Retired I think some of you are probably expecting this at this point, but I’m afraid that I have to announce my retirement. I’d really love to continue working on my various stories and series, but my health has robbed me of much of my libido and hence the inspiration behind my writing. Not to worry, though, I've spoken with EdIam and he'll be taking over some of my series. For anything he doesn’t take over, I'll post the unfinished works as they exist now, with notes on what would have happened. I’ll also open up those stories/series to editing by others. Lastly, there may be one or two “new” stories that I’ve actually had on the back-burner for a long time where I'm close enough to finished that I may be able to wrap them up and post, but no promises. Also, I may take this opportunity to work on the fantasy and/or sci-fi series(es?) that I’d had planned, simply because they were never intended to focus on the sex anyway, but apart from those, it’s unlikely you’ll see anything further from me unless/until at least some of my health issues resolve. Some are life-long, while others are still under investigation, so again, no promises. Best wishes to all of you, and if you’re looking for someone else’s stuff to read that’s similar to my own, you may want to have a look at either [EdIam’s stuff]( or [Swizzington’s](
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