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The Dirty Spiders writes stories that stem from a late / weird / turbulent puberty.
His style ranges from bizarre love stories to inanimate transformations and psychological metaphor. His themes explore inanimate transformation, bears, mature men, beards, cigars, sex objects, BDSM, NBM, love, wholesomeness, and the abstraction of human thinking.
As a person, he’s been called, funny, unusual, caring, empathic, harshly logical, a hypocrite, and, a big silly goofy goof head. His stories are character-centric, magic-y, and mostly in 1st person. PM for commissions.

Out there / Abstract Weirdness
The Very Last Time Veg TF / Sadness / Death / Love
Mating with Pops Series Furries / Euthanisia / Lying / Ethics
Since He’s Left Semi-Immortality / Vore / Coming of Age

Inanimate TF’s
The Sleepovers Series Inanimate TF / Friend’s Dad / Coming of Age
To Protect and Serve Condom TF / Police / Uniform
Cigar TF Series Cigar TF / Tobacco / Inanimate

Bizarre / Wholesome Love Stories
PizzaDaddy Anti-gay conversion / homophobia / Daddy Bear
The Seahorse Alien Sex / Male Pregnancy / Unplanned
The Strangest Pet Modular NBM / Dick Babysitting

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