Plenty of Time For Fun

Series Summary

Van is a college student with a very special watch

Author Title Published
Perks is the place to be...
9/7/20, 5:08 AM
5/7/19, 11:18 AM
1/3/19, 9:41 AM
4835 words
Van brings his plan for Jake to its conclusion
11/9/18, 10:57 AM
We see some consequences of Van's actions, and there's a new development with the watch
10/21/18, 9:27 AM
3762 words
Van sets the next part of his plan in motion
9/9/18, 6:36 AM
Van puts a new plan in motion and notices a change in himself
8/5/18, 6:38 AM
Van has a hook up that doesn't end as planned
7/14/18, 5:41 AM
Van uses the watch to see what goes on behind closed doors in the dorm
6/16/18, 8:34 AM
Van uses his watch to deal with a homophobic frat boy
5/29/18, 5:02 AM