Copper Slave

By MindManiac
published March 28, 2020
2807 words

A cop has been unconsciously helping an imprisoned drug lord manage his drug trade while in prison.

Hey everyone! This idea has been stuck with me for a while and I only now find the right time to write it down. Please comment what you like or hate about it!

It was about 10:00 pm and it was lights out in the local prison with certain cop is making his last rounds in the cells. Walking around the halls, looking for stubborn inmates to yell at just before going to his main destination. He walked through most of the main halls before heading to the staircase leading to the basement where the most ‘important’ (i.e. dangerous) inmates are held. This part of the prison is the most secured wherein every inch is watched by a group of security cameras that always has an officer keeping guard, yes even the bathrooms of each cells. Even the slightest suspicious move seen through the cameras could lead to an unwarranted room search. To add to the solitude of each prisoner, each cell only has one prisoner and the cells here doesn’t have any opening except for a door which is heavily locked. The walls are made to be so thick that no sound can pass through each cell and hinders any chance of escaping, which is supported with the fact that the whole section is underground.

When the cop reached this particular section, he slowed his pace down while observing the names written on each door that indicates each prisoner occupying the cells. Mass murderers, rapists, and high-end smugglers are just some of the prisoners held in the basement cells. Before he even noticed it, the cop has reached the last and most secluded door in the basement. He carefully brought out his keys and opened the door to the inmate he needed to force information out of. Once inside the cell, he closed the door, fully confident knowing that the security cameras would catch any funny business that could happen in the cell.

“Officer Collins, what brings you here this wonderful night?” said the inmate sitting on his bed, the only thing occupying his bare cell except for the partially secluded area for the bathroom. The inmate was wearing his orange prison ‘uniform’ which clung perfectly to his still muscled body at the age of 45. With a still rich brown hair and attractive face distinguished by the brown mustache he had, the inmate could easily swoon anyone who he would come across.

“Cut the pleasantries Thomas, you know exactly why I’m here” answered the officer, standing up straight by the door.

“Whatever do you mean dear officer? I’m not a mind reader, am I?” Thomas said in a teasing manner that easily irked the officer.

Never skipping a beat, the officer said “Very funny Thomas, now if you’ll be so kind to tell me who your accomplices are so I could be on my way, that would be nice?”

Faking a shocked expression, Thomas said “Accomplices? What accomplices? I’m already here aren’t I? Who else could you be looking for?”

This ticked off the officer completely as he suddenly yelled at the inmate. “Stop fooling around Thomas! The force already knows that you spearheaded this mass drug smuggling in the city with a couple of other people! If you could just fucking provide the names of those fuckers then I could finally quit these late night talks we’ve been having!”

Thomas just kept his calm demeanor. He just smiled and said “What? You’re just milking me for info? And I thought you genuinely liked me”

Officer Collins just huffed and said “Fuck this! I’ll have you know that I’ve been personally holding the other officers back from beating you to an inch of your life just to know those names! Think about your choices mister, I’m out of here!”

Just as the cop turned to the door, Thomas smirked and said “Is that right, ‘Copper Slave’?”

The officer froze just as he was about to reach for his keys. Thomas stood up and said “Face me copper slave”. Officer Collins turned around and stood in attention; feet together, arms at his sides, an emotionless expression, and a dazed look in his eyes. The inmate eyed the cop closely. Standing in his blue cop uniform that hugs his muscled body, the officer looked fairly attractive. Wearing his uniform top that emphasizes his biceps and pecs, pants that hugs his muscled butt tightly, and hazel eyes to compliment the mop of blond hair on his head, Thomas can’t help but think that the officer was one of his best ‘finds’.

“Not so tough now are you?”. Thomas laughed and said “What are you again?”

With a monotonous voice, Officer Collins said “A willing slave to its master. Waiting for orders.”

Thomas got close to the officer’s face and petted his hair. “That’s right my copper slave”. Being this close clearly shows the height difference between the two; Officer Collins is definitely a tall man but Thomas was taller by a few inches.

The inmate sat down on his bed and looked at the dazed officer. “Present the asset, copper slave” he ordered.

“Presenting asset” said the officer in the same monotonous voice. Officer Collins then slowly stripped his clothes, starting for his top, to his belt and pants, until he’s only wearing the blue jockstrap he has underneath and his shoes and socks. He then turned around and went on all fours, laying his muscled chest to the floor and presenting his muscled ass to his master.

Thomas chuckled before spanking the ass encased in the jockstrap that was presented to him, hitting so hard that it left a red mark on the cop’s porcelain skin. “I see you really did take those jockstrap orders to heart, huh?”.

Landing another spank, the inmate then said “And you have the audacity to brag that you’re stopping them from beating me up, when that’s literally the first order I gave to you”

Officer Collins just stayed quiet as Thomas started caressing his ass. The inmate then spreaded the officer’s ass cheeks to reveal his hairless pink hole in between. Lodged inside the hole is a plastic dildo which is slowly taken out by the inmate. Looking at the dildo, Thomas twisted the bottom and it came of like a bottle cap as a piece of rolled up paper fell out of the toy. Thomas picked up the paper, unrolled it, and read its contents then smirked.

“Looks like everything is going as planned Copper Slave” he said while massaging the cop’s ass cheeks. The letter placed inside the toy confirmed that the drug trade is still running smoothly according to one of his partners outside the prison.

“You kept bothering me for names when the answer was just under your nose this whole time. In this case, it’s been under your ass this whole time”. Thomas laughed as he began to finger the cop who remained silent this whole time.

“You’ve been doing nicely as a messenger Copper Slave, you deserve a reward.” Thomas continued to add fingers to the officers’ hole until he had three fingers deep inside the muscle. Considering Officer Collin’s was already stretched and wet from having the dildo inside him, Thomas didn’t have to take long to finger him.

Thomas took his now hard 8’’ cock and knelt behind the cop. He quickly inserted his erection into the willing cop who didn’t react to the sudden intrusion. Thomas started to slowly fuck Officer Collins. The inmate then grabbed the officer by the shoulder and pulled his upper body against his. He then caressed the officers muscled body as he fucked him sensually.

The inmate them pinched the officer’s left nipple and whispered “Status Report” to the officer’s ear.

Officer Collins then started to talk monotonously as if he isn’t being fucked by a drug lord’s dick. “Warden Grayfield will hold a surprise mass inspection on the whole prison this coming Friday. Even the basement cells will be inspected. Officer Lee and Officer Samson have been successfully exposed to the drug and will now follow your orders as well. Both officers run the security cameras and are now ordered to ignore any unusual events in your cell. Inmate Lopez has also been successfully exposed to the drug and will help with the operations once released. Copper Slave still trying to put Officer Shields off track from finding the other dealers but he is still slowly gaining progress. Just last week he uncovered an abandoned warehouse for operations and currently has a lead on a couple of others. Report Done.”

After he just spilled some of the prison’s secrets and his own doings, Officer Collins became quiet, still oblivious to the attack on his hole.

Still fucking him from behind, Thomas caressed the officer’s chest and abs while gradually moving towards his straining dick inside the jockstrap.

“Good job Copper Slave. Now update me on my other orders for you”, he said as he pinched the officer’s left nipple once more.

“Copper Slave has broke up with his fiancé and is now actively attracted to men. Copper Slave has been fucked by 5 different officers and 8 different inmates in the past week. Copper slave has also stopped masturbating and hasn’t cum since last week’s status report”

“Good job Copper Slave” Thomas’ thrust started to get sporadic as he felt himself getting close. He pulled out of the officer and sat on his bed. “Kneel in front of me Copper Slave”

Officer Collins turned around from his current position and is now kneeling at the now masturbating drug lord. “Take out your cock and start masturbating” Thomas ordered.

The cop then took out his hard 7’’ cock and started stroking it while still looking at a distance.

“It’s time to accept new orders Copper Slave, and as a reward for following your orders last week, you may cum once you have received your new orders. Understood?”

“Yes Sir”

“Good, initiate reprogramming”

“Initiating” Officer Collins said before engulfing Thomas’ cock in his mouth, giving him a slow blow job while looking directly at his master and stroking his own erection.

“First off, you must secure the support of the warden. By that I mean he needs to be exposed to the drug just like you and the other cops you’ve enslaved” Thomas started breathing heavily as he felt himself getting closer and closer to climax.

“Next, you must stop Officer Shields from further probing in the trade. Use the warden and the other officers if you must but he must not be exposed to the drug, at least not yet”.

He the breathed deeply before saying “That’s all”

With that, Officer Collins sped up his motion in his mouth and in his cock. It kept up until Thomas was releasing his hot load into the mouth, as the officer came simultaneously. As he was swallowing the inmate’s load, Officer Collins’ eyes rolled up to the back of his head. When he finished swallowing the load, his eyes went back to the dazed look it had earlier and released the cock from his mouth.

“Orders accepted” said the officer


It was a busy afternoon in the warden’s office as he was sitting behind his desk. New inmates were being moved to the prison as he is finalizing the release forms of some. Though only a few years before retirement, the warden’s body could still rival those ‘newbie’ officers through his still daily workouts. With a built body, a head full of ashy white hair, and a certain charm to him, the warden could still compete with the best of them. A knock interrupted the warden’s workflow. “Come in” he yelled to the person on the other side.

In came Officer Sean Collins, one of the most talented and skilled cops in the prison. “Sean, my boy! What brings you here?”

Officer Collins saluted the warden and said “Warden Grayfield, I have some updates from the drug trade investigations”

The warden laughed before returning the salute and said, “Come on now, you know I hate the formalities around here”

Collin smiled and said “Can’t help it, part of the protocol”. He then sat down at one of the chairs in front of the warden’s desk.

“So what’s the news with the drug trade? The faster we finish this, the sooner those dazed out crackheads would be out of our city” the warden said, suddenly being serious about the matter.

“Well, my personal research has managed to narrow down the suspect pool that we currently have and we managed to find a sample of the drug that has been leaving people dazed and non-responsive” Officer Collins said as he began to pull out a small glass bottle from his pockets that has some sort of white powder in it to present to the warden.

“Hmm, good job as always my boy! But… how sure are we that these ‘suspects’ of yours are really part of this drug deal? We’ve been spun around so many times now and we need to be sure” the warden said thoughtfully.

Officer Collins suddenly had a wicked smile on his face and said “Only one way to find out”. He then poured the powder on his hands before blowing it directly to the warden’s face.

“What the—”

“Warden Grayfield, I have found more leads to the location of the next trade! We should be able to route one of the key personnel if we are to launch a raid” Officer Shields said while standing infront of the warden’s desk as the warden sat behind it.

“Hmmm I don’t know. Has this information been approved by the intelligence team?”

“…No Sir. But we-“

“Then you need to get it verified first before we could launch any risky operations” the warden said, interrupting the officer.

“But sir, it would take the intelligence team to approve any new data and this next trade is happening this Saturday! We might lose our chance!” Officer Shields tried to reason with the warden.

“That may be true, but on the other hand we might just be walking into another one of their traps and have more cops fall to the grasps of those drugs. It was only by sheer luck that we got Officer Collins back from those villains and some are still missing in action. It too big of a risk”

Officer Shields just sighed and said “Okay sir, I understand. I’ll report these data to the intel team and return the results to you”


Just as Officer Shields walked up to leave the room, he turned to the warden and said “Sir, don’t you think that Officer Collins has been acting a little strange lately? First he broke up with Veronica, then he has all these one-on-one interrogations with Thomas Newton, and now he started to get all friendly with the other officers”

The warden just sighs and said “The man is having a tough time Officer Shields. He and Veronica just went through a rough break up and who knows what he witnessed while he was held hostage by Newton and his goons before we rescued him. Maybe he just wants to distract himself, that’s all. The boy is young but he can handle himself”

“If you say so”

The officer went out of the warden’s office and just as he was closing the door, the officer thought he heard the warden let out a moan.

With Officer Shields gone, the warden pushed back his chair to reveal Officer Collins under his desk, naked with only his jockstrap, shoes and socks. Officer Collins was kneeling in front of Warden Grayfields with his 7.5’’ cock buried in his hole. The warden has been fucking him as he was talking to Officer Shields.

As the two of them are now alone in the warden’s office, Officer Collins slowly stood up without pulling the warden’s dick out and began to ride him aggressively.

With a now dazed look in his eyes, the warden said “Did I do good Copper Slave?”

“You did well Slave Gayfields” Officer Collins replied without missing a beat as he was milking the warden the rest of his resistance.

Officer Collins sat down all the way on the hard cock and said “Soon you will meet the master and we will assume our rightful place beside him as his slaves”

With a dopey smile on his face, Warden Grayfields said “For the Master”

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