Pine's College Jocks Ch. 10 - Overloading

By Nacho -
published April 3, 2020
4740 words

Pine has to wake up after his overload at the last challenge.

I was in a hospital bed.

At least, I thought so. I still couldn’t see anything.

After the challenge ended abruptly, I passed out. I remember waking up in an ambulance but still not being able to open my eyes. Like I wasn’t in control of my body anymore. My eyelids just didn’t want to open. I fell asleep shortly after.

“He stopped seizing as soon as the ambulance arrived, but he hasn’t wake up. His signs seem to be normal” An unknown voice said. Did I have a seizure? The voices woke me up this time. I was already in the hospital bed, and it was so comfortable… but I still couldn’t open my eyes, or move at all.

“A few of his friends want to see how the patient is, should they enter?” A female voice said.

“Let them in. He should wake up from his attack at any moment, given his condition” The doctor said. A moment later, a door opened and more people entered the room, but I had to listen to them if I wanted to know their identities.

“Is he alright?” That one was Stacy, she was the first one to burst into the room.

“His vital signs are normal; he just needs some time to wake up. We don’t have the answer to what caused the seizure” I don’t think modern medicine has the knowledge to identify a mind overload

The doctor continued “Stay around a few minutes, visiting hours have ended already so we can’t have you around for a long time” Then footsteps left the room, I assumed it was the doctor.

Stacy, Mike and Aiden (who was also there, but never spoke until the doctor was gone) started theorizing about what might have caused it. Mike probably knew already, but avoided mentioning the fact that I have powers and that I might have overloaded them.

As the doctor asked, they started to leave. But Mike seemed to stay more time than the others.

“Uhm… Hey bro. I really, really hope you’re alright. That… I must be honest, that seizure scared the hell out of me. The thought of losing you…” He gulped “But the doctor said you will be alright! And I thank god for that. I-I called your parents, I thought that would be the right thing to do”

He remained silent. I felt bad for him, I probably gave him a good scare. I have to find a way to control my body once again.

I noticed he started whispering close to me. “Please don’t leave me, bro. I won’t be able to handle losing my best friend… and my first love”

“Sir, it’s time to leave” Said a nurse. Mike sighed and did as told, I could hear the footsteps, a door closing and then… complete silence.

Alright, time to think.

Maybe I could reach out to one of my slaves? If I fixed these overloads, once and for all, I may be able to return to the world!

I just needed to concentrate… the cardiac event recorder’s beeps disappeared as I focused in the mind links. I needed to find a way to control my body again… A particular mind link seemed strong, I held onto it and after a bit more mental effort…

I opened my eyes, finally.

I noticed I wasn’t in the hospital anymore. I was sitting in the frat house’s living room. The sofa was comfortable.

I tried to get up, and almost fell to the ground. Wow, my body was weirdly heavier than usually.

I tried to balance myself, and look for some kind of mirror. I had a phone in my pocket, great. I opened the camera and looked at me.

I’m controlling Nick’s body!

I was between “Awesome!” and “What the heck?!”. Nick’s face seemed completely blank. But this wasn’t the time to find out about new powers!

Although, I didn’t waste my chance and flexed Nick’s- My big biceps to the camera. ‘I’m so hot’ I thought.

Wait, Pine, it’s not the time nor the place. This isn’t your body.

After setting my mind, I decided to go seek for help. Wait, that would be useless. It’s not like they can pull me back to the real world or something.

I walked around the house, passing by other frat members, until I encountered a few of my slaves.

Some of the pledges that I got under my control by accident during the first challenge.

I got closer until they noticed me.

“Wow, Nick. Everythin’ alright, mate?” They probably noticed my blank face. I tried to say something to them but… It was hard. I don’t know how to explain it. I tried so hard to say something but I just managed to open my mouth.

Wait, I can’t feel my legs.

Nor my torso.

What is going on?!

Was I losing control of Nick’s body? That seemed to be the case!

My mind was hurting again.

Aaaand I returned to complete darkness. Damn it!

I needed some way to end with those stupid overloads!

“Just concentrate on ending them, then” A voice said.

“What?” I thought.

“I said, concentrate on ending those mind links. Like using some kind of scissors to cut a string, and you’ll manage to get it”

“Who is this?” I asked. This was weird!

“I’m… you! Well… Yeah, you! I don’t think there’s a better way to explain it. Think of me as the representation of your powers!” Alright, now this was getting super strange. But alright, it gave me a good advice. The voice sounded nervous though

“Do you know why this overloads are happening now?”

“You said it yourself, you’re overloading your mind with your powers. Wait, let me check how many mind links you have at the moment…” The voice disappeared and I waited for it to come back. “Fift- FIFTY-THREE!”

“I think I may have gotten a bit carried away with the powers” I said. It was true, I didn’t think that using my powers would have any consequence.

“It’s alright! You have them for a reason, so it’s alright to use them! It’s just that you’re too young, and the “mind link” ability, as you call it, can damage you if not used carefully. You’re only 18 years old, still pretty young” The voice explained “But, as you grow older, your mind will be able to maintain more mind links, and maybe develop new abilities!”

I won’t lie, that sounded amazing. I just had to wait until I’m older, and keep myself alive.

“So, for now I should cut off some mind links and I would be able to return?” I asked.

“It would be a good start. But avoid using the takeover ability for-“

“The possession I just did?” I interrupted him “Oh, sorry”

“Possession, yes, that may be a better name. That ability can be a bit dangerous for now. You only managed to maintain control for a few minutes, maybe in the future… but not now, you have to be more careful!”

“Hey, my verbal mind control never caused me an overload, that means it’s safe to use, right?”

“You got it! Since it barely connects your mind with the victim, you can use it as much as you want!”

I would have liked to nod but, you know, overloaded mind or something. So instead, I just waited for the pain to fade to try something again.

“As I said, concentrate on the link… focus on ending it, remember you have complete control over them”

“Alright” I thought.

I started like before, focusing in one of the far links. I assumed they would be at the house, and I wanted to target the enslaved pledges.

I had to cut the link before the possession power starts working. The cardiac machine’s beeps disappeared once again as I concentrated. This time, I avoided thinking of control and focused on the link. The guy’s thoughts started flowing towards me.

He was nervous about of the last challenge, apparently they haven’t revealed the results for now, because of what happened last night.

I tried to focus a bit more on the mind link, but this time, instead of possessing his body, I imagined a pair of scissors cutting the link, then I stopped focusing on it, a bit abruptly. It hurt, but went away after a few seconds.

I tried with the link that seemed closer to that one, reading his thoughts to see what happened.

Great! He didn’t mention anything happening to his friend. So either he wasn’t that close to my former slave or there wasn’t any consequence about cutting those links!

I should think for a bit which ones would I like to cut. The football team was out of the question; those guys were like a personal project for me now. I wanted to help them succeed. The coaches too, I had some ideas for them, but I wasn’t able to carry them out because of this whole fraternity pledging stuff.

Gary… Well, he was my first slave. I just can’t let him go, he’s happy now. So that leaves the rule for the frat guys, maybe except Max, to keep a man of influence around there.

I’ll stop cutting links when I start to feel better, so I’ll just cut the necessary ones.

I started with the guy I just checked in. Mimicking what I’ve did before, I focused on his mind link until the hospital sounds disappeared from my surroundings and there was only darkness, and the links.

The pair of scissors appeared easily this time, I’m probably getting the trick of this!

And… slice! Mind link gone!

Now, to the next one.

It was easy to recognize that group of pledges. I checked on their minds just to see who they were; in case I was looking at one of my football jock’s minds by accident. It’s not like every mind link has a tag with a name on it.

The voice, my powers’ representation, kept giving me advice during the whole thing, as it saw it was becoming easier for me to just cut the unwished mind links.

If it were for me, I would have loved to keep them. I mean, the more slaves the merrier, right? And I’m not ruining their lives or anything, so it wouldn’t bother to have more options.

But if it endangered my life, I prefer to say goodbye to them, for now at least until I can have more mind links tied to my mind.

It was working!

When I finished with another mind link, I could feel my body again. Still not able to move it, but I could feel that the hospital bed was really comfy!

Just a few more and it would be over.

Once that pledge group was finished, I could move my fingers a bit. “Just a few more, keep going!” I kept thinking. It was a piece of cake now, I just had to think about what I wanted to do with that mind link after recognizing it, and if I wanted to end it, it just happened.

“I’ll see you soon! Good luck with your powers!” The voice said, before I opened my eyes.


I looked around a bit before trying to move more, I felt a bit of pain on my head, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I was back on the world again.

The room was empty, the cardiac monitor showed that I was excited. Probably because of all the mind links I just ended. The pain faded though, so I felt good.

I pressed a button on the night table to call a doctor or nurse. I was able to move again, so I assumed they should know I’m awake.

Minutes later, the doctor entered with the nurse behind him. He explained to me that I couldn’t go home until tomorrow, for safety reasons in case I had another seizure.

I accepted, they probably wouldn’t believe that this whole mess was caused by my mind control powers so I decided to play it safe.

The doctor left, and before the nurse left she explained me that I could call her if I needed something. I thanked her, and then I was alone again.

My phone was at the table beside my bed. I had to tell my parents and my friends that I’m awake. They probably won’t be able to visit me because it’s 4 a.m., but still, so they wouldn’t worry.

After sending the messages, I left the phone in the table and laid in bed again.

I wasn’t tired, but I also didn’t want to wait for the morning, so maybe a good sleep was the answer.

I woke up at 12 p.m.

I grabbed my glasses and checked my phone. My mother said she was about to arrive. Great, visiting hours must have started a few hours ago, if I’m not wrong.

I just waited patiently and played with my phone. I missed my switch so much, but it wouldn’t hurt to download something from the store and just pass the time.

Mom entered the room with the nurse. The later was carrying a plate with some juice and a little pack of water crackers. She left it at the table beside me. I thanked her, as mom sat down in a chair near me.

“How are you feeling?” She asked “I was really scared last night, when Mike called. We thought it was an innocent prank at first, you know he’s always been the prankster one of the pair, but I noticed he sounded really worried”

“I’m alright” I said with a sincere smile “Really. Just a peak of stress ‘cause of the studying and pledging, but it was nothing”

She nodded “I’m glad to hear that. The doctor said you will be able to leave today, if you don’t show any other symptoms”

“Awesome!” Being honest, I wanted to get out of here ASAP. Mostly for curiosity, what happened after my seizure at the challenge? Was I out of the pledging process? “Sorry for scaring you mom, I didn’t want to bother-“

“Don’t say nonsense! It’s always good to have an excuse to visit my son” She reached out to me and we hugged, then she sat back at the chair “Besides, you never told me you have a boyfriend now!”

I was red. I shouldn’t be embarrassed, I like Mike and I told him he could tell anyone about our relationship. But… it’s kind of weird to hear it coming from my mom, alright?

Which shouldn’t be, since she saw me going to prom night with Gary. I did jazz hands and said “Surprise!”, and she laughed. “It’s a recent thing… I haven’t really told anyone”

“It’s okay, I hope to see you both around Winston soon,” She got up “I’ll let you enjoy your breakfast while I finish with some paperwork on the lobby” Mom kissed my cheek.

“Thanks mom” And then she left.

I grabbed the plate and started eating. It was going to be a good day.

I got bored after 6 p.m., and no more symptoms appeared, so I ordered the doctor to discharge me. I did a few tests by myself on my room, walking around, running a bit from one point to the other. I was fine!

As mom said, she was waiting on the lobby. Aiden and Stacy were there too. I was surprised Mike wasn’t there.

My mother thought I had to stay in the hospital for another night just in case, but took me and my friends back to the campus before heading back to Winston.

“Your mom is awesome” Stacy said “She offered to buy us hot dogs, but we gently declined, right Aiden?”

The guy was frowning. I imagined he wanted to accept the hot dog, but Stacy forbid him. She can be quite convincing.

We arrived at the frat house, and I saw Max standing at the house’s entrance.

Everyone was outside, except for the active brothers, they were behind Max. Weirdly, Mike was nowhere to be seen.

“And there they are! Now, we can finally start with the pledge initiation!” Max said. The other pledges started to celebrate, but were quickly silenced by the frat president. “We’ll have more time for greetings later, guys!”

I chuckled, the guy took his work very seriously.

“The time you’ve been waiting for: We’re going to announce who managed to survive this pledging season! Don’t worry if you didn’t make it in, you’ll have more chances in the future” He grabbed a list from his pocket.

My fellow pledges names were being called out. Luke got in. Aiden got in. I got in (obviously, since Max was still under my control). Although, some guys complained because I blacked out during that last challenge, but I guess Max would excuse it saying that my score was high enough from the previous challenges.

After he mentioned some other jocks, the frat president finished with his list, he told anyone who wasn’t named had to leave the house and try again another time.

Luckily, nobody tried to start a fight, but they seemed pretty pissed.

The ones who did get in were invited inside. There, the party started. The whole place was decorated and had more beers around the room than usual. It was a day to celebrate, I guess.

I lost Aiden and Stacy in the crowd. Cool, all alone again. Reminds me of the start of the year, in this same house.

After a bit of walking around, avoiding people drinking, I found Mike. And was he wearing a shirt and tie? I remember the last time he did so, we had our first date in our room.

“Yo, been looking for you, bro! I’m so glad you’re alright, enjoying your time back at the earth?” He said, patting my back. Surprisingly, his breath didn’t smell like alcohol. Mike without drinking at a party? That was new.

“Yep, just happy to have finished with the challenges, and the overloads too! It’s just a great day, you know?” I was really happy. Everything seemed so great now, no more headaches and shit like that. I just had to moderate how much I use my mind powers.

He put an arm around me “I kinda prepared something for you, babe. I wanted to show you after you finished the challenge but… yeah, everything happened. But if you want me to show you, we can go to our room”

I nodded “Sure, I can’t wait to see!” A surprise? This day keeps getting better and better.

“Remember prom night?” He asked, as we walked to the room. I could still hear the party noise, but they seemed to stay in the public lounge and the living room.

Probably because this party was for Sigma Nu and Pi Omega members only. They didn’t fill the house like they did in my first and second party here.

“Uh… Yep, I do” It was half a year ago? Probably more? I went with Gary and Mike went with one of the cheerleaders, Esther. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, bro…” We arrived at our room and he opened the door.

The place was decorated just like that night. Red and yellow ribbons, a few balloons (which made me chuckle a bit, given the last challenge) and serpentines hanging from the ceiling.

“What if we relive that night, but this time, as a couple?” Cheesy as always, but I loved the idea.

“Sounds great to me, do I have to wear a suit too?”

He laughed “Only if you want to”

It would take me a bit to dress up, and we would probably end up having sex, so I preferred to save us both some time. “Nah, it’s alright”

He nodded, then held out his hand to me, with a nervous smile. “May I have this dance, then?”

I grabbed his hand and he pulled me closer to him. I interlaced my hands behind his neck as he placed his hands on my hips.

Slow music was being played in Mike’s phone, and it seemed to clash with the music from the party downstairs. Still, it was nice, and Mikey had a big smile during our whole dance.

“So…” I broke our silence “Did you really mean what you said when I blacked out?”

He looked around, blushing. “I wondered if you would bring that up. Uh… If I’m being honest, I was really, really scared about what happened to you. What if that was your last day and I’ve spent it preparing some dumb challenge instead of hanging out with you?” He sighed. “I love you, Pine. I’ll always do, and I realized I always had. And I don’t want this… thing we have, to end”

He looked down to the floor as we kept dancing. I decided to answer after picking my words carefully.

“I’m not really a romantic guy, and I don’t think I’ve worried about finding love or stuff like that. Had more important business going on at the moment I guess. But I must admit, dating you is one of the best things I have. You’re a really great guy and I’ve known you for almost my whole life. So yeah, I love you too, Mikey”

His face lit up and he kissed me lightly on the lips. “Thanks, bro. I needed that”

We continued our little slow dance for a few minutes more, before he asked “Do you want to return down there or you’d rather stay here? I know you don’t really like to party”

“Hmm… I like being in here. And I have an idea of what I would like to do now that I’m back in the world…”

He probably caught my drift, because he smiled and pulled me closer for a make out session.

I groped his ass, as we made out. He did the same to me. Nice, a battle for dominance?

We moved to the bed and laid down. He took off his shirt, but left the tie on. It looked good on him.

I took off my shirt too and we resumed the kiss, then we rolled in the bed until I was on top of him.

“Have any ideas for tonight, babe?” He asked, after noticing he was below me.

I wondered how he might react, but said it anyway “I want to… fuck you. Done it with Max and it felt really good”

He remained silent, just for a few seconds. Probably thinking about it, then said “Sure, you’re the boss”

“Wait, really?” I was surprised, I never thought he would like the idea of bottoming.

“What, it’s that unbelievable? I mean it, fuck me Piney” I was already turned on, and hearing him saying that was helping a lot.

We took off our pants and underwear, and he bent over. I didn’t waste any time and started rimming his ass, and he moaned softly after a bit “Damn bro, I thought you would need some help but you’re an expert at this already!”

“Thanks, had some practice before!” I said, before resuming. He seemed like he wanted to ask but he got lost in the rim job.

After a bit, I grabbed the lube from the night table and put some in my hard cock. Then I positioned myself behind him. “Ready?” I asked him. It was his first time bottoming, as far as I knew.

“Be as wild as you can, tiger” He said, confidently. I followed his request and started fucking him, pretty slowly at first but I got faster with time.

He didn’t wait any time and started moaning. “Feels good?” I asked, without stopping.

“…Awesome, please don’t stop, babe”

I liked this. Hopefully, Mike would start bottoming a lot more from now on. He seemed to like it too!

I stopped for a second and faked the jock accent once again “Who owns you, bro?”

“You do, bro! You own me!” That was the good answer. I thrusted harshly into him, and he loved it.

We changed positions after a while, he got on his back and put his legs over my shoulders. I positioned my cock again and resumed the fucking, picking up the pace faster than before.

We both laid together in bed.

He was smiling at me. “What?” I asked him. It was kind of cute, and unnerving at the same time.

“Nothing, I just… I love you, bro. And sorry if I sound repetitive” He chuckled.

I pulled him in, to cuddle together. I noticed the party was still going downstairs, but luckily they weren’t missing us, if they still hadn’t come up to search for us. “I love you too. And it’s fine, I like when you say it”

He wrapped his arm around me. “Didn’t know you liked to dom that much”

“It’s something I’ve been exploring, I guess. It’s fun, and kind of… well, really hot. And you?”

“I’m okay with subbing, it’s fun. And getting fucked by you felt good, so I’m not complaining” We remained silent for some time, just cuddling together. With the guy I loved. I got used to that, but it never gets old.

My mind felt good. It no longer hurt when I tried to check on my enslaved guys’ minds, and that was great. I had to cut some mind links, but I prefer that rather than stop using my powers.

Besides, I just had to wait until my mind matured a bit more to have more powers and be able to use them without any consequences, according to… myself, apparently.

For now, having the football team, the coaches, and the frat president was enough. As long as I didn’t push too far at least.

“Should we return to the party, or you want to stay and cuddle? Your choice, babe” Mike asked. I thought about it, but honestly I wasn’t in the mood to survive a party. And cuddling sounded amazing.

“Cuddling!” I said.

“Cuddling it is!” My boyfriend smiled and gave me a kiss, before closing his eyes. “Good night, bro”

I couldn’t stop thinking about the overload, and what happened last night. It was scary, really scary. I may have to hold myself back with the power usage for a while. No creating new mindlinks, and if I’m going to use the ones that already exist, I’ll manage them one or two at a time. Not like at the challenge when I tried to see where everyone was. Vocal mind control should be fine. Maybe after some time I could go back to researching and experimenting with my powers. But, for now…

“Sleep well, Mikey” I said, before drifting off myself. It was time to rest.

Another arc comes to an end!

Probably going to do some kind of time jump after this one, since Pine needs some time to mature and overgrow his fear of the overloads.

It was kind of weird suddenly breaking the happy and goofy vibes that this series has to be honest. Like, Pine doesn’t have a real enemy or threat that tries to ruin his life. It’s just him, setting scenarios and objectives for himself to have fun with his powers. And having a lot of sex in the meantime, with his now-boyfriend Mike or with another guy that crosses his path.

Anyway, I hope you liked this arc! Hopefully, I’ll be able to publish the next one soon!

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