By MCBrain -
published June 4, 2016
4404 words

Who is Tom’s boyfriend again?

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Tom blinked lazily, the sleepiness crawling away with every bat. He sighed, content, but still a bit sleepy, as the sun shone through the curtains on onto the bed. He closed his eyes again, and slid an arm around his boyfriend.

Mike didn’t say anything; still asleep. Tom smiled, closing his eyes and groping at his boyfriend’s chest a little.

The two were in Tom’s apartment, in his room, in his bed. Mike had come over last night for some Netflix and chill. They managed to get through a season of House of Cards before they both started yawning, and Tom decided to let Mike stay the night. Tom smiled as he remembered how Mike refused at first, not wanting to, as he put it, “take advantage of his boyfriend’s hospitality.”

They didn’t end up having sex, but Tom liked sleeping alongside Mike. There was just something…comfortable about him. Something familiar. He supposed they were both quite similar; they were both studying Law in college, they were both quite open and frank with their feelings, and they both believed that in order to get ahead in life, you need to work at it, and never let yourself have any regrets.

Which was why Tom was slowly sliding his hand down towards his boyfriend’s cock. He didn’t want to regret not having sex with him when he could. He starts stroking Mike, who seemed to have a bit of a semi in his sleep, and felt the cock grow bigger, and bigger in his hand. Tom heard Mike moan, and grinned a little. Who said he wasn’t adventurous in bed?

Besides, he felt like he should do something nice for Mike today. Last night wasn’t all fun and games.

At one point, there had been a knock on the door. Tom went to go and answer it, and found a drunk Devon slurring about “getting his ultimate prize.”

Devon was a fellow alum at their college, but in a different program. He did, however, know Tom through and English course they had taken together. To put it nicely, Tom had a low opinion of Devon at the best of times. He found Devon rude, sleazy, and a little creepy, especially the way he always seemed to be staring at his ass. Drunk Devon was a million times worse, much sleazier, and much more prone to groping at Tom’s ass.

Tom let Devon in last night, not that he really had much of a choice, who then immediately started cussing Mike on sight. Devon and Mike had never really gotten along, but they had always been at the very least, civil towards one another. On this occasion however, the two almost came to blows.

From what Tom could gather, Devon had just broken up with his own boyfriend, Samuel, which he apparently only started dating because he looked a bit like Tom. He had come here tonight to “win Tom over,” because apparently he could do that now.

Then all the screaming happened. Mike basically told Devon that Tom was his own person, and he could make his own decisions, to which Devon replied: “Yeah, he can. And he’ll choose me over you.”

At that, Mike almost hit Devon, but Tom stopped him. Firmly, Tom told Devon that he was not welcome, and to leave. Devon looked at the two of them for a bit, before deflating a little. He apologized, said something about being drunk, and left.

Tom knew Mike was a little shaken at that; which was why he offered and let him stay the night. He also thought he deserved a little something for being the bigger man. Figuratively speaking, of course.

As Tom felt Mike’s cock grow in his hand, his boyfriend began to stir. Tom opened his eyes blearily, smiling. He was a little surprised, Mike’s cock felt…bigger, and thicker, than usual.

“Mmmm, you like that babe?” he said into his boyfriend’s neck.

“Oh yeah, baby, keep at it.”

That was not Mike’s voice.

Tom’s eyes snapped open, and he leapt up from his bed. He looked at the man who was sleeping beside him, and saw a bleary-eyed Devon staring back, confused.

“What’s the matter, babe?” said Devon, “You were doin’ it good.”

“What the fuck Devon!” he yelled, making Devon jolt up, “What the hell are you doing in my bed?!”

“Relax, babe,” said Devon, frowning in confusion, “You let me spend the night, remember?”

“I did no such thing!” Tom hissed, “Where’s Mike? What did you do with him?”

“Mike? Why are we talking about that loser?”

“That loser is my boyfriend!”

“Whoa, let’s calm down here, sweet cheeks,” said Devon, raising his hands, “I’m your boyfriend, remember?”

Tom narrowed his eyes. What was he talking about? Mike was his boyfriend, not Devon.

But there was something…something about the way he said it…something about his voice…

Tom shook my head. No, no, what was he thinking?

“Mike is my boyfriend,” he said, “What did you do with him? How did you even get in here?”

“You let me in last night, remember?”

“Well, yeah, but then you left!”

“I didn’t leave, Mike left,” said Devon patiently.

Tom frowned. That did not seem right. He didn’t remember that happening.

“No, you left,” he said, “I kicked you out.”

“You kicked Mike out for being a jackass,” said Devon, “He was drunk, remember? Talking about some ultimate prize or something.”

That sounded true. I remembered something about an ultimate prize. But…

“Didn’t you say that?” Tom asked, a little confused.

“Me? I’m the one who said you were your own person, and that you’d choose me over him.”

He did say that. Tom remembered Devon clearly saying that he would choose Devon over Mike. Tom frowned. Something was wrong. His head was starting to feel a bit…foggy.

“And why would I say that, if we weren’t boyfriends?” he continued, “I’d be totally deluded to say something like that if we weren’t together.”

That made sense. But…

“But I don’t…you’re not my boyfriend!”

“Then why am I here?” he countered, “Why are we naked in bed together?”

Naked? Tom looked down to see that, yes, he was naked. That didn’t seem right. He didn’t like to sleep naked. But here he was…next to Devon…

“Come on, babe,” he said, grinning sleazily, “Get that fat ass over here.”

Tom recoiled at his touch, remembering.

“Don’t touch me!” he said, slapping his hand away. Devon sighed.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t- you’re a creep!”

Devon raised an eyebrow at that.

“But you like it when I talk about your fat ass, remember?” he said, “It always makes you hard.”

“What are you talking about?” Tom was fed up with this bullshit, “I’ve always thought you were a creep!”

Devon grinned at that, and leaned in closer.

“So you don’t like it when I talk about how I want your fat ass on my thick cock?” he murmured. Instinctively, I recoiled, but…

“Don’t you like it when I tell you I want to fuck that ass so hard you cum without touching your dick?”

Tom bit his lip. He could feel himself getting harder, but…this didn’t seem right. Didn’t he find this kind of talk creepy?

“Yeah, you used to think my dirty talk was a bit weird,” Devon said, “But you got to like it after all those times I got that ass bouncing like a beach ball.”

The sheets slipped off his legs, and Tom could see his huge rod standing to attention. The sight of such a big, thick cock made my dick twitch, and he frowned again. He didn’t…he wasn’t… Tom shut his eyes and tried to think. He was confused. His boyfriend was…was it Devon? No, it couldn’t be. Why? He was naked in my bed, Tom got turned on by him…all the evidence said that Devon was his boyfriend…but…

“But Mike?” said Tom, “I thought…I was dating Mike…?”

And Mike didn’t have a huge cock! Tom remembered excitedly that he was surprised at how big his boyfriend’s cock had been this morning, almost like it was someone else’s cock!

“What is with you and Mike all of a sudden?” said Devon, frowning, “You don’t even like him! You always said you thought he was a fucking loser.”

“I did?”

“Yeah, you laughed in his face when he asked you out!”

No, that was clearly a lie…was it? Tom remembered going to restaurant with Mike…but Devon’s voice…was so…certain…

“I mean, you did go out with him, but it was only to be nice,” said Devon. Tom supposed that made sense.

“But then you broke up with him,” said Devon, “Remember? Because he was too small?”

Tom frowned at that. He had a distinct memory of thinking that he liked Mike’s 7 inches, because it was the perfect size; not too big, not too small. He wasn’t a size queen. Was he?

“You loved my cock from the first time we met, remember?”

What? He liked Devon’s big cock? He looked at it again, thick and huge…it was turning him on…

“Do you remember our first conversation?” asked Devon. Tom nodded slowly.

“It was…I was on a date,” said Tom, “With Mike.

“We went to a restaurant. Nothing too fancy, but it was nice,” Tom smiled, “He made a joke about the free breadsticks, about stuffing them in our pockets to save for later. The dinner was nice, we talked about a lot of things. Which schools we went to as kids. What we wanted to do in the future. Who we wanted to be…”

“Yeah, boring stuff,” snorted Devon. Tom frowned. It hadn’t been boring…had it? Then again…Tom did kind of remember agreeing to the date because he felt sorry for Mike…maybe give him a chance…

“There’s only so much you can talk about the future, before it sounds like you’re up yourself,” continued Devon. Tom had to agree with him there. People that prattled on and on about how they were the “future generation of leaders,” or whatever were quite insufferable. Had Mike been like that on their first date?

“Then you guys went outside, and saw me,” said Devon, urging the story on. Tom snapped out of his reverie.

“Uh, yeah,” he said, “We ate dinner, and went out for a walk.

“We were walking down the street, when you whistled at us. We ignored you, but then you came up to us and started talking to us.

“I knew you from class, so I stopped to say hello. Mike was being polite, asking questions and stuff…but you didn’t pay attention to him,” said Tom, looking up at Devon.

“You were flirting with me,” Tom continued, a little accusatory, “I remember thinking Mike didn’t like that.”

“Yeah,” grinned Devon, “I remember you couldn’t keep your eyes off my cock.”

Tom frowned. He did remember having to look at Devon’s crotch a lot…was that because he kept thrusting it at him when Mike wasn’t looking? Or was it because it made him feel…horny? Looking at it certainly made him feel horny now. Tom subconsciously bit his lip.

“I remember I made you suck it,” said Devon, grabbing Tom by the nape of his neck, “Like this!”

He forced Tom’s mouth over his hard cock, and Tom took it, gagging at first. Instinctively, he sucked, taking it in deep and long. The feel of Devon’s thick shaft in his mouth triggered something inside Tom, making him remember that night after the restaurant in sharp focus.

Tom hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off Devon’s bulge when they were talking, thinking about how big it must be. As they said their goodbyes and walked away, Devon had slapped Tom’s ass, making him flinch and almost moan in pleasure. He reached behind to rub his ass when he found a piece of folded paper in the waistline of his underwear:


Mike talked about how “unpleasant,” and “distasteful,” Devon had been, with Tom agreeing passively. The Walgreens was a quite a way away from Tom’s place…which Mike hadn’t seen yet…

Tom ended up leading Mike towards to Walgreens, in front of a random house, and said goodbye. He watched Mike leave, then snuck off to the mentioned alley. Devon was waiting there, grinning.

Tom remembered Devon leaning back on the alley wall, as he got on his knees and sucked on Devon’s thick rod. He remembered the taste, how it felt growing down his throat, how his tongue wrapped itself around the head…

“I fucked you then too,” moaned Devon, still telling the story, “Made you cum all over that nice shirt you were wearing.”

Tom remembered Devon’s thick cock pounding him from behind as he stood bent over, hands pushing against the brick wall. Devon was slapping his ass, groping it, calling him his slut. He remembered Devon’s dick filling him up, stretching him out, pounding him in places that made him scream and shout. He remembered Devon placing a hand over his mouth, so that he wouldn’t make as much noise, whispering about how he was gonna make him cum without touching his cock.

He remembered cumming hard, all over his date shirt, as Devon’s unprotected exploded in his ass.

Devon’s voice made it sound all so real. Was it real? He was remembering this, right?

Devon let go of Tom’s head, and Tom came up gasping for air. His head was buzzing, confused. He was…he liked…


Tom would never have unprotected sex. He and his boyfriend always used condoms, to be safe.

Didn’t they?

“Condoms was Mike’s thing,” said Devon, “You always said you like the feeling of hot meat up your hole.”

The words bounced around Tom’s head, filling his thoughts. Tom shook his head, and realized that Devon was right. What had he been thinking?

“Yeah, fuck that,” said Tom, making Devon grin, “Fresh meat is the best meat.”

Mike was a square. Some small-dicked loser with average looks who on a whim asked Tom out. Tom had laughed in his face when that happened. It was just so surreal; this pasty-faced, average guy, asking him out?

Tom clearly remembered this all. So…

“Why was I even in a relationship with Mike for so long?” wondered Tom.

Devon scoffed at that.

“Please. That was your idea,” he said.

“It was?”

“Don’t tell me you regret it,” said Devon, a little incredulously, “We had some of the best sex when you were dating the small-dicked loser. You loved stringing that vanilla prude along.”

Now that Devon mentioned it, Tom did see his point. He bit his lip as he remembered all the times he and Mike went on dates where Devon was texting Tom pictured of his cock the entire time.

Tom looked down at Devon’s cock again, and remembered one time, when he and Mike were in a very fancy restaurant. They were in the middle of the main course, and Mike had been in the middle of a story, when Devon texted Tom a message:


Mike was still talking.

“So, the waiter was just standing there, with a look of absolute astonishment on his face, and he-”

“Sorry, one sec,” interrupted Tom, “Bathroom.”

Mike sat there, looking a little miffed as Tom felt his cock grow harder with each step towards the bathroom.

Devon had been waiting in a stall, in a fancy suit, with his dick out.

“Pants,” he had ordered Tom.

Tom had pulled down his pants, to reveal the navy-blue jockstrap he had been wearing. Devon had ordered him to wear either jockstraps or nothing on his dates with Mike. Half an hour and two hands-free orgasms later, Tom returned to the table, looking slightly disheveled, sweaty, and unbeknownst to Mike, with a payload up his ass.

“Where have you been?” demanded Mike.

“What? I was just taking a piss,” said Tom.

Mike had pursed his lips, but had let it slide. Later, as they left, Devon made his presence known to them both, which had not helped with Mike’s mood. This had gone on for about a month, with Tom’s absences getting longer and longer. Finally, Mike had called Tom’s cell phone one night after waiting for him to leave the “bathroom,” for two hours.

Tom was riding Devon at the time. He was about to put the phone back into his suit jacket pocket, but Devon made him answer.

“Huh! Yeah? Mike?” said Tom, trying not to moan into the phone.

“What the hell, Tom? Where are you?”

“In…I’m in the fuck I’m in the bathroom!”

They were actually in the alley behind the restaurant. Devon was lying on top of the lid of the industrial garbage bin, and Tom was twerking on his dick like he was riding a horse.

“No, you’re not, I checked there! Where the fuck are you?”

Devon motioned Tom to put it on speaker phone. Tom obliged.

“You…must’ve hnnh! must’ve missed! Me!”

Silence on the other end, then a sigh.

“Tom…what’s going on with you?” asked Mike, “You’re acting kind of weird lately.”

“Weird?” said Tom, voice slightly higher than normal, “Nah. I’m good.”

At that moment, Devon slapped Tom’s ass with both hands, hard.

“Aaaah!” moaned Tom, before he could stop himself.

“What was that?” asked Mike.

“N-nothing!” said Tom, trying to hold back his moans. Devon was grabbing onto Tom’s ass now, pushing his hips up and down.

“Are you-”

“L-listen!” interrupted Tom, before Mike could say anything. Devon was really going at it now, his hips thumping hard against the metal bin, and Tom’s prostate. Tom snatched the phone up and turned off speaker phone.

“I-I-unh! I think! We this isn’t- fuck me~ this isn’t…working…out!”

Tom’s mouth changed into a perfect ‘o’ shape, his voice catching in his throat. He was so close. So close!

Mike was silent for a while.

“…yeah,” he said eventually, “this isn’t really working out.”

“No? Hard! Feelings?” managed Tom, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as his dick tightened.

“…I guess I just thought that we had something, y’know? Something like…”

Tom assumed Mike kept talking as he came harder than he had ever in his life, bursting all over his suit jacket. At one point, he dropped the phone, and didn’t pick it up again until a few orgasms later. By then, Mike had let go, and Tom realized that they had broken up.

Mike was with Samuel now, one of Devon’s exes. Devon knew they were together because he apparently caught them fucking in park the other week.

Tom shivered as his boyfriend stopped whispering the story in his ear. He turned to look at Devon, biting his lip at the sight of the naked body.

“Mmmmm,” he said, “I guess was a little disappointed when it ended.”

“Trying to make me jealous?” grinned Devon, grabbing Tom’s ass, “You know this is mine.”

Mine, mine…Devon’s voice bounced around in Tom’s head. Tom grinned.

“Yeah, baby,” he moaned, “Tell me what you’ll do to me.”

“Tell you? How about I show you?” said Devon, slapping Tom’s ass.

Before Tom could say anything, Devon was kissing him, deeply and passionately. Tom closed his eyes, giving into Devon’s mouth and tongue.

As they kissed, the boyfriends got hornier, and hornier, with Tom eventually getting on top of Devon and kissing him down. Devon kept a hand on Tom’s ass, slapping it whenever Tom tried to get aggressive. His other hand travelled up to Tom’s chest, where he started to play with his nipples, flicking them, tracing over them with him fingers. Tom moaned, arousal growing as he felt his boyfriend’s hard cock underneath him, lodged between his ass cheeks. He started bucking back and forth, rubbing the shaft along his hungry hole. Devon grinned.

“Yeah, baby,” he moaned, “How ‘bout you turn that around so I can see what’s mine?”

Tom complied, turning around on all fours, sticking his butt in Devon’s face.

“Yeah, that’s my perfect ass,” said Devon, slapping it, “Who’s ass is this?”


“That’s right,” said Devon, “You know what to do.”

With that, Tom started to deepthroat Devon’s cock, taking all 10 inches down his throat. He remembered how he at first, had choked on the dick, but now, he could take it all like a pro.

Devon laid his head back on the headboard and let out a moan, grinning. He had it. Finally. His ultimate prize.

He looked up at the perfect ass in his face, and couldn’t help but smack it again. Tom let out a small moan on his cock, which made Devon even harder. Devon reached for the bedside table, and picked up the bottle of lube. He poured generous amounts over Tom’s crack, and pushed a finger inside his hole. It went in smoothly, but it was still tight around his finger. Devon couldn’t help but grin as he thought of how good it would feel to have over his dick.

“Alright, that’s enough dick-sucking,” said Devon, “How about you show me why I made that ass mine?”

Tom got up, sucking Devon’s cock to the very tip, then looked back at his boyfriend, grinning.

“You sure you can take it?” he teased.

Devon slapped Tom’s ass again, making him moan.

“Get on it,” he growled. Tom needed no more encouragement.

He moved his ass over Devon’s dick, and slowly began to lower himself. Devon kept his dick straight up with his hand. He closed his eyes as he felt his head begin to enter Tom’s tight hole.

“Huuunnh!” Tom moaned as he felt Devon slowly sliding inside him, “Guh!”

It was so big, pushing and pressing against Tom’s insides, rubbing against spots Tom didn’t even know about. And it wasn’t even all the way in!

“You like that dick, huh?” said Devon, “You like my big dick up your hungry hole.”

The words echoed in Tom’s mind.

“Hah!” Tom moaned, “Y-y-yes!”

He finally felt his ass reach Devon’s hips. Fuck! Devon was so big, so deep inside him, pushing spots Tom had never felt pushed before.


Tom’s dick was twitching like crazy; he was so hard. He loved Devon’s long, 10 inch dick stretching him out, deep in his insides! He loved how the warm, slippery cock felt inside him, how much it made it him hard.

Devon made his cock twitch inside Tom, and grabbed his ass.

“Who’s got the best dick?” he demanded.

“You do!” moaned Tom, in heat. His nipples were stiff, and his cock steel hard. He started to bounce, small, little jiggles at first, feeling the hard cock rub hard against his prostate. His mouth was open, drooling a little.

Devon slapped his ass again.

“Who’s ass is this?”

“Yours! It’s your ass!”

“What’s my name?”


“So who’s ass is this?!”

“Devon’s!” screamed Tom, “It’s Devon’s fat, perfect ass!”

“Yeah it is,” Devon grunted, as Tom started to ride harder, faster, “Bounce my perfect ass on my thick cock!”

“Yes! Devon!”

It was better than Devon could ever have imagined; Tom’s perfect ass bouncing on his hard rod. The sight of the ass jiggling on him was almost enough to send him over the edge itself, but held back. He wanted to make this special.

Suddenly, Devon grabbed at Tom’s hips, and pushed him forward, on all fours.

“Hunnngh!” moaned Tom, cock still inside his ass.

“My turn,” grinned Devon, as he started to thrust into Tom.

Tom’s eyes grew wider, his moans louder as Devon drilled into him, hard and fast.

“You like my dick, don’t you, slut?” moaned Devon as he fucked Tom.

“Yes! Devon!”

“You like my dick so much, you don’t need other guys, right?” Devon whispered.

The words rang in Tom’s ears.

“So…much…don’t…need…other! Guys!” Tom groaned. His balls were full with cum, dick so close to bursting. He was so close…so close…

“My dick is best dick, right?”

“Devon’s! Dick! Best!”

“You’re my slut, right?”

“I’m! Your! Slut!”

Devon slapped Tom’s ass, hard.

“Say it! Say it again!”

“Devon’s! Dick! Is! Best!” Tom howled, “I’m! Devon’s! Slut!”

“You are MINE!”

“I’m! Yours!”


“I’m! Yours!”


“I’m! Yours!” Tom couldn’t help it anymore! Devon’s dick was too good!


Tom’s legs locked, and asshole tightened as he came hard, exploding all over his chest, arms, and face, body rocking with orgasm as he spilled load after load. Devon seeing that he made Tom cum from fucking his ass alone, was enough to send him over, as he burst inside Tom, his hot, sticky cum filling Tom’s stretched hole.

“Fffffffuck!” Devon moaned, as he thrust one final time, cum starting to ooze out of Tom’s ass. Tom shuddered, then collapsed, spent from orgasm.

Devon grinned, looking down at his boyfriend. Tom looked back, and smiled.

“I love you,” said Tom, much to Devon surprise. Devon felt a sudden rush of affection for his boyfriend.

“I love you too,” he said, and he meant it.

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