Pine's College Jocks Ch. 8 - PARTY!

By Nacho -
published March 21, 2020
3628 words

Pine meets his new rival, who is decided to win the rest of the pledge challenges against the jock master.

A week after that wrestling challenge, the rumors started to go wild. “That nerdy guy managed to beat two guys that were much bigger than him” Said one as I passed by. Some would ask me if I was on drugs, or if I trained in secret.

Of course, I shrugged them off or answered with a joke I would make up in the second, but that was it. They would just stare at me with curiosity, probably in disbelief that I actually won that challenge.

Aiden, on the other hand, got more friendly after that night. He was one of the ones that asked me if I was on some secret training, and asked me to enter the wrestling team. I politely declined, I don’t think I would be able to verbally mind control guys before every match, if I tried to enter the team.

Besides, I’m not really interested in playing sports. Which could be a problem, since there was the possibility that the next challenges could be sport based too, but I tried to avoid thinking about that. My best chance was on using my powers until the end.

Another thing, the overloads. They seemed to stop, because I avoided using any more special drinks (I still had a bottle, but it was the last one and I didn’t intend on making more). I was really curious about why the overloads were happening.

The answer I wanted to take was that my mind probably couldn’t handle so many mind links at the same time. If there was some way to… “upgrade” my powers, I didn’t know where should I look for it. I mean, they appeared after a random night, and when I needed some way to escape from Gary.

They didn’t come with a “Mind control user-guide” or anything, as much as I wished.

Mike was as worried about the overloads as I was. But he avoided talking about it unless I brought up the subject, probably to not remind me of them.

I already finished with my classes for the day, and I returned to the frat house. Mike wasn’t around, so I couldn’t enter the active brother areas. I decided to hang out by the living room.

The place was like your normal, cozy living room, but bigger to fit all the brothers. A nice sofa in the middle, with a few smaller sofas around a coffee table in the center. A big TV, that was mostly used for watching the games. I wondered how everyone fitted in here, but I would probably discover that during the next game.

I walked around the pledge-allowed areas a bit more. Until I bumped into someone. He turned around and apologized, then he recognized me. And I recognized him.

He was the first guy I beat on the first challenge, was he Barry? I remember Aiden mentioning I managed to beat Barry, but I didn’t stop to ask who he was.

“Sorry, didn’t see you there” I said, a bit nervous. I didn’t have a reason to be nervous though, I could easily order him to go away if things turned bad.

“Hey… weren’t you that guy that was against me in the wrestling challenge?” He asked, right away.

“I think so…?” I took a step back, just in case. ‘Coward, but I’ll remain safe’ I thought.

He started laughing “You may have the wrong idea, buddy. I’m not going to hurt you for winning that. Wanted to tell ya you wrestle like a pro, for a nerd” I felt a bit relieved, I mean his joke wasn’t funny to me but still, it was a nice compliment.

“Besides” He continued “I’m going to win the next challenge, if ya don’t mind. Max said he was going to announce the next challenge today and I’m pretty sure your beginner’s luck will not help you this time” Oh, so that’s what you think, ‘buddy’?

“Ha, I don’t think so. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to tackle whatever challenge this place can throw at me” I was going over the top, but I had faith in my powers and they worked amazingly last time.

He patted my back and laughed “I like your attitude bud! Looking forward to see what you can do. Name’s Luke, by the way”

The guy with white hair I saw on my first day here appeared, from the game room.

“What are you both still doing here? Pledges have to stay out of the house until further notice, bros, c’mon!”

I checked my phone and it was true, Max sent us a message telling all the pledges to stay away for some hours, until he told us to return.

I apologized and headed out, followed by my new rival.

“So, heading anywhere?” He asked

“My switch was in my room, so I’ll probably just wander around” And my notebooks with my notes. Hell, I should have paid attention to my phone to grab my stuff before leaving. “What about you?”

“Wrestling practice, so I guess I’ll see you later, buddy” I nodded, he fist bumped with me, and it was weird. But after that, we went separate ways.

At night, we were allowed at the frat house again. I arrived a while after I received the message and looked around.

I recognized the other pledges in the yard in front of the frat house, from the last challenge. Max was standing at the house’s entrance, with a microphone in hand. He was preparing the last details for the challenge.

Luke and I noticed a few students going around the house. Probably the active brothers. I knew Mike and a few other active brothers were near because of the mind link, but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise just by digging it out of their minds.

I thought about possible stuff the challenge may be about. If it took place in the house, it probably wasn’t sport based anymore, at least for this one. Luke had a few ideas too, but they seemed as crazy as mine.

Half an hour after we arrived, Max finally started speaking. “PLEDGES!” He yelled, by accident. He moved the microphone a bit away from his mouth after that. “Sorry for that. Next challenge is about to start! Last week, we tested your strength at wrestling, since as you know, you need to participate in one physical sport-“ I scratched my head and looked away. “-To enter the Sigma Nu fraternity. But there’s more than that. Another of the requisites to become a frat member is party like a Sigma Nu brother would do, and that’s what tonight’s challenge is about!” Fuck.

My new mate seemed happy about it, but I wasn’t so sure my powers could save me from this one. Hell, I could easily just tell Max to make me a full brother if this fucked up my attempt to pledge. Perks of having mind control powers.

The frat president continued with his monologue, but everyone wanted to enter already. I noticed the sorority girls walking around the house to enter with the other active brothers.

“EVERYONE READY? IT’S PARTY TIME!” Max yelled once again, before running inside with everyone else following him.

It’s party time, I guess?

I was the last one that entered the house. I wanted a few seconds to think before heading into… the party. The last party I’ve been in this house, I almost got beaten up by a now-enslaved football player, for talking to his sister.

It was okay, though. I wasn’t a scaredy cat, right?

I took a deep breath, and walked around the people. If I wanted to win this, I would have to party like a… a… Mikey!

My boyfriend was at the other side of the room. I walked towards him as fast as I could, carefully enough to avoid bumping into anyone.

“Yo, bro. Enjoying the party?” He asked, as soon as he noticed me.

“Well, didn’t expect this one to be the challenge but I’m handling it pretty okay” I lied. I was NOT okay, but I had to keep my cool.

“Uh… I assume you need some help, and you’re lucky. Here” He grabbed a beer from a nearby mini fridge and handed it to me. “If you want to win this, get crazy. And you should start by letting yourself get loose and drink more, alright?”

I grabbed the beer. I didn’t like alcohol, but I guess he’s right? He’s the expert on this, I mean, so if I needed to drink a bit to win, then alright. I nodded and took a sip of the thing. It didn’t taste… bad, but still not really tasty.

“That’s my bro. I’ll leave you with your challenge, but if you need any help, you know how to find me” He pointed to his head, probably referring to the mind link. I nodded again and took another sip “Great, you’re learning quickly. Good luck!” Then he walked away, heading to where a few of his friends were drinking.

Alright, we have to get wild, Piney. I tried to finish up my beer as fast as possible, then I grabbed another one.

I’m not an idiot, I know I shouldn’t drink too much, so besides this one, probably just one more should get me in a more comfortable mood.

I drank half of the bottle, and decided to wait a while before continuing.

I walked around the party, as I was feeling funny. Good, that meant I wasn’t going to need a third one!

I drank a bit more, then left the bottle. It wasn’t going to be needed anymore, I guess.

I felt someone grabbing me and pulling me into the game room. “C’mon buddy, it’s payback time!”

It was Luke. And there was a ping pong table in the middle of the room, surrounded with a crowd of people. A game of beer pong was about to finish. You know, I used to watch a lot of teen movies before, and I always wondered how do you play beer pong. Now, I was able to play it and my stomach sunk.

The game finished, and Luke didn’t waste any time. He got in front of the table and dared me in front of everyone. Fuck, dares are something sacred, according to the frat’s rules. I couldn’t back out from this one.

Teammate, teammate. I had to think about someone quickly. Mikey was in a corner, staring at the whole scene, as soon as he noticed me staring, he winked at me. That would be the easy way out, the guy was a party beast.

Then I noticed Aiden, chatting with one of the sorority girls, a few meters away from Mike. Yeah, Aiden and I teaming up again sounded like a good idea.

“Wait for me here” I told my rival, and went directly to Aiden. He didn’t seem pleased I interrupted his flattering conversation with the girl. “Hey, I need a teammate to play beer pong, and I can’t not play because the guy dared me. Do you mind helping me out?”

The chick seemed offended I interrupted them, but Aiden’s face lightened up “Hell yeah dude, let’s go” He slapped his hand with mine. Funny, never thought I would befriend another jock who wasn’t Mike without using my powers.

Luke teamed up with Charlie, one of my guys from the football team. This would be a fair game… Not really, I was already planning to cheat with their mind links.

I mean, I don’t think I can win this by normal means, just like the last challenge, so let’s take a little advantage while we can, right?

Aiden and I positioned at one side of the table, while Luke and Charlie waited at the other. We prepared the cups full of beer, 6 at each side (It had to be a quick game after all, other people wanted to play too!) and got ready.

Luke went first. I would let him do this one without cheating, to make him a bit confident. He shot the ball and… it landed in a cup. Fuck, that was faster than I expected. Aiden drank it though, he seemed to be enjoying this much more than I was.

Charlie’s turn now. I sent a command to his mind and his eyes glazed over, failing on purpose. “Dude, what the hell?” said a disappointed Luke, he was thinking he made the wrong choice for his partner.

Luckily, nobody seemed to notice his eyes, and they returned to normal.

My turn now, great. I shot the ball, and it got inside the cup! Awesome!

A while later, the game was over.

And guess what? I lost. I guess my mind control powers weren’t the solution to all my problems. If only I had a mind link with Luke… But I can’t do that without risking another overload. And last time it was an awful headache, what could happen next?

I got a bit drunker than before, but it felt really funny, like I was lightheaded. I giggled a lot, for some reason.

Everyone had been staring at our little beer pong game and guess what? Luke and Charlie’s victory apparently proved to Max that they’re real party-goers. Luckily, Aiden didn’t blame me, he knew it was my first time playing this.

But I wasn’t really happy with how things turned out. I had an idea in mind.

I walked to where Max was standing, after he finished talking with Luke and my rival left. Close enough to talk to him without anyone else hearing us. I told him to take me to his room. He complied, with the same glazed eyes he had that day at the library, after I enslaved him. ‘Perfect’ I thought.

I had to get crazy, had to get wild, and what better thing than fucking the brains out of the frat president himself? I giggled at the thought.

We arrived at his room, and remember I said Mike’s room already looked like a hotel room? Yeah, this was much better. Like a king’s room? I don’t know, I’ve never been in a king’s room. Hehe.

I locked the door behind us and told him to strip. He obeyed almost instantly.

I examined his body. The rugby player was really built, he reminds me of Gary, but with broader shoulders. I walked closer to him and kissed him. I assumed the whole “I’m your master” thing took care of the sexuality stuff. If not, that would be easily fixed.

He kissed back. Yeah, it was fixed already. We started to make out, I wanted to go to the bed but the moment was so good.

“Yo, Max? Are you there?” Someone tried to open the door. I broke the kiss and rolled my eyes. I wasn’t scared, to be honest.

“Get rid of them” I told the frat president, and he nodded. I walked over to the bed and sat in the edge.

“Kinda busy here bro!” Max said, before making sure the door was locked.

“Really?! Oh, geez. Sorry man, I’ll go back to the party” And then, the voice disappeared. Max walked back to me and sat beside me in the bed.

“What do you wanna do, master? I’ve never been with another guy”

I thought about it, would it be alright if it was his first time? I would normally make him fuck me, because he would be at least familiar with that. But no, I already made up my mind.

“Bend over” I told him. The frat president nodded and got in position. I got up and faced his ass. “Nice bubble butt” I said, and I noticed he blushed.

I didn’t waste any time and started to rim his ass. I wanted to start already, but I didn’t want to hurt him. I heard him moaning softly. Great, I was doing a good job.

After a bit, I stopped and lubed up my cock with saliva. That should do the trick. “Don’t worry, you’re going to love this” I said, putting some power in my words to make him relax.

“I’m going to love this” he repeated, blissfully.

I positioned my cock and started pushing it against his ass, slowly to avoid hurting him. He was moaning already. I guess he really loved it.

Once I was all the way in (My cock wasn’t THAT big) I started fucking the rugby player. I wasn’t going that slowly again, I sped up my game a few seconds after I started, and Max loved it. I made him, yeah, but still.

“Am I a good party goer or no?” I asked, stopping the fuck for a few seconds to have him answer.

“Uh… Yeah, master! You’re the best party goer I’ve seen at this challenge! Keep going please!” He answered. That was my good frat president. I started fucking him once again. God, I loved dominating.

I got to say, it feels amazing. I would ask Mikey later if he wants to try bottoming for once… or twice, hehe.

Max would try to press his ass against my cock, to make it go deeper. He was really enjoying this. Probably the ‘you’re going to love this’ command. I love my powers.

I took my cock off him and laid down on his bed. “Time to suck it, bro” I told him, trying to imitate a jock voice.

The enslaved president nodded and got to work.

I woke up with a massive headache. Was this how hangovers felt like? I never was a fan of alcohol, so I couldn’t know.

Max wasn’t sleeping next to me. I remember fucking him… pretty wild last night, huh? Then he sucked me off until I came… in his mouth. Yeah, that would probably explain the headache too. If it wasn’t the alcohol, it was another overload. Then I told him to return to the party and lock this door.

The bed was so comfortable, and I didn’t have any classes today… It could be a good way of expending the day. Just laying in Max’s bed.

I don’t want to use my powers while this headache is still hurting, to avoid another overload. I needed to find a way to stop them, or cut some mind links before things get worse.

I grabbed my phone and decided to call Mike. He was still at the house, judging by the distance of his mind link. Minutes later, my jock boyfriend was waiting at the room’s door. I walked over to the door and unlocked it, then he lifted me from there. “To the bed, taxi boy!” I said, jokingly. I was still giggling a bit.

“Dude, you seem pretty wasted. Crazy party last night?” He asked. I noticed the house looked ruined, I hope they don’t make pledges clean all this mess, because holy fuck.

Very few guys were sleeping in the floor and Mike had to avoid stepping on them. I wonder at which time the party ended. It was already 1 p.m., according to my phone.

“I think so… How do you get rid of the hangover? My head hurts like hell”

He laughed, what was so funny? “Don’t worry. Doctor Mike will take care of you” We arrived at the room, he entered and closed the door behind us. He left me in our bed and walked to the fridge. “Y’know, I’ve thought you would ask for help more than once last night, but you took care of yourself pretty well, Piney!”

I just closed my eyes “That’s cool. I hope I passed that challenge and just get some time to sleep or something”

“Stop crying, I’ll make you something special for your hangover” That was highly appreciated.

Few minutes later, he tapped my nose and I opened my eyes. He handed me a mug filled with something that smelled awful. “Don’t think about the smell, just drink it in one go or it won’t work”

I nodded and did as told. He took the mug and put it away after I finished, then he laid beside me on the bed. “Had fun with Max last night?” He asked, out of nowhere.

“Uh… Yeah, I wanted to show him a real party animal… That sounds worse now that I’m conscious about it” I blushed. But Mike just chuckled and pulled me closer to him. He smelled like beer, but I probably wasn’t smelling like roses.

“Glad to hear you had fun then” He kissed my forehead. “You should get some sleep done, bro. I’ll help with the cleaning up” And then he got up from the bed.

“Sounds good to me” I yawned.

“Sleep well, babe” Softly smiling at his cheesy nickname, I fell asleep.


To be honest, writing Pine as a dominant character is very fun. Almost as fun as writing his scenes with Mike.

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