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I’m a moderately kinky Dad/Dom. My main real-life kinks include Dom/sub play, domestic service, hands-on SM (CBT, TT, biting, scratching), and pretty much anything that’ll make a boy squirm. It’s not so much the pain I get off on as the control, and watching someone writhe as they take something for me is the biggest turn-on of all.

As for hypnosis and mind control, my primary interest is hypnosis, but only in fantasy. I have no interest in it in real life at all, despite the fact that it’s part of literally every sexual fantasy that I have. I get off on the non-consensual/unaware aspects of it, but that’s something I would never actually do IRL.

Things I enjoy writing about include:

  • a Top/Dom hypnotist with multiple subs;
  • older/younger dynamics;
  • the subject having no interest in the hypnotist due to age discrepancy, sexual orientation, or physical attributes the subject deems undesirable;
  • corrupting a protector type, like having a father/older brother/authority figure encouraging the hypnotist and possibly participating;
  • financial domination;
  • cum control (milking, only on-demand, or near-total chastity);
  • cum eating;
  • ass-to-mouth.

I tend strongly towards longer stories, often novel length. Shorter stories do happen from time to time, but I generally don’t enjoy writing them as much. Unless it’s a concept-story or a quick jack-off thing, I find they don’t allow for the ambiance and character exploration I prefer in my stories.

If you want to contact me, the best way is on our Discord server. Please be aware, though, that I don’t do roleplay under any circumstances…it’s a complete turn-off for me.

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