Love Injected: Round 3 (The Brother)

By MindManiac -
published May 7, 2017
2277 words

Time for some fun with Brendan’s brother

Hey there its me again!! It took me a really long time to write this but here it is! As always leave a comment on what do you like and or hate about the story. There might also be some grammatical errors here and there. Enjoy!

“Hey Brendan what’s the noise all about—“ It was at that moment that I knew I fucked up. I looked over to where the voice came from and I saw a very handsome guy with a surprised expression on his face. My staring at his body was cut short when the guy suddenly ran towards me.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO MY BROTHER?!”. He was yelling while he pinned me to the ground. The guy started strangling me. I was about to faint until he was pulled from me by Brendan.

Brendan now has this guy’s arms on his hands. He was clearly slightly bigger than the man than attacked me. Now that I can see his face, its kinda weird that they resemble each other

“Blake just calm down”


Realization suddenly hit me. The guy was Blake, Brendan’s younger brother who was in university. I actually forgot that he was visiting his brother.

Blake was still yelling a bunch of insults so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went for my bag and got one of my nanobot darts, Brendan’s control tablet, and another spare control tablet. Thank God I actually created another control tablet.

“Brendan, pin your brother to the ground and cover his mouth” I ordered

Brendan the pinned his brother to the ground. With his left hand holding both his hands and the other was in his mouth. I almost got distracted since Brendan was still naked and my cum was dribbling from his butt hole.

Then I shot Blake with the nanobots. I managed to do it even if he was still squirming like a kid throwing a tantrum. After a few seconds I activated the nanobots and he finally stop squirming and froze.

“Stand him up Brendan” I ordered.

After Brendan stood him up, Blake’s arms dropped to his sides and he stared forward. Just like how Brendan looked like when I first got him.

“Wait, exactly what did you do to my brother?” Brendan questioned. I honestly didn’t know what to say so I just got his tablet and activated his nanobots

Now here I am with two muscular brothers under my control, both of them standing side by side. And since Blake kinda interrupted me and Brendan before, I think its better to ‘play’ with him first.

With just a few taps on Blake’s tablet I got him naked. I saw that he also has this gorgeous muscular body. Though slightly less toned than his brother, I can feel that he can reach his brothers body in no time. He has very huge muscles, big pecs, and a 6 pac abs. My eyes went down to his crotch and I saw his 4” dick that I think might be just as long as his brother’s. A few taps on the tablet and his dick is now fully erect with a respectable 7”, which was just as long as mine. I went behind him to check his behind. What I saw was a an ass that was almost as plump and juicy as his brother’s. This was amazing considering that I haven’t manipulated his body yet. I went on to play with it. I slapped it a little bit and rubbed it.

Since Blake’s body was already perfect, I decided it was time to program him. I soon began typing order into his tablet. Firts I turned him from straight to gay and then added a few more. My Orders were “naked when alone or when with Nathan” , “extreme romantic feelings towards Nathan”, “would produce many pre-cum when horny”, “sensitive to Nathan’s touch”, and “would follow anything Nathan says without question. Those were the similar ones I used on Brendan but I decided to and a few new ones, “Ass is self lubricating”. I then got Brendan’s control tablet and added a new order, “ would freeze when Nathan says “Freeze” and would move again when Nathan says “Un-Freeze””.

Now that everything is set I began to do my plan that I formed on the spot on my mind. I first woke up Brendan.

“Hey Brendan, sit on the couch please.” He began moving towards the couch and sat on it.

“What now?” he asks

“Now you Freeze” I ordered. He suddenly stopped moving. Though he was still breathing and his eyes were blinking from time to time, his whole body was frozen and his dick was still hard.

The I woke up Blake.

“Oh hey Nathan” he said before walking towards me. I suddenly grabbed him and began making out with him. I can tell that he was a little bit surprised but just went with it. I deepened the kiss while my hands went to his ass. He broke off our kiss to let out a moan.

He was still hugging me, with his arms at my shoulder and my hands still playing with his ass.

“You like this don’t you?” I asked him seductively while pushing one finger inside him. The finger got inside him with no problem since his ass was already as wet as a kitchen sink

“Aaaahh yes I do-aahhh” he said in between moans.

I began fingering him faster and I added another one finger while my other hand was slapping his butt cheeks. Blake just kept on moaning.

When my arms are starting to get tired I stopped fingering him and began pull out my fingers from him. I must say that his ass was extremely tight, I would mind fucking him but I have different plans. When Blake felt that my fingers were no longer inside him he began to protest.

But before he can say anything else I pushed him down to his knees and ordered “Get down and suck my dick”

He began to furiously suck on my cock. He was so eager. He even managed to deep throat me on the first try. I must admit that he is slightly better at blowjobs than his brother. I guess that runs in the family.

“Oohh yeah, keep on sucking that dick. Suck it like your life depended on it” I said to him. Which effectively made him even more eager.

“Ahh yes. I’m about to cum. Ahhh swallow it all” I said when I felt like I was getting close. And when I came, I grabbed the back of his head and began to spill in his mouth. He swallowed as much as he can with a few drops spilling at the sides of his mouth.

Once I felt that I was empty, I pulled my dick out from Blake’s mouth and began slapping it on his face. His was was now wet at the mixture of cum and spit on his face.

“You want to be fucked boy?” I asked him while tracing my still hard dick on his face.

“Oh yes, please fuck my ass! I need so badly!” He said while looking so desperate.

“Stand up” I ordered. Once he did, I turned him around so we were both facing his frozen brother on the couch.

“You don’t want to get fucked by me, you want Brendan’s dick inside you. You need your brother’s 9” snake inside you.” I whispered to him seductively while my left hand playing with his chest and my right hand stroking his dick.

“B-but he’s my brother. That you be wrong” He said but his face is still filled with pleasure.

“But that doesn’t matter right? After all you need his cock in your ass. You need him to fill you up with his cock and cum. Just imagine how good that would feel” I said to him while my hands are still playing woth his body, and now with my hard dick teasing his ass hole.

“Aaahh yeah that would be great!” He said finally giving in. He had his head resting on my shoulder while imagining his brothers dick in him. He had his eyes closed and mouth letting out moans.

“Well then, go ahead and do what you want to your brother. Think of him as your own personal sex toy.” I said to Blake before letting him go.

He quickly kneeled in front of the couch in order to suck his frozen brother’s still hard cock. He even managed to fit all of the 9” glory inside his mouth. He just kept on sucking while his hands travelled to his ass, his left spreading his ass cheeks and the right one fingering himself. While all of this was happening Brendan was still sitting still. He was just a statue there.

After a while Blake got up to his brothers lap and began to impale himself, with one of his hands guiding the cock inside his fat ass.

“Aahhh”. That was Blake’s reaction while he began to fill himself up with his brothers dick. I sat down next to the frozen Brendan and I grabbed one of his hands. I began stroking my cock with his hands. I felt like one of those fleshlights toys, but this one is made of actual flesh.

Meanwhile, Blake was already sitting down completely at Brendan’s lap, with his brothers dick completely inside him. He was a moaning mess right now.

“Hey Blake, you like Brendan as more than a brother right? You’re romantically in love with your brother right?” I said while stroking myself.

“Aahhh Yesss. I love himmm so muchh ahhh” was the response I got.

Blake then leaned down to make out with brother. I could easily tell that he was enjoying himself. After that he began to lift himself up and went completely down of the long cock.

He began to furiously fuck himself on his brother’s cock, and he was completely enjoying it. He just kept on moaning loudly, with his eyes closed, and his dick spilling a lot of precum. I can see that he was about to cum but I was able to stop him on time.

“Blake you won’t be able to cum until I say so” He clearly showed slight disapproval for that command but he quickly got back to fucking himself.

I then turned to Brendan and said “Unfreeze”.

“Ahhh-what the fuck? Blake?” Was the first thing he said. He was clearly getting angry and disgusted but I managed to stop him.

“Brendan, calm down. You’re romantically interested with you brother right? You love him don’t you?” I said. Weirdly enough he was still jerking me off and Blake was still riding him.

“But isn’t that—“ I immediately cut him off.

“Just listen to him Brendan. He clearly love you, why can’t you do the same?” I asked

And as if on cue Blake said “Aahhh I love you much Brendan-ahhh”. Blake was now leaning towards Brendan’s while still fucking himself.

“Aahhh- Love you too, Blake” Brendan said before letting go of my cock and pulling his brother into a kiss. The kiss was so intense that Blake sat completely down on Brendan’s cock to “rest” for a bit until the kiss ends.

I was beginning to feel left out so I spoke up. “But what about me?”. I said in my fakest sad voice.

“I can’t forget about you man. Come over here” Brendan said while gesturing me to come closer.

“Yeah come on. I know there’s still room for one in here” Blake said seductively while slapping his ass.

At first I was in doubt if I should push my luck. I mean they could possibly break out of the nanobots control. But soon my horniness got the best of me and I got closer to them.

Brendan then got Blake in the centre of the couch. Blake then lifted himself up a little bit so I could insert my cock. After the tip was in Blake began to slowly sit down again while moaning. He was still extremely tight and his ass was warm as hell.

After Blake was adjusted he began to fuck himself again. The three of us were all moaning now. It surprised me that Blake looks like a professional when it comes to taking dick.

After a while I knew that I wouldn’t last longer, and so was the brothers. I can already feel myself at the brink on explosion.

“When you guys feel me cum, both of you will cum too.” I ordered.

Hearing that somewhat motivated Blake to ride our dick faster. And before I knew it I was already spilling my seed inside him. Soon afterwards I can hear the brothers both screaming while they cum. Brendan was spilling like a broken water pipe inside Blake while Blake was still impaling himself. Blake was shooting his cum all over Brendan with one even reaching Brendan’s forehead.

Blake then got up form our dicks and laid in between me and Brendan. Our cum was still stuffed inside him. The brothers then passed out after that intense experience. I would join them but my mind was still racing with all the possibilities of my nanobots.

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