Bargain (Part 1)

Series: Bargain
By wishbone blue
published May 27, 2013
3016 words

Jason conjures a demon, but the demon has his own ideas.

“Who dares call the name of Ari’Seth? Who brings me to this realm?” The demon’s voice boomed in the small attic room.

Jason Elliott stared at the demon he’d brought into the circle, scared and excited. He’d done his homework, but he never thought the conjuring would actually work. “I… I did,” he stammered, his 19-year-old confidence forsaking him for the moment. “Jason,” he added, unsure of linguistic protocol.

Ari’Seth, demon of lust, wasn’t what he expected at all. He wasn’t monstrous or scaly… outside of his slick, glass-like blackness, he was a statue of male perfection. But he had an aura of power, or intimidation… maybe even authority, and Jason was glad he’d done extra research on circles of protection.

The demon’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the young man before him, as if slipping into his thoughts. “You have a task, and I am not a djinn,” he hissed. “I serve no human.”

“Perhaps,” said Jason, recovering his confidence a bit. “But you might bargain for a chance to be free to return to your realm. Or I could leave you here.”

Ari’Seth smiled a bit. “You’ve done some study. Yes, I prefer my realm to this prison. And yes, I will bargain for my freedom. But there’s an extra price to you: what I do, I will not, cannot undo. There is more risk to that than you think, boy.”

“I’ve read Wilhelm Johannsen’s work,” said Jason, with a touch of pride. “His knowledge and instructions were quite extensive. I am aware of the risks, and I also know you overstate them.”

A chuckle came from the circle, but it wasn’t derisive. “I do prefer to speak with someone willing to learn the ways of the unseen ether. Very well, then. What is it you wish me to do for you? I cannot offer money or power, at least not directly,” said the creature, “although through seduction those may be obtained. I would assume you know that, as you called me, rather than a demon of another hierarchy.” His tone was much less outraged – it was obvious that he wanted to leave as much as Jason wanted his assistance.

“I want to be able to… to be able to fuck any woman I desire, any time, and for them to be willing.” There. It was out.

Ari’Seth now laughed fully from deep inside, surprising Jason. “That simple? Such a pittance you ask, and one that belies your insignificance, even among humans. This I can and will do for you, boy, in return for my freedom.” A small vial appeared in the demon’s hands. As he held it, his cock came to life, expanding into erect perfection. Like the rest of the demon’s physique, it was a thing of beauty, even to Jason, though he’d never been aroused by men.

As he watched, a long string of clear precum began to drip from its end, and the demon caught it in the vial, placing a cork in it when full. “You must be naked – if the contents touch your garments, they, rather than you, will become the object of desire. Rub this into your face and chest,” he said. “It will have the desired effect. Once absorbed, you will be able to have any woman you wish. I will leave it here… and as a testament of the truth of what I say, the bargain struck, and paid in full, I leave you now.”

Jason watched as the air folded in on itself inside the circle, as if a door was closing, and Ari’Seth was gone. He stood for a moment, wondering if he’d just been hallucinating, or dreaming… the world seemed so normal and plain now that the presence of the demon was gone. Except… the small stoppered vial was in the center of the circle. It gleamed in the light of the candles.

He blew out all but two of the black candles and stripped – then walked over and picked up the vial of clear liquid, hands shaking slightly. The power he held in has hand, separated from himself by mere glass, was a little frightening. But he’d come this far, and he had no intention of turning back. He thought of a few of the girls who’d inspired his quest and smiled. No, this was what he wanted.

This was what he would do.

He uncapped the vial and poured the contents into his palm. It almost felt like it had a life of its own – squirmy, needy. He spread it in his palms and then over his neck and face as instructed. It absorbed into his skin so quickly he wondered if he’d spilled it.

No, there it was. He could feel it inside. It was doing something to him, something amazing. His cock sprang erect, stiffening until it was nearly painful. He touched it and gasped. He’d never felt pleasure like that before in his life. It was consuming. Closing his eyes, he had to use every ounce of will not to let the sensations take over. It was so good.

When he opened them, he gasped again – this time in surprise. Ari’Seth was back, unbidden, inside the white circle. His eyes narrowed as he smiled at Jason. “Approach and kneel,” he said, voice ringing with power.

Jason found his legs moving before he could even think. “What… what… why…” he said, even as his knees touched the floor and he looked up at the creature in front of him.

“Did you really think you could call me forth and be rid of me so easily? Rituals work, but you neglected the ritual to banish me.” The demon paused and smiled. "Oh, that’s right. You studied Johannsen. You should have studied Tomlinson. Johannsen was quite a loyal servant. Well, truthfully, more a devoted slave. You will join him in that service and worship, but the process isn’t complete. My foreseed just makes you compliant for a short while. But we’re going to change that, aren’t we?

“Hmm. First, though, I wish to be amused. Stroke your cock for me, boy. Feel the gift of the pleasure I’ve given you. Feel your desire for me grow with every stroke, every pulse of your penis.”

Jason fought inside himself, searching for the strength to stop. But his hand was already on his throbbing cock as he knelt and it felt so fucking good. The first pump of his hand sent his eyes closed as the pleasure sang to him, instantly addictive. His balls were electric and his other hand joined the first, pulling them hard, the pain increasing the pleasure tenfold.

How could he resist this? But he had to find a way…

“Yesss, that’s it, boy. Show me the enemy you’re hiding inside. Reveal it so I can destroy it utterly.”

As much as he couldn’t stop jacking his dick, disgust rose inside him at the thought of what he was doing. It kept getting deeper and stronger inside, as he felt his resistance grow and harden. His hand moved faster, making him moan… but he was going to win. He would endure, he would not succumb to this, he would beat it. Yesss beat it, he wouldn’t succumb. Suck cum. Suck. Cum. Beat it.

His resistance became a brittle wall, a refuge where he was safe – safe to feel even more pleasure and it traveled out of his cock, up his spine, into his limbs and into his brain. His eyes rolled back in his head as his hand became a blur moving up and down his impossibly hard cock. And then… it happened. Cum spewed from his cock in a thick stream – more than he’d ever thought possible jetted out, covering the floor in front of him… and then the pleasure went somewhere new, somewhere beyond thinking. He felt the wall crack as the pleasure pummeled him inside and out. Higher and higher, on and on, unstoppable, impossible to think, impossible to stop…

And then… the wall shattered into dust. His first line of defense disintegrated. Not muted, not hidden. Just… gone. He collapsed forward, almost falling on his face.

“Now, slutboy, show me how well you can lick your seed from the floor,” said Ari’Seth.

But now, it was the most beautiful sound Jason had ever heard. It was the voice of and angel, not a demon. He groveled, licking the wooden floor clean of his spunk. Each lick, each swallow, was making him even hornier than he’d been. On and on he went, obeying, feeling it change him, until he had removed every drop of his own cum and swallowed it down his throat.

“Much better, boy. But now it’s time for my pleasure, my needs, and your destiny,” said the demon, his voice deep with lust. “We don’t need this circle any more, do we?”

Something was wrong with the words, but Jason couldn’t put enough thoughts together to imagine what it might be. He quickly moved to erase the circle around the object of his desire. “Good slut,” growled Ari’Seth. The words made Jason’s cock twitch as they vibrated through his body. “I had my doubts, but I think you’ll make an excellent fuckslave.”

It was impossible to think. Thoughts came together and fell apart before he could grasp the tiniest portion. It wasn’t until he’d erased the last of the circle that he realized what he’d done. Fear invaded him, broke apart his reverie of pleasure. He jumped up and turned to run from the room.

“STOP!” said Ari’Seth. The words themselves seemed to hold Jason in place, unable to move. “FACE ME.” It wasn’t loud. It was powerful, irresistible. The words echoed in his mind, bouncing around his skull in an endless loop. Like a Like a puppet on strings, he turned to face the powerful demon, a few short feet away from his magnificent body. Ari’Seth reached out and placed his hands on the sides of Jason’s head, pressing in as he stared into his prey’s eyes. Jason could feel tendrils of power entering his mind, ripping away the curtains that held every secret.

It felt so very good. He realized with sudden clarity he’d been wrong to fear, to run. This was a Superior Being. He dared not move, lest he break the spell that filled him with longing, with euphoria, with arousal. He’d never felt anything like it – even the impossible pleasure he felt jacking off moments before couldn’t compare.

Ari’Seth smiled widely as he read the thoughts of the young man. "Mmm. I never thought you to be a virgin, slut. It’s rare for one such as me to come into this world at the behest of someone dark enough to want to control others, yet so innocent at the same time. You are a gift, a canvas to paint, to corrupt. A sculpture to warp and seduce, defenseless to my whims, once taken.

“Virginity gives you a certain power, however. You have it inside you to resist, to decline. I can still make you mine in all things, but you must agree. Prepare to make your choice…”

Jason moaned loudly as the hands of the demon slipped from his head. One arm wrapped behind his back pulling him closer, while the other reached down, the hand gripping his cock. The precum had long since worn off but the power of the Ari’Seth’s pure essence was tens, even hundreds of times stronger. Resist? How could he resist the hurricane of pure lust storming through him? His body quaked from the force of it. Yet he was able to hold something, a tiny piece of himself back.

His eyes went wide as the lips of his recent captive met his own, the demon-tongue slipping in, coating his mouth, his throat, slipping down into his belly with its impossible. Even inside, everywhere it touched was ecstasy. He thought of his bargain – perhaps that would be the key. He wondered if he really wanted to push this away but he knew he had to try. As the tongue slithered back out of him, he gasped, “We had a deal… you said…”

“Yes,” came the demon’s voice from both outside and inside his head. “I said you could have any woman you desire. Tell me of them and I shall make it happen.” His hand around Jason’s cock slid slowly up and down, exciting each nerve ending in ways Jason could never have felt or imagined before.

He couldn’t think of one… not one who brought feelings that could compare to the demon’s fucklust invading him, stamping out anything else. “This isn’t… fair…” thought Jason.

Now able to easily ready his captive’s thoughts, the dark one said, “I never said I’d be fair. I said you could choose. It’s not my fault that the odds are stacked in my favor. It’s my nature, and YOU called ME.”

“Oh, God,” said Jason, as the sensations fought with his reason. His reason was losing faster than he could fight.

“Yes, I am,” said the demon. “YOUR God, at the very least. Say it. Speak your true desire.”

“Fuck women,” hissed Jason as the last bit of his resolve crumbled. “I want you, to be yours, whatever you wish, whatever you say. Just… don’t… stop…” he rasped, unable to control the words falling from his lips.

“That’s a good little fuckslut,” growled Ari’Seth. “I knew you’d see it my way. Come and worship at my font.”

Not knowing what to do, Jason stood, waiting for what would come next. He didn’t have long to wait. The powerful demon picked him up and spun him upside down so that he was face to face with the monstrous, beautiful demon-cock. As he peered between the strong, muscular legs, he saw something that made him all the harder. Ari’Seth was growing a tail… but not a simple tail. It was thick, incredibly long and powerful, but it tapered to a second penis, at least as beautiful as the one pressing now at his lips. Jason thought it might be the most wondrous thing he’d ever seen. Then it flicked up and out of sight. Seconds later, he felt something slick and large teasing his asshole from above him. Instinctively, he let his legs open wider. It was as if his desire had taken over, not relenting and only driving him deeper into the insanity of so much pleasure.

“Suck it… drink my seed and become mine, slut. Take my seed in your ass and take your place below me.” Jason had no further choice. He slid the cock head between his lips, still unsure of how to proceed. His body spasmed out of control as Ari’Seth’s hips lunged forward and his tail impaled the virgin ass simultaneously. There was no room for thought now, only being and purpose… to fuck, to obey, to please his God. Like the demon’s tongue, the cocks seemed to grow inside him, slick and delicious, igniting fires no human could light.

His own cock was growing too, veins bulging almost to bursting, the pleasure pummeling his mind and body taking over completely as he realized that this was what he was born to become… a puppet fucktoy, an accomplice, a slave to his perfect Master. The thoughts sank into every tissue, every wisp of soul within him.

Suddenly, Ari’Seth groaned… dark music that filled Jason’s ears and the dual cocks swelled and spewed their pleasure-cum into him, transforming him irreversibly, and then he was cumming too, endlessly jetting as he emptied himself to make room for the Godcum that would take its place.

Blackness came as he passed out, and dreams didn’t come. When he finally awoke, he was laying on his back, staring up at the perfection of his demonic Master. He didn’t have to be told, now. He sprang up to his knees, eyes and lips hungry for another taste of the glorious cock before him.

“Such a good little slut, aren’t you, fuckpet?” laughed Ari’Seth. “But not yet. We have work to do. I wish to meld with you, and for that we must enter MY realm. Stand and embrace me.”

Jason stood and wrapped his arms around his Master as commanded, shivering with pleasure and need as he felt the body of God against his own. He felt the air fold around him and watched as the room faded, wondering what was to come, but trusting it would be even better.

Two hours passed in the empty room – two years for the newly minted slave. Then the air unfolded again, but this time, only one figure was present. Jason, eyes closed, body and cock transformed, was a thing of beauty. He opened his eyes, now black like obsidian, and gazed around the room.

Jason Ariseth smiled. Master and slave, melded together, had so much left to do.

-to be continued-

Series: Bargain
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