Pine's College Jocks Ch. 5 - The football team

By Nacho -
published February 21, 2020
5233 words

Pine’s new plan finally comes to an end.

Luckily, things haven’t gotten weird between Mike and I. It was actually pretty cool for him to want to experiment a little more, it made me proud for my best friend!

It also gave me some ideas about the plan, and if I should include him. But that was taking it a bit too far, probably. If he wanted to get in, he would ask me about it.

And yeah, he was a bit more open around me. He would sometimes throw an unusual comment here and there, but quickly change the subject of the conversation. It was fun to see, to be honest.

I had my plan ready for action. I just needed to start with it. Mike told me there was a training today, so I’ve decided to start with it. You may find the following part disgusting, but yeah. My plan consists in having the football team drinking a mix of water and… my load. That should stablish a mind link between us and make the enslavement easy enough.

After that, I would just have to tell them a few commands and Voila, an elite team should be ready to go! Coach Peter was going to help me out, I would probably only appear after the guys drank the thing so they wouldn’t be suspicious.

I was sleeping in my bed, my open notebook laying on my face. It was probably lunchtime. I didn’t sleep much last night thinking about the little details for the plan. Mike wasn’t in the room, he had been invited to another frat party, so it didn’t surprise me he wasn’t back yet.

Someone knocked the door, maybe it was him. He forgot his room key once. I groaned, I was still tired! But it would be rude if I didn’t open the door for him. I got up, putted some pants on, and opened the door.

I jumped, really excited, and hugged the guy. It wasn’t Mike, but Garrett! And he had breakfast with him! “Yo, bro!” He said, just a moment before I jumped over him. A bit joyful than what I would have liked, I didn’t want to have him drop the coffees!

I haven’t seen this guy for some months. He went to a family vacation a month after we finished school, and when he came back he had to go directly to his college. He looked almost the same as the last time I saw him. He was a bit bigger, yeah. And his hair was a bit longer than last time. He was wearing a plain pink shirt, with black jeans. He looked as lovely as always.

Alright, just for a little reminder. Garrett was the first jock I’ve enslaved. He was my bully at Winston High, and the one that helped me realize I had these cool powers in the first place. He knew I had powers and knew what I’ve done to him, but he accepted it pretty well. That wasn’t really my doing, he realized he was a better person after I played with him, so he asked me to leave him that way.

The hunk gave me a big smile, then pulled me in for a quick kiss. God, I forgot how good was making out with this guy. I broke the kiss a bit after and sat on my bed. “So, what are you doing here? Are you not busy with training and stuff?”

Gary sat in Mike’s bed and I sat in mine, right in front of him. “Yeaaaah, but the coach loves me, and I have him eating from my hand. So today I skipped the football training and decided to pay you guys a visit. By the way, where’s Mikey? I missed that guy”

I shrugged “I think he went to a frat party, but he should be back at any moment.”

“Oh, alright. I have the whole day to be around, so no problem. How’s the plan going? Is there anything I can help you with?”

I thought about it, but there wasn’t anything he could help me with. “I don’t think so. Like, sure, I’ve got to test a special enslavement drink but I can do that in some days. I still want to plan it so it actually works this time, and not like the last plan” Gary knew what happened last time. He was one of the few ones that didn’t lost his programming after school was over.

“Would you like me to try that drink? I’m sure it will work. And If it doesn’t then you’ll be one step closer to getting the perfect way to enslave the team, right?” He had this charming smile, I also forgot about that. No doubt that was his way to flirt with the cheerleaders before I got to him.

“Are you sure? It will allow me to control you from a distance and I don’t actually know how to cut that off. It’s okay if you don’t want to” But he was ready to test the mix out.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind that at all. Hell, I still find it hot when I imagine you in that coach costume you used to wear, heh. So, bring it on bro!” I walked over to the mini-fridge Mike and I shared and grabbed one of my bottles. They were labeled as “DON’T TOUCH, EXTRA DANGEROUS!” just in case Mike was thirsty in the middle of the night, he would have to be careful to not accidentally drink one.

I walked over to Gary and handed him the bottle. “Cheers” said my former classmate and drank it all in one go.

I wasn’t feeling the mind link like I felt it instantly with the coaches or with Nick, so I assumed it failed. Gary looked at me, expectantly. Like I was supposed to do some mumbo jumbo for it to work. “Nothing?” I asked.

He shook his head “I don’t feel any different at least” And that’s when it hit me, I felt Garret’s thoughts like they were just whispers in the air. His face went blank for a second and suddenly, he gave me a big, dumb smile.

“Master Pine!” He said with an adoration look in his face. Great, it worked!

I tried to send his mind some commands, so he would act like before. His expression froze, then he blinked a few times, like he just woke up from some trance. “How do you feel?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I see what you mean now. At first, it felt like nothing happened. But I got struck by a sudden desire to listen to everything you say. Maybe the mix with water delayed its effect or something?” He wondered. The mind link was still there, but Gary was still Gary. This could totally work out!

Mike appeared a while later, as I chatted with Gary while drinking the coffee he brought. “Hey bro, had a blast last- Wait, Garrett?” He was surprised. The visitor got up from his bed and slapped hands with my roommate. I couldn’t stop but remember the first sex party. Mike, Coach Mark, and Gary with me in bed…

“I think we lost him” I heard Gary. Apparently, I zoned out and started drooling. Mike was laughing a lot.

“Sorry guys, I barely slept last night” I excused myself and drank a bit more of coffee. It didn’t help a lot, but god was it good.

“Really? What were you doing bro?” Asked Mike, when he finally stopped laughing. He grabbed one of the coffees and started drinking too. He didn’t seem tired despite the fact that he went partying all night. He probably slept in someone else’s room.

Lucky him, I haven’t got any action since our last ‘encounter’. “You know, planning this, planning that. A lot of planning” I yawned. “Mostly planning, to make it simple”

“What, are you going to start with it today?”

I shook my head “I don’t know. I do have the bottles ready, but I haven’t seen if the outfit still fits. And what would I do after I got them under? I mean, yeah, making them better players, but I would like to plan a script too and some other things!”

Honestly, this wasn’t what stopped me. I was just nervous. What if the bottles didn’t work or if one of them has some kind of immunity to my powers? I would be screwed. Though I don’t really plan anything evil for them. Besides, I still got my first power, so I could get out of that possible situation really easily.

Garrett putted an arm around me and shook me a bit, playfully. “Hey, don’t say that, bro. You need to relax. I mean, you didn’t enslave one team, but two, the last time you tried something like that” Huh, he did have a point. I smiled at him, that cheered me up a bit.

“Why don’t you go change into your outfit and come back here?” Said Mike, I almost forgot he was here, to be honest. “We can tell you how do you look if you want”

Garrett smiled “Yeah, don’t worry about us, bro. Mikey and I will catch up a bit”

I nodded, grabbed the clothes and the stuff from the coaches, then left the room. Yeah, I could use a bit of alone time to calm down a bit.

I walked to the communal bathroom and checked if there was anybody inside. Cool, empty.

I started changing. I liked this idea of dressing up to resemble a real coach, for controlling the team. It gave me a bit more confidence, and also felt like dressing up for the part.

First, I putted on some gym shorts and a blue tank top. Damn, the gym was actually giving some results. Last time I tried on these, I looked a bit weird, but now at least I have a bit of muscle to show off.

Next, the coach’s golden chain necklace and the championship rings. I thought about these the moment I enslaved Coach Mark, like some kind of order for him to prove his obedience, disposing some of his precious ‘trophies’ and items. And thought it would be cool to add it to the outfit too. Coach Peter’s sunglasses were the next and final piece. Now, I was ready!

Some random guy came in and looked at me with a confused expression. “Uhm… Forget you saw me in here” His eyes glazed over and nodded. Man, I’ve had it for a long time now, but I still love this power!

I grabbed my stuff and walked out of the bathroom before someone else saw me dressed like this.

When I opened the door, Mike and Gary were sitting one at each bed, facing each other. They stopped talking as soon as I walked in. Both of them looked in awe, like it was something totally unexpected for me to appear dressed like this.

“What? Do I look weird?” I said, checking myself out.

“No, it’s definitely not that” Said Mike

“You look great, coach bro. Just reminded me of the high school days” Gary added, winking at me. I was scared that seeing me like this may have reawaken the previous programming I did with them.

I smiled “Well, I’m glad you liked it!”

Mike reacted some seconds later and smiled too “You know; I have training with the team in a bit. Why don’t you do your thing today now that Gary’s with us? It would probably be a lot funnier that way”

I thought for a bit about it. Wait, why am I so nervous about this? Last time I didn’t take this long to carry out the plan! I’m the leader around here! I’m the coach master! No wait, that sounds a bit lame now that I think of it. I should think of a better nickname for myself. Jock master? Yeah, that’s way cooler. I’m the jock master!

“You know what? Let’s do it today! I just have to change again, there’s a guy that saw me on the communal bathroom dressed like this and I had to erase his memory about it because he made me nervous. I don’t think I can erase the memories of everyone at the quad.”

They nodded. “Do you need a bit of privacy or…?”

“Uh, you’ve both saw me naked so… I mean I don’t even know why I went to the bathroom before since I could have just changed here” We laughed for a while as I changed back into my normal clothes. It seemed so simple but I was having a really good time with my best friend and my ex-bully, everything was cool.

When I finished changing and putted the jock master outfit’s stuff in my gym bag, I asked them if they were ready.

“Hell yeah, let’s show ‘em who’s the boss!” Said Garrett, suddenly energized.

“So, let me get this straight” The three of us were walking to the football field. Luckily, no one seemed interested in our guest. Mike was asking some questions about the plan, since he was barely involved in the first one (and most of the time he’d been a dumb jock). “You’ll make the team drink those weird drinks, and with that you’ll have the power to control their minds from distance, right?”

“Exactly” I said “You don’t have to drink one, since it will also create a mind link between us, and for some reason, it will make you adore me”

“It’s not that bad, bro” Gary pointed out “But yeah, better be careful if you don’t want to end up with a Pine-adoring cult following you around”

Gary was carrying the drinks in his bag, the plan seemed perfect so far. I’ve already texted Coach Peter that we would be doing it today, so he asked us to arrive a while before the training, so we could fill him in with what he had to do.

We arrived at the coach office. I asked Mike to wait for the others in the locker room.

Coach Peter recognized Garrett at the moment and greeted him. “A shame I don’t get to train you, I could have made of you a star player!” Said the head coach.

Gary rolled his eyes and chuckled, then mumbled something about him already being a star player. “We have more important stuff to talk about” I said, not like enslaving a whole football team is really super important, but I wanted to get this over with today if possible.

“Oh yes, excuse my behavior, Master Pine” He sat in his chair.

“So, first thing first. The whole football team, except Mike, has to drink these special drinks, got it?” I handed the bag with bottles to the head coach. He nodded and took it with him. “Good, I’ll take care of the rest when they’re ready. Gotta change first, I guess”

Coach told us that the training would start in 10 or 15 minutes, depending how fast did the players arrive. That would be enough time. Peter left the room to wait for his players meanwhile I stood there to change.

“It will be alright, bro” Gary reminded me “Like, just imagine we’re back in high school and these guys just cornered you-“

“Can we avoid talking about high school? It’s been cool, we all loved senior year. But we’re in college now” It was mostly because I didn’t want to remember the bullying. And Garrett seemed to mention it a lot, lately.

“Sorry, coach bro. Didn’t want to piss you off, just remembering the good old times” I started changing clothes as he kept talking. “I get that we’re going to different colleges, but I miss hanging out with you, bro. So I decided to start visiting a bit more often, if you’re okay with that”

“Of course I am” I said as I started putted on the tank top and the coach’s sunglasses. Almost done “Just let me know when you’re coming and I may think about something fun to do, alright?”

He smiled and nodded “Yeah, that would be amazing. Thanks coach bro” He came closer and gave me a kiss as I finished dressing. I was exactly like earlier today. Blue tank top, gym shorts. The coaches’ championship rings, chain necklaces, and the sunglasses. It was time for the Jock Master to rock his first show!

As we waited in the coach’s office, I started to hear the coach’s thoughts, mostly to know how was the thing going. It was like hearing a radio program. Since we were close, the link with Peter’s mind was strong. Everyone arrived a few minutes afterwards, with Nick being one of the first besides Mike.

Since the locker room was next to the coach’s office, we could hear what was happening.

The head coach didn’t greet his players at all. He just expected them to be present and formed in a straight line, like it was some kind of military routine. He started yelling the player’s names and each answered with “Present!”. Everyone was present today, luckily. “Today, we’ve received a load of energetic drinks” ‘Hell of a load, it took me quite a bit to fill them all!’ I thought, as coach kept explaining. “…courtesy of a possible sponsor for the team. I haven’t made anything official yet, though.”

“That’s so cool!” Said Nick. The other players seemed curious about it.

“Indeed, it is” Answered the coach “I propose to drink a few before today’s training. I assure you, it will help a lot. I have a new training routine for all of you, and as always I can only expect the best performance from all of you”

They groaned when they heard about the new routine “WHAT DID YOU ALL SAY?!” Said a seemingly enraged coach, as the players shut up. “I DON’T TOLERATE PUSSIES IN MY TEAM, SO GET YOUR DRINK OR CHANGE AND GO OUTSIDE”

As much as they loved football, seems like the coach ruined it for them. Because everyone grabbed a bottle and started drinking. And when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE. I’ll explain in a bit.

Just like with Gary, I didn’t felt the connection right away. But then, I could hear their thoughts as clear as the coach’s. They all ranged between the weird taste of the drink to adoration towards me, even though most of them didn’t know me.

What surprised me was that I expected to feel only 23 minds around me. 21 from the team A and B, one for the coach and one for Gary. But, I felt 24. ‘What went wrong?’ I wondered, but suddenly, I felt dizzy. Just for a bit. Like I got fever or something.

Was I exceeding myself trying to control so many guys at the same time? I mean, I’ve only tried a few times. Nah, it’s probably just a beginner thing, I’ll get used to it!

I stepped into the room and the jocks formed in a straight line once again, Mike being at the end of it with the same blank stare and big smile as the others. He knew the drinks would put him under, so why…? I didn’t have time for that, I had to start with it, I could just ask him later and look for a way to end our mind link. I started speaking “So, I guess you already know who I am?”

“Yes, Master Pine!” They all said. They seemed really happy now. It made me feel good, for some reason, like I was actually making them some favor.

“Alright, but let’s start with some basic stuff. From now on, you’ll recognize me as your real coach. Peter will still help you out and you’ll act like he’s your coach when with other persons, but you’ll know the truth, understood?”

“Yes, Coach Pine!” This was turning out easier than I expected. Gary walked over to where Mike was standing and stared at me.

‘Alright Piney, stay cool and keep going. Remember, you’re the jock master!’ I encouraged myself, then continued. “When on the field, you’ll enter a hyper focused state. You’ll always do your best, understood?”

“Yes, Coach Pine!” They droned once again, and this time, Garrett joined in with the droning. Like the other guys, he had a blank stare with a big smile, I had to be careful to avoid turning my friends into jock slaves. Though, the idea didn’t seem so bad at the moment…

No, focus Pine. You can’t do that. It would be really bad.

I sent Mike a few commands through the mind link to act like himself, before snapping him and Garrett out of the trance. They both blinked a few times and looked at me. “Uh… what just happened?” Asked Mikey, pretty confused.

“I could ask you the same thing, actually” I said, more intrigued than annoyed “But later, now it’s time for the next step of the plan”

My best friend blushed as Gary spoke up “What about the others?” he said, looking at the rest of the players who were still formed in a line.

“The next part is starting with the training. They’ll see me as their coach, and the football stuff is already in so they should get really focused when playing. And since you two went under as well, you should get focused, too”

“Hey, I have an idea. If you’re okay with it, coach bro, we could have a great time with the football team like the old days!” suggested Garrett. I actually considered it, it wasn’t a really bad idea.

“…Yeah, I thought about that before, too” I said. A part of me wanted to do it really bad, and the other just wanted to tell the players to start training. ‘Cmon, nobody will be mad. And it will be fun!’ I told myself.

“Everyone get changed and head to the field!” They droned another ‘Yes, Coach!’ and did as told. That was close, I have to stop thinking with my cock. I only wanted to help them out with the football, not use them as sex toys!

Everyone headed out and started with the training. I decided to stick with coach Peter’s training plan, and ordered him to make sure everyone was at their best. A quick check at everyone’s thoughts was enough.

Garrett sat on the ground next to me and checked everyone out, as I took some time to read the team’s playbook. “So… I guess that’s really it for the plan? Not making them horny sex slaves?”

I sighed “I’m still thinking about it. For now, I just want to make them better players, then I’ll think about that possibility later” The idea was really appealing to be honest, and my cock hardened every time I thought about it. The shower time would be a better place for that, that’s for sure.

Gary helped me out with the understanding of the playbook and stuff (I would make him forget about it after we finished, just in case. I wanted my team to win!) while the coach took care of the players.

After the training was over, I sent everyone to the showers. According to Peter, everything worked and they improved a lot in just one training session. That’s what I wanted to hear, my work here was done!

The football team’s locker room had looked pretty clean and modern. The open showers were in the back. Everyone started undressing and chatting with each other. Seeing them in their sweaty football gear was the drop that filled the glass. Gone was the good Pine, now I wanted some fun.

When they stepped in the shower and started cleaning up themselves. I undressed too and walked in with them. “So” I started, and everyone turned their attention towards me “As your new coach, one of the things I would like to add is some good bonding time after the training”

They stared at me, confused. Except for Mikey and Gary, they knew what was coming. “And you know what’s good for bonding between teammates?” I continued “Some good sex, am I right?”

Of course I was, and they believed it too, luckily. They started agreeing with me, but I could feel some doubts in their thoughts. I tried to send some commands via the mind link, to make it normal for them to have sex with guys. It seemed to work, at least for now.

Cocks started to harden, muscles were being checked out. It was like paradise, and I was thankful coach did his best training the team for them to be really built.

I tried to memorize a few of their names, since I would be their new coach and all. I recognized Nick immediately, the ginger jock was making out with who I assumed was Brody. A short dude (at least compared to his teammates, he was still 1,7x approx.) with a nice beard. Mike was close to them, with a black dude blowing him off.

Everyone was in couples or in a three-some, except for Gary who wasn’t part of the team, but still enjoyed himself jerking off. I walked towards him, poor guy had the whole idea. I couldn’t leave him alone!

I tapped his shoulder and he turned to me, quickly smiling. “Hey, coach bro. Enjoying your lil’ sex party?”

“I think so, I mean it’s hot and everything but I think I’m more turned on with the control I have over these guys or something” I know it sounded weird, but that was exactly what crossed my mind. Just thinking about making up a command and having them obeying it without doubt… It gave me creeps, but still seemed amazing.

“Well, yeah. I get what you mean, you can do whatever you want with them… Sorry, us, and that’s pretty awesome” He said, pulling me closer to him. “If you like it that much, you should consider doing the same with other teams or whatever. Totally your choice though, coach bro”

I smiled, what was with him and his good ideas today? I pulled him in for a good make out session as the other guys continued around us.

We returned to our room a while later. The sex was amazing, and I loved feeling in total control once again. Gary had to return to his own college, since he couldn’t skip another football practice for at least some days. Skipping one football practice was nothing, but skipping a few could cost him his place in the team, no matter if the coach ate from his hand or not.

Mike was strangely silent, though. Maybe he thinks I’m mad because he drank the special drink before or something like that. I wasn’t, it was his choice after all. And I didn’t want to dig in his mind searching for some answers.

“What a day, huh?” I said, trying to break the silence.

“Yeah… it was really something. What are you going to do next?” He asked, out of nowhere. He seemed curious. I was glad about that.

“Honestly, I thought a bit about that. I realized I really enjoy being… in control” I confessed, then continued “So I thought about helping the other teams, still without ruining their lives or anything, just helping them and having some fun in the meantime”

I started undressing. As much as I loved dressing as the jock master, my normal clothes were more comfortable to be with.

“I was expecting the orgy with the team. I mean, I already told ya that I would do that too if I had powers, probably. Making the most of them and stuff like that” Said the big guy.

“I won’t read your thoughts or anything” I said, suddenly. It was very straight forward, but there was no way we could get to that specific topic while chatting normally. “Just in case you’re wondering”

“Hey, do it if you want. I won’t stop ya or anything bro. I mean, I don’t think I can, but I think It’ll help a lot in the future. Don’t ask me why, I just know it” Why was he being so mysterious? But alright, if he wanted me to read his mind from time to time, I could easily do that.

It was my turn to go buy the food today, so I grabbed my jacket and wallet. Mike stared at me silently as I got ready to go out, it wasn’t really cold outside, but a jacket was always good during autumn.

I noticed him staring. I tried to read his mind quickly as he changed into his pajama pants with no shirt on. I seemingly caught him mid-thought, so it was a bit incomplete. ‘-wanna go buy food, would rather just stay here watching some Flix shit and laying with my bro, and eating leftover pizza’ Aww. Alright, let’s make him happy once again.

I took off my jacket, even if I just putted it on. I wasn’t going to buy food today. “What are you doing, bro?” He asked, a bit confused.

“Just what you wanted. Now, leave me some space in the bed, I’ll get the laptop” I noticed him blushing. It was his fault, he called my curiosity and made me read his thoughts.

He got in the bed without saying a word and I laid beside him, again in the little space he left me. I started the page as he wrapped his arm around me, pulling me closer. “We’re not having sex this time, alright?” I clarified, just in case.

“O-of course, whatever you say bro” I must admit, he’s cute when he gets nervous. I picked something he would enjoy and we watched it together. I must admit that I was comfortable, but I wasn’t really paying attention to the show, I lost myself thinking about what would come next.

The football team was now enslaved, now it was time to get another goal.

So, this would be like the end of part 1 or the football team’s arc, for calling it some way.

Next objective is settled in Chapter 6, which is already available in my Patreon, for those interested!

As always, I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and thank you for reading!

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