Love Begins at Home

Pastor Peter Johnson and the young men in his congregation are infiltrated by a man with a potent power of suggestions. The families of the congregation won’t be the same after he’s done with them.
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Jiang Pratt is all set to dominate in the debate championship, but when Tanner shows up the championship agenda includes some items that they didn't before, to Jiang's confusion.
Tanner visits Peter at his home and the two enjoy a couple glasses of whiskey as they talk about their time at seminary. The mood changes when Blake comes home from work and tries alcohol for the first time.
Tony runs away after the birthday celebration, and Blake sends a message to Devon to go look for him. Devon and Tony get closer.
Tanner helps the Russos celebrate Tony's birthday by joining in Russo family traditions, including gift-giving, birthday spankings, and letting the birthday boy get the first bites of cake and ice cream.
Tanner visits the Russo family to celebrate Tony’s birthday. Tony has difficulty getting the lawn mowed.
Peter greets his parishioners after his Sunday sermon. A transition chapter.
Devon learns that keeping his father from his old habits will require more work than he anticipated.
Peter tries to follow Tanner's advice to purge himself of his dark desires by indulging them, and finds that outsourcing his problem to the web pays dividends.
Pastor Johnson receives some advice from Tanner over the phone.