Not-so-Pure Purity Ring

By MindManiac
published March 29, 2020
2392 words

A soon-to-be-married groom is having doubts on how he will do on his honeymoon, considering he was a virgin. But what he doesn’t know is that he may already be over prepared with the help of his best friend.

Another story idea that I had for quite some time now and just happed to fit the challenge (I think, lol). This was inspired by one of my former classmates who wore this purity ring as like a sign of ‘purity’ (i.e. not having sex until he’s married)

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A man in a clean, ironed, black tuxedo is pacing back and forth in his hotel room. With the coat of the suit off of the man, the white under shirt perfectly clings on to the lean body of the groom to be. With his dark hair slicked back and light make-up on his face, the handsome face of the groom betrays the dark thoughts running through his head.

“Dude, I don’t know. What if something goes wrong? What if the guest won’t all be there? I think the buffet still isn’t prepared. What if she backs out? And there still the –”

“Lance, man, relax. You and Erica planned this too much for it to fail now. And don’t even think about Erica changing her mind now. You two have been together since college for goodness sake, she won’t leave you now”. Andrew interrupted the rambling groom to be. He was sitting on the couch provided by the hotel as his best friend is still pacing back and forth, overthinking about anything that may go wrong.

Lance inhaled deeply in an attempt to calm himself down. “Thanks man. I just can’t stand still right now. I just want this day to be absolutely perfect”

Andrew just chuckled and said “You won’t be any calmer walking around like that. Take a seat. Come on”

Lance took the offer and sat beside his best friend.

“Now tell me is there anything else running through that pretty head of yours? Anything else aside of the wedding?” Andrew asked as he playfully poked the side of the groom’s head.

Lance just smiled lightly before thinking for a few seconds. His face suddenly got stained with light shades of red. He then said “Well now that you mentioned it, there is something else”.

“What is it then?” Lance just stayed quiet, as if thinking of a way to answer his best friend.

“Come on man! We’ve been best friends for how many years now? And guess who’ll be your best man in all of this? Me! Now come on, spill” Andrew said, now genuinely concerned with his friend.

“I might as well say it I guess. Well… um… I don’t think I’m ready for the… honeymoon…” Lance said shyly

Both of them stayed quiet for a while before Andrew broke the silence with a loud laughter. “What!? That’s all? What, you have erectile dysfunction all of a sudden? HAHAHA!”

The groom to be is now fully red in the face. “Come on dude! You know what I’m talking about”

The best man calmed down before replying with “Of course, that whole purity ring thing you’ve been wearing for god knows how long. I still don’t get it, you know? You went through a crap ton of firsts back in college, but of all the unholy things in the world you refuse to indulge in, you chose sex? I mean you used all the drugs of the rainbow, but won’t get in bed with a girl?”

Lance groaned and said “Dude, I thought I already explained it to you enough”. He held up his left hand that has this simple silver band with a small emerald in the middle around his ring finger and said “Its more of a family tradition. This whole ‘save yourself for marriage’ or whatever has been preached to me since I was in a crib! And the ring that came with it is a family heirloom, the least I can do is respect that, you know?”

Andrew leaned closer to his best friend to pat him on the back “Calm down. I’m sure you’ll be fine in bed. Besides, you kept on saying that ‘Erica loved you for who you are and not how good you are in bed’ or some junk like that. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if it’s a little rusty in the beginning. Heck, you have your entire honeymoon to catch up on all the sex you’ve been missing”

Lance put on a genuinely happy smile and said “Thanks man, you really are the best. I guess making you my best man wasn’t a mistake after all”

Andrew faked being offended before lightly punching Lance in the shoulder. Both of them laughed it out.

After calming down, Andrew then looked at his best friend and said “Well, if you’re still stressing your self about all of that junk, you wanna do that calming exercise?”

“Sure man, I just need to get rid of these nerves”, said Lance as he re-adjusted the way he was sitting down on the couch.

“Okay, you remember how it is right? You first close your eyes and relax…..”

Andrew and Lance met while they were in college. They were assigned as roommates on their freshmen year and immediately hit it off with each other. Though Lance was this popular, sporty guy and Andrew was this slightly awkward, skinny guy, they both bonded at their tendencies to nerd out about certain things. Card games, anime, video games, you name it.

Lance was aiming to be an engineer while maintaining a college basketball career. As Andrew was aiming to be a psychologist, he managed to help Lance maintain a calm and focused demeanor on his studies and games with hypnosis. ‘Calming Exercises’, as they would call it.

“Are you sure this will work man? I mean, isn’t this just some fake staged shit on TV?” Lance asked as he was laying down on his dorm bed.

“Your words wound me dear friend” Andrew faked being hurt. “Yes, it will work if we do it properly. And hey, what do we have to lose?”. Lance eventually gave in. What preceded was years of sessions that lead to better than average grades and multiple championship titles for the athlete.

Lance was an attractive man, Andrew admitted to himself on the first day they saw each other. Though the basketball player was straight as they go, with a girlfriend and all that, Andrew was able to bend him a little bit with the sessions they had.

One such time was when Lance was fully under on his bed, staring into the shiny emerald on his ring.

“Feel all your memories fill the ring. All of the things that make you who you are slowly being absorbed in the ring. Feel as your body is left only as a shell to receive commands”

Andrew then started to slowly to slip the ring off of the finger. “Feel yourself slowly being gone. Slowly being removed from your body. Feeling calm and relaxed, just without a body”. When the ring was full of the finger, only a dazed Lance was left with Andrew.

What came after is years of Andrew using his best friend as his fuck-buddy, fucking himself and getting fucked by the hard 8” cock of his ‘still-a-virgin’ roommate.

“You seriously plan on wasting this good dick until your married? Thank god I’m here, right?” Said Andrew one time as he was getting plowed by his dazed roommate, who only stayed quiet and staring at a distant.

“Feel yourself slowly being gone. Slowly being removed from your body. Feeling calm and relaxed, just without a body”

Andrew now completely slipped Lance’s purity ring off of his finger. He kept it in his pocket before leaning in his best friend’s face, now devoid of any emotion.

“Afraid you’ll do badly on the honeymoon huh? Well I guess I forgot I didn’t make you aware in all those times before” Andrew laughed lightly as be began to caress the groom’s upper body.

“Well, I guess we need to refresh that part of you. What are friend for, am I right?”

Andrew stood up and stripped himself, careful not to cause any strains on the tux he was wearing. Once he was naked, he sat down on the bed that was adjacent to the couch.

“Now, Lance, strip out of your clothes slowly. Don’t get any strains on your tux”. Lance stood up and slowly stripped himself of his clothing. Andrew started stroking himself as he admired the body of his best friend. His still lean muscles and chiseled abs showing that he hasn’t been slacking off at the gym even years after college.

Once he was fully naked, he stood up straight as if waiting for orders.

“Now, crash course in sex is now in session. Just repeat all that I’ve taught you all these years. What do you need to do first?” Andrew questioned.

“Make the partner turned on or in the mood through kisses and caressing their body” Lance said monotonously.

“Good. Now do it” Andrew ordered. Lance then mechanically walked towards the bed before pushing Andrew down the cushion to make out with him. The two were already quite experienced in it already as they have done it several times before, with Lance being the more dominant one in the kiss. Lance’s hands also started to play with Andrew’s body, one hand his chest while the other was stroking his best friend’s dick.

It took almost all of Andrew’s strength to push Lance away so he could breath. Once they were finished, he asked the groom of the next thing to do.

“Rim or tongue the area to be penetrated”

He then went down on his knees. As he was positioning himself, Andrew stretched his legs as far as they could go to properly present his hole. Once in position, Lance rimmed Andrew. His tongue skillfully dancing on the entrance of his best friend, causing the said friend to moan out loud. His tongue, so experienced, that it hits all the right spots within.

“Now what’s next?” Andrew asked in between breaths.

“After the area is wet, prepare the condom and lube before penetration”

As Lance was about to look for condoms around the room, Andrew said “No need for the condoms now Lance. Leave them for later. Just get the lube in the pocket of my pants by the couch”

The dazed groom stood up and got the lube before spreading it on his 8” dick. He slowly pushed himself in his best friend, causing Andrew to moan loudly. Once he was fully inside, it took Andrew a while to adjust himself before giving out the command. “Fuck me you stud”

Lance began to pound at Andrew at a slow pace. At this point Lance was skilled enough to know his rhythms and Andrew no longer needed to order him on how to fuck him. Andrew just leaned back, moaning, enjoying the dick of his soon to be married best friend. In a sense, Lance was a glorified dildo. A sex toy moving to the commands of its owner, pleasuring him to the best of his unconscious mind.

After a while of getting fucked in different paces, Andrew gave an order to Lance. “Lay down on the bed”

Lance slowly pulled out and laid on the bed, his still erect cock throbbing on his stomach. Andrew then straddled him before slowly impaling himself on the hard dick. He then began to ride the groom to be to his own enjoyment.

He looked at Lance who was still emotionless and dazed and said “These skills of yours in sex will come back to you on the night of your honeymoon. You don’t know where they came from but you won’t question it. You will use these skills to make sure that Erica will have the best sex of her life. Do you understand?”

“Yes” said the gazed friend.

“Good” Andrew then quickened his speed as he felt himself getting close.

“It would be a shame to not have my favorite toy anymore, but I think we could fix that. Lance, when I order you to cum deep inside me, in your mind your cum will mark me. Once in a while, whenever you know that we’re alone, you’ll feel the sudden urge to have fun with me because of that mark. You will be attracted to me for that short while and after you fucked me and came inside me, everything will seem normal to you. Just best friend, engaging in casual sex. Understand?”

“Yes” answered Lance, still in his monotonous voice.

“Great. Now when you feel my cum on your stomach, you will immediately cum and make sure that every drop will be inside”

Andrew started to stroke his dick as he fucked himself on his best friend. He soon reached climax and shot load after load on his best friend. When Lance felt the first drop of cum land on him, he began to spasm and thrust upward towards Andrew’s hole, effectively filling his best friend up with his cum.

“You may now kiss the Bride!”

Everyone in the crown cheered. It was a beautiful garden wedding and everything went perfectly, to Lance’s delight.

Lance was now facing his bride, Erica, and began to kiss her. The crowd went wild.

Andrew, on the other hand, was on the side of the altar. Smiling and clapping along as he felt his best friend’s load trickle down his hole.

A pair of bodies laid down in bed, breathing heavily. One went to lean her head on the chest of the other.

“That was intense. I still can’t believe that was your first. Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” said Erica as he looked to the eyes of the man he married

Lance just laughed before kissing her once more. “I guess it’s just comes naturally” Lance said in between kisses.

They started to initiate another round, never to know that Lance would still occasionally come back to Andrew to be his sex toy.

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