Pine's College Jocks Ch. 7 - Wrestling time!

By Nacho -
published March 14, 2020
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First pledge challenge already?! Pine teams up with another pledge, and explores a bit more his dominant side.

Being a pledge was nice.

I mean it, really. You get access to a part of the frat house, not the entire thing though. And the game room is locked for pledges, but I could go in with Mike around so… Yeah, being a pledge was nice.

I avoided using the frat president to get priority or benefits. It was tempting, but I wanted to try and get a good pledge experience.

Mikey helped with it. My best… Sorry, I’m still not used to this. My boyfriend (God that felt good to say) made sure I was comfortable around the house.

After thinking about it, we decided to stay in Mike’s room at the frat house. It would be more comfortable than our dorm room, with those annoyingly small beds. It was mostly Mike’s choice, because I was uncomfortable almost falling from bed when we tried to sleep in those single beds.

Sadly, the frat house was, as I suspected, a shark tank for nerds like me.

Okay, I may be exaggerating, but some of the active brothers treated me like some kind of servant, and said that, as a pledge, I have to help them whenever I can. That was bullshit, or at least Mikey said so.

“They’re just messin’ around with you, bro. Some of them told me they think you’re cool” He said as we he changed in the gym’s locker room. It was early in the morning, but we discovered that the gym was almost empty at this time.

“I get it, and It’s alright. I’m the one who wanted a normal pledge experience” And yet, I enslaved the frat’s president during my first day as a pledge. Good thinking, Piney!

I frowned to myself as I changed into my street clothes after our work out session. Some pants and a jacket with a tee underneath. Mike wore some jeans and a buttoned lumberjack shirt, with his letterman jacket above it.

He seemed to notice my frown, because he wrapped his arm around me as we exited the gym, and then we faced each other. He gave me a handsome smirk. “Hi”

“How’s it going?” I mumbled, nervously.

“Great, as always bro” He leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the lips. I ruffled his hair in answer, ruining his fauxhawk.

I know I’ve said it a lot already, but it still kind of surprised me to be dating my childhood best friend.

I’m not complaining though, he’s sweet, handsome, has an Adonis body.

‘And you own him’ I thought. I felt really guilty when I thought too much about the Mike-slave subject.

It was true, I owned Mike. We had a mind link and I could make him do whatever I wanted, but I didn’t make him love me, or anything he wouldn’t do. It was all on his own free will.

‘Are you sure about that? Maybe a command slipped here and there and…’

Mike brought me back to reality with another kiss, then we kept walking. “You seem to zone out a lot lately bro. You sure you don’t need a break from being the coach master?”

“Nah, it’s alright. Besides, it’s cool to let go all my responsibilities when I play the coach” It was like I wasn’t a student anymore. I was one with my players, not like a hive mind, but a bit similar.

“Alright Piney, but don’t overload yourself with work. Remember you have your pledge challenges coming up and man… They seem to be merciless in here” He laughed. It made me a bit uncomfortable, what if I had to party hard like Mikey likes to do or hook up with one of the sorority girls?

“But I’m sure you’ll ace it. You’re Pine Carter, after all” He noticed my scared expression after he mentioned the pledge challenges, and wanted me to feel better. He pulled me closer, his arm still around me. “I mean, not one, not two, but three football teams? That should be a record of… enslaved people, is there anything like that?”

“I don’t think so; I’ve never bothered looking for that in my laptop” We both laughed. It was a stupid thing, but kind of funny to think about it.

“Anyway, gotta head to Mr. Plantcock’s class” His biology professor, the man was a dick, so his students nicknamed him Plantcock. He gave me a last little kiss “Love you, see ya later bro!” Then he ran off.

After he left, I walked to my psychology class.

Stacy appeared as I left the building, after the class. “Hey Pine!” She had a warm smile, I wondered if she was happy or excited about something.

“Hey Stace, how’s it going?”

“I’m freezing out here. If autumn is like this, I can’t imagine winter…” She had a point. It was awfully cold for autumn. “Nice love mark” Stacy said, all of a sudden. It took me off guard.

“What?” I pulled out my phone and used it as a mirror. She was right, I had a love mark at one side of my neck. I fixed my jacket’s collar a bit to hide it as she laughed. ‘Damn you, Mikey!’ I thought

Stacy already knew I was gay. I don’t know if she knows I’m dating Mike. I’m still curious about how would she react if she knew I had powers. Would she be afraid? I mean, it’s not something normal and comfortable knowing there’s someone than can reprogram your mind at any moment he’d like, right?

I shrugged off that thought as she started talking again “Sorry, I forgot. I heard you’re pledging to enter Sigma Nu and I have some info about your first pledge challenge, if you want to hear it”

Wait, the first challenge already? I’m not sure I’m mentally prepared for that.

“Really? What is it about?” I wanted a good pledge experience, yeah. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t take a bit of advantage.

“It’s going to be this week, at night. I guess you already know that the first challenge is sport-based, right?” I didn’t, and that made me feel dumb.

Playing a sport is one of the requirements.

“And also” she continued “You should try to talk with the wrestling team, if you’re lucky, they will help you!”

“Thanks but… how do you know all this stuff?”

“Oh, don’t you know it? Some girls of the sorority are invited to witness the pledge challenge, and some boys of your fraternity are invited to witness our pledge challenges too. Think of it as an exchange of invitations… of sorts”

Given the fact that some of those girls liked to play with guys to humiliate them, it made sense for them to be in there. Probably to choose their new victim. I was glad Stacy didn’t like that stuff, she was a good friend.

We talked a bit more as we walked to the Sigma Nu house.

When I arrived to the house, I went to the kitchen. I wanted something warm to drink. I found this guy. Aiden, I remember him from that day I… spied him and his buddies on the quad.

“Hey” I said, a bit nervous. It’s funny. I can control minds, enslave complete teams and their coaches, but I still get nervous talking to people I don’t know.

“Yo” He said, grabbing his mug of coffee and sitting on the counter. The kitchen was big. This house was still surprising me, to be honest.

I wanted to make a bit of conversation, so I tried to present myself “I’m Pine Carter” I mumbled. I wasn’t sure if I should offer a hand shake or anything.

“Aiden Collins. Uh… I don’t think I saw you before around here, are you from the swimmin’ team?” Oh. The frat is full of jocks. Right.

“Not really, I’m not in a sports team” The wrestler chuckled on his drink.

“How did ya get in, then? It’s a requisite or somethin’” I must admit, his jock accent turned me on. It was something I got used to a lot since the football practices, but it was still appealing to me.

“Uhm… I’m the football team’s assistant coach” He looked at me, like he was surprised.

“Oh, you’re that guy? I heard from one of my football buddies that you’re doing a great job, even better than that pussy coach Peter. Makes sense they accepted you as a pledge” He extended his fist towards me.

‘It’s okay, he’s friendly’ I thought. Then I bumped his fist. “So… are you a pledge too?” I asked him.

“Yeah, already went through my first challenge” He took another sip of his coffee “They’re really awesome”

That was good to hear. And Stacy told me I should talk with other pledges, maybe we can team up or something like that during the next challenge?

“Do you know anything about the next… challenge?” I asked the wrestler, a bit nervous. I hope he didn’t think I was trying to get much info out of him or something.

“Heard rumors. A friendly wrestling match sounds good” I gulped, I never tried wrestling. Let’s be honest, I never tried any sport.

And he was a wrestler, of course it sounded good to him.

I faked a laugh, to seem confident. But the jock just stared at me “You never wrestled, right?” Was it THAT obvious? I mean, yeah, I’m a nerd.

“Guilty as the devil, I guess”

“We can team up, if you want. But you have to start practicing, or I’ll drop you. I’m here to win, bro” He offered his hand.

I shook it. “Consider it done”

Mike woke me up at 12 A.M.

“Bro, c’mon. Your first pledge challenge is about to happen” I got up as soon as my brain processed what Mikey said. So soon?! I checked my phone and it was true. Max sent me a message with his location.

I was scared, but then I realized a strategy. It’d better work, or I would fail miserably.

Truth is, I thought I had more time and didn’t follow Aiden’s advice to start practicing wrestling for this challenge. If I had more time, I would have probably enslaved one or two guys from the wrestling team and ask them for help.

“C’mon, get dressed” Mike started. “We gotta head to the wrestling mats!”

We left after I got dressed, practically running. The wrestling mats were in the sports complex, nearby the football field, so we got there pretty quickly.

Aiden wasn’t there, but Max and a few more guys were. I recognized some from the house, active brothers. And I assumed that a few from the ones I didn’t recognize were pledges as well.

I also noticed the sorority girls were there, too. Stacy was nowhere to be seen, though. I assumed she preferred to stay at her room.

They were already in their singlets, ready for the match. Aiden arrived from the locker room, changed in his singlet. That made me a bit less nervous, he was just changing, but I was the only one left.

“C’mon, we’re about to start” He said as he passed near me. I went to the locker room and Mike followed me.

“Nervous?” He asked, after he passed me a singlet. I nodded as I undressed as fast as I could, I didn’t want to miss the challenge. “It’s okay, you’ll do great, bro!”

“I don’t really know how to wrestle, Mikey” I mumbled, after I finished with the singlet. I looked at myself in the mirror. Huh, I didn’t look as ridiculous as I thought. The gym was doing its work I guess. I was a bit bigger than before. Not as big as my football players, but still.

“Well…” He grabbed my hand and sat in a nearby bench, then pulled me to sit in his lap. “I won’t tell anyone if you decide to… y’know, use your powers”

Let’s be real. I’m not a sporty guy, so if I wanted a chance to win in at least this challenge, I would have to use my powers.

I gave him a quick kiss. “Thanks for the idea” I noticed him blushing and smiling.

The plan was simple; I don’t think it was necessary to use the bottles. Not yet, at least. For now, I would just say a verbal command before the match started.

We left the locker room, and it seemed that Aiden was already on his match. He quickly overpowered his rival.

Max looked at me “There you are” He patted my back and pointed to the mats “Your partner seems about to win. That’ll give you a few points, but you still have to win your place here”

I tried to memorize what Aiden was doing. It would probably be useful. After a bit, Aiden’s rival tapped the mat twice. I assumed it meant the match was over.

My partner let go the other guy and walked over to us.

“Sam, you’re done! C’mon, out of the mat!” One of Max’s friends yelled, then turned to us. “Who’s next?” I raised my hand but Mike grabbed it

“Don’t you want to wait until the next recess? I already planned- “

But the other guy already saw my hand lifted and told me to walk to the mat. I had faith in my powers, so I wasn’t thaaaat scared.

I heard a guy mumble “This one’s gonna be easy” before going to the mat with me. “Alright, you know the rules” I didn’t, actually. But I decided to not ask, since I was going to cheat anyway.

We walked to the mat and got in position. I whispered, loud enough for him to hear me but careful to avoid being heard by the frat staff and the other pledges about to wrestle in the mats around us. “You will go easy on me, letting me win, understood?”

My rival nodded, as his eyes glazed over for a second. Great.

“Go!” Said Max. I lunged at the guy, grabbing his torso. It was easier than I expected, he barely fought me back.

In a matter of seconds, we rolled until I was on top of him, and the guy was with his back on the mat. And tapping the mat a lot to end the match. “Thanks” I whispered and he answered a quick ‘no problem’.

“What happened there?!” started yelling another guy, probably a wrestling team member, to my rival. He was just as confused as his friend. But I passed the round!

A quick recess started after the rest was done with their own matches, for the other pledges to prepare. Some of them walked to the Monster barrel that the frat guys set up there. Cool thing, a barrel full of cold energy drink to keep us going at the middle of the night.

“Woah, I’m impressed, man” Aiden came near me and offered his hand. I shook it, giving him a smile. “Honestly, I wasn’t sure about our alliance, but I’m glad we teamed up”

Mike appeared from behind him. “Congrats Piney! But… we may have a problem” He said, a bit scared. He pointed behind him, to the barrel full of energy, a few guys were taking drinks from it. I quickly knew what he was talking about, because I felt sudden mind links appearing with those guys.

Mike mixed the barrel’s content with one of my special bottles, probably to give me an advantage.

It kind of backfired.

Just like when I enslaved the whole football team, I felt a horrible headache.

I went to the bathrooms. It wasn’t time to feel pain, I had to make them normal before the recess finished or they would see me and start the typical “Master Pine!”

The pain was awful, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Like I did with Mike when he drank the special drink, I sent these guys quick commands via the mind link to act like themselves. They would barely acknowledge me at all, unless I stated otherwise.

For some reason, it was harder than usual to send them to my new slaves. But I managed to get them going. Before leaving, I sent a command to someone, I didn’t really care who, to avoid anyone else to drink from the barrel. That headache was something I would have to deal with later if they didn’t stop.

I walked out of the bathroom after the headache ceased, like ten minutes after it appeared. I noticed the barrel was on the floor, empty. Probably they turned it upside down, so the whole energy drink went directly to the floor.

“Fixed it” I whispered to Mike. He seemed relieved and started apologizing. I didn’t have time for that. Round 2 was about to start. According to Max, if I won this one, I would finish the challenge.

The other pledges were ready, and my new rival was one of the few wrestling team members who drank from the barrel. ‘Go easy on me. You will let me win’ I sent the order and checked his thoughts.

‘Let master win.’ Was the only thing he thought about.

I felt bad about cheating. I’m the one who wanted a normal pledge experience, but I’m not a jock, normally I wouldn’t have a chance against them.

But this wasn’t ‘normally’.

I charged towards him and the other guy grabbed my shoulders. Again, just like the other one, he barely struggled against me. It probably looked weird from the outside, because the guy was way bigger than me. ‘Fall’ I ordered him and he complied, falling backwards for me to get on top of him.

After a bit more of fake struggle, he tapped the mat twice and the round was over. I ‘won’.

“Not bad for a nerdy guy” said Aiden “You should try out for the wrestling team, you seem to be stronger than Barry, bro” As he pointed to the guy I just beated.

I smiled. I appreciated the compliment, but I was glad the challenge was over. After the other pledges finished their own wrestling stuff, Max separated the ones who won from the ones who didn’t.

He gave us a weird speech about how only winners joined Sigma Nu, but they always gave second chances at another time. I noticed he was one of the few who drank the special energy drink.

Cool, the frat president was even deeper under my control. That would probably be useful. I went to change back into my warmer clothes and left the place with Mikey, after saying bye to Aiden.

As soon as we arrived at his room, he apologized again. “Sorry again for that. Does it hurt when you get connected with people or something?” I shook my head.

“I mean; it’s not supposed to. I think it’s only when it’s a lot of people at the same time? It only happened when the whole football team got linked to me” I had to be careful. I don’t know what would happen if my powers get… overloaded, to call it some way. Was there a limit for the slaves I could have?

My first power doesn’t seem to have any limits or overloads, so I may stick to that one again. It was the safe bet. And to make sure of that, I would throw the special drinks away tomorrow.

“Hey, be careful bro. I don’t want to see you getting hurt by overworking yourself” Mike started. “I’m sorry for using your drink thing without your permission, I’m an idiot”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself” I said, patting his back. It gave me a hard time back then, yeah, but he had a good intention. I know last time that caused me to go on a rampage against all the jocks in my senior year, but now I owned half the wrestling team so… how bad can it be?

“Sorry, can’t help it. Anyway, you were amazing back there” 2 A.M.

That challenge didn’t take as long as I expected. I was tired though, so I started undressing to go to bed. Mike noticed this and did the same.

“I’m glad you’re not mad. Thought I fucked up really bad this time” He said, sitting on the edge of the bed in front of me.

“Nah, it’s alright. I have more jocks under I guess, so that’s a pro”

The jock laughed. “You sure love your powers, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah. I think so, they’re good for fun and make everything easier” I shrugged, I didn’t want to sound like a dick or a megalomaniac. I wasn’t this mind controller mastermind.

Luckily, I didn’t sound like that. Or he ignored me if I sounded like that. Because he started “Heh, for fun, you say?” He smirked. Was he suggesting what I thought?

I could easily check his mind to discover it, but it would be more fun to hear him say it. “Yep, that’s what I said. What’s up with that?”

“Well…” He moved closer to give me a quick kiss. “Maybe we could… y’know, play with your powers for a bit?” He gave me another kiss “Just for me, bro?” He tried to give me puppy eyes, which gave me an idea.

“Are you sure?” He nodded happily, like he couldn’t wait for it. “Alright, you asked for it”

He gave me another kiss, a longer one this time. “Thanks so much babe, you’re the best!”

Wow, that was a big step. He never called me babe before, usually just “Bro” or “Piney”. I liked it, though.

Before I started, I made a kind of “Back-up” of his actual self on his mind, with the help of our link. It was easy, now that my head wasn’t hurting, and it would be safer to play with him if I was able to bring him back after that.

I also programmed a safeword he could use anytime to stop the trance he would be in and return to his senses. Consent is key (Or something like that, I don’t know. I didn’t want to fuck things up with him, alright?)

He didn’t feel a thing, he just stared at me, expectantly. Probably waiting for me to speak up or something. After the back-up was done, I put him in a deep trance, via the mind link. His eyes glazed over as I sent his main personality to the back of his mind. I made him go back to when he just drank the special drink, so he would treat me again like “Master Pine”.

“Can you hear me Mikey?” I asked, just in case.

“Yes, master” His cock was hardening. Huh, I didn’t know Mike liked to be dominated. He barely reacted to it. “Do you know what you are, Mikey?”

“I’m a slave… your slave, master” He smiled after he finished speaking, like he was proud of himself.

“Good jockboy slave” I said. This was going to be fun! “Why don’t you strip, nice and slowly? Give a good show”

He nodded as he got up from the bed. I took his place, sitting on the edge of the bed. He got in front of me and started taking off his tee. Then his jeans followed. He was really trying to put on a good strip show.

His boxers went down and I could see his cock was full hard by now.

He surely loved being put under. “Come over here” And he obeyed, getting closer to me.

His glazed eyes and dumb smile combo were really hot, to be honest. I grabbed his cock and started stroking slowly, then he did the same with me. My jockboy slave was learning fast!

I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in for a kiss. I thought about telling him to bend over and try to fuck him. I’ve never topped before, and college is the time to try out new things, right?

Maybe for the next time. For now, I would really enjoy being the dominant one.

Hours later, I woke up in the bed with Mike at my side. Before he woke up, I set back Mike’s original personality, but I let him keep his memories of last night. He was the one who asked for it, after all.

I stood there for a while, barely moving. Enjoying quality time with my sleeping jock. Until Mike woke up too, with a loud yawn.

He noticed me already awake, and gave me a ‘good morning’ kiss. “So… I guess that happened” He said.

I nodded “Did you… Like it?” I was a bit nervous, I may have gone a bit too far when dominating last night. It’s good to try out new things though, I guess. And I had some more ideas in mind I wanted to try out, but let’s give him some time to not overwhelm my boyfriend.

He chuckled “Babe, I’m your jockboy slave, according to you” I blushed, and part of me was glad he wasn’t weirded out “And honestly, if you want me to be that, then hell, I’m your jockboy slave”

I noticed he was getting hard again. Wow, Mikey is insatiable.

I must admit, this “one challenge per chapter” format is very fun to write.

And sex. Lots of sex. Sorry for that, it doesn’t really add much to the story but felt right at the moment.

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I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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