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Author Name Published
A company has a unique way to protect its computers, What happens when an employee installs it on his computer and is accidentally activated by his neighbor?
4/3/21 3:32 PM
Jeremy's brother Sergey just came home from the military. Some secrets unfolds as jeremy finds out that his brother was part of a goverment experiment. How would he manage with this information?
3/30/21 6:34 PM
A student accidentally finds out that his favorite teacher has this special implant. What could he possibly do with it?
1/25/21 8:00 AM
Two men unknowingly insults a Mountain Spirit during their hike. Read as the Spirit punishes them as he pleases
12/29/20 8:51 PM
4349 words
A day in the life of a married couple that loves hypnosis. Watch as they play and help each other.
5/20/20 5:53 PM
Philip is a hardworking farmer on the land owned by the overbearing Rody. Only he doesn’t know what Rody has up his sleeves.
5/6/20 7:35 PM
A soon-to-be-married groom is having doubts on how he will do on his honeymoon, considering he was a virgin. But what he doesn’t know is that he may already be over prepared with the help of his best friend.
3/29/20 7:18 PM
2807 words
A cop has been unconsciously helping an imprisoned drug lord manage his drug trade while in prison.
3/28/20 5:49 PM
A young actor has help from his acting coach to portray specific characters, in front and behind the camera.
11/1/19 4:59 PM
Nathan is a scientist working with nanobots. What would happen if he tested his finish product on his neighbour crush Brendan?
1/24/18 6:03 PM