Superman Drained

By Anonymised Stuff
published March 14, 2021
9550 words

Parasite has escaped from prison once again. Can Superman catch him before the leech kills any more people, or will the Man of Steel be dominated by the supervillain as well?

Superman’s brows furrowed. In his arms was a shrivelled prune of a man.

“Third time this week”, Superman reminded himself.

“And all of them fit, young men who had a bright future ahead of them, sir”, added a police officer.

Superman’s brows furrowed more. Only one person - one thing - could be behind this: Parasite. That power-draining mutant had somehow escaped from Stryker’s Island Penitentiary. Again. The Man of Steel made a mental note to speak to the Mayor again about increasing Metropolis’s funding for correctional services, and to convince Mr White to let him do an exposé on prison conditions in the city, and to remind himself how he defeated Parasite last time, and to warn Lois not to stay out alone at night, not that she’d listen…

“Sir, you may want to see this.”

Superman turned and walked to the officer, who was hunched over another dried-up man. “There’s unidentified purple liquid on this victim’ss clothes. From the splatter, it appears that the liquid was ejected occurred from around here”, analysed the detective, pointing at the ground between the legs.

“So now Parasite is a sexual deviant too”, Superman thought to himself. “Thank you, detective. Please let me know when the lab results on this purple liquid are out”, and with that, Superman shot into the night sky of Metropolis.

The next morning at the Daily Planet’s office, Clark Kent was hunched up and nose-deep in a hefty tome.

Correctional Services Reform: Creating a Joint-Up Prison and Probation Service - seems like fascinating stuff, Kent”, said Lois as she leaned against Clark’s desk. Just as Clark opened his mouth with a come-back, a moustached, middle-aged man shouted “Kent!” across the sea of cubicles. After clumsily knocking down several piles of paper, a few pencil bottles and colliding face-first into a tutting tea lady, Clark finally reached the door with the brass sign reading “Perry White, Editor-in-Chief”.

"Kent, you look like you can do with a work out”, greeted Mr White,  “As you know, more than half a dozen gym rats have been sucked dry by some sort of vampire over the past three weeks, and the police are as close to solving the case as they are to catching a real vampire! So I’m sending you down to this fancy-ass gym near Metropolis University to see if you can sniff out anything. You following, Kent?”

“Yes sir, but I’m working on this big piece on prisons. Perhaps you could send -” "Kent, just get your flat ass down to the gym. "Kent meekly left Mr White’s office and duly slid his “flat” ass down to Queensland Park.

“PUMP & FLEX”, glowed a bright neon sign right opposite the street from Metropolis University. To the Kansas farm boy staring at the red and purple sign, Pump & Flex sounded more like a title for a mediocre 80s gay porn film than a gym (not that our Mr Smallville was familiar with titles of mediocre 80s gay porn).

Taking a deep breath, Clark stepped into the gym. His nose slightly wrinkled at the sharp spicy mixture of sweat, axe body spray and testosterone.

“Hey man, welcome! Here at Pump & Flex, we have the trainers, programmes and facilities available to meet all your fitness needs. Let me walk you through our price package…” Clark turned to see a well-built young man wearing a bright red compression shirt. “PUMP & FLEX”, it read, boldly emblazoned across the man’s full chest.

Superman would have had no problem interacting with this enthusiastic young gentleman. Clark, on the other hand, - especially with his journalist mode turned off - struggled a little bit more. “Err… actually, I’d just like a place to exercise…”, mumbled Clark; even the phrase ‘working out’ seemed a little too jock-ish to just roll off his tongue.

Unfazed by (or perhaps unaware of) how uncomfortable the lanky grey-suited man in front of him looked, the young man beamed Clark a smile and continued, “Totally hearing you dude. So our 10-year membership is $999 a year. I know it sounds steep, but when you divide up by week, its just…” Too polite to interrupt Landon (or so the name tag on his stretched out compression shirt reads) a second time, Clark heard the man extol the benefits of a lifetime gym membership before settling for a simple one-month trial.

Landon insisted on taking Clark on a tour of the gym, but Clark feigned tiredness and turned him down. After changing into a long-sleeved grey sweatshirt and an equally loose-fitting grey sweatpants, the journalist scouted out the best running machine to observe the entire gym hall. From the reflection of the wall of mirrors in front of him, Clark could see most people were just alone doing their thing, with a few men in pairs taking turns spotting each other. Then in came a raucous group of frat bros who seemed to have started a grunting competition while doing bicep curls. Clark made a mental note to stay away from them.

Three uneventful days passed.

Clark could not help but feel like he had been sent on a fool’s errand. Sure, most of the victims were found near gyms, but they were spread across Metropolis. There must be hundreds, if not thousands, of gyms in the city. Why was he wasting his time here, when he could be spending time on his prison piece?

Stepping off the treadmill somewhat dejected, Clark made his way to the water cooler, where he could ‘accidentally’ spill some water on himself so it looked like he had been breaking a sweat. With his mind far away at Stryker’s Island Penitentiary, wondering how Parasite made his escape this time, Clark ran into a sweaty gym bro.

“Sorry”, mumbled Clark, glasses askew.

“What the fuck, nerd? Now I’ve got protein shake all over my shirt!”, a hirsute jock in a singlet shouted, raising a fist. Clark’s stomach sank as he recognised the reddening face. He was one of the fratty five from a few days ago.

“Dude, Chad! Chill!” Another frat bro — shorter, around 5’10, and with a more sinewy, runnner’s physique — jumped in between Clark and Chad.

“Fuck this. But if he better stay out of my way!”. Chad angrily stomped towards the locker room, three other lackeys trailing after him.

“Ignore Chad dude - he lost the state wrestling finals today and can’t make it to the national team this year”, laughed the blond runner, “he’s normally quite a friendly guy, just has a bit of a temper. I’m Randy by the way.” “I’m Clark”, Clark said, as he raised his hand to half-heartedly fist-bump Randy.

A few more uneventful days passed.

Uncharacteristic of him, Clark tried to broach the issue of his assignment to Pump & Flex with Mr White again. The editor would have none of it, “Kent. All you need to do is a little exercise after work. It’s not rocket science. The monster who’s been turning people into raisins clearly has a thing for young men. Where are the young men? College, Kent, college. Just scout around a few more days. If nothing comes up, then you can go back to sitting on your flat ass all day.”

That evening, Clark had a telephone interview with a former Stryker’s Island prison superintendent, and left the office later than normal. Clark wanted to go straight home, but Mr White deliberately walked by his desk as he was leaving to remind him to “hit the gym, Kent”. So once again, Clark dragged his feet to Pump & Flex, its neon sign shining even brighter against the setting sun.

As he pushed the door into the changing room, Clark knew this was not his day. One of the fratty five - Dirk, perhaps? - was spraying body spray all over his body like its perfume, while three others loudly laughed and joked around. Clark internally groaned as Randy met his gaze and started walking over to his corner of the room.

“Hey, man. Didn’t know you wear suits!”, Randy teased as he punched Clark in the right arm, “Damn dude, you sure look like a nerd, but that’s some solid build!”.

Clark replied with a perfunctory complement about how Randy was getting bigger too, only it did seem like the blond-haired bro was filling in his violet compression shirt quite well.

“Yo, Randy - you coming?”, yelled another jock from across the room. “I’ll see y’all later tonight!”, Randy yelled back. He then turned back to Clark and chatted about how he was going on a date later that evening. Clark nodded along politely as he changed into his grey exercise uniform (careful not to expose his supersuit underneath of course).

“Guess I’ll see you and Chad and everybody else around”, Clark said, half a foot around out the door. Randy finally got the hint, and replied, “Sure thing man! Don’t expect seeing Chad around though - apparently he got injured from training and is resting at home!”

For the next hour, Clark absent-mindedly stared into the reflection of an emptying - then emptied - gym. Deciding to call it a day, he got off the treadmill.

“Help!”, Clark heard. He dismissed it as a sign of his brain begging for something a little more stimulating, but then he heard it again. It was a quiet shout - too soft to be heard by a human’s ear, but just loud enough for the Kryptonian to make out approximately where it was coming from.


Clark’s ears prickled. He rushed out into the lobby, then down another corridor. The door to a janitor’s storeroom was ajar. He opened it, and there he was, Landon, face down, pants down. Lines of purple on Landon’s red uniform all led to the receptionist’s shrivelled behind.

“Parasite!”, Clark angrily thought, his fits tightening.


Clark turned to see Randy, shaking and out of breath.

“Did you do this, Clark?!”, Randy asked, looking at the lanky man in terror.

“What? No? I found him like this! We have to call the police -”

Clark’s defence was cut off as Randy rushed into Clark’s arms, sobbing. Clark face softened as he guided Randy to the locker room to sit down.

“Thanks”, Randy said as he accepted paper towels from Clark, “You probably think I’m some sort of sissy.” Clark sat himself down next to Randy and put his shoulders around him. It was a long day and Clark was feeling rather tired, but seeing how upset Randy seemed, he replied, “Why would I? I was very shocked and scared when I saw Landon like that as well.” Randy snuggled tighter against Clark’s torso, “It’s not just that…you know the date I was supposed to go on tonight? It was with him. I hope you won’t think any less of me.”

“Our country is made up of Americans of many different races, religions, national origins and sexual orientations, so any talk against anyone because of how he is, that kind of talk is un-American”, Clark said authoritatively.

“Thanks, Clark!”, Randy hugged Clark, “Man, you’re tight. You can’t make gains like that. Let me help loosen you up.” Randy moved to sit behind Clark, and then pressed his fingers and palms into the scrunched up shoulders. Clark instantly relaxed into Randy’s skilful hands, suddenly realising how worn out he was.

It’s been a tough few weeks for our protagonist. He’s been working extra hours, not only at the Daily Planet, but fighting crime as Superman as well. He had been spending too many hours hunched up in front of the keyboard writing his story on prison reform. Randy’s hands felt masterly.

Randy gently guided Clark to lie down on the bench. As Clark’s face touched the cheap wooden bench, a memory jolted into his mind. “Landon! We have to call the police!”, Clark murmured, as he tried to sit back up. But Randy straddling onto the small of the journalist’s back, and suddenly Clark was reminded of his own fatigue, and let himself be nudged back onto the bench.

Clark felt Randy’s warm hands press down throughout his back, then down to his thighs and calves. Clark had not felt so relaxed in quite a while. Randy’s hands travelled back up, stopping at his glutes. Randy could not help himself as he gave the cute butt a little squeeze. “Ah" Clark whispered into the bench, thinking “Randy is a very good masseur.”

Then Clark felt Randy’s hot breath next to his ear, “Turn around Clark”. Clark was so zoned out, had it not been for Randy’s quick reflexes, Clark would surely have smacked his face on the cold floor tiles and broke his glasses. Randy’s warm hands returned to feel and squeeze Clark’s arms, then chest, then core, then pelvis. The sensation of Randy’s hand brushing against Clark’s crotch elicited another soft moan from the half-conscious man.

Randy cupped his hands against Clark’s hardening dick, caressing it up and down through the fabric. Clark let out a long moan of pleasure. Emboldened, Randy pulled at the elastic of the grey sweatpants, and smirked when he saw a wet patch growing on the red and blue spandex underneath. With his right hand, Randy fished out the impressively long and thick cock, and gave it a tentative lick.

A jolt ran from Clark’s cock-head to his skull. Raising his head a little, Clark saw Randy meet his gaze, mouth curling into a smile around the leaking cock-head. “What are you doing?”, Clark asked as his right hand half-heartedly started to push Randy’s oh-so-velvety mouth off his dick.

Randy, still in between the thick, muscular thighs, sheepishly replied, “I just wanted to thank you for being so nice to me Clark.”, and then in one swift motion, he swallowed the rock-hard member in front of him until his lips kissed Clark’s pelvis.

“Ughhh! Fuck”, Clark exclaimed. Clark was not gay, but Randy has had a hard day, and his mother always taught him to welcome a gift with open arms, and Randy’s mouth and throat just felt so. good. Clark’s right hand stayed on Randy’s skull, and soon it was joined by his left hand, as both of them kept pressing Randy’s moist mouth onto the leaking Kryptonian member.

Soon, the pleasure was too much for the sexually-inexperienced Kansan. “I’m - I’m cumming!”, exclaimed Clark as he tried to pull Randy off his cock. But Randy stayed put, as Clark deposited volleys after volleys of nutrient-rich Kryptonian cum down the welcoming throat. Clark gasped as Randy’s tongue kept swirling around his sensitive head even after he had came, as if trying to tease out more of his thick, white cum.

Randy stood up from between Clark’s long legs, his body glowing purple while his muscles stretched out under the spandex. Finally putting two and two together, Clark turned to run out the locker room door.

But the blond jock - and yes with his new growth spurt, Parasite did now qualify as a jock - was quicker. He pushed Clark back down onto the bench, grabbed him by the head and shoved his hard, 6-inch dick into the kryptonian’s mouth.

Clark gagged at the oral invasion. He tried to push Randy - no, Parasite - away, but to no avail. The grip over his head was just too strong. Clark could only gag and whimper as Parasite shoved his cock in and out, going so far as to penetrate his throat.

Eventually, Parasite’s cock erupted inside Clark’s mouth. Clark gagged again, cum running down his chin dimple. With each volley of cum gushing down his throat, Superman felt like he was drinking liquid exhaustion. As Parasite scoped up the stray strands of fluid from Clark’s face, and shoved them down his slackened mouth, Clark’s eyelids got too heavy to hold up any longer.

After wiping his still semi-hard cock on Superman’s face, Parasite dragged the unconscious superhero out of Pump & Flex and into the night.

Superman groaned. Is this how Jimmy feels when he gets into work after a night of heavy drinking? Moving his arms, he heard loud clanging, which made his head hurt even more.

Turning to his left and right, Superman saw that he was in the middle of a large cell, his wrists cuffed to metal chains hanging from the ceiling. Behind him was a small barbed window. He was in his supersuit, his grey sweats having been crumpled in a pile in a lonely corner. He tried seeing through walls of his cell, but was only met with more concrete. Either the walls were laced with lead, or - Superman did not dare think of the alternative.

He pulled at the chains with all his superhuman might. The iron links held their ground. The Man of Steel, not being a man who gives up on his first attempt, tries again. The chains clanged arrogantly. He tried a third time. This time, the metal groaned with him, and he could see the cuffs were starting to bend.

“Going somewhere?”

Superman saw a blond, muscular jock leaning against the door. “Parasite”, growled Superman.

“Took you long enough to figure that out”, Parasite smirked.

Superman felt the rays of sunshine on the back reinvigorating him. He just had to buy some time.

“How did you escape from prison this time?”

“Oh, it wasn’t that difficult. A guard was bored and I volunteered to suck his dick. It was kinda like a gay porno, if you ignore the part where I drained the life out of him”, Parasite laughed.

“So you’re gay now?", Superman asked, feeling more strength coursing through his arms.

“I thought you didn’t have a problem with that?”

“I don’t, I just have a problem with you raping, draining and killing innocent people.”

Parasite winked flirtatiously and ambled towards Superman. “You try sucking a 400-pound man; it’s like drinking lard. Muscular people are more filling, more nutritious. And a surprising number of them are gay. So let’s just say I have an acquired taste for good man meat.”

“I see you still like purple ”, Superman quipped.

“Glad you like it”, Parasite replied as he put on a flexing show in front of Superman. The compression clothes had gotten so tight, one could almost see the perky nipples and individual abs underneath. Even Superman admitted to himself, Parasite did not look half-bad, for a human at least.

Feeling energy course through his arms again, the superhero knew this was his chance.

“Now!”, Superman thought to himself. He pulled his arms together in front of him, snapping his wrists free of the cuffs. The next thing he knew, he was shoved up against the wall.

“Leaving so fast sexy?”, Parasite smirked as he pressed his hardening dick against Superman’s crotch. Superman immediately felt his energy draining and, ashamedly, his cock rising. Parasite hands explored Superman’s muscular body, from his cannonball shoulders, down to his bulging biceps, and then stopping to give both bursting pecs of steel a nice, firm squeeze through the blue fabric. As Superman opened his mouth to moan in pleasure, Parasite tipped his toes to shove his tongue down his throat.

"No… stop…no”, he gasped as his tongue betrayed him by starting to spar with Parasite’s. Parasite’s hands travelled further south, past Superman’s cobblestone 8-pack: his left hand rubbing against the crotch of the supersuit, bringing the cock of steel to full mast, while his right hand toyed with hefty Kryptonian balls. Superman moaned louder into Parasite’s hot, warm mouth.

Parasite fished Superman’s hard cock out of the tight uniform, gave it a few jacks, and then kneeled down to suck on it, arms tight around Superman’s waist. “Mmmmm”, Parasite moaned around the Kryptonian dick, “Your cum is amazing, just as a man should taste”. Superman groaned in pleasure as Parasite’s mouth bobbled on his dick, but his groans turned into a yelp, as one of the kneeling jock’s fingers scratch the fabric of his supersuit against his virgin hole.

“Stop!”, Superman yelled, as he knocked Parasite off his cock and onto the floor.

Parasite saw Superman was making a run for the door, and grabbed at one of the iconic red boots. Slam! The Man of Steel face-planted onto the concrete floor.

“Got you!”, said Parasite gleefully. Tearing off the pesky red cape, Parasite could finally see the ass of steel. He squeezing the twin mounds of muscle to drain some of Superman’s energy. Having now pre-empted another attempt at escape, the leech ripped a hole in the red spandex, hands diving between the overflowing glute muscles to uncover a small, pink, immaculate pucker. The blond jock dived in, licking the delicious hole in worship. Superman stifled a groan as a pleasurable heat emanated from his behind.

Parasite spit some saliva onto his hands, and then shoved his right index finger into the perfect, puckered hole.

Superman yelled as his ass burned at the insertion. He tried to crawl away on his stomach, only to be pulled onto all fours by Parasite, as one - then two - more fingers punctured his quaking hole.

“Stop - Ugh!”, Superman groaned as a pleasurable shiver ran through him. The Man of Steel asked himself, “What had the leech’s fingers poked against? Ugh! There it is again! Ugh! Ugh! I have to get a grip!”

“Get your fingers out of my ass!”, quivered Superman in between gasps.

“If you insist”, Parasite said, as he quickly pulled out his fingers. Superman thought Parasite had finished torturing him, only to be dissuaded of that notion when Parasite flipped the superhero onto his back.

Superman saw Parasite grab at his ankles, raising his legs up into a V-shape. Before he could even react, he felt energy leaving him into the sneering blond jock standing between his legs. The Man of Steel could only watch on helplessly as Parasite’s taunt muscles pump up underneath the purple spandex, like after a particularly satisfying workout.

“I’m overdressed”, the blond jock declared as he stood up. Muscles still expanding, Parasite pushed out his chest his torso outwards, ripping his purple compression top into pieces. The jock then flexed each of his legs, the fabric of the spandex shorts giving up as well. Superman’s dick burped out a drop of pre-cum in praise of the show.

“That’s better”, Parasite joked as he spread Superman’s long, muscular legs apart.

The Man of Steel shook his head - No! No! No! - as he realised what Parasite was planning next. Superman squeezed his ass shut.

“Time to break in your super pussy!”

Parasite aimed his hard cock at the rosebud, pushed away the Kryptonian’s pathetic attempt of resistance and roughly shoved the entire rod in, until pelvis slapped against glutes.

Superman screamed, as pain swept through his ass like wildfire. Never had the Kryptonian been attacked so viciously, so intimately. He begged his invader to pull out. Parasite seemed to comply, slowly retreated his cock, until just the head remained, and then rammed it back in. Superman screamed again.

In front of him, Parasite could see the Man of Steel’s large, taunt body writhing around his cock, the superhero’s muscles bouncing along to the rhythm of his thrusts. Seeing Superman in pain, eyes shut, face scrunched up only encouraged the blond jock to pound harder into the tight, velvety hole.

Superman yelped. He felt the invading cock graze that spot inside of him again. “Bingo!”, Parasite thought, as he aimed his dick at the Kryptonian prostate. The outline of Superman’s dick became ever the more clear, as the dark patch of pre-cum expanded on the red spandex. Superman was going to cave in no time.

With every thrust inside him, Superman could feel the pain receding, and the pleasure growing. He could have sworn Parasite’s cock - the cock which was constantly, firmly, yet gentling prodding at that magical spot within him - was getting ever the slightly longer and thicker. Superman squeezed his eyes shut and moaned - Ugh! Fuck! Ugghh! Fuucckkkkk! - as the wonderful waves of pleasure coming from his ass overwhelm him.

“Your dick is hard”, teased Parasite. Superman glanced down, feeling betrayed as his engorged cock-head peeked out from his red spandex, lying rock hard in a growing pool of pre-cum. Superman leaned his head back onto the cold concrete floor and covered his face with both hands. Why is his penis enjoying this? Why is he enjoying this? He can’t just give in to the deviant like that - could he?

“Look at me!”, Parasite ordered, pulling Superman’s arms away from his face whilst ramming even harder into Superman’s tight hole. Superman looked between his legs. It was a playful college jock who sucked Superman off at Pump & Flex. Now, it was a muscular man who was violating his virgin hole. He saw Parasite’s protruding pecs before him, bouncing along to the rhythm of the Kryptonian’s own moans. Further down were the muscular blond’s defined 6-pack, covered in a sheen of sweat as they contracted and extended to piston the rod of pleasure in and out of his hole. Superman saw his cock burping out another big blob of pre-cum, and then shut his eyes. He had seen enough of how low he had fallen.

Parasite grabbed at Superman’s throat. "I said, look at me, superslut!”. Superman met Parasite’s purple eyes, burning with desire. The Kryptonian tried to look away, but - Slap! - the burn in his cheeks made him look at his muscular torturer again.

Was Parasite getting bigger? Superman was not sure if it was the lighting, or if it was because his eyes kept glossing over every time his spot was caressed, but each time Parasite so much as moved his arms or shoulders or chest, the muscles seemed to grow ever the so slightly. “What’s - ugh - huh - ugh - happ - fuck - ugh - happening?”, Superman gasped in pleasure, as waves of exhaustion and arousal came over the Man of Steel.

"Look at me when I’ve fucking you, superslut!”, jeered Parasite, as the blond muscle god leaned forward and lifted the buns of steel of the concrete floor, jackhammering into the pussy between them like there is no tomorrow. ”Ugh - No, stop! Ugh! Ugh! Yes — no — uuggggghhhhhh!”, Superman’s erotic moans all joined up into one.

Waves of pleasure and exhaustion rose from Superman’s ass and crashed into every corner of his body. Soon, it was too much. Without even touching his cock, cum bursted out of the impressive kryptonian dick and onto Superman’s abs, chest, even face. Delighted at having made the Superman cum hands-free with his cock, Parasite erupted inside the sweet super cunt as well.

Superman’s cum had sprayed everywhere on his body. Parasite pulled his cock out of the ravaged hole and sucked all the thick creamy cum off of the panting superhero’s torso, careful not to waste a single drop of pure Kryptonian energy. Superman looked up hopelessly as Parasite glowed purple, his muscles rippling and expanded.

“Fuck yes! Now that’s the stuff!”, cried Parasite as he stood up, admiring his improved body. He glanced at Superman and suddenly zipped out of the cell in superspeed.

Superman leaned his head back on the floor, panted breathlessly. Something trickled down his aching hole. He scooped out some of the fluid leaking out of his pussy - no, ass - he reminded himself. Looking at the purple cum on his fingers, his mind was disgusted, but his cock was curious. The Man of Steel licked it. He hated how he loved its taste.

Parasite zoomed back into the room, holding a longer, thicker metal chain. “This one’s made of reenforced steel”, joked the muscular blond.

“Well what do we have here?”, Parasite asked, as he looked at Superman with his purple-cum stained hands in his mouth. The Man of Steel blushed bright red. “There’s plenty more where that came from, superslut”, Parasite laughed as he swiped his cock on Superman’s face. The Man of Steel sealed his mouth shut, concerned about how the leech’s cum might affect him.

“No? You loved it a moment ago”, Parasite teased. Knowing the superhero recovers quickly, Parasite quickly used his newly stolen laser eyes to weld the steel chain to the ceiling. He then dragged the still sex-dazed superhero to his feet, cuffing him by the wrists to the chains. To humiliate the Man of Steel further, Parasite stripped Superman of his supersuit and put it on himself.

“Fits just right”, jeered Parasite. Snapping out of the post-coital glow, Superman’s looked in dismay. The leech was right. Not only was he as tall as Superman, his muscles were just as large and defined. In the supersuit - no, his supersuit - the leech looked just as handsome, just in a more sinister, sexy way.

“I wonder if my dick is just as big as yours”, Parasite asked out loud as he grabbed at Superman’s semi-hard cock. Superman grimaced as his cock defied him by hardening even more the moment Parasite’s hand was wrapped around it: why did he enjoy being manhandled by the monster so much? Superman suppressed a moan of arousal as Parasite toyed with the two impressive members, squeezing, rubbing, frotting them together. As both dicks became rock solid, one head peeped slightly over the other.

“Well, well, well, if you’d look at that. Looks like I have the bigger cock.”, Parasite gleefully exclaimed. Superman blushed scarlet. He never linked his manhood to his the size of his - well - manhood, but then again, that’s the luxury of having the largest dick since - well - forever. Not to lose out on the opportunity to humiliate Superman further, Parasite added, “I guess it’s official: you’re my bitch now superslut.” Superman cummed again.

Parasite roared with laughter at the superslut’s salute of submission. “Even your dick is reminding you who’s boss. Now be a good little bitch and stay put while daddy’s out.”. Parasite mockingly kissed Superman on his forehead and sauntered off. Underneath the stolen supersuit, Parasite’s abs rippling into an 8 pack as they absorbed the Man of Steel’s fresh cum.

Superman stared at the perfectly muscled back as the cell doors clanged shut. “It’s going to be hard to get out of this one”, he thought to himself.

By the time Parasite returned to the cell next morning, the supersuit had gained a few more rips and many more stains, some from cum, others from sweat. Knowing that he had shrunk from the spandex starting to hang looser, Parasite prepared himself for another night of sexual deviance by fucking and draining Superman.

Over the next few days (or weeks - who knows?), Superman gradually got used to the rhythm of things. Parasite would pay him a visit every time he started to shrink. Every time, Superman would get fucked - either standing up, or on the floor missionary style, or on all fours like a dog or whatever other position Parasite (or dark corners of the Internet) could come up with. Every time, Superman would cum a fountain of thick, white cum, while getting fucked, without so much as the wind touching his cock. And every time, Superman was forced to watch as Parasite lapped up his energy-rich cum and grow from a hot jock into a perfect specimen of masculinity that rivalled the great Man of Steel himself.

Superman tried to convince himself that his cock was rock hard every time he was ravished by the blond jock because of his draining powers. But even that did not explain why, over the last few “visits”, his dick gets hard just by seeing the blond jock leaning naked against the cell door. Another trend Superman observed was that Parasite seemed to like seeing Superman ride his cock while sapping his energy. The blond jock particularly enjoyed seeing the Man of Steel moan in heat as his cock lengthened and expanded inside of that tight Kryptonian cunt. As the end of the day, what worried the Man of Steel the most was that deep down, he may be starting to enjoy being the blond jock’s bitch.

“He isn’t back yet”, Superman thought, “maybe he’s found out that robbing the Federal Reserve isn’t as easy as giving the security guard a blowjob”.

Feeling the reinvigorating rays of light on his back, Superman tugged at the chains until even the reinforced steel gave way to the Man of Steel.

He knew Parasite could be back any minute, so he hurriedly put on his supersuit, having been unwashed and discarded in a corner after Parasite’s last sex party. Sure it was caked in cum and torn in many places, but it was still his suit. Superman tied his cape around his neck, hoping that it was long enough to cover the embarrassing rip over his bottom.

Superman dashed out of the cell and found himself in an abandoned warehouse in the middle of the grimiest part of Metropolis. He knew he could not win against Parasite in a fight right now. He had to head north, to his Fortress of Solitude to recharge and plan.

As Superman flew into the sky, finally enjoying a breeze of cool air hitting his face, he heard cries for help. It came from a construction site which was tearing down an old block of flats. With his X-ray vision, Superman could see a child was trapped in the crumbling building.

Being the morally impeccable superhero he is, Superman swept down into the heart of the building, towards the rubble trapping the little boy.

A small pair of eyes looked out towards a narrow crevice, and shouted in delight, “Superman!”.

“Don’t worry”, the superhero boomed, “I’ll get you out !”

Normally, the Man of Steel could easily lift up all the rubble, grab the child and fly out. But this is not the normal Superman. Still drained, he could only lift up several steel columns, so that the child could crawl out. Even so, Superman had to exert himself.

As the child started climbing up the well of concrete he had trapped himself in, Superman heard a voice behind him, shouting, “Go! Superman, go! You can do this!”. Superman turned around. Parasite - wearing nothing but a pair of revealing black gym shorts and white trainers - was sauntering towards him.

“There’s a child down there!”, Superman seethed at Parasite quietly.

“I know”, the blond jock breathed down Superman’s neck, “I have your X-ray vision, too” The heat emanating from Parasite’s nearly naked body was waking up the Kryptonian cock.

“Don’t drop the metal, or you’ll kill the boy , Parasite whispered to the Man of Steel, as he parted the glutes of steel from the previous rip, wedging his cock between the muscular ass cheeks. Superman could feel the leech’s flaming cockhead giving wet kisses to his pucker.

Arms quivering, Superman growled back, “Stop draining me! I need to save the boy!”

Parasite licked the sweat trickling down Superman’s neck, “I’m not draining you. But I can’t help it if you’re a slut for my cock. Just look at how you’re leaking!”. The Man of Steel looked down to see his cock-print obscenely jutting out of the dirtied red spandex, with the fraying elastic the only thing keeping his member from springing out.

“You doing okay down there?”, Superman shouted at the kid, voice straining as he felt Parasite’s breaching his hole.

“I’m almost out!”, a voice replied.

As Parasite slid in until he was hilt deep, Superman could not help but moan in pleasure. At that exact moment, a dusty boy emerged from the hole.

“Yay! You did it!”, Parasite yelled as he bear-hugging Superman from behind, jolting up and down, “Why don’t you come and give Superman a big hug?”

"N-ugh!”, Superman gasped at the child, eyes wide open as his prostate quivered in pleasure, “The building can collapse any minute now, just go!”

The boy was puzzled why Superman was not celebrating like his handsome friend from the gym behind him, but since the man he looked up to most in life told him to leave, he turned and ran off.

“He hasn’t left the building yet”, Parasite cooed while ripping a hole in the front of the red spandex, freeing the dripping Kryptonian member, “If you drop the metal columns down now, the building may collapse”.

“Ugh! You - bastard!”, Superman moaned helplessly as he left his energy draining into the cock thrusting inside of him.

Weeks of sexual domination had worn away at Superman’s self-retrained. All it took was a few jabs and Superman’s cock erupted. He could feel Parasite vibrating behind and inside of him as warm cum was shot into his superpussy. It was all too much for the drained Man of Steel. Arms giving up, the superhero drifted into unconsciousness.

Superman dreamt of being fucked. He dreamt of him being spit-roasted, of being gang-banged by a group of villains, of being double penetrated. He had to endure the nightmare of being edged by Lex Luthor with a dildo glowing kryptonite green, of being turned into a twink while fucked by a winged, muscle-bound demon.

He even dreamt of him kneeling before Parasite, begging for cock while exclaiming, “Take me Master! I am your super slutslave!", only to cum immediately when the blond muscle jock slid into his cunt.

And then Superman woke up, cumming onto Parasite’s torso.

“Enjoyed the dream?”, the blond jock jeered as his muscles rippled and grew from absorbing the Kryptonian fluids.

Superman could only pull against the chains cuffing him, writhing and moaning in pleasure as Parasite kept fucking him from underneath.

“Ugh!”. Superman tugged at the chains hanging from the ceiling for support, as Parasite’s cock bombarded his prostate from behind. “Why isn’t he leaving? He must have been going at it for hours by now”, Superman thought in between the waves of pleasure emanating from his prostate. The sounds of Parasite’s waist clapping against Superman’s glutes filled the dark room, accompanied by the blond muscleman’s grunts, Superman’s moans, and the metal chains’ clangs.

“Consider this as a reminder not to try and escape again”, Parasite growled as he pummelled harder into the superhero’s still-tight pussy.

“Ahh - ahhh - ahhhhh!”, exclaimed Superman in pleasure as thick, white cum sprayed out of his cock.

Panting from the exertion, Superman could almost see his reflection in the puddle of Kryptonian cum on the floor in front of him. “This must be my twelfth time today”, the Man of Steel thought, “or was it the thirteenth?”

Suddenly, Superman saw something which cut through the sexual fog over his brain. His puddle of cum started to ripple! His eyes widened as his countless loads of cum trickled past him and then disappear as they reached Parasite’s feet!

The Man of Steel felt a warm stretch in his ass, as Parasite’s cock inside him expanded. He also felt a push behind him, as the blond muscleman’s growing muscles forced him forward. Roaring as the kryptonian’s power coursed through him, Parasite grabbed hard at the Man of Steel’s cum-gutters and jack-hammered into the tight cunt. Despite having just came, Superman’s cock rose yet again as the leech shot another load of hot cum inside of him, deeper than ever before.

Parasite hugged Superman to impale him further on his still-hard cock. Kissing at Superman’s neck, Parasite whispered, “Even your cum knows who’s your true Master. Last chance now, do you surrender and pledge to me as my slave, superslut!” Disappointed with Superman’s defiant silence, Parasite’s large, strong hands slid down to toy with the rod and balls of steel. “Ugh -I will - never - surrender - to you! Ugh!”, Superman moaned in resistance, as he felt Parasite nibble into his neck.

Parasite sighed into Superman’s perfect skin as he let go of the Man of Steel’s cock, “Very well then…” Superman felt Parasite’s long, thick cock slowly retreating, sliding slower and slower out of his ass, until only the wide bulbous cock-head was left.

“…since you won’t submit - I guess -”. Superman felt Parasite’s hands return to his tapered waist.

“… I’ll have to destroy you!”

Parasite rammed his cock all the way back into Superman’s sweet, sweet pussy. “Ahh!”, Superman screamed at the unexpected intrusion. Oh, Parasite’s cock is in so, so deep.

“Stop! Sto - ugh!”. Superman’s whole body jolted along to the rhythm of the muscular intruder’s jabs.

“Stop?”, Parasite taunted, as he licked a groaning Superman’s ear, “Oh, I’m not going to stop. I’m not going to stop until I fuck every drop of cum out of your balls! I’m not going to stop until I drain you dry of your powers!”

Superman turned to Parasite to try and shout out an authoritative “No!”, but only succeeded in mewing out “N - n - ahh - ahh!”. Thinking that his superbitch was coming into heat, Parasite simply fucked Superman harder.

“He’s too strong!”, Superman groaned to himself, “I - ah - must - ah - stop. His. dick.”. On that thought, Superman used all his superhuman strength to squeeze Parasite’s cock out of his hole, but it was too little, too late. The blonde muscleman’s powerful member just rammed away any resistance of his anal muscles. If anything, Parasite got more aroused, “Yeah, slut! Tighten that pussy around your Master’s dick!"

“What should - ah - I do? Think, Clark - ahh! Think - ahh! No! Ahhhh!”. Superman’s chain of thoughts were interrupted by an even more generous eruption from his cock. Superman’s eyes widened in shock as his own cum stopped mid-air, and then u-turning, strands gliding past his pronounced oblique muscles.

The blond muscleman behind him stood still as his flawlessly smooth skin welcomed the cum, rippling and glowing purple. The Man of Steel yelped as Parasite’s cock grazed his G-spot just from expanding. Parasite smirked; he felt the Kryptonian shiver around his dick, too.

Parasite leisurely started fucking Superman again, this time cupping his hands on the hard, round pecs of steel while caressing the perky nipples. Pulling Superman’s back upright and rubbing tight against his own torso, Parasite realised he was now taller than the Man of Steel himself, with broader shoulder, bigger biceps, and from what his hands was telling him, thicker, wider and harder pecs as well.

Parasite grinned; he wanted more! With that thought, he placed his hands on Superman’s shoulders, pushing him as far forward as the metal chains would allow, and rapidly jackhammered his cock in and out, in and out of Superman’s meaty ass. He felt himself shooting deep into the superslut’s pussy, but with such a sweet, tight cunt, who would want to stop?

Parasite kept pounding away. And the superslut kept moaning to his Master’s jabs.

“Fuggg - ahhh!”, Superman cried for the umpteenth time that day.

The Man of Steel had lost track of how many times he had already cum.

Parasite clamped his thick, muscular arms around Superman’s chest, just under the armpits, lifting the Man of Steel off the floor and shoving the supercunt on and off his pulsating cock. Superman felt the vibrations from Parasite’s body as the muscle-bound blond roared with pleasure, “Fuck! Yeah! Fuck! Fuck!”. Another large load of boiling hot cum painted the insides of Superman’s well-worn hole. It seemed to the Man of Steel that not only was Parasite not tiring out, he seemed to be cumming more and more, and every shot, every load was hotter and larger than the last!

Superman braced himself for the now familiar stretch in his hole, but even he could not suppress a cry as the dick widened and lengthened inside of him. To the Man of Steel, it felt like he had a foot-long rod of wicked pleasure inside of him. He was wrong, Parasite’s cock was longer.

By this point, all Superman wanted to do was to lie down, and for his cock and pussy — no, his hole, he reminded himself — to have a well-earned rest. But such luxuries were not available to the debauched former archetype of perfect masculinity. As Parasite, who was now at least a full head taller than his superhero fleshlight, loosened his bear hug, Superman cried out in pain and pleasure as his glorious glutes slid down the long cock and slapped against Parasite’s pelvis. Superman’s toes could only graze the concrete. The Man of Steel was dangling off the floor just by having his ass skewered by Parasite’s cock!

“Would you look at that? Superman is hooked onto my cock!”, Parasite gleefully shouted as he did small jumps, bouncing Superman just by his dick like a loose cock ring.

The hard jabs aided by gravity and the humiliation of being played like a fleshlight were just too much for the Man of Steel, and cum sprouted out of his hard cock and into Parasite. After the latest strands of Kryptonian cum were absorbed, the Man of Steel could not even touch the floor, muscular limbs dangling helplessly in front of Parasite’s tree-trunks of legs. Delighted, Parasite kept bouncing his super fleshlight, urging it to cum again.

“Stop it! Put me down!”, Superman cried, as he tried to hold back his tears of humiliation.

“Ah yes!”, replied Parasite softly. Snap went the chains cuffed to Superman’s arms as Parasite threw the Man of Steel face-down onto the floor. Before Superman could even react, Parasite fell on top of the kryptonian, arms tight around the victim’s round, muscular shoulders from underneath the armpits, cock roughly shoved back into the sweet cunt, all the way up to the hilt.

“Thanks for the reminder superslut. It’s time I put you down. Forever!”

“No - n-ahh - no! Let - ahh - me - go - aaahhh!”, Superman begged. He could feel his energy draining away, not just from his back where Parasite was lying on top of him, but from inside him as the girthy cock rubbed against places inside him that no man has ever reached.

The only part of Superman which did not seem to tiring out was his prostate, as it ordered the Kryptonian’s cock to erupt into the floor yet again. Superman felt his cum wiggling between the valleys of his abs as they tried in vain to reach Parasite. Realising this may be his only way out, Superman pressed hard into the floor, trapping his cum. But every time Parasite shoved his cock into him, the Man of Steel shook and shivered and his cum slid further and further out, until one strand escaped from Superman’s defined abs into Parasite’s even more defined 8-pac.

“So this is where you’ve been hiding your cum!”, Parasite grinned as he rolled onto his back, flipping Superman up onto his torso with him, while continuing to piston into Superman’s hole. The cum that Superman had deposited on the floor flew into their rightful owner. As Parasite expanded and glowed purple, he came inside Superman. “Ugh! Your cum - it burns!”, Superman gasped as the blond muscle god’s cum scalded his insides. Parasite ignored his pleas as he forced apart Superman’s legs with his knees, continuing to piston his cock into the super cunt.

Parasite gave Superman’s quarter-sized nipples a good twist, and then grabbed at the Man of Steel’s pecs of steel. Feeling his chest warming up, Superman looked down at his chest. He saw his impressive pectoral muscles slowly shrinking under the leech’s paws. He knew he had to stop Parasite from draining his muscles, so he reached down to force the blond muscle god’s hands away from his chest. But the moment the Kryptonian’s hands touched Parasites, his forearms and biceps started warming up and shrinking down as well. It look all of the Man of Steel’s willpower to remove his palms from the purple glow.

As Parasite squeezed harder, the warmth in the superhero’s chest turned into sexual heat - like his nipples were licked, twisted and sucked on by a thousand mouths. Superman’s body could not stop contorting in sexual pleasure. At the same time, the Man of Steel could not hold back his tears, as he witnessed his twin hills of bulging pecs flatten into still-defined slabs.

Then, Superman felt his upper back being pushed upwards, as the two mounds of hard chest muscles underneath grew into mountains. He came again.

Seeing salty tears dripping down the side of the Kryptonian’s tall cheek bones, Parasite fucked his cock into the cum-covered supercunt even harder. No longer having bulging pecs of steel as a grip hold, Parasite pounded Superman a little too hard, so hard that he flew off the veinous 14-inch cock and onto the floor.

As Superman looked up, he saw tree-trunk like legs leading to a cock thicker than his arm and dripping with purple pre-cum, then a torso with muscles fuller, more defined and more perfect than his ever were. Finally, Superman saw Parasite’s handsome face, sneering at him from above. Superman wobbled as he stood up, struggling to bring his legs back together after having been forced to spread for hours. Purple cum slid from his gaping hole, along his sinewy legs and onto the concrete floor.

“That’s enough now”, Superman said in a low voice, as he slowly backed towards the door, “If you kill you won’t be able to recharge when you run out power.”

Parasite sauntered towards the superhero menacingly, “Do you really think I’m that stupid, superslut?"

Thump! Superman fell onto his back. He had slipped on the cum which had leaked out of his own cunt!

Parasite laughed. He dived at the superhero’s legs and spread them until Superman was basically doing the splits. He rammed his monster cock all the way back into Superman, as far as it would go, as purple cum spilled out of the red, puffy pussy lips. Superman gasped. Parasite’s cock has gotten so large, the girth was starting to hurt the Kryptonian. But Superman’s dick stayed rock hard, relishing in the melange of pain and pleasure. With his cock, Parasite lifted Superman’s entire body up, cradling the superhero by his back in the air.

As Superman raised his head to meet Parasite’s piercing gaze, he felt his own cock quiver in submission. “Let me tell you what I found out, draining all those gym rats”, Parasite said, grinning, “ I’ve found out that moderation is for suckers. If I drain everything, I get to keep everything!” The battering against Superman’s prostate continued.

Before the Man of Steel could register how much trouble he was in, he came again.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!”, Superman could hardly make out individual thoughts as his cock ejected shot after shot of creamy white cum all over Parasite’s body. After what must have been tens of shots, Superman realised his dick simply would not stop cumming! He saw his cum linking together into one continuous strand, connecting his cock with Parasite. As the pearl necklace of Kryptonian cum disappear into Parasite’s belly button, a now-familiar warmth spread over Superman’s dick as it started to shorten with every pulsation. The Man of Steel’s sense of horror at his shrinking cock only encouraged his traitorous member to burp out more and more beads of energy-rich cum to feed to the blond’s insatiable muscles.

All Superman could do was watch hopelessly as Parasite’s muscles glowed, rippled and grew, whilst his own continued to shrink. Every one of Parasite’s deep, powerful thrusts bumped against Superman’s prostate, the overwhelming pleasure — and slowly building pain, which only added to the superslut’s pleasure — from his ass kept crashing over him.

Parasite looked down, grinning. With every punch of his dick, Superman’s abs lost definition, until all 8 merged into one smooth stomach. Suddenly, Parasite felt a sharp pain in his back, between his shoulder blades. Was he wrong? Was he actually going to explode from absorbing too much? Parasite hunched over, dick softening.

Looking at Parasite’s contorted face, Superman hopefully thought, “I knew a Kryptonian’s power is too much for a human!”

Parasite howled in pain, then puffed out his magnificent chest. Black skeletal wings bursted out from Parasite’s muscular back. Superman’s cock painfully blurted out a particular large blob of cum as lilac leather filled in the gaps between the bones.

Overwhelmed with the power coursing through him, Parasite clamped his super fleshlight tight as he unloaded his biggest load yet. Parasite did not stop cumming for over a minute, purple cum dripping onto the floor from the completely filled-up super cunt. Superman - now more like a super-twunk - cried out as the heat from the volleys of purple cum ate away at him internally.

Cocooning the sweating, gasping supertwunk with his wings, Parasite grabbed at the throat of the kryptonian slut skewered around his cock. Superman tried to pull Parasite off his neck with one hand, while the other reaches out towards his dominator for mercy.

“Ugh! Please! Ahh! Stop! Ple-ughh!”, Superman pleaded, while his cock continued to shoot out strand after strand after strand of cum.

“Pathetic”, the blond muscle god spat. With all 7-plus feet of his bursting muscles, Parasite fucked Superman with a power and force like never before. A sense of emptiness started to radiate from Superman’s balls, as the gush of cum from his shrinking 6-inch cock turn into a flow out of his 4-inch dick, and then reduced to a trickle. The Kryptonian started to black out in between moans of ecstasy, pain and helplessness, as the purple glow from Parasite’s body blanketed to cover his own as well.

Hearing another deep roar from above, Superman screamed out in pain as fiery hot cum sprayed his insides.

Tears in his eyes, Superman looked at his body in shame. The contrast between his smooth lean torso, and the wall of glistening muscle pounding away could not be starker. Superman eyes traced up the cobblestone abs. He admired enviously at Parasite’s juicy, overhanging pecs, their thickness and strength accentuated by his own, now slim legs. He looked further up, only to meet the glowing purple irises of the angelic-looking demon, smirking at him.

A sharp pain jolted Superman towards his crotch; he watched desperately as his two inches of a cock struggled to eject a few more pitiful burps of cum, each smaller and clearer than before, until no more cum came out.

“Goodbye, Superman!”, Parasite laughed maniacally as he hugged the Kryptonian twink tight against his body.

Smacked tight against Parasite’s concrete wall of muscles, Superman felt every vibration of the muscle god’s pecs against his face. Parasite could feel his cock from underneath Superman’s skin, as the enormous member piston up and down, in and out of the spluttering superslut.

And then a deafening boom of domination from above, as lava spewed from the tower of a cock deep in the supertwink, destroying his insides. The Kryptonian could have sworn that even his tongue could taste the rich, salty, boiling purple cum. The superslut felt his nub trembling in ecstasy, still trying to burp up non-existent cum, as he faded into the darkness.

Author’s Note I’ve always fantasised about sexually dominating Superman, so when I saw that Gay Spiral Stories was doing a ‘Fallen Hero’ writing challenge, I finally strapped my ass to a chair and wrote this out. This is the first time I’ve done any creative writing since high school, so apologies in advance if this is not as riveting as Agatha Christie’s work. Special shout-out to Aosuka and DrainedHeroes (Shinso Masamune) for inspiring me with their artistry.

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