Bargain (Part 2)

Series: Bargain
By wishbone blue
published June 14, 2013
2857 words

Jason’s demon, now his Master, increases his power.

The air in the attic seemed to unfold itself, and a young man appeared in the space it left. He looked around the room with new, obsidian-black eyes. It was unchanged, even though for him it felt as if he left it ages ago. It seemed so small and trivial after seeing the edges of eternity, and yet it was the place that began his enlightenment. This was the room where he had beckoned Ari’Seth, the demon who was now his Lord and Master. After what was, for him, years in the demon’s realm but mere hours in the earthly plane, his Master was now part of him, indelibly marking him and literally living within him.

And yet, he was apart, too; his own creature with whom Jason now shared almost every appetite, every goal. The young acolyte, Jason, was an appendage, an ambassador, a warrior, an adjunct.

And like his Master, right now he wanted to find some souls to corrupt and fuck.

Nothing like the present to get to work. He knelt and began to chant in an ancient tongue – one long lost to humans, and barely known even in the supernatural realms. The air before him shimmered and then unfolded again, and he felt his cock stiffen uncontrollably as his Master appeared before him. He licked his lips, and then leaned forward to kiss the demon’s glorious cock before sliding it between his lips and down his throat.

Master was never one to turn down a willing mouth.

“Yes, slave, I know. Nnng… that’s it, fuckboy. Suck it, love it, obey it… and know that it, and I, will soon gain many more…”

As Master howled and filled his belly with demoncum, his own cock exploded in pleasure and his own cum jetted from it in an almost endless stream. Nothing was as good – or as important – as pleasing Master.

“Hey, Rich.”

Rich Lampton looked away from his laptop and over at his door, then over to the clock. “Hey, Jace. Late night. Finally get lucky?”

“Well, in a way, yes,” answered Jason. “Spent the night performing an experiment in seduction.”

“That would be no. Again. Man, I’m sorry, bud,” said Rich, and he meant it, for more than one reason. One was that Jason was his friend and he wanted him to get laid, but he was also tired of listening to his griping about how he never got any. “Never hurts to try, though.”

“Actually,” answered Jason, “that would be yes. Not quite like how I expected it to happen, though.”

Rich straightened up and smiled wider. “Details, man, details!”

“In a minute. I’m really thirsty. I’m gonna grab a beer. You want one, too?”

“No, I’m studying for my physics final. I wouldn’t mind some water, though, if you’re going that way.”


“Of course, mon frère.”

Jason wasted no time getting to the refrigerator and the jug of water. He pulled a large vial from his pocket and emptied the entire viscous contents into the container, and then shook the jug until it was properly mixed. It was much more than would be needed, but Master wanted it this way, and he wanted what Master wanted, with every atom of his being.

He returned to Rich’s bedroom with a large glass of the mixture, lemon included, and handed it to his long-time friend.

“Thanks, man,” he said before taking a small sip. Jason watched, waiting for any sign that the concoction was taking hold.

It was hard to tell, though. Rich’s loose clothes made it difficult to see if his dick was giving away the telltale sign of spellbinding. There was another way to find out, though. In a more commanding voice, he said, “You seem really thirsty. You should drink it all, Rich, all at once.”

Rich’s face scrunched in confusion. Something was different about his roomie’s voice – it had a strange resonance. He shook his head slightly. “Nah,” he thought. “I’m just tired. Besides, he’s right.” He brought the glass to his lips again and swallowed the entire potion before he took it away again.

By the time the glass was empty, Rich’s his eyes were beginning to glaze over. Jason felt his dick stiffen, knowing that his friend was already powerless to stop what was about to transpire. “So, I met someone,” he said. “Someone who showed me what I was doing wrong… what I was missing.”

Rich shifted, his legs spreading slightly. Jason smiled as he watched his friend’s hand slide inexorably, unconsciously to his suddenly oversensitive cock. The moan that hissed from Rich’s mouth nearly made the demon’s slave cum on the spot, but there was one more thing to set in motion, and as good as it felt to see the beginnings of Rich’s corruption, it felt even better to obey his Master. He pulled a slip of paper from his pocket, and handed it to his friend.

“Rich, I have a few errands to run, but the moment I leave, you really need to strip, kneel, and chant the words on this note. You need to do it sooo badly. Oh, and you can stroke your cock slowly if you like – but no cumming. Yet.”

Confusion flickered on Rich’s face again, but he couldn’t get his thoughts to coalesce enough to question anything Jason was saying. He nodded, unable to form a single word through the building pleasure. He took the note Jason handed him and opened it. Something seemed familiar about the strange language there, but he couldn’t place it. When he looked up again, Jason was gone.

Without even a thought, he nearly ripped off his clothes as his cock sprang forward. Even the air against his cockflesh made him tremble with pleasure he’d never felt before. He knelt and looked at the note again. “Are-ee-seth,” he said, slowly stroking up and down his shaft, “Quonee-ahm Dayoos mayoos ace. Too ace mahjees-stare may-oos. Oh-fair-oh may seecoot ahn-seelah.” The words slid through him, slippery and hot. He could feel their power, instantly attacking his pleasure centers inside and out, and he began to chant the words over and over, even before he remembered Jason’s commands.

For a moment, Jason listened outside the door, his eyes once again the black orbs showing his transformation. Part of him chanted along, even envious of Rich, remembering his own enlightenment. “Ari’Seth. Quoniam Deus meus es. Tu es magister meus. Offero me sicut ancilla.” Ari’Seth, You are my God. You are my Master. I offer myself as a slave.

“Good slut,” came the words inside his mind. His Master spoke. “But the night is passing and the day is young, and there is much to do.” An evil smile broke across Jason’s face. “Yesssss… so much, Master,” he whispered to his Owner.

Andrea looked at her boyfriend’s roomie as she listened to him on the front porch after a brief but friendly hug. “So he finally started taking care of himself, thank God,” she thought. Then, unbidden, another thought came to her. “More muscular, too, or something. Something dark.” She took a second to clear her thoughts, mentally shaking her head before rejoining the conversation.

Jason grimaced inside as he thought about his task. He didn’t want to be here at all. He knew that just days ago he would have been fawning over the women sharing the small house, but now all he felt was disgust. Outwardly, though, he smiled at Andrea as he continued to talk to her. “So anyway, Rich mentioned that your dad has a warehouse we might be able to rent space in. And when he told me where it is, I began to think about how great it would be to have a kind of rustic bar there. My degree is marketing, and I think I have a business plan that would maybe appeal to him.”

“You don’t know my dad,” said Andrea, her voice skeptical. “He’s had a few experiences with letting nightspots in. Police calls, fights, bankruptcies… he has a pretty strict personal policy against going there again. And while it’s a nice idea, Jason, don’t you think it’s a little risky? Plenty of people have gotten in financial trouble trying to run a bar.” She was going to have to talk to Rich. It was not okay to put her in this position with Jason.

“They didn’t have the backing I have.”

“Backing?” said Andrea in a distracted voice. She was having a hard time concentrating. For some reason, she was thinking suddenly of how sexy one of her housemates might look in the shower. It was alien, yet… appealing.

“Yes. A silent partner, so to speak.” Jason paused to let the thought sink in before continuing. “I’m sure he could convince your dad if they met. He can be very convincing.”

“This isn’t an ‘offer you can’t refuse’ kind of thing, is it?” Andrea was maintaining the conversation, but Jason noticed she sounded a bit distant. It was of no concern, however. His instructions were clear.

“No, more like an offer you wouldn’t refuse. He’s just really good at… negotiation.”

A faint whiff of something tickled Andrea’s nose, distracting her again. Why was she having such a hard time keeping up? “Okay… I guess. I’ll call him and if he’ll meet, I’ll let you know when he’s willing to get together. I mean, I guess this is a good idea. I’ll talk it over with him, and let you know, okay? Oh… what’s your partner’s name?”

“Ari,” said Jason. “Ari Seth.” Something about the way Jason said the name made her shiver, like it was sliding over her scalp.

“Got it,” she said. “But now, I have to go… we’re planning a graduation party here, too, y’know.” She wondered if Jason would notice he hadn’t been invited.

“No problem. Just let me know – or Rich – he can let me know. Whatever works, Andrea. Bye for now.”


Jason left the porch, and although it had been uncomfortable, his Master rewarded him with a massive shiver of pleasure. “Master, I don’t understand,” he said. “Why are women involved in your plans?”

“Not that you need to know, slut, but daughters have more than minor influence over their fathers. I’ve let a minor lust demon – one I saved a few centuries ago – enter her without her knowledge. Although I can take all I wish, it will be easier this way. Like me, Skikaya has certain… gifts and proclivities, although her interest is in her own gender. But she will aid me, and so will the person within whom she now resides. Don’t worry about why we’re using this ‘Andrea’. All you need to do is obey me.”

“It’s all I want to or can do, my Lord,” whispered Jason, letting go again into the darkness of his God.

“Exactly so,” said Ari’Seth. “Come back to your home. I wish to fuck, and I believe my slave needs a good fucking – don’t you?”

“Mmm yes, Master,” said Jason, his doubts and discomfort dissolving into the desire and will of Ari’Seth.

The sounds coming from upstairs made Jason smile. He knew all too well the bliss Rich was feeling, and the power of the transformation that would change him tonight and forever. Still, when he walked naked into Rich’s bedroom, he had no idea of the sight that awaited him.

The walls were covered in slick, oily blackness that moved and swirled as if alive. Tendrils dropped and returned to the goo, reaching out as if searching for something to hold. Some of them had found purchase… they twirled around Rich’s arms, legs, neck and torso… even his rigid cock and balls, squeezing and pulling it until it was dark red and throbbing with need. The sounds from Rich’s panting mouth were not words, but were nevertheless filled with the raw passion that only Master could inspire.

But that wasn’t what flamed Jason’s demonically inspired fucklust the most. Rich was facing the door, away from Master, who was seated on the chair. Rich sat on his lap, eyes rolled back in his head so far that only the whites showed. Before Jason could wonder what felt so good, the tendrils began to lift his roommate’s body and lower it. Master’s massive cock was buried deep in his newest thrall’s ass. As Jason began to stroke his own distended member without a second thought, Ari’Seth began fucking Rich in a smooth, slow motion.

“Beg for it, slut,” Master hissed in Rich’s ear. “Beg your God to fuck your sluthole harder, whore.”

Rich’s eyes reappeared, but were unseeing. “Yessss…” he hisses, “Please fuck me Master, make me your whore, your fuckthrall… please more God more please…” His words fell again into unintelligible babbling as Ari’Seth began to fuck in earnest.

More of the slimy black tendrils descended from the ceiling, forming pulsing, prehensile phalluses of every shape and size. Rich’s eyes went wide as one entered his mouth, and he began to suck and swallow without thinking. Then into his ears, up his nostrils… there was no part of him that was not filled with his new Master’s essence… the essence that was blistering away his past and replacing it with a future he’d never imagined. His body quaked in pleasure as appetites were born and burned into him, body and soul. He was out of control, convulsing with only his new Master, his God to keep his body from ripping itself apart from the pleasure.

Ari’Seth spoke now to Jason. “Watch and see the glory of his submission, my slave. Complete his change. Just touch the end of his cock with your own… and then feel as our power grows.”

Jason, both scared and fascinated moved to obey. His own cock had grown over time, and while not as beautiful as that of the demon, was glorious of itself. Now, he didn’t even need to touch it for the pleasure of Ari’Seth to invade it, and as he came forward, wave on top or wave of blissful, obedient pleasure moved up and down its now-impressive length and girth.

He touched the tip to Rich’s, not sure what to expect.

Rich’s cock exploded with cum, matched immediately by Jason, who covered his friend’s torso and face with his own corrupted jism. For ten minutes they came, and then Ari’Seth, his own need growing, began to howl as he jetted his seed into the ass of his newest acolyte. Rich and Jason, now connected at the soul with Master, passed out in bliss, and Ari’Seth began a new chant… one Jason had not heard before.

When he awoke, Jason looked to see that the room had returned to normal, save that Rich was busy licking up the prodigious amounts of slave and demon cum that had spilled. Ari’Seth was nowhere to be seen, nor the blackness that had covered the walls and ceiling.

“Slave,” came Master’s words into his mind. "Your new brother is now mine. But he has much to learn of the pleasures of his new life. It is time to teach him.

“Indulge yourself, my slut.”

Jason smiled as he walked over and began to lick up the spine of his debased friend who was still busy licking up the spent cum. He felt Rich shiver and grinned as both their cocks turned to steel. As he moved to the new slave’s shoulder with his tongue, he placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of his friend’s no-longer-virgin hole. “What about Andrea?” Jason whispered.

Rich froze. “Who?” he said, his voice confused.

“Perfect,” said Jason, as he slid his cock deep into the new slave’s ass.

(to be continued…)

Series: Bargain
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