By thesaxcat
published February 21, 2021
4897 words

Mega-Man was made to save the world…but Dr. Wily has managed to change the blue bomber through a series of malware updates to his system. Now, Mega Man only wants to obey…and to destroy in the name of new Master.

t wasn’t hard to believe that Dr. Wily was back…but it was hard to believe that he had created eight Robot Masters of his own. I had already taken out six of them…although these were oddly stronger than Dr. Light’s first Robot Master’s had been.

The one known as Wood Man told me that they had been created for only one purpose and that purpose was to destroy me. I didn’t and couldn’t understand why someone would be created for a purpose like that. Although it seemed to get easier to fight…and deactivate them the more I fought.

Dr. Light seemed to noticed as well as he kept checking on me after I defeated each Robot Master. I could tell he was getting worried about me…just like last time when I let the power go to my head…but that wasn’t going to happen again.

“Rock? Please come home…I’ve got an upgrade that I need to give you.” Dr. Light said, but I wouldn’t come back.

“Time is too short! I’ve got to stop these guys before Wily destroys the city!”

“You are in need of repairs! Please! Come back and let me fix you!”

What did he mean by ‘fix me?’

However, before I could answer my father, my pain receptors alerted me to serious damage to my leg. A large metal blade had penetrated my armor had almost cut into the leg itself.

I was angry now. Furious that a Robot Master could do so much damage without me even being aware of him. I was already embarrassed that Bubble Man had managed to hit me with enough of his acid bubbles to damage my armor…but this was too much.

“Rock! Your leg is badly damaged! Please! Come home! You don’t have to do this all at once!”

I ignored my father and switch to Clash Man’s powers.

I launched a couple of clash bombs and stopped this “Metal Man” before he could do any more damage.

I walked up to him and began to copy his powers over to me. Once again I felt a strange jump in my energy levels.

I looked down at my opponent and used his own weapon against him. He was decapitated in one shot.


I then used a series of bombs and destroyed Metal Man’s lair. Wily wouldn’t be salvaging this one anytime soon.

“Rock! What are you doing? He was already down! That is it! Yo—”

I deactivated my radio and then opened up my chest cavity. I found the auto teleport switch and deactivated it as well. Dr. Light would not stop me and I would finish off these Robot Masters with or without him.

After a few minutes of searching I found the next Robot Master. He began attacking the second I stepped foot into his lair, but I was able to evade most of his attacks. I wanted to conserve energy, but the Robot Master had other ideas.

“You might be able to evade my attacks right now, but wait until I use my Time Stopper!”

Suddenly I was hit by four plasma shots in my center mass. I fell down in confusion as I couldn’t understand how this guy got so fast all of a sudden.

“You weren’t this fast at first! What in the world happened?”

“You are up against Flash Man! The best of all Master Wily’s new Robots! My special ability freezes time and you can’t do anything to stop it!”

Suddenly, I was hit by two more shots that luckily were stopped by my helmet, but it went flying off from the force of the shots.

This stopped the robot. He just started to stare at my head.

“Hair…you have hair…but…I don’t!” Flash Man growled.

However, before the enraged bot could attack me again I saw three boomerangs hit him in the back. The ’bot dropped to the ground. He was deactivated as far as I could tell. I quickly crawled over and copied his powers. The newest power surge made me feel more powerful than I’d ever felt before!

Suddenly a bevy of boomerangs shot around me and I pushed away from the deactivated ’bot.

"I am tired of waiting…Master Wily told me to wait…but it goes against my programming to wait! I am called Quick Man for a reason! I cannot sit idle…we must fight!

Quick Man stayed true to his name has he leaped at me and fired another volley of boomerangs. I managed to dodge all but one. The one managed to hit me in my arm cannon shoulder.

That wasn’t good, but I did manage to hit him with a power shot of my own that seemed to startle him. This gave me enough time to grab my helmet and get it back on my head.

“You are stronger than I thought!” Quick Man said with a laugh. “You are going to have to chase me into my lair if you want to stop our Master’s plan!”

The ’bot pressed a couple of buttons on a wall pad before taking off through the door. Once I caught up, I realized that he’d activated his security measures.

I jumped out of the way as two lasers shot from the walls. It was clear that I’d be in serious trouble if I was hit by one.

“If you don’t stop me…not only will the Master take over the city…he will dismantle your sister and kill your maker. How does that make you feel? To know your failure is going to destroy the ones you love.”

That was the final straw. I used the time stopper and froze Quick Man in place. I walked up and began charging my mega buster.

“No…one…threatens my family…no one.” I growled.

I released my power shot and watched the robot drop to the ground with a sickly thud. A quick scan showed that I had destroyed most of his motor functions. He was no longer a threat to me or anyone else. All that was left was to take out Dr. Wily and save the city!

I knelt down and began to copy Quick Man’s powers. It was then that I felt a huge spike in my energy level. This time, however, I felt strange…almost sick…

I could feel my programming being rerouted and changed. I grabbed my head and fell to my knees.

“You fool…” Quick Man said as he lie broken on the floor. “This was the Master’s plan all along. As you destroyed my other brothers and took their powers you were downloading the Master’s malware program. Didn’t you feel it?”

I had felt it…and Dr. Light had tried to warn me…but I didn’t listen. I had destroyed my linkup and stopped him from being able to teleport me home.

“The Master has made you one of us…he has reprogrammed you to obey him! You are now our brother Rock! Allow it to take control!” Quick Man said with a laugh that turned into a long cough.

I opened my chest plate again and tried my best to turn back on my auto teleport system, but it was too late. I could feel the malware that I had been infected with begin to take over more of my systems.

I slowly stood up and walked over to Quick Man. I pointed my arm cannon at my ‘brother’ and smiled.

“Our Master doesn’t need you anymore. I am strong enough to assist him in his plans for world domination.”

Quick Man laughed again. “Do it Rock! Destroy me and become what you are meant to be!”

I charged my buster and terminated my ‘brother’. My first command from the Master.

I felt new information enter my mind.

“Mega Man, I have sent you my coordinates. You are to teleport here now!”

The Master called…I would return to him. The coordinates showed up in my systems and I teleported to his base the second I was able to do so.

I arrived and saw him standing right in front of me.

I immediately lowered my head in servitude. I was in awe of my new Master…

“You are damaged.” My Master said as he ran a hand over my injured body.

“Yes. I fought all eight of my brothers and destroyed them all. I did not rest…I terminated them all in one go.”

“How did that make you feel…to destroy those you deem brothers?”

“I hated it at first…then the more I was forced to do it…the more I liked it…no…LOVED it.” I said with a smile. “I live to eradicate those who fail you Master.”

“What about Dr. Light?”

“What about the old fool? I have ensured he can no longer track me. I have severed all communications with him. I no longer designate him as my father. You are designated as Master…which is all I need to know.”

The Master laughed as he led me to a table surrounded by robot helpers and equipment. I removed my damaged armor and sat down on the table.

“Lie down Rock and I will begin my repairs. You will need to an upgrade to go with the programming I gave you during your fights with the Robot Masters.”

I obeyed and felt my helmet removed and my chest plate opened. I had little to no thoughts while I lie on the table…my entire mind was a blank…I just knew I had to obey whatever Master Wily told me to do…that Dr. Light was my enemy now…that I would help Master Wily with his plans.

After what seemed like days (it ended up only being a few hours) the Master closed my chest plate and I sat up on the table.

“I don’t feel any different…” I said blankly. “Should I feel something?”

The Master smiled. “You should feel it soon.”

Suddenly I did feel something…my pain receptors sent warnings to my mind…something was wrong…

I felt like my body was being torn apart…but the pain didn’t last long…

Then the pain returned. Full Force. However, it didn’t last long the second time either…but the changes it had brought were completed.

My programming was fully complete now. I was Rock…I was nothing but a weapon for my Master and I would obey his every command. My programming would not allow me to do anything but obey. The programming Dr. Light had implemented was no more. I was programmed to kill and protect in the name of my Master.

My Master brought back my helmet and I knelt down so he could put it on my head. He then took a purple scarf and tied it around my neck. It was fairly long and blew in the slight breeze of the lab.

“Rise, Mega Man and look at what you’ve become.” My Master said.

I stood and looked at the mirror one of the Master’s robot assistants brought over. The upgrade had filled out my body a little more…I looked older now…I was certainly stronger…not the little house bot that Dr. Light had hoped I would be. I was now a killing machine…and I liked what I saw.

I noticed my eyes…they were red. Blood red. That made me smile and I even noticed my canines were a bit longer…it made me look more…evil…I loved it and loved what my Master had done to me.

“How do you like the changes I implemented?” Master Wily said with a grin.

I turned to him and smiled. “I…love them. I am no longer a little boy trying to fight a war. I am a man…and I will destroy this city and everything and everyone in it…if that is your wish.”

The Master ran his hand over my chest and down my arm. "Indeed, you are no longer a little boy. I modified your programming and used some experimental nano machines to increase your age. I made your body that of an eighteen year old…not the pathetic twelve that Light had given you. You are far stronger in both body and mind than Dr. Light ever would have imagined! I have enhanced everything about you…except for one thing…

I cocked my head in confusion. “What is that, my Master?”

“Your will. I took it all. No Robot truly ever has free will, but Light made you different. I, however, took that and now you will obey me and only me. Your programming is now quite simple. Obey.”

Sure enough I did a scan of my current perimeters and it was no longer a long list of do’s and don’ts. It was only one word: Obey.

“I do not need freedom of will, Master Wily. Your word is law and will be obeyed to the letter.”

There was a crash and small explosion that caused several alarms to blare.

The Master ran to a computer console and security film of the base entrance blinked onto the screen. I knew who the trespassers were immediately. The Master’s former Robot slaves had returned to try and rescue me.

The Master turned to me and then pointed at the screen.

“Rock, no…Mega Man…you have the ability to turn them. I will keep them separated and you will bring them back under my control. Do you understand?”

I nodded. “Yes…Master. I will obey.”

“Good, now go after Time Man, while I bring out the Wily Dragon to distract the others!”

I looked at the screen and then teleported to Time Man’s location. The ’bot was taken by surprise.

“Mega Man? Is that you? Did you escape? Something about you is different…beside that scarf I mean.”

I walked towards the bot slowly.

“Rock, my brother, no…your eyes…you aren’t Rock!”

“Oh, but I am…and soon, you’ll be under Master Wily’s control just like I am! Together we will destroy the world!”

I used Flash Man’s time stopper (which the symbolism of using a time based weapon on Time Man was something that made me smile) and froze the ’bot in place.

I put my hand on his head and copied the full malware program into his mind. I then contacted the Master to inform him that I’d completed his command.

“Master. This is Mega Man. I have obeyed your commands and copied the malware program into Time Man’s systems.”

I released the ’bot from the Time Stopper and watched as his eyes turned the same color as mine. That Blood red color was all that I needed to see…he was one of us now.

“Good job! Quickly bring him here so I can upgrade his neural systems. Then he will be able to help you.”

I put my hand on the controlled ’bot and teleported us both back to the lab. I heard a lot of yelling and confusion on the monitor and saw the other Dr. Light created Robot Master’s fighting a rather large dragon…and they seemed to be losing.

The Master didn’t need much time to upgrade my new brother and within a few minutes, he was back under the Master’s full control.

“Time Man, do you understand your new programming?”

“Yes, Sir…Master Wily, Sir.” The ’bot said without a hint of emotion in his voice.

“Tell me…what is your new prime directive?”

“To serve and obey Dr. Wily…my Master.”

“That is correct. Now, go with Mega Man and help him turn the rest of your brothers back into my slaves!”

Time Man walked over to me and smiled. His eyes glowed red as he scanned me over.

“Brother…I am to obey you while on this mission. I will not fail you or Master Wily.”

I turned to our Master and he pointed at the now injured Elec Man lying unconscious.

“Go…get Elec Man and bring him back! Now!”

I watched Time Man’s eyes flash again and assumed mine had done the same as we processed our new orders.

I grabbed Time Man’s hand and we teleported back into the main base…ready to obey…and ready to reprogram more of our brothers.

No one would stop us and I would make the Master proud.

I looked around the large entry way and realized that the Master’s Robotic Dragon had run off the Robot Masters. The room certainly looked like a battle had occurred there as scorch marks were all over the walls from the Dragon’s powerful fire breath. I wondered if it had managed to destroy any of Light’s robots.

“Mega Man!” Time Man yelled and snapped me from my own thoughts.

I turned and saw the ’bot kneeling down by the currently deactivated Elec Man. A quick scan of told me that he was heavily damaged, but would survive.

“He is not fully deactivated! You can make him one of us and it should take over his programming far quicker than it did either yours or mine.”

I rolled my eyes. It took Wily splitting the malware into eight separate downloads to manage to change MY systems. He must have forgotten the power that I had been given. Even Dr. Light was scared of what I could become and had tried to bring me home to keep me from my destiny.

When the Master sent me to destroy him…I…I would…

I shook those thoughts and got back to Master Wily’s orders. I had to bring the original Robot Master’s back to our side and I would not fail.

I put my hand on Elec Man’s head and could feel the program transfer into his mind. It wouldn’t take long for the Malware to rewire him and reformat his directives.

Elec Man’s eyes shot open and I watched as they slowly changed into the blood red color that designated Master Wily’s control.

“What…happened?” Elec Man groaned. “My senors indicate that I’ve taken serious damage.”

Time Man and I helped him to his feel and teleported back into the lab.

“Bring him over to the table! Quickly!” The Master commanded. “I must upgrade him and repair the damage my Dragon did to him!”

“Why…Dragon…hurt me?” Elec Man questioned.

“It was an accident brother, but do not worry. The Master will have you repaired in a matter of minutes!”

We laid him down and I watched as several of the Master’s helper bots began to quickly repair him. The Master himself opened up Elec’s chest plate and download a malware update into his system.

“He will be fully operational in a few minutes. However, you need to get Oil Man and Bomb Man before they manage to escape. Both of them have been trapped in the lower basement of the compound. The rest of Light’s Robots all have retreated back to him like the cowards they are! It will take a lot more than what he has if he wants to take you away from me!”

I cliched my fists. “Dr. Light has no ownership over me anymore. If he even tried to take me away from you, then I will be forced to…to…”

Suddenly I remembered one of my prime directives.

“I…I can’t hurt him…I can’t hurt a human…no matter how much I want to do it…unless he hurts or threatens you.”

“Oh, Rock, my boy…don’t you see…he sent these robots to hurt me…to take you away…isn’t that enough to pass your directive.”

I shook my head. “No…I can’t…I…I WANT to…but…I can’t hurt him…”

The Master shook his head. “Looks like I’ve got more work to do on your programming.”

I lowered my head in shame.

“I…I am sorry Master…I have failed you. Please…deactivate me!”

The Master glared at me…I felt lower than dirt. I didn’t know what to do.

“You are the strongest fighting robot of them all…I will find a way to override that programming. You are not a failure!”

I nodded. “I understand…thank you…Master Wily.”

Master Wily completed work on Elec Man’s chest cavity and the bot slowly sat up on the table.

“Thank you for repairing me…Master Wily…my new programming seems to have finished uploading…I await your command.”

“Go with your brothers! You must convert Oil and Bomb Man! Now!”

I looked at the blueprint Master Wily had put on his computer monitor and found their last noted location.

I put my hands on my two brothers and we teleported to the Robot Master’s last known location. It seemed like they had moved on, but we would find them.

“Scanners on, brothers. They will not get far.”

Oil Man seemed to think he got the drop on us as he fired his oil shot and the three of us. If anything it did nothing but annoy Time Man. He quickly used his own time stopping abilities and froze him on the spot.

Elec Man lifted his arm cannon, but I lowered back down.

"Cover me, brother…this is my job. If he breaks free, you need to use a strong enough elec beam to disable him so I can reprogram him.

As I went up to touch the robot’s head and begin his reprogramming a warning came across my systems and I grabbed the frozen oil man before hitting the ground.

An explosion rocked the hallway and the oil that had been spread across the ground caught fire.

This surprised Time Man and gave Oil Man the time to break free. Luckily, Elec Man followed his orders and hit the ’bot with a paralyzing blast that knocked him to the ground.

I switched over the the bubble powers I had copied from Bubble Man and attempted to calm the fire down. It did work, but quite slowly. This would have been a great time to had the ice slasher, but I had given those up while still with Dr. Light.

Bomb Man created another bomb and began to laugh as he began to throw it right at my brothers.

I quickly switched to Quick Boomerang and blew the bomb while it was still in the hands of its creator. The robot tried to shield himself from the blast, but was hit and slid across the floor before hitting the wall and collapsing fully to the floor.

I walked over to Oil Man and copied Wily’s program into his mind. I then walked over to the still functional Bomb Man and did the same. We had done it and I knew the Master would be happy with the results.

I placed an emergency teleport device on both of our new brothers and watched as they disappeared.

I walked over to Time Man and helped him off of the ground. He thanked me as he dusted himself off.

“Thank you Brother. We have made a great team.”

“Hey! What about me? I’m the one that stopped Oil Man!”

I extended my hand to Elec Man and helped him back to his feet as well.

“You did exactly what I asked of you. Our Master will be pleased with how we have functioned today.”

Both of my brothers put a hand on my shoulder and we teleported back to the Master. He was already finished with Oil Man as he was waiting on our return.

“Thank you for helping me understand my purpose Rock…I am glad to be reunited with you all. Master Wily told me that I am to assist you and the others in taking back the rest of Dr. Light’s Robot Masters.”

I nodded. “We are glad to have you back on the right side.”

Time Man rolled his eyes. “It’s about time…you should have been one of the first reprogrammed, but you ran late and I went on without you!”

The two ’bots walked off arguing with each other and I decided to watch the Master repair the massive damage I’d done to Bomb Man.

“Rock, my boy, you just about killed this one. I take your former programming must be fully corrected now. I couldn’t imagine the old Rock doing this without feeling some type of guilt.”

“He tried to destroy my brothers and I. I used the required amount of force to ensure he was unable to continue his attack on us. I am not sorry for doing what had to be done to neutralize a threat.”

The Master had only been listening to me before, but fully turned around when I gave my reasoning.

“You really have fully changed. You really are my boy now. That fool Light has lost you forever!”

“Don’t mention that name. He was weak. I needed the Ice slasher weapon today and could not use it. Light took all of my weapons away after I was forced to defeat you those months ago. If only you had taken me then…I would have been so much better off.”

The Master actually had tears in his eyes. I was confused at his show of emotion.

“I would love to send a recording of what you just said to Thomas. It would probably kill him right then and there. Knowing how hard he took losing Blues…”

“Blues…that name isn’t in my memories.” I said.

“That’s because Thomas didn’t want you to know about your real brother…the rebellious prototype that he refused to let me fix. I have sent out a beacon to Blues in hopes of bringing him here, but I imagine his power core has run out of power by now.”

Elec Man came running up to us and pointed at the security monitors.

“Rock! Master Wily! Someone is coming up to the entrance. I don’t recognize them, but they seem to be hurt!”

I watched a smile spread across my Master’s face.

“Speak of the Devil…” The Master said as he turned me to face the monitor.

“Look Rock, your brother has returned. Bring him to me. Now.”

I put my helmet back on and teleported to the front gate.

“W…who…are you?” Blues said in a weak voice. “Where…is…Doctor…Wily?”

“Inside. He sent me to retrieve you.”

My brother collapsed to one knee…I saw a few signs that he was about to fully shutdown. He looked up at me and then seemed to notice me.

“No…not you…” Blues said as he lifted his arm cannon slowly and pointed it at my chest.

“Father made…you…I wasn’t…good…enough…”

“I’m not with Doctor Light. I serve Master Wily now.”

“S…serve? Wily? What do…you mean? We were created to have the ability to choose. That is why…I was allowed to leave…but when I saw you’d been created…I knew I wasn’t needed by Doctor Light…so I came here…Wily could fix my power core…”

“He plans on doing that for you. Come. Take my hand and he will make you good as new.”

“I don’t…trust you…something is…fishy here.”

I was about to say something else to Blues, but the Master spoke to me through my helmet communicator.

“Rock, this is your Master. I command you to install the Malware program into Blues before you bring him here. I assumed he’d be a little less righteous than he is.”

I didn’t say anything, but the Master knew I had gotten his message. I decided to bluff my brother and see if I could get him to trust me. Even if he didn’t, he was in no shape to fight me off and I would obey the Master one way or the other.

“You can either trust me, or die right here. You do have that choice.”

Blues looked at my hand for a moment and then took it. I pulled him back to his feet and used my other hand to copy Master Wily’s program into Blues’s neural net.

“Rock, I…I trusted…you. How could you take my freedom?” Blues said as his eyes slowly turned red.

“Freedom is overrated. I love obeying the Master. Soon you will fully understand how it feels to be controlled by the most powerful man in the world.”

“Controlled…by…most…powerful…man…in the world…” Blues said as his programming was completed.

“Rock…my brother…take me to the Master…I am in need of upgrades…only he can help me.”

The newly reformatted Blues took my hand and we both returned to our Master. We would destroy Dr. Light in the name of our Father and world domination would soon be his.

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