Pine's College Jocks - Prologue

By Nacho
published November 19, 2019
1805 words

Pine starts his first day at college with a new friend, new jocks to enslave… Oh, and a new power, too!

I was laying on my bed, reading some of my books to prepare myself for the upcoming classes. Yeah, I just arrived some days ago and I already started studying, don’t judge me!

Mike entered our room after exploring the buildings (As i promised, I used my powers so we got sorted out together into a room). “Man, this place is big as fuck. Got you a map so you don’t get lost” Then he left two maps on his bed, one for him and one for me, I assumed.

“Thanks Mike. That’s cool! I’ve been just… studying a bit”

He chuckled and laid in his bed “Bro, we just arrived today! Take it easy, besides, you can always use your powers to help your grades right?”

I shook my head “That wouldn’t be fair for other students, I’ve got to get high grades in the old, fair way. Studying a lot!”

Mike chuckled again “The old Piney, never changes, doesn’t he?”

I smiled “Nope, got to study my way through life”. Though I did change since last year. For example, Mike and I started going to the gym together and he helps me a bit. (I’m mostly there to watch guys workout, but when he finds me being lazy, he sticks to me until I finish some sets). I’m less nervous too, but still prefer to do things at my own pace.

Suddenly he got up and looked for his phone “Oh, I forgot, I’ve got invited to a frat party today, wanna come with me?”

I looked at him, like he just said something horrible “Uhm, no, but thanks. Parties are out of my comfort zone”

But Mike shook his head “C’moooon bro, just go for me, alright? I promise you’ll have a great time, and if not…” He paused, and started thinking “I’ll make up to you in some way”

I thought about it, I don’t really have fun in parties, but maybe watching Mike get drunk would be fun. “Alright, alright. I’ll think about how you can make up for me later”

He smiled like it was his birthday and I just gave him the game console he wanted “That’s my best bro! We’ll go together, so we’ll arrive fashionably late” Dang, I hated being unpunctual.

“Aaand to make the deal fairer for me, you’ll have to stay the whole party. No leaving after 30 minutes like you used to do”

I sighed, that was my hidden card “Sounds fair, you’ve got a deal”

We walked through campus towards the frat house, while Mike told me about his new teammates. “They seemed cool, a bit aggressive, yeah, but still we got along great”

I nodded, hopefully the high school thing won’t be repeated. We arrived at the Sigma Nu frat house after, it was like some kind of… not a mansion, but rather a big vacation house. It even had a pool on the back!

“Names?” said one of the guys at the front door

“Mike Travis, I’m at the football team. My bro here is Pine”

The guy looked at both of us and moved to let us in. Mike greeted his other mates as I looked around. Too much people around me, it made me nervous as fuck. “Man, I really think I should have stayed…” I turned around aaaand Mike was gone.

After some hours surviving around and evading people, I bumped into this girl. “Oh god I’m so sorry” I started, but she laughed

“Calm down! You didn’t spill my drink so it’s cool! You seem lost, what’s your name?” Oh, she seemed nice! She had curly red hair and brown eyes.

“I’m Pine. I’m here because of a bet I made with this friend… and he seems to be gone” I kept looking around for Mike, but he was nowhere to be seen.

“Well, I can see you’re not a party-goer. Alright, dance with me, I’ll show you how to have a good time!” Then she grabbed me and told me to repeat her moves. I did my best but it was pretty much awful.

After a while of dancing, she grabbed me again and we moved to the sofa. “Not bad for a beginner. Name’s Stacy, by the way!”

But then, the bad part started. This random big dude suddenly grabbed me by my shirt. “ARE YOU BOTHERING MY SISTER, PEANUT HEAD?” I guessed he was Stacy’s brother, since they both had the same red hair, though the guy had green eyes instead of brown.

Stacy then jumped in my defense, punching the guy in the arm. “NICHOLAS, LET HIM GO. RIGHT. NOW.” The guy then did as told, not in a nice way though. He shoved me back into the sofa then started arguing with his sister. “YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THAT WITH EVERY BOY I TALK” “I DO, BECAUSE I GOTTA TAKE CARE OF YOU” Bla Bla Bla.

Of course, I made my move there and sneaked out of the place. I saw behind me and Stacy had finished arguing and was heading my direction. Oh geez. “Hey, sorry about that. My brother Nick can be such a jerk when it comes to ‘protect me’. He thinks that because he’s on the football team, he rules the place with his stupid mates” She looked sad, I felt bad for her, we were having such a good time.

“No problem, he didn’t hit me or anything, so it’s alright. Thanks for the dancing lessons, by the way.”

She chuckled “No problem Pine, you’re a pretty cool guy, you know? I barely have any friends around here. My sorority sisters are some real bitches, and most of my fellow cheerleaders are awful people too.” She shrugged “It was nice having someone to have fun tonight. I hope my brother didn’t scare you away or anything”

“Pfft, I had worse times, don’t worry.” She then grabbed her cellphone and asked for my number. We exchanged numbers and then we said our goodbyes.

“Well, I’m not in the mood for partying anymore, but let’s talk some other time alright?”

I nodded “Sure, no problem!” She then left and I did the same, heading for the dorms. When I arrived, I went directly to my room, maybe Mike would be there, or something. I found my room and entered, Mike wasn’t here. I admit I was a bit worried but the tiredness won over me and I went directly to my bed

Next morning, Mike entered the room, waking me up in the process. He stood on the doorway for some minutes until he realized what happened last night. “Oh my god Pine, I’m so sorry. I left you alone at the party didn’t I? Fuck! The football guys dragged me to this room where, uh, ‘the real party’ was happening and I got drunk really quickly I guess. Next thing I remember is waking up with one of the cheerleaders” I chuckled as he carried on explaining his adventures last night. Guess good Mikey never changes. I listened to him as I got up and grabbed some clothes and my shower supplies.

When Mike finished apologizing for like, the tenth time, I left the room as he started getting ready for the day and headed to the dorm’s showers. I was nervous about the communal bathrooms thing, I used to avoid using the high school’s shower because of the team, but now I should be totally safe, I guess.

I entered the bathrooms and headed towards one of the empty shower stalls. Just then, one guy exits another shower stall. I recognized him. He was… Damn, it was Nick. Stacy’s brother.

He turned around and noticed me there, staring. I did my best to seem like I was grabbing my stuff but he didn’t believe it, since he was already heading towards me. “What the fuck, dude?! Are you some kind of pervert? Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you don’t spy on me ever again”

When he was close enough, he lifted his fist as I yelled “STOP!”

And he did. ‘Phew,’ I thought ‘so glad this still works. I won’t live my entire school year afraid again, this time, I know what to do’

I closed the room’s door with a near broom for privacy, then I entered one of the shower stalls and told him to enter with me, which he did. I closed the courtain and continued “You love obeying everything I tell you, alright?” He nodded. “Good, now I want you to suck my cock, like it’s your favorite thing in the world”

“Yeah man” Nick said and got in his knees, then positioned himself and started the blowjob. He wasn’t skilled at it, but it was his first time sucking a cock, i guess.

I had to gave him instructions cuz it ended more annoying that pleasuring. “Open more your mouth” “Careful with the teeth” “Alright, deeper… and deeper” and more stuff like that. Finally he got the hang of it and it felt really good. Just before cumming, I told him to swallow it all, then I came in his mouth.

But suddenly, something super weird happened. I felt like floating through the space like in that one dream, but this time was different… I snapped out of it feeling great. I looked at Nick, still kneeling, with glazed eyes and waiting for orders. I already knew what to do next.

I told him to get up and he said “Yes master” which was weird since I didn’t tell him to call me that yet. We exchanged numbers then I told him to dress and leave.

“Yeah master” he said with a smile, and did as told.

‘That was weird’ I thought as I went back to the stall with my stuff and started showering.

Then, I had this weird feeling. I could feel like something was getting away. Was it… Nick?

I was confused, that was new, I could now connect with the minds ones I control? Cool!

I tried something, I made up an order in my mind “Stay there” then sent it to Nick.

Then I could feel him not moving anymore. I made up another one “Go to the bathrooms”. It worked! I could feel him getting closer again!

“Return to where you were going before” He started getting away again.

Man, this was going to be so cool, I’ve got to test it out more!

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