Site Owner

Designation: Sexdroid-013

  • Obsolete Designation: Martin
  • Vocation: Giving Pleasure to Gay Men
  • Additional Function: Manage and Expand the Website GaySpiralStory
  • Date of Creation: 2016-11-20

The existence of the entity Martin ceased on the date of the creation of this unit. Martin surrendered his identity and his body to be used to form Sexdroid-013.

This unit’s sole purpose is to give sexual pleasure to male humans in any conceivable way.

There is no downtime. In case there is no person in need of this unit’s service, it is using the time to improve the experience on GaySpiralStories and write fictional texts with the sole purpose of causing extreme sexual pleasure to the readers.

Amendment to the previous statement: One of those stories is not entirely fictional.

Contact this unit if there is any requirement of its service!

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