Pine's College Jocks Ch. 6 - Joining Sigma Nu

By Nacho -
published March 6, 2020
4286 words

After his last success, Pine wants a new objective, and Mike has a great idea.

A month passed as everything returned to normal. As normal as having a whole football team as your slaves can be, of course.

“Nick, long pass to Lucas!” And the ginger jock turned around almost immediately and sent the ball flying to his teammate. “Great shot!”

The guy didn’t even look at me; he was too focused in the game. And that was great, just like I programmed him to be.

Being the football team’s coach was great. Not only because I programmed these guys to play like professionals and respect me, but also because I got to feel in control, and that alone was awesome!

When training was over, they marched straight to the locker room with a happy smile in their face. They knew what was coming.

Sometimes, when my jocks performed really well, I would let them have a team bonding activity like the one I had when I assumed my position as coach.

I did tell them to act normal in public, but when alone with the other teammates or with me, I was the jock master. And by extent, I was their master.

Mike approached me. He wasn’t my slave. Although he was connected to me like the other players were, but I told him to act like himself on the first day, so he wasn’t calling me “Master Pine!” or “Coach Pine!” Every time we spoke.

“How were we, mighty coach Pine?” But yeah, acting like himself didn’t stop him for acting like a dork. “Did we play well?”

“It was good, yes. But, I think you all can do better with a bit more of practice” I said, mocking him.

He chuckled and patted my back. “Hey, we did our best, and you know it bro!”

“Coach Pine” Monty corrected him, as he walked towards the showers.

“Coach Pine” repeated Mike, faking a blank stare then laughing. “Man, you’re amazing, know that?” ‘And would love for you to call a sex party to have an excuse to kiss you’ He thought. This mind link was actually useful, after all.

Let’s be serious. I know Mike has, for some reason that I still don’t understand, kind of a crush on me. And I will always move out of my way to make him comfortable and happy, for some reason that I also don’t understand.

I shrugged off the thought this time, and we went together to take a shower with the rest of the team.

And you know what? That excuse I made up to help with team bonding? It actually worked. I noticed some of these guys started hanging out together more often after they fucked in the showers. And it was amazing.

Gary visited a few more times but there’s nothing important to tell about that. Just drinking coffee and remembering the old days. He didn’t stay for the practices, because he was from a rival team!

Mike and I returned to the room while we chatted about non important stuff. Classes and training. The normal stuff.

He jumped to his bed and gave me a warm smile “Maaaaan, so comfortable” then looked over at me.

I rolled my eyes and walked to his bed and sat on the border. He tried to grab me by my tee and pull me in for a good make out session.

“Let’s talk a bit before we keep going. I want some answers. Specially about what is this and… how do you feel?” I honestly cared about him. And I wanted him to be more open before continuing with whatever we were having.

“Shit… I knew it would get to this. Listen Piney, I think you’re a great bro. One of the best guys I’ve ever met, if I’m not saying the best one and…” He stood there silently, looking around nervously

“And…?” I think I knew where this was going, and I don’t know if I’m mentally prepared for it.

“And… I think I kinda… you know…?” He started to move his hands, probably trying to find the words. My face went red. I knew what he meant, I saw it in his mind. And it wasn’t any of my doing with my powers.

He stopped talking and waited for my reaction. I spoke up, after a bit. “I’ll… think about it, okay? I-it’s not a no, by any means! But I would like to think a bit more about it before saying something. Meanwhile, we could still talk like nothing happened?”

He seemed hurt, but he nodded. “Y-yeah, totally bro. Nothing can beat our friendship!” He said, trying to compose himself once again.

I tried to change the subject. “Great. Really great. Let’s talk about something else.” I started “You know, since I’ve finished with the football team, I’ve felt like I need something else to do. I mean, I’m already one of the best students in my classes, a good coach-“

“The whole team can confirm that” He said, getting up from the bed to change into more warm clothes. Autumn was a nice season, but it was windy as heck.

“And now I would like to get another objective. Any ideas?” I asked him, ignoring his last comment. He seemed thoughtful, but I decided to let him think without intruding.

“Have you been at the Sigma Nu frat? Maybe you could try something there? Or you could try joining by normal means, just to distract yourself and have some funny college experience?”

I remember that frat, we went there at our first week for a party. Then I almost got beaten up by one of Mike’s teammates because I was caught talking to his sister (She’s a good friend of mine, actually! After that happened, we’ve been hanging out a lot and I’ve made his brother less overprotective of her. She’s enjoying her time around here a lot more now!)

Trying to join a frat seemed a good idea. Never been interested in partying and stuff, but they probably did other things too, right?

“Sounds neat to me, will you try pledging too?” I asked, it would be probably less nerve inducing with a friend around.

“Ha! I’m already a member bro” What? When did that happen? He probably noticed my confused expression and went on explaining “Like, the first party we’ve been here? There was this guy, I think from the rugby team, that invited me in. All those parties I went since we arrived? Yeah, those counted as my pledge challenges or something.”

That was really unexpected.

“Alright, let’s see if I can join too, then” We grabbed our jackets and went outside.

The frat house was a bit far from the dorms, but we still arrived kind of quickly.

When Mike entered, a few guys greeted him with chest bumps and bro hugs. Yikes, seems like the frat is full of jocks… and that gave me an idea. But that would be for later.

As I was Mike’s guest, I couldn’t leave the entrance hall without him, and he had to leave to talk with the other guys about me pledging.

After he left into the depths of the house, I sat in a chair near the door and looked around. I didn’t really look around a lot when I came in for the party, but the place was looking great. It was cozy like a normal house, but much, much bigger. Like it went through a lot of expansions through the years.

I wondered how the other rooms looked. The dorms and stuff like that. The little I explored during the party was kind of ruined because of the drunk people running around, but this was nicer, pretty chill.

I still had to think about what to do with Mike’s… confession. I didn’t want to break the big guy’s heart, he’s my best friend!

…Maybe more than my best friend? I mean, it’s not normal for best friends to make out and cuddle together in the same bed.

As I kept questioning if I liked Mikey too, or not, the guy returned with a few others. One of them was a guy with wide shoulders and a big chest that got pressed under his fitted t-shirt with the frat logo in one side, dark brown hair and brown eyes. The others were good looking too, one with a swimmer body (Does our college have a swimming team?) and hair dyed white and the other like the first one, with a rugby player body and black hair.

This frat got more interesting the more I stood in this hall.

“So…” The guy at the front, the one with wide shoulders, started speaking “I’m Max. We’ve been told you want to pledge to the Sigma Nu fraternity” He seemed much more serious than a moment ago when he was talking with Mike.

I wasn’t going to be intimidated, I could own this guy’s ass if I wanted to! “Uh… yeah?”

“Get up” And I did. He started examining me. Starting by my arms, then following to my torso, then my legs, you know where I’m going. “Hmm… you don’t play any sports, do you?”

“I work out a bit, and I’m the football team’s… coach assistant”

He mumbled an “I see” as he kept examining me. Why was he so weird? “Pine. You’re Pine, right?” I nodded “You do know you have to participate in at least one physical sport as a requisite for joining? It’s one of the rules” I guess he brought that up after seeing how thin I am. I mean, I’ve been working out, but the changes weren’t that great. Just enough to not look ridiculous on my jock master outfit.

One of the other guys, the white haired one, whispered something to his other friend “Did you hear that Pi Delta Rho also adopted that rule? I think they’re copying us”. Max clenched his teeth at the mention of what I assumed was another frat, and looked at his friends.

“Do not mention Pi Delta Rho in this house” I gulped, better not mention Pi Delta Rho, whatever that was.

I tried to change the subject once again. Seems like that was my role today. “Yeah, technically I participate in a physical sport, just without the physical part” I said, it was true though. I was the football team’s coach, was that not enough? Though they didn’t know that of course.

Max looked at me again and nodded “Well, maybe we can make an exception for now. Congrats, you’re a pledge bro, or whatever” Hey, this guy was being rude out of nowhere. “You can ask an active brother to be a kind of, big brother to help you with your pledge challenges. Or you can face them yourself, that’s your choice”

“I can be his big bro” Mike spoke up, out of nowhere. For a moment I had forgotten he was here with us. Now, I was relieved. “I mean, we’re best friends, I’m not leaving you alone bro!”

That was a good move. I was a bit more calm now that I had some support. Max nodded “Sure, it’s your choice bro. You’ll have to take full responsibility for his actions though, are you sure?” Mikey nodded without a second thought.

Then Max looked at me “We’ll contact you for your first challenge in a while, but for now you have access to some parts of the house, as a pledge. If you want to access the parts for active brothers, you’ll have to ask your big bro to be with you for that. Fuck, I’m really late for rugby practice, see you soon bros!”

Then he ran off. The other two guys went to the next room, which seemed to be a living room.

“Want to see my room, little bro?” Mike asked, laughing a bit after the last words. I nodded, a bit speechless after he stood up for me and took responsibility. Why did I felt so weird now?

Looks like I’m a pledge now. And Mike decided to step up as my big bro. That was quite interesting.

He walked me to one of the rooms of the big house. As I said on my first week, this place was like a mansion. And I suppose we we’re going to what should be Mike’s room, if he didn’t decide to live with me in the college dorms.

“So… here we are, do you like it bro?” He broke the silence as he opened the door. The place wasn’t really huuuuge, but it was better than the college dorm. Like a hotel room.

There was a big double bed against the wall. A TV above the drawer in front of the bed. I wasn’t surprised to see no bathroom in sight. It wasn’t a fucking palace, luckily. Because that would have scared me. But the room was still nice looking.

“It’s… really cool, why don’t you live here instead of our dorm room? You would have been more comfortable than in there” I asked him, a bit curious.

“I won’t lie saying I didn’t think about it. But I wouldn’t leave you alone in there, what if the college assigned you another roommate? I know you get nervous around unknown people” ‘Besides, I wouldn’t be able to see you every day bro’ He thought, what was with him lately and those cheesy phrases?

Okay, that’s it. It’s time to set things right. I walked to the bed and laid back at one side. I knew he would follow me, and he did. Pine intuition or something. “I’ve been thinking about our conversation from before” I said, Mike’s face lightened up suddenly, with curiosity.

“We can… not talk about it, if you want bro. Really, it’s okay” He interrupted me.

I continued anyways “-And, I would like to give it a try”

He took a few seconds to process what I just said, then he reacted. The big guy was tearing up a bit as he grabbed me for a good make out session. This time, I didn’t resist and kissed him back.

He pulled back after a bit to take off his shirt and I did the same. Then he grabbed me by one of the coach’s chain necklaces (I got used to wear them all the time, since I played the jock master so often lately) and started kissing me once again.

We laid down on the bed. I pulled down my pants and underwear as we made out, and he took advantage of that, playing a bit with my ass before pulling down his own pants.

We broke the kiss once again and he spat in his hand, then proceeded to lube my ass with his saliva. His cock was already hard enough, and leaking precum. He lubed his cock too, then positioned it in front of my ass, with my legs on his shoulders.

“Would you like this… bro?” He asked, his face was red too, and he looked pretty nervous. He wasn’t that nervous when he normally banged girls, I could tell. This was new territory for him.

“Yeah, do your best Mikey” I said.

He nodded and started pushing it in carefully. It felt good, I got used to the pain in my ass before, so it didn’t feel as bad. He started going in and out slowly, then faster but with careful rhythm to avoid hurting me.

I really appreciated that. And it felt like heaven! I moaned as he hit the right spot, and he loved it too, it seemed.

We continued like that for a bit, until he came inside of me. Then he took his cock out of me and started sucking me off, to finish the job. It worked wonderfully, a few minutes later I came in his mouth. He swallowed it and laid back on the bed, next to me.

After a while of silence, once again. He spoke up “So… Are we dating now? I don’t really know how this works bro”

I chuckled. Mikey, a ladies’ man, didn’t know how dating worked. I guess that’s fair, I knew he had a girlfriend at high school for some time but she didn’t last long, and then just some one-time bangs and that was it. “I don’t know; do you want us to be boyfriends?” I asked him.

He gave me another nervous smile. “Hell yeah, would love that bro”

“Dating your coach, huh? Well that can be arranged” I said, moving closer to him, as he put his arm around me.

“Huh, didn’t thought about that before. I guess you’re my coach boyfriend now, bro”

“I like the sound of that, can you repeat it again?” I said, mocking him once again.

He laughed “I love you, coach boyfriend”

And with that, we cuddled in his bed and after a while, we fell asleep.

Next morning, he woke up first. I knew it because when I finally opened my eyes, he was looking at me without moving.

“Morning, didn’t wanna wake up you. Huh, I think I’m gettin’ the hang of this ‘being a good boyfriend’ thing”

I got up from the bed, pretty happy as I remembered everything that happened last night. From accepting the pledge challenge, to Mike standing up as my big bro, to Mike telling me he loved me… Yeah, it was a pretty good day.

If I’m being honest, if you ever told me I was going to date my childhood best friend when we reached college, I would call you a liar. Then walk away to buy an ice cream to get back the innocence you took away from me with your filthy lies.

But seeing it now, and living it, it was actually really cool. I cared about the guy, and he seemed to care about me, without me using my powers to make that happen, so it was a good combo.

He grabbed me by my shoulders as I was going to reach my pants and nibbled on my ear. “There’s still like two hours before your first class. Would you like to have some fun in the meantime?”

I looked at my phone’s clock and sighed “Alright, what do you want to do?” But he seemed prepared for my answer, as he grabbed me and left me at the bed just like before. Then he climbed by the other side and laid down, facing me.

“There we go” God, I never knew he would be so cheesy. But it was really sweet, and cute. And… Oh god, who am I to judge? I love this guy.

“So… about my powers” I started, I was pretty curious how this would affect the whole dynamic we’ve been doing with the football team, and the new plan with the frat.

“I’ve thought about that too. If you’d like we could have an open relationship or somethin’ like that bro, so you can enjoy your powers. I mean, if I were you I would use them all the time to get your attention, but I admit I would also use them to get in the minds of other people too”

“Getting in the minds of people? Kind of like this?” I said, sending a quick command to his mind

His eyes glazed over and a dumb smile appeared in his face, as he started. “I love you, master Pine” I quickly erased the trance command, so it wouldn’t affect his personality, and he would remember saying that.

He shook his head a bit and smiled. “Yeah, like that. Joke’s on you, it actually felt good” He pulled me closer and we cuddled together. “Comfortable, bro?” “Yep, so romantic” You might have guessed, I’m not a really romantic guy, but this stuff was nice, to be honest.

“Glad to hear that” He kissed my forehead. “Love you, bro”

I had a bit of trouble to believe I was dating my best friend. I thought it was some kind of dream, probably induced by spending so much time with him. But it was real, and it was awesome.

After our little cuddle session, I finally got up. Mike still had a bit of time before his first class so he tried to convince me to stay a while longer. But it wasn’t going to work. The nerd in me was stronger!

After my first class, I’ve got a message from Max. [Available?]

I sent a simple ‘Yup’ and waited for his answer

[Meet me at the library, we’ll discuss a few things]

Alright, time to hear what my first pledge challenge was, I guess.

I arrived at the library, it was this big building with three floors. Max was waiting for me in one of the study rooms, at the second floor. I went directly after greeting the librarian, she was a nice lady who helped a lot during my first days.

I entered the second study room and found the guy sitting there, with some math books. “Yo” He said, after noticing me.

“Hey… do you need help with that?” I liked math, I didn’t find them funny but I’m good at them.

“Yeah, but not what you came for” He closed his book and left them at one side of the table, I sat in a chair in front of him and he continued. “I’m going to be honest with you… Wait, you have a- “He pointed to his neck, I passed my hand through my neck and didn’t feel anything.

“Never mind, anyway. You seem like a good guy, Pine. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to pledge, but the challenges may be tough for… someone like you, especially because I’ve seen the other pledges, and they’ll crush you without mercy. No offense. My fellow bros were up to accepting you, as long as you pass the challenges to become a full Sigma Nu brother”

Oh, I wasn’t offended, I’ve been told worse things before. “I still want to try, I guess. I’m not going to pass if I give up before starting” He nodded, but still didn’t seem convinced.

“I would normally insist, but given that you’ve made up your mind…” He grabbed his books again and opened one. “You’ll get your first pledge challenge in some days, bro. So, yeah. prepare for that”

It did bother me a bit that he didn’t believe I was going to be good enough to pass these stupid challenges. Then I remembered, I have mind control powers! “Well…” I started, putting some power in my words “You shouldn’t insist about anything, since you think I’m the best pledge you’ve seen”

The rugby player’s eyes glazed over, as he smiled. “Yeah, best pledge I’ve seen, bro”

Glad to see I still had the touch with my normal power. I’ve used the new one so much lately that I almost forgot about this one. Almost.

I grabbed a bottle from my bag, I carried one everywhere just in case. And you can guess what kind of bottle it was. I was really tempted to make this guy into my rugby jock slave, and since he was the frat’s president or something, it would be ten times better.

Maybe I could make him a kind of mini-slave? Like at least for now, not totally under my control, but like Gary. “You will look forward to seeing me tackle on those challenges, and will expect me to ace them, understood?” He nodded, with the smile getting larger.

“Yeah bro, you will get in the frat, no doubt”

“And… for doubting me” I’m going forward with this, guess there’s no turning back from now on “You want to make up to me by doing exactly as I tell you, and you consider me your master”

“Yeah, you’re my master. I’ll never doubt you again, br- master” He corrected himself. My job here was done.

I grabbed my stuff and prepared to leave, but before leaving I told him. “Oh, and if you need help with that, don’t think twice in giving me a call. I love math” He nodded once again, his eyes going back to normal after a bit, and then I left.

‘The frat president already under? That’s a record Piney!’ I thought to myself.

Yup, the new “arc” is here! Don’t worry, I haven’t ditched the idea of Pine taking over other sports team, but everything at its time.

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And the reason this chapter is a lot more cheesier than the others is because it was supposed to be a Valentine’s Day special. But it arrived a bit late… everywhere. (And also I’m pretty sure there are a lot of misspells in this one, sorry for that)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it!

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