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Plot-Rich and/or Inventive Stories

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last change on September 2, 2023

Stories with a rich plot or incredibly inventive means to corrupt the people in the story that keep me coming back again and again.
This is an epic ride with moral quandaries, believable shifts in beliefs, characters that you root for...and against.
Pastor Peter Johnson and the young men in his congregation are infiltrated by a man with a potent power of suggestions. The families of the congregation won’t be the same after he’s done with them.
A story where I truly begin to root for the character in many ways. Especially love the dynamic established with the 'straight' roommate.
Such an inventive device used for reality change. Excited to see where this story continues to go!
A mayor realizes that any law in his town becomes an immutable fact of reality. And the power immediately goes to his head. (Inspired by SCP-3088)
Definitely goes farther in some chapters than I would ever expect (in a good way), I'm particularly fond of the sixth chapter. Such a sexy and inventive reality distortion.
Bill--slobby, bearish, gay, kinky and a loner--has found a mysterious spellbook offering him control over reality around him. What's a slob to do, when he's offered total control, other than to start remaking the world in his own, perverted image? A series of related, but generally stand-alone tales.
Incest always gets me, quite frankly. And this is so hot how Vicente sneaks into and corrupts this family so fully.
This is one of two chapters made within this universe but the body control is so hot here. I truly thought this would be a bigger hit with many more chapters. I'm hoping there is! Truly enjoyed how inventive this was.
Two horny teens have the means of taking over the bodies of anybody they want, and they have their sights set on the star athlete of the wrestling team and his father.
Oh, how I want more and more and more to this story. Every now and again, I need a story with instant control, absolute power, and the writer able to create an actual world within that creation.
Despite being one chapter and just under 10K words, this story puts in an insane amount of detail into the reality shifts that it truly feels like a full blown epic.
Ben’s old roommate claims he’ll have Ben turned into his personal cumslut by the end of Halloween. Which, let’s get real—that’s not going to happen, right? Either way, that’s totally unrelated to all these bottles of Reality Brew™ that have started popping up on campus… right?
A genius way in which to change the perspective of the subject. To take and control where they feel their bliss.
Tyler O'Brien and his best buds Craig, Jake, and Ben are home over summer break from college. A hypnotist entrances them, one by one, and takes control over their bliss. What does that even mean? Read on, as the self-described "not gay at all" protagonist begins to find out.
Always wanted more and hoping that princec sees this and decides to expand on this criminally underrated and short story. Would be happy to edit this description if we get more :P
Absolute chaos towards the end but in the most erotic sense. I love inventive ways in which corruption and sexy-times ensue, and this is one of the best.
Three long-lost college roommates get high and question everything when one of them starts corrupting their memories.
Reality change can be hit or miss, especially when it's from an all-powerful device that is easily used. But when it's this well crafted, it becomes nothing short of brilliance.
Oh, damn. This has everything I love. Clueless induction, incest, complete domination of what a subject wants...I only wish there was more!
A world change story that really sucks you in. But, sadly, yet another I hope the author returns to! The idea is amazing and would love to see it fleshed out.
When Tom woke up he knew two things – Aaron Klienman was his God and that he found men extremely attractive.
The second chapter is legitimately one of the sexiest on the entire site. The first chapter sets up a wonderful world of reality changers and it concludes so incredibly erotically.
This is a lovely slow build to an amazing climax. Love the twists and turns. Was left wondering what would happen to the protagonist after this was all said and done, which is a sign that it was well crafted.
An all-time great. This first scene is a masterclass in writing erotic gay hypnosis. Legitimately believe if there was a college course, the induction in chapter one would be surgically analyzed. So wonderfully written.
When a story comes out and you're angry you didn't think of the plot first, you know it's a great story. That is definitely the case here. Love the slow progression.
Dave convinces me to let him try out his new research on me. I wish he’d get off his laptop long enough to tell me what it is, though...
A story containing one of the most well-written clueless mind control on the entire site. Swizz never really misses, honestly.
Two young men, fresh out of college and carrying big aspirations, are about to present their exciting new invention to one of the world's largest tech companies.
One of the most expansive, creative, and well-written epics on the site. There is so much to this story that it can feel like watching a lore-heavy TV show in the best way possible. I'm so excited to see more of Peter's exploits.
A short and simple story that truly could have so much added to it in future chapters...but what is done here is certainly erotic enough on its' own.
It may be a re-write of a straight story, but Yourmind123 truly made it completely gay in a way that others have failed to do when changing from a straight to gay story.
Such a classic and I can't help but add it considering I wrote a story completely inspired by this genius.