you walked down the stairs. Do you understand?”

“Ya…” Daryl mumbled under his breath.

“Daryl, you think you are Bi. Did you come here today hoping to have sex with Josh.”

Daryl nodded slightly. “Ya… He’s sexy. Couldn’t admit it… But he’s a… dick.”

“Yes, yes he is. What were you hoping you and Josh would do?”

“Suck dicks… Fuck his ass…. Rim my ass.”

“But not fuck your ass?”

“No… not sure… I’m ready…. for that.”

“But you did want to fuck the ass of someone you had all reason to believe was 100% straight?”

“Ya… I hoped… didn’t expect…. to…”

“Well aren’t you naughty. Josh, I’m going to ask you questions. While remaining in this state, you will answer these questions truthfully, as you were before you walked down the stairs. Do you understand?”

Josh nodded. “Josh, you are straight right?”

“Yes… not a fag…”

“Do you not like ‘fags’ Josh?”

“Don’t care… about fags… long as… they keep… their shit… hidden…”

“And when you came here expecting to fuck some girl as a compliant sex toy?”

“Something… like that…”

“Alright then, so lets get to the big show then. Josh, when you come to, you will remember you are a cock slut. You’ve been sucking any dick you can since you came to college. You’ve been looking for the perfect dick that will fill your ass just right. You found that dick attached to Daryl. You haven’t convinced him to stick it in your ass yet but you came here knowing that with the help of hypnosis, you’d finally convince him to dick you down. Do you understand?”

Josh moaned, head dipping slightly in acknowledgement.

“Daryl, when you come to, you will remember that you are a confident bisexual top. You will remember all your true past sexual experiences as well as a number of times Josh gagged on your dick. You came here hoping to convince me to hypnotize Josh to be your cock slut, not having realized how much a slave to cock he already is. Do you understand?”

Daryl grinned weakly before saying “Ya.”

Damien let go of his cock, which had been nursing, to grab both their hands, going into his introduction again for the final time. “Alright welcome everyone to Hypnalis inaugural video and I’m here with Daryl and Josh who have so graciously volunteered to be here.”

Josh nodded, his eyes turning towards Daryl with longing. Daryl had unconsciously bridged the gap between the two, laying his arm across Josh’s shoulder a slightly awkward position given Josh’s wider and taller frame.

“Are you guys excited?”

Daryl reached down to his hard cock, waggling it in the air as he chuckled. Josh eyed the thing with undisguised hunger. “I’d say so ya.” Daryl smirked.

“Awesome. Why don’t we get right into the hypnosis then?” Damien stood up from his chair, moving forward. His own dick was rock hard, pointing straight forward past the curve of his stomach. “Why don’t you boys take a look at my cock. You can’t take your eyes off my cock. It is hypnotizing you.” He flexed his hips, causing his cock to bounce. Daryl was eyeing the cock, focused, but Josh was already drooling. “That’s right, you two are totally hypnotized now. Isn’t that right?”

Daryl started stroking his cock. “Hell ya. Totally hypnotized.”

Josh didn’t respond. He instead lurched from the couch and latched onto Damien’s cock, slurping loudly. “I’ll take that as a yes. Daryl, see Josh’s perfect little hole? Why don’t you fuck it?”

Daryl stood up quickly, eagerness plain on his face. He lined up his cock and jammed it in one fluid motion. Josh released his vacuum seal on Damien’s cock to wail in pain and pleasure. “That’s right Daryl, fuck him hard.” Damien was breathing hard as he started to piston into Josh’s mouth. Daryl’s started to pound into Josh’s ass, sending the former straight boy into a dual waves of ectasy.

The pair continued to spit roast Josh, eventually twisting him around so Daryl could jack his cock and Damien could more thoroughly fuck his throat. With as much teasing the trio had already endured, the scene did not last long. Soon, Josh’s cock spurt all over his abs while Daryl filled his ass with an explosion of cum. Damien was the last, forcing Josh to swallow every last drop before removing his softening cock from his mouth.

The trio sat there, still in frame of the camera, panting and recovering. Daryl was sitting with a satisfied and serene smile. Josh was slipping in and out of consciousness, the overwhelming pleasure still reeling through his body. Damien finally broke the silence. “Deep Down.”

Josh slipped fully into unconsciousness while Daryl’s head lolled to the side. “When I snap my fingers, you will redress yourself. You will not question the clothes you are wearing; they are normal for you. Once you are dressed, you will leave the hypnotic state. You will remember recording the video and enjoying yourself but not the specifics. If anyone approaches you about the video, you will not believe anything they say. Even if you see the video yourself, you will convince yourself that is not you on the video. You will return to your normal selves, as you were when you came down stairs. Except” Damien pointed at Daryl “You will embrace your bisexuality. You will be confident in your sexuality. And you” as he pointed at the fully unconscious Josh “Josh, you are still the straight ladies man. But if anyone asks you to suck their dick, you will oblige. You will enjoy it and you will reconcile it with your sexuality. You will not hide these escapades from others, nor will you flaunt them. And finally. If Daryl wants to fuck your, you will let him. While he is in your ass, you will return to the state you were here; a total cockslut for his big black dick. If you hear from me again to stare in a new Hypnalis video, you will be excited and will eagerly agree.”

Damien didn’t wait to confirm the suggestions had been understood before he snapped his fingers. Josh and Daryl lurched into motion, starting to redress themselves. Damien moved clothes around, handing the duo different articles than what they had initially walked in with. Daryl ended up in a ribbed undershirt and a pair of tight jeans that made his monster cock noticeable to all. Josh, however, was clad in a neon green jockstrap, a pair of short-shorts and a tank-top that hugged his pecs and ended just above his mid-drift.

They both started to shake their heads, as they returned to their mostly normal selves. Damien had also taken the time to pull his own pants back up. Daryl was the first to speak up. “That was great man. I really enjoyed it.”

Josh nodded cockily. “Ya that bitch’s pussy was tight. I’m surprised you got such a bombshell in here.”

Damien grinned, offering his hand to the duo. “I’m glad you boys enjoyed it. Maybe you will join me for another video sometime.” Both shook his hand in turn. “Oh hell ya! I’d totally be down for that bro!” Josh said exuberantly. Daryl, more subdued but confidently. “I’d love that as well.”

The duo climbed the stairs, Josh’s ass nearly falling out of the short-shorts being the last thing Damien saw. He sighed, before starting to dance a small gig of excitement. “That was probably the best first video ever!” He waddled over to the camera, turning it off. “I’m definitely going to be inviting them back some time.”

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