It Takes Two

By MindManiac
published May 20, 2020
4349 words

A day in the life of a married couple that loves hypnosis. Watch as they play and help each other.

This one here is a result of an early morning inspiration. I’d like to think of this as my biggest ‘fluff’ story.

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Jerry woke up to a sudden motion coming from bellow. The sun was just about to rise as a few rays of light hit the walls. The blond muscular man lifted the covers to be greeted by his husband’s face bobbing on his hard cock from underneath. He noticed his lower body was straddled by his husband who fished out his morning wood from his pajamas. His hazel eyes greet with the lustful gaze of the dark ones giving him pleasure.

Upon noticing that his husband’s is awake and staring at him, Chris pulled the dick out of his mouth and smiled.

“Good morning babe.” He said in a somewhat tired morning voice, which makes him sound seductive to Jerry.

Jerry smiled back while his hand reached to cup the cheek of his dark-haired lover. “Good morning to you too. I thought I removed the morning blowjobs trigger, didn’t it work?”

Chris chuckled as he continues to stoke the hard cock and said “Just because you removed the trigger, doesn’t mean I won’t want to do it from time to time”. He then licked the tip of the throbbing hard on before engulfing it whole again.

Moans filled the bedroom. Jerry always loved that Chris has a natural talent at giving head. It almost seems like he was born without the ability to gag. The blond could only moan as his fingers tangle themselves on the curls of dark hair on his lover’s head.

When Jerry felt that he was getting close, he cleared his throat to say “Fleshlight love”.

Chris was sucking on the tip of the Jerry’s dick when he heard that phrase. His eyes suddenly lost its focus and he froze in place. Jerry slowly pulled of his husband’s mouth, leaving Chris frozen in place with his mouth still forming an ‘o’.

Jerry the pulled himself up to kneel on the bed, with his hard cock directly at Chris’ face. He then gripped his husband’s face to angle it directly at his dick. He slowly entered the frozen mouth and began to fuck it slowly. Soon after, he picked up his speed until he was full on fucking his lover’s mouth.

Normally he’d be worried when doing something like that, but from years of knowing Chris, he knew he actually liked it rough. They do that often to the point that there were times where Chris almost puked on the bed.

As the pleasure builds up in Jerry, he picked up his speed in his thrusts. All the while, Chris silently accepts the assault on his mouth. It didn’t take long until Jerry was shooting his load deep into Chris’ mouth and throat. Once he was down from his high, Jerry slid himself out causing some of his cum to dribble down from Chris’ mouth.

He then grabbed his husband by the shoulder to bring his face close to him. With his body still frozen, Chris followed the hands that grabbed him until he was kneeling on the same level as Jerry. The blond then grabbed his husband and began to make out with the well fucked mouth that still has his cum inside.

After a while, he pulled away and said “Come back now” before snapping his fingers.

The life suddenly went back to the dark-haired man’s eyes. After regaining his consciousness, Chris’ eyes went to Jerry and began to kiss him again.

“I was hoping you’d use that” Chris said as they’re now laying on the bed in each other’s arms once again.

“How could I not? You know you like it”


“You have that big meeting later right?”

The couple were now on their way to the dining room to properly start their day. After ‘cleaning up’ the remnants of his lover’s cum, Chris decided to have their breakfast together since they’re already awake.

“Yeah, I just hope I don’t mess it up. I feel like my promotion depends on it.” Jerry answered as they entered the dining room. Before he could say anything further, Chris grabbed him by the shoulder to look at him. Though he was the taller and more muscular of the two, Chris wasn’t a slacker on that department.

“Look, I know you’ve been tense about this presentation for a month now. Just do what you always do and you’ll knock it out of the park. I’m sure” Chris said in an encouraging tone while giving him a smile.

Jerry couldn’t stop himself from smiling back before pulling his husband for another tight hug. “Thanks babe, I needed that.”

They stayed like that for a few seconds before they hear both of their stomachs growl. They pulled apart while laughing.

“So, what should we have for breakfast?” Asked Jerry.

“Hmmm… I don’t know. Maybe I should ask ‘Mister Cooker’?” Chris said while smiling mischievously at his husband.

When he heard what his husband said, Jerry’s eyes suddenly lost focus and his body straightened up with his hands clasped behind him. “Chef Jeremiah, reporting for duty” he said in a monotonous voice.

Chris smiled and said “Welcome back chef. Could you please prepare your signature omelet for breakfast? Make it good for two.”.

“Of course sir. I’ll get on it.” Jerry, or Jeremiah right now, then went to the fridge to prepare the ingredients for the said dish. Chris just went to sit on one of the chairs on their dining room to watch his husband cook, looking sexy in his plain shirt and pajamas as he began to beat the eggs.

Cooking has always been one of Jerry’s weaknesses. He always felt insecure that Chris could manage to cook a five-course meal while he could barely cook pancakes without completely burning one side. On one of their anniversaries Jerry tried to cook for Chris to make it special, but it only ended with some of their pans being burned and the two of them eating instant noodles instead. Though still romantic for Chris, Jerry was utterly embarrassed about himself for days, weeks even.

The solution? A new personality. Though it may seem that Jerry would never learn how to cook (Chris knows after a ton of cooking lessons that became disasters), Jeremiah was able to fill in for Jerry when it comes to cooking. A trance and an hour of implanting recipes ended up with Jerry cooking some of the tastiest food Chris has ever tasted. Chris even admits that Jerry/Jeremiah cooks somewhat better that him now.

He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard the placement of two plates on the table. A delightful smell suddenly hit his nose causing him to get hungrier. Chris looked down and saw two plates with beautifully placed omelets on them, complete with utensils and two cups of coffee.

“Order up sir.” Jeremiah said as he stood up straight next to Chris in his stance before.

Chris smiled and said “Good job love. Come back now” before snapping his fingers.

Jerry shakes himself awake as he came back to his senses. His eyes wander around for a second before looking down on the dining table and his husband. He smiled and sat down next to Chris before kissing him on the cheek.

“Thanks for that. Luckily my subconscious didn’t burn our kitchen down.” Jerry said as he eyes the food in front of them.

Chris laughed and said “How could I not? You’re literally better than me now”.

Jerry smiled lovingly and said “Well, you’ll always be my favorite cook.”.

“Jerry! It’s twenty minutes before the start of the meeting! Head over there now!”

Jerry grumbles as he thrashes his desk while looking for a certain paper that he needed. It was ‘cheat sheet’ as he calls it. That piece of scratch paper has the flow of his speech that needs during the presentation. The powerpoint presentation was already prepared as it is and he’s already in his best suit, all that’s left was that paper. It doesn’t help that his boss was literally screaming at him every now and then to get his ass to the conference hall.

“Just a second sir! I’ll be on my way!” He yelled aimlessly as he continued to tear his desk apart in search for that damned piece of paper.

Just then, his phone began to vibrate on his pocket. He’d normally just ignore it during a stressful time like this, but something about the pattern in the vibration compelled him to pick up.

Without checking who was calling, he answered.

“Whatever it is can it wait for 2 hours?” he said as his other hand rummages through a random drawer.

“Nice to hear from you too babe!” Said the overly cheerful voice on the phone. Jerry paused for a second to absorb who exactly was calling him.

“Chris? What is it? I’m minutes away from this fucking meeting.” He answered absentmindedly as he continued his search.

“You’re minutes away and you’re panicking right? And let me guess, you lost another one of your cheat sheets?” Chris said in a somewhat amused tone. Jerry stopped to think for a second before groaning out loud.

“I put it in your bag by accident, didn’t I?” He said while a hand came up to massage his forehead.

He heard a small laugh from the other end of the line. “Imagine my surprise when I saw a paper with your handwriting on it. I thought you sneaked in a love letter.”

Jerry tried to calm himself down before he talked back. “Can you please just take a picture of it and send it? I really need it right now”.

“No time for that, and you wouldn’t be able to read it properly through your phone.”

“Then what am I supposed to do!? Just fucking stutter my way through this?!” Jerry couldn’t stop himself from snapping at his husband. The stress became overwhelming.

Chris waited for a few seconds before answering. “No. but maybe you could go to ‘Paradise island resort’?”.

Jerry stopped his search on his desk and he sat on his chair. “P-paradise island resort?” he said in a more calm voice, though still with a bit of stress.

Chris continued to speak but now in a hushed tone. “Yeah, let’s go back. Remember that place. The resort we went to for our honeymoon all those years ago. The crashing waves, the warm sun, the calming wind. Do you remember now?”

Jerry was starting to lose focus once again and said “Y-y-yes. I remember”.

“Good. Just remember how good it felt back then. Feel the same pleasure crash back to you. Do you feel it?”

Jerry was now slumped on his chair with his back leaning fully. His eyes lost focus and his hand was barely holding his phone up to his ear. “Yes, I feel it.”

“Great. Now, I want you to see yourself on the beach. The man you see is a calm, cool, and collected man. What are you now?”

“A calm, cool, collected man” Jerry answered in a mere whisper.

“Yes, yes you are. Now, I want you to imagine the paper you were saying. You can see it clearly in your head. Every scribble, every word, and every phrase, can you see it?”

In Jerry’s mind he saw a piece of paper slowly appear. Little by little, the paper was filled with the notes he had for the meeting. “Yes, I see it now.”

“Great. That piece of paper is now ingrained on your head for the whole meeting. You will remain the calm, cool, and collected man that you are. You will be confident during the whole meeting. Do you understand?”


“Okay, when I hang up, you will wake up and remember all that I’ve said before. Your notes are now in your mind and you will remain calm and confident. Go get ‘em tiger!”

When Jerry heard the call end, he shakes himself to wake up. He looks around his desk and saw the chaos he caused on the hunt for his notes. When he thought of that piece of paper again, the notes suddenly cam up in his mind. He remembered the contents fully from start to finish.

He was about to call Chris back when his boss barged into him again and said “Come one Jerry! Five minutes left!”

Across town, Chris was on his station on one of the famous restaurants in town. As one of the main chefs, his work station has always been one of the busiest. A couple of soups and vegetable stews later, he was off to take his second break of the day. It was late in the afternoon, which makes the people in the restaurant still in the low numbers. It also means that the dinner rush was approaching them. That didn’t bother Chris though since his shift ends before the rush begins properly.

Chris walks to the ‘employee lounge’ area where they were free to leave their belonging in cubby holes and take breaks. He was the only one in the room at the moment. Chris decided to check on his phone for any messages or anything to pass the fifteen minutes.

Just then, his phone rang. Chris looked at the screen and saw that it was Jerry calling, which he picked up immediately.

“Hey babe, how’s the meeting?” He said in his usual cheerful tone.

“It was great babe! Bossman was so impresses that he did give the promotion!” Jerry said excitedly on the phone.

“That’s good babe! Those nights you spent working really paid off huh?”

“Yes and more! Thank you so much Chris! Thanks for helping me remember my notes!”

Chris just smiled and said “It’s the least I can do for you Jerry.”

A few seconds of silence greeted them both before Jerry talked again. “Its your break time right now, right? You alone in there?”

“Yes babe. I still have about ten-ish minutes and no one else is here with me”

“Well, you wouldn’t mind if I said… ‘apricot shaker’?” Jerry said with a tone of mischief in his voice.

Suddenly, Chris felt something vibrate within him. He felt something shake across his prostate. Like some vibrator on a very low level.

“W-w-what?” Chris said while still trying to maintain his composure.

“I said, you know what an ‘apricot shaker’ right?”

The vibrations in his hole went up a level. He was still able to stand properly in front of his cubby hole, but his knees were noticeably shaking now.

“I mean, you said you like ‘apricot shakers’ right? I did give you ‘apricot shakers’ for our anniversary. Don’t you remember those ‘apricot shakers’?”. Chris could practically see Jerry’s smug look by the way he talked.

As his husband said those particular words, Chris could feel himself slowly give in to the pleasure building up in him. He was slowly getting a hard on and was now moaning on the phone.

“Are you okay Chris? Is it the ‘apricot shakers’? Tell me if it’s the ‘apricot shakers’? I might have to put away those ‘apricot shakers’. The ‘apricot shakers’ is clearly having an effect on you.

Chris couldn’t stop himself from suddenly falling to his knees as the intensity within him increase. He could practically feel himself leak pre-cum on his underwear. He was now moaning as started to hump the air behind him as his other hand went to reach for his hardon through his pants. It feels like he was actually being fucked right there.

“F-f-fuck…” He whispered to the phone.

Jerry seemingly lowered his voice as he talked back to the phone. “You like that? You like the ‘apricot shakers’? Well how about a ‘blown apricot’?”

With that, Chris’ eyes widened as an explosion of pleasure appears inside of him making him moan out loud. It took him all of his strength to not fall over the floor since he still needed to go back to work.

The vibration inside him went up a level so high like he never felt before. He felt like he was cumming but oddly enough he doesn’t feel any cum coming out of him, like a dry orgasm of sorts.

It took him a full minute to regain his composure, but before he could talk back to his husband, Jerry said “Think of that as a thanks for helping he today. See you at home today!”. the call ended.

Chris was about to call Jerry back when he heard the door to the employee lounge open. He quickly stood up before anyone could enter.

“Hey man, break’s over! It’s my turn, and get back there quick. You know how bad Nicole can be when she’s pissed” said one of his co-workers. He just sighed and went back to the kitchen.

It was about 9pm when Chris and Jerry stumbled into their bedroom as they were in each other’s arms. They were making out with one another as they crashed into the bed. They only pulled away when they felt like they needed air.

Jerry, who laying on top of Chris, was the first to break the silence. “Thanks for the dinner babe. Amazing as always.”

Chris just chuckled and said “Anything for my newly promoted husband. Besides, that’s just part one of this celebration.”

The blond leaned in to peck his husband’s lips and said “What do have in mind babe?”

“Well, seeing that you have another career achievement under your belt, this reward will involve the thing under your belt.” They both laughed at that.

“To be exact, you’ll be in charge for tonight. Whatever you want big boy, I’m up for it.” Chris continued while gazing at the hazel eyes looking at him.

“Really? I just took the lead the last time we did it. Are you sure?” Jerry asked, to which his husband just nodded eagerly. He took his time in thinking what he wants for tonight. Until it suddenly struck him.

Jerry laid down next to Chris and said “You know, these past few days have been stressful to my mind. Maybe you could handle that, if you know what I mean?”.

Chris’ eyes widened in shock and he looked as the blond. “Do you mean… ‘that’ trigger? You mean it?”

The blond just nodded and said “I just want to forget being me for a while. It’s just so tiring from time to time.”.

Both of them sat in silence until Chris spoke up. “Well, if that’s what you want, then let’s do it”

With that, the two of them stripped off their clothes until they’re both naked. They made out for a while as they caress each other’s body. After that, Chris motioned Jerry to lay down on the bed so they could begin.

“Are you ready for this?”

As he settled on the bed, Jerry said “Give it to me”

Chris breathed deeply before saying “’Head drain’ now.”.

It all happened quickly for Jerry. One minute he was laying on their bed while he was looking at the love of his life. Then suddenly he felt his mind draining. His eyes lost focus as he felt his intelligence drain from an imaginary hole on his head. His mouth dropped open as he started to drool, while his mind was turning to mush.

Chris on the other hand was slowly being turned on as we watched his husband. He found it pleasurable to watch the confident and intelligent man slowly crumble to the intelligence of a five-year-old. He watched as his drool starts to hit his chest, which he wiped onto the skin it touched.

Jerry suddenly snapped out of whatever trance he was in. His eyes met with Chris’, who then said “How do you feel now?”

It took jerry a few seconds to find the words. “I… I feel… uh… fine… I… think?” He said with a certain slowness to his thoughts.

Chris just laughed then said, “No babe, you got it wrong. You don’t think. Only I think in this house, remember?”

Jerry’s eyes suddenly became lively at the realization. “Oh! Yes! Me forgot ‘bout that. Jer says sorry Chris”.

The dark-haired man just ruffled the blond’s hair before pulling him into a heated kiss. At this state of mind, Jerry has been reduced to an IQ so low that he’s always blissfully unaware of things. He just let Chris take control of the kiss, when in fact it is usually him who was more dominant during these things.

Chris pulled himself off and said “How do you feel right now Jerry?”

“Me feels goooood! Jer jr. down is also good! See?” he said as he gripped his fully erect cock. He started to play with it by slapping it on his stomach and other hand. Chris just smiled at the childish behavior before removing Jerry’s hands on his cock and replacing them with his own. He began to stroke it slowly causing Jerry to moan out loud.

With a dumb smile on his face, Jerry said “Ooohhh,.. Jer jr. feels niiiice”.

After a while, Christ stops and let’s go of the hard erection which caused Jerry to complain. “Why you stop!? Me wants feel good!”

“Don’t worry Jerry, I know how to make you feel better that that. Now, why don’t you lift you knees and try to spread it open. Lift them as high up as you can.”

Jerry just smiled and did as told, he bucked his arms bellow his knees and began to lift them towards his head, causing the blond’s pink hole to be fully exposed. “Like this?” he asked with the dumb smile again.

“Yeah, just like that big boy. Now hold still.”

It was hot for Chris to see the bigger man act like such a clueless person, and the position he was in right now didn’t help him in his horniness. He then lowered his head until he was face to face with the pink hole of his husband. After one experimental lick and earning a moan from the blond, Chris went all the way and ate out Jerry.

The blond could only throw his head back as he began to feel so good that he began to talk in gibberish. Not only did the trigger make him dumber, it also made him a whole lot more sensitive.

This went on for a while until Chris felt he already had his fill of it. He pulled away from the puckered hole and reached over to a drawer near their bed to fish out lube. Once he got the bottle out, he simply poured some to his hand and began to spread it on his hard erection.

“What’s Chris up to?” said the still clueless Jerry.

“You’ll see…” was the only reply Chris gave.

When he felt himself to be slippery enough, Chris slowly pushed himself in to the inviting hole.

“W-w-what is Chris d-d-doing? What t-t-this big i-i-in me?”

Chris just chuckled as he continued to push in. Once he was fully inside, the groans of discomfort coming from Jerry became moans of utter pleasure.

They got into a rhythm that was pleasurable to the two of them. It reached a point where the dumbed down Jerry’s eyes were rolling to the back of his head as the 7-inch cock of his husband kept on hitting his ‘sweet spot’ as he called it. Chris was nearly the same as with every thrust he did, he felt himself closer and closer to cumming.

“Aaahhh… yess… Jer loves this… Chris… more… more please…” said Jerry who was now in a haze of pleasure.

It didn’t take long after that until Chris felt that he was bout to cum. A few mor thrusts, he buries himself deep into his lover as he releases ropes upon roped of cum from within. The sensation of feeling the warm liquid within him achieved the same effect on Jerry.

“Aahhhh… yeeesss… wait… Jer jr… Chris I’m about to peeeee… sorry-ahhhhh”

Jerry was cut off with his own pleasure washing over him, with his cock shooting his load on to his chest and stomach. He looked like a malfunctioned machine for a second before he slowly regained his composure.

When Chris got his own composure back, he leaned towards a still heavily breathing Jerry and said “Come back now” before snapping his fingers.

The blissful dumbness that was in Jerry’s eyes slowly disappeared as he turned back to normal. He then smiled and pulled Chris towards him to kiss him once more. Chris, on the other hand, pulled out and surrendered fully to the kiss.

They pulled apart to catch their breath and they just gazed into each other’s eyes. “Thanks for that babe. Best gift ever.” Said Jerry, clearly spent as his low voice indicated.

“Anything for you love. Should we clean up?”

“Nah, we can just take a shower tomorrow. Besides, we were supposed to change these sheets tomorrow, might as well do it both then.”

“Hmm… okay then. So, should we call it a night?”


They slowly reached out a finger to touch each other’s noses and said



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